Kade Warner: “I’m The Smartest Receiver In This Draft Class”

May 12th, 2023

Rookie receiver Kade Warner

Is rookie Kade Warner the next Adam Humphries?

Joe’s not sure. That’s a very high bar for an undrafted free agent. But Warner certainly is ready for the microphone.

Warner is the son of Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner, and he’s a polished speaker steaming with confidence.

Joe saw quickly today at One Buc Palace why Warner was a captain at Nebraska and then at Kansas Sate right after he transferred there. He talks the talk in a big way.

Undrafted out of Kansas State, Warner was signed by the Bucs as a free agent. He’s a projected slot receiver. His best season was in 2022, with 46 receptions for 456 yards and 5 toucdowns.

Today, Warner talked about how competitive he is and how he takes “everything personal,” even to the extreme of writing things down, such as whether another receiver is chosen to go first in a drill.

“I’m the smartest receiver in this draft class and I’ve said it before,” Warner said. “And so they’re going to get a good slot receiver out of me and I’m going to know exactly what to do on every play.”

Warner went on to say his father helped him with his football smarts and how to become a receiver quarterbacks trust.

Warner is a nice story, but Joe is more intrigued by Warner making to training camp and dad coming to Tampa to counsel Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask. That would be valuable stuff and, well, you just know Tom Brady won’t do anything like that.

53 Responses to “Kade Warner: “I’m The Smartest Receiver In This Draft Class””

  1. Marine Buc Says:

    “I’m the smartest receiver in this draft class and I’ve said it before,” Warner said.

    Cool. After he gets cut maybe he help Licht balance the salary cap budget…

    Just kidding… I wish the young Warner much luck with making the team this summer.

  2. zzbucs Says:

    When you have to repeat that you are the smartest, something´s wrong there….Hope I am wrong!

  3. mord Says:

    If he was the smartest, he’d take everything *personally*


  4. Hodad Says:

    With his dad’s connections, his smarts, and being a polished speaker already, if this doesn’t work out, I see broadcasting in his future. Like Chris Collinsonworth’s kid.

  5. DoooshLaRue Says:


  6. SB~LV Says:

    Lol 😂
    So F’n what?

  7. slacker Says:

    Great, can you get open and catch?

  8. Rod Munch Says:

    Humphries ran a 4.53 40
    Warner ran a 4.72 40

    Also, yes, go watch Warner’s tape, he looks like a 4.7 WR.

  9. Fansince76 Says:

    I can’t root for a Warner!
    His dad stuck a dagger in the Bucs in the 1999 championship game.

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    Fansince76 – you mean his dad slipped the refs a few thousand before the game.

  11. Infomeplease Says:

    With the receivers here now, he’ll be lucky to make the practice squad.

  12. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Modest, too! 😂

  13. Pewter Power Says:

    Yea it’s too bad, when Brady walked away he walked away from everything and kinda hoped he would linger just to see what’s going on here but he doesn’t really care, he’d end up wanting to suit up again

  14. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Warner had no business be inducted into the HOF. He was very good, but didn’t deserve to be in the HOF

  15. EEK Says:

    come on dude
    saying that is not very smart

  16. Mark Says:

    Cut. We don’t want Brenda anywhere near us

  17. Mark Says:

    Cuba Gooding Jr. played him in American Underdog

  18. CrackWise Says:

    To be fair, I didn’t notice any other WR from Kansas State in this draft class. So, he is probably right. He is the smartest.

  19. Stanglassman Says:

    When I watched his highlights he reminds me of Ike Hilliard. I’ve not sure if ‘3rd and Warner’ works as well as ‘3rd and Ike’. Jerry Rice’s 40 time was 4.71 so he’s as fast as Jerry Rice. I’m only comparing the smarts of being able to sitting in the seems of zone coverage with Ike and forty time with Rice. Not their careers or overall ability to those who are sensitive to comparisons.

  20. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Rod

    “Fansince76 – you mean his dad slipped the refs a few thousand before the game.”

    No – bribing the refs wasn’t necessary… The Bucs had Shaun King at QB…

    King’s stats in the 2000 NFC Championship game:

    – 13 of 29
    – 163 yards
    – 2 INTs
    – 0 TDs

    Dungy was a great defensive coach but he was clueless when it came to QBs and offense.


  21. Brandon Says:

    He’s both the smartest and the slowest. Not the best combo for a WR.

  22. Stanglassman Says:

    Well the good news is the have very little invested in him. People are acting like they picked in on day two.

  23. sasquatch Says:

    He has no chance to be anything more than a practice squad guy this year, barring injuries to the more talented players ahead of him.


    Warner falls about here.

  24. Doc Says:

    Good we will call you when the chess playoff comes around.

  25. Rod Munch Says:

    Marine Buc – it literally WAS necessary to bribe the refs, because even with that stat line, the Bucs were going to win that game until the refs, during a TV timeout, overruled the Bert Emanuel catch, and didn’t even bother telling Dungy that the play was even under review. That cost the Bucs not only that play, but also cost them a timeout at the end of the game. Additionally the BS TD that Warner threw in that game, Ricky Proehl totally pushed off, remarkably the refs didn’t catch that.

    As for King, wasn’t he the first rookie to ever get to the NFC Championship game? Also he was the backup.

    No, the Rams didn’t do squat in that game. The Bucs were robbed, and the NFL had to change the rules of what a catch was after that game, that lead to 15-years of no one knowing what a catch was. All to cover up for the FACT that Warner bribed the refs. Now he bribed team officials to get his kid into camp when he couldn’t be Bruce Arians in a footrace.

  26. HA-HA-HA Says:

    We will see how smart he is going over the middle.

  27. Duane Says:

    You guys with your “Warner bribed the refs” are flat out idiots, drunk most likely.

    Warner was a great player, he was the heart of the “Greatest Show on Turf” offense that won a lot of games including Super Bowl.

    I spose you’d want to insult Drew Brees if his kid came to play the Bucs? Or any other player whoever beat the Bucs?

    That is homerism to the millionth degree. We lost the NFC championship game because the Rams were the better team .. not by a lot, but they had a way better offense than the Bucs did, while our defense was better than theirs. Classic top offense vs. top defense.

  28. Capeceiskaput Says:

    Boy are they going to zing him the first time he pushes on a pull door.

  29. Beej Says:

    Well it’s not hard to be the smartest, have you heard some of these people talk?

  30. Lamarcus Says:

    But are you football smart?

  31. Frank Pillow Says:

    He has his mothers facial hair. No self respecting Bucs fan should ever forget the ‘99 NFC Conference Championship—ever!

  32. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    TBBF is the smartest poster here…..but he would never claim that!!!

  33. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Too bad he doesn’t have his moms flat top haircut

  34. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Rod

    Ah yes… The old Bert Emanual catch. The NFL changed the rules after this debacle.

    That was a bitter little pill to swallow for sure.

    But we were behind with by 5 (11-6) with 45 seconds left at the 22 yard line…

    With how horrible that offense was it still was not a guarantee the Bucs would be able to score a TD regardless of that sketchy call.

  35. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Bucs have got ’em…….Kade, Ko, Cam, Cody, Chase, Kyle, Cade & let’s not forget Calijah

  36. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Yes…I know Cam Brate is gone…..but we have Cam Gill.

  37. Larrd Says:

    Okay, Fredo!


  38. Redeemer Says:

    BF13 is right. The old man was a dome qb with an innovated offensive mind calling the plays. I don’t see much coming from Jr. Except maybe a little humility.

  39. Redeemer Says:

    Btw, Trent dilfer won a ring too

  40. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Actually imo the Bucs lost that rams championship game in ~99 because the NFL had Jerry markbrite who was in the booth change the call on the field of the Emanuel catch which had not been done before because the nfl decided who they wanted in the superbowl. John madden in tv booth says, ‘I don’t know what they’re looking at because clearly that’s a catch by Bert Emanuel’.
    To this day, the nfl decides big games more times than not imo. Case in point, last years pass interference call that wasn’t at the end of the Super Bowl game awarded kc a chip shot field goal to ice the game over Philly.
    We’ve seen it over and again at critical junctures of many big games repeatedly.
    Eventually the nfl will get called out and ruin their product imo.
    We’ve seen this with Dallas with a catch that wasn’t 10 years back.
    We’ve seen this with jacksonville, with countless interference penalty’s going against them late against the Brady patriots, that were sketchy at best.
    And we’ve seen this with the saints against the rams a few years ago with a blatant pass interference that would have iced saints victory that wasn’t called. At a critical juncture.
    Conspiracy? Not if it happens more times than not…. Which is the case imo.

  41. Marine Buc Says:

    @ Redeemer


    Trent Dilfer.

    I will never forget the greatest pass he ever threw in the NFL.

    3rd and 18 from his own 4 yard line Trent throws a 2 yard slant pass to TE Shannon Sharpe that he took like 96 yards for a TD and that was enough to beat the Raiders in the 2001 AFC Championship because Tony Serogussa’s late hit on Rich Gannon (which broke his collarbone)…

    That play is totally typical of Trent’s career. He was truly a horrible NFL QB and he was lucky to QB the two best defensive teams in NFL history or he would have NEVER won a single game.

    Dude was straight up garbage.

  42. Bojim Says:

    Be real nice to have Kurt Warner around.

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    Frank Pillow Says:
    May 12th, 2023 at 2:58 pm
    He has his mothers facial hair.



    Best post I’ve seen on here in awhile… and it’s true.

  44. Rod Munch Says:

    Marine Buc – I call it a W.

    The Bucs had done nothing all day until that drive, then they finally move the ball, and to have the refs screw over the Bucs, it was disgraceful.

    Also, if you ever go and hear the entire story of what happened from Dungy and other people on the field – the Bucs took their TO, had no idea the play was under review, the refs never said anything, so they’re ready to run a 3rd and short play (I believe) and instead, as the team is already set, they announce the play was overturned and start the clock, the Bucs had no idea what was going on because none of the stupid refs told them. So they had to burn a TO just to get people back onto the field for 3rd and long. It was a total, intentional, screwjob.

  45. BucfaninMi Says:

    Sounds like a former POTUS.

  46. Statguy Says:

    That means when he is bagging groceries after his first camp like his dad, he won’t smash your bread

  47. Max Says:

    can’t stand his dad, annoying and extremely stiff and unentertaining on TV but they keep him around because he’s mr. faith blah blah. Warner is one of the most overrated QBs in the history of the game.

  48. Voice of Truth Says:

    I’m an arrogant nobody who is living off daddy’s name

    STFU rookie – you are gonna get your arse handed to you

  49. garro Says:

    Not a smart thing to say for a rookie. Smart guy.

  50. garro Says:

    @ Rod
    BTW That mess still pisses me off every time I watch a game and nobody can tell whether or not a pass was complete.

    We got jobbed! And it still happens with calls and no calls. Scotty Miller got mugged on almost every go route he ran last year….not a single call! Not to mention all the phantom holding calls last year.

    Loved Shaun King back then. He maxed his talent and was a real gamer/overachiever.

  51. DJB Says:

    I hated the Bert Emanuel call too, but hated the perfectly thrown pass over Brian Kelly to “Ricky” Proehl, even more so.

  52. Jeff Says:

    Smart football player is an oxymoron.

  53. TDavis Says:

    The person who says they’re the smartest usually isn’t.