How Much Did Tom Brady Want To Play For The Bucs?

May 28th, 2023

UFC’s Dana White was talking about Tom Brady again.

Joe loves Dana White, even if Joe has no use for his human cockfighting outfit.

White, the UFC shot-caller, is a total open book. And he never met an open microphone he didn’t like.

Some background: White claims, and was backed up by foot-rubbing tight end Rob Gronkowski, that when Brady was a free agent in 2020, White brokered a deal to bring his great friend and business partner Brady to Sin City. And just like what happened with the Bucs, the goal was for Gronk to follow.

The deal was done, White said, until at the last minute Chucky blew it up.

That indirectly got Brady to the Bucs.

Well, this week, White spoke with TMZ and said Brady was none too happy that Chucky destroyed what looked like a done deal between Brady and Raiders owner Mark Davis, who White is also tight with.

“Me and Brady were p!ssed the deal didn’t happen,” White said.

White apparently doesn’t take “No” for an answer well. After Chucky got fired by the Raiders in 2021 and Brady briefly retired following the Bucs’ loss to the Rams in the playoffs, White claimed he pushed Brady hard to force a trade from the Bucs to the Raiders. Brady instead returned to the Bucs, had an OK year and suffered the lone losing season of his career.

So Joe wonders how motivated Brady was to come to Tampa? Or for that matter, to return to the Bucs?

Remember, Brady also was trying to grease the wheels to get off the Bucs roster to end up in Miami. That’s fact.

Clearly, Brady was motivated to win a Super Bowl for the Bucs, and damn near got the Bucs back to the NFL’s big game the following season.

Regardless, this is yet another reason Joe raises a cold pint of Bromosa to Chucky. If not for him, the Bucs would still be looking for their first Super Bowl championship!

55 Responses to “How Much Did Tom Brady Want To Play For The Bucs?”

  1. GenocideD Says:

    You mean the 2nd championship?

  2. Joe Says:

    You mean the 2nd championship?

    Joe meant exactly what was typed.

  3. DR. POPS Says:

    As the DR. says how that work out for you?

  4. SB Says:

    Things that make you go Hmmm………..

  5. sasquatch Says:

    It’s this kinda crap that makes me glad to be done with him. He never really wanted to be in Tampa. And he’s shown no interest in remaining connected to the team. Thanks for the Superbowl but beyond that, he’s NOT one of my all time favorite Bucs cuz he never really was a Buc. He was merely a hired gun, a contractor, a mercenary.

  6. Fred McNeil Says:

    Joe means Chucky got us both Super Bowls. Both indirectly. Once with Dungy’s team, which he promptly disassembled and once as coach of the Raiders by nixing the Brady deal.

  7. firethecannons Says:

    awesome story Joe! Interesting drama. Hope to Gawd we can get a decent QB or even have one already. there will never be another Brady but it sure would be nice to have team that was relevant again. Kind of hoping we could get a shot at one of top QB’s in next years draft.

  8. SteveK Says:

    Hell yeah, Joe.

    Story should be verified and Glazers should put him back on the ring of honor as a 2x SB champ 😂

  9. Stanglassman Says:

    It felt like my team was hijacked by Brady for the last three years and I haven’t really realized how much I felt that way until he was gone. I’m more excited this year about the Bucs than I’ve been in years. This season win or lose it’s the TB Buccaneers not just Tom Brady and the team fortunate to be playing with him.

  10. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Tom Brady brought legitimacy and a championship.

    Without Tom we’re going back to our plucky loser old selves.

    This fanbase is a big part of the problem. Baker Mayfield is not a guy to get excited over. Especially not the guy who should bump a 2nd round pick you have been grooming for two years, but here we are.

    Its these kinds of decisions that baffle me.

    They gave Bowles a 5 year deal. And now because of that you can’t fire him one and done after what was a pretty inexcusable season that clearly was a result of poor coaching.

    But now Bowles is coming back because of the mistake they made giving him 5 years, only now it’s obvious to everyone that if we get a repeat performance of what we saw last season Bowles is gone. Because there’s absolutely no way they’d bring him back after two sub .500 seasons… Right? LOL who knows?

    So it’s panic time. Throw patience out the windows with a young player with a lot of upside because this 8-9 team (with Tom Brady) is ready to win now.

    So in walks Baker Mayfield who made 4 or 5 good throws last season but stunk up the joint otherwise, but his really mediocre pedestrian numbers was enough to get everyone on the bandwagon. I just don’t get it.

    So it’s a bad decision that is compounded into more bad decisions. It’s being reactive instead of proactive. And realistically speaking the only shot this football team has is if Canales is the lightning they catch in a bottle and somehow we get a decent offense.

    But he’s a first year OC – oh and yeah he’s from Seattle who despite some heroic play out of Russell Wilson seem to always hover in the middle of the pack in total offense and scoring.

    I’m not holding my breath.or anything.

    The conventional wisdom should be Tom Brady just retired and we’re getting younger. Let’s see what we have in this Trask kid and he doesn’t show promise we draft a QB and start fresh.

    But noooo. The guy with a 33-39 and has 64 INTs in started.

    That’s the guy who is going to save Bowles career? LOL

    Seriously in case you were wondering why Fan Sided picked the Bucs to go 2-15 it’s because the Bucs are super serious about Baker Mayfield. It’s almost like it’s a sales job to sell tickets. First you buy Baker Mayfield and then they try to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

    I think the fanbase is loyal enough to support the team on the other side of Tom Brady. We know it’s a rebuild. That’s ok. Just show us you’re making investments into the future and setting this team up for success.

    The draft this year was great. That’s the stuff to get get excited about. Let’s get a winning formula and build a team. The Mayfield smoke and mirror act is not good, however.

    The guy is such a great leader he’s on his 4th team in 6 years. Please just stop with the BS job. Some of us actually know enough about football to understand the impending doom we’re all headed for this season.

  11. MadMax Says:

    Um, chucky responsible for 2 SB rings (the latter indirect)….fine by me. Now if he can just screw up the aints (he will) lol

  12. Obvious Says:

    HIRED GUN!?!

    That’s exactly what he was. I don’t think most realize that WE “the Buccaneers”, WE made out like BANDITS in this deal.

    We took FULL ADVANTAGE. I’m Not Only PROUD of that… I’M TICKLED with a BIG Ole Smile from ear to ear. WE played our cards perfectly WITH the hand we were dealt. WE are the Winners in this Whole Thing! We took advantage and WE did good.

    WE being the Glazers, Jason Licht, Bruce Arians, the “Front Office”, and on down the line to YOU and ME (the BUCCANEERS). Man did we do GREAT!

    If you can grasp what Joe is saying, and OF COURSE Joe caught someone in his obvious trap right off the bat, The Org. itself played it BRILLIANTLY.
    BRAVO with a STANDING OVATION to the men and women mentioned above all the way to the fans.

    It makes me want CLAP LOUDER for what Bruce Arians Said and Did concerning the answer to us (the Bucs) letting Brady out of his contract. 5 FIRST ROUND PICKS was it? Or something Insanely High. LOVED IT! Well Played Bruce. You were right.

    Some were saying we should just “let him out” of his contract because he’s Brady. SCREW THAT, SCREW HIM, and SCREW YOU! IF you’re a Buc fan then you would have been PLAYED FOR THE FOOL to do that! The others saying such NONSENSE weren’t Buc fans. They were BLIND over Brady fans. And that’s all.

    WE DID GOOD and RODE TOM BRADY FOR ALL HE WAS WORTH and I’m Glad for it. He was NO REAL friend to Buccaneers or he would have worked with us on the 35 million dollar cap situation this year.

    HE DIDN’T FOLKS! That makes him NO REAL HERO HERE! “THAT” makes him ONLY a “Hired Gun”. The BEST GUN WE COULD HIRE but still “HIRED”. A “business deal” under those terms and what Joe reminds us all of.

    He got paid well, we got our Super Bowl and division championships. A Good “Business” deal for ALL. WE DID GOOD! And WE had the horses so that he could get his 7th ring. Everybody Wins. ESPECIALLY us.

  13. Destinjohnny Says:

    If we didn’t miss on Luke and Robert and jTS and Logan we would have been in the hunt.
    We really needed AB too.
    Missing those picks was to much to over come as the line was awful.

  14. LakelandSteve Says:

    Maybe the headline should have read, how bad did Brady want to win a championship. I think Brady ended up choosing the Bucs because he looked at the roster and realized all the pieces were here to win a championship with a couple additions. I’m sure the Vegas thing was probably true but the fact is he came here and we won a Super Bowl. So, I don’t know if he so much chose the Bucs or he chose the Bucs because at the time we gave him a great chance to win another ring.

  15. Smashsquatch Says:

    White pushed Brady to force a trade from the Bucs? I wonder if Brady himself tried to force the trade? “Trade me or I’ll retire Jason….”. Licht & Arians poured called water on that one, especially since they had all the leverage. Hindsight is 20/20, and I wanted Brady back too, but I’d rather have had some draft capital than a disinterested & distracted aging QB. He came back more interested in self preservation than winning. Can’t blame him either. At that age, while moving like molasses, I’d be damn worried about taking a hit and paying for it the rest of my life. Father time had finally caught the speedy goat.

  16. Hodad Says:

    You could also say Joe Chucky cost the Raiders two superbowls! Guess Chucky won’t be in the Raider ring of honor either. Immagine how pissed Mark Davis was to see Chucky run Brady off to the Bucs, and we win the S.B..

  17. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Stanglassman Says:
    May 28th, 2023 at 1:12 am
    It felt like my team was hijacked by Brady for the last three years and I haven’t really realized how much I felt that way until he was gone. I’m more excited this year about the Bucs than I’ve been in years. This season win or lose it’s the TB Buccaneers not just Tom Brady and the team fortunate to be playing with him.

    Same way I feel.

  18. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Lol, Gruden took a ready made Super Bowl team and won it, then immediately began to dismantle the team with a series of ridiculous personnel decisions (wasn’t Tim Brown 53 when Chucky signed him to the Bucs?) and has NEVER had success afterwards. Gruden is one of the all time worst evaluators of talent to ever head coach in the NFL. Name me a SINGLE even decent player he’s drafted. I’ll wait. His offense is equally as predictable as our fired jobless former OC btw.

  19. Buc50 Says:

    People should just stop with Chucky in the ROH. The Glazers removed him because he was an ungrateful tool that insulted them.

  20. FrontFour Says:

    Never felt like Brady wanted to be here. Whether it was Vegas or Miami, after we got the 2020 SB he went for the back to back, but his eyes were elsewhere. Wish he would have just retired the first time and spared us a wasted season.

  21. Allbuccedup Says:

    Chucky won two super bowls and his reward pulled from the ring of honor.

  22. Tackleblockwin Says:

    So what did we learn from this article?
    1. Our front office is better than the Raiders.
    2. Apparently Gronk was a key factor.
    3. Dana White is still chewing on sour grapes. I hope they are delicious.

  23. Allen Lofton Says:

    The Glazer family seem like good people who gave Brady what he wanted – an opportunity to win a Superbowl. IF White’s statement is true than we know what Brady is about. Winning a Superbowl takes a 100% commitment – where was the commitment from Brady – was his marital issues an issue – when you dip your toe into the water of too many multiple ?#?#? – your results end up what happened to the Bucs in 2022

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’m not quite sure of Dana White……and so what if we were Brady’s sloppy seconds.

  25. lobsterman Says:

    So the Glazers hate people who bring us Super Bowl wins and won’t let them on the Ring of Honor. What a clown show.

  26. lobsterman Says:

    Just Leave Trask Alone Says: “Baker Mayfield .. his really mediocre pedestrian numbers are enough to get everyone on the bandwagon. I just don’t get it.”

    Because, as others have said, this is an FSU website LOL.

  27. lobsterman Says:

    @Just Leave Trask Alone

    Wow, great comment. Better than any article or comment I’ve read here.

  28. Cobraboy Says:

    Brady may have left the house, but his cap legacy lives on for another year.

    The team can do more rebuilding when his cap hit is dissolved.

    I appreciate all the Brady memories, but they are more than memories as long as his “all-in for Brady” is still on the books.

  29. Cobraboy Says:

    Trask? Mayfield? I don’t care.

    Let the best man win the job.

    And if both fail, there is always the 2024 draft.

  30. Bud Buddha Says:

    What kind of a assclown insists on referring to himself in the third person. You’re a clown joe

  31. lobsterman Says:


    The best man will not win. Mayfield was brought in for his “name” to sell tickets and pander to the gullible FSU fanbase. He will “win”.

  32. tampabuscsbro Says:

    It’s really weird how much dissing of Tom Brady, the man that brought legitimacy and a ring to this team there is in this comment section.

    This isn’t a good team. without Brady that was a 5 win team at best last year and people are getting excited over a baker with no throwing arm left…..wild.

  33. Couch Fan Says:

    I dont care if he wanted to be here or not. The GOAT brought us the best 3 seasons the Bucs have ever had. Ill take it. End of Quote.

  34. Swampy Says:

    Gruden was removed from the Ring of Honor for character reasons. Nobody wants their team to be associated with someone who made millions in a sport by pretending to respect his Black players while saying things like “Michelin tire lips.”

  35. BucsBeBack (Artist formally known as: BringBucsBack) Says:

    1. You folks that keep claiming that Gruden took Dungy’s team are emotional & less than half correct. Gruden had the good sense to leave Monte & the defense alone, when he got here. Remember the report of Gruden stopping Monte at the airport from interviewing for other jobs, to work with his son no less? Gruden knew what he had on BOTH sides of the ball.

    In 2002 Gruden brought in McCardell, Pittman, Dudley, Oben, Cristy, Jerovicious(?) etc…, a game plan & fire! STOP IT with this “Tony’s team” nonsense. We are forever grateful for Tony’s rebuild but, Gruden did what Tony was never going to do, ever!

    2. TB12 DID come & dedicated himself enough to lead the “losingest” team in N. American sports history to a SB & if not for the aneurysm by our then DC, possibly a second. Some of you are mad at Tom Brady?! Upside down world.

    3. Further confirmation that Licht is luckier than he is good.

    4. Baker has experience & is cheap. Simple enough?

  36. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    How is Baker Mayfield going to pander to the the FSU Fan Base ?
    Baker played at Oklahoma, not FSU

  37. Geno711 Says:

    Exactly @Chris

    Lobsterman trolling seems so weak. But maybe he is not as stupid as he sounds.

  38. Cobraboy Says:

    @lobster: hard to say what kind of “man” Trask is, seeing how he’s never taken an NFL snap behind a starter in any meaningful fashion.

    I don’t care who is named as long as there is actual competition.

    It’s not unusual for a vet to be slightly ahead of a virtual rook with no real experience.

  39. Cobraboy Says:

    as, not behind

  40. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Brady was thumbing his nose at the Patriots in 2020. He needed the SB win for himself. It was never about Tampa or the team. Most any QB in the league could have won more than 8 games with this team last season. Brady wasn’t focused on football or the game, and he played scared. Besides that, Brady didn’t chose the Bucs, he settled. The ‘49s, Raiders, and Dolphins were all ahead of the Bucs at one time or another.
    We need to get out of cap hell and build around the solid core of great players that remain on this team. A great step in that direction would be to dump Devin White and his cap hit. He’s made it obvious that he doesn’t want to be a Buc anymore.

  41. realistic-optimistic Says:

    Does that mean Chucky’s recent move to NO will indirectly lead to a 3rd Bucs super bowl? Hmmm

  42. Irishmist Says:

    We just have to hope Chucky has some influence on the Saints draft choices. If so, they will suck for a decade. The guy can call plays, but he is almost as bad as the Lions front office in evaluating talent.

  43. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Chucky won us that Superbowl. Not only did he add our offense…but he also knew the Raiders gameplan.

    Tom Brady rocked here, so it was worth the investment. One year of getting out of the cap issues is amazingly short.

    How many Superbowl rings equals a dynasty?

    I’m thinking…4?

  44. 954Joe Says:

    Dana White is the scumbag who was slapping his wife on video right?

  45. westernbuc Says:

    Not gonna lie this hurts. I know it’s a business but still

  46. darengibo Says:

    TB 12 may be a hired gun, but what a hell of a hire!! Will ALWAYS be thankful for the SB season and if not for.. well I don’t like to mention what happened in year 2… BUT if THAT turned into a back to back… I bet we have a much different season last year…

    Anyhoo… always be thankful for Tom and don’t care that he didn’t make us first or 2nd choice… bottom line he came, he signed he balled out in a manner we may never see again in buc history.

  47. Jay Says:

    Who cares we have our second championship and Brady is done playing football. Jets and 49ers could have had him this season but the tape from last year was not very good so it’s time to put the Brady era to bed for good

  48. Tiny Dungy Says:

    Toad Bowels will win Superbowls and get into the Bucs ROH

  49. garro Says:

    I have had dealings with people very similar to Dana White. Very charismatic, but you better hide the women and kids and do not whatever you do have any serious dealings with them. You will regret it! That said… thanks Jon! Hope White chokes on those grapes! Couldn’t happen to a finer guy.

  50. garro Says:

    BTW throwing shade at Brady after he was hugely responsible for winning a Superbowl for the team you claim to be a fan of is kind of… Whats the word im looking for? …Irational? Insane? Fake fan? The other Joe? …

    All of the above?

  51. Old School Nole Says:

    This is not an FSU fan site. There are plenty of Gators who read the articles, they are just too embarrassed by their team to post anything.

    And for those who think Brady held us hostage, do you hate Brady more than you love having another championship?

  52. lobsterman Says:

    Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:
    How is Baker Mayfield going to pander to the the FSU Fan Base ?
    Baker played at Oklahoma, not FSU”

    Read again. I said “Mayfield was brought in” – that is, by the Bucs – to pander to the FSU fanbase, which would go into full meltdown if Trask started.

  53. steele Says:

    I agree with LakeLand Steve above. It doesn’t matter how pissed Brady and Dana White were. A business deal blows up, and you move to the next option. There was also the whole 49ers negotiation that pissed off Brady. Move to the next option and keep going. Brady weighed the pros and cons, and the Bucs had more of what he thought could get him another SB. Simple as that.

    Once he got here, he did it. For one season, enough of the team bought in and was hungry, as flawed as they were. Immortality. What’s to complain about? Thank you forever, GOAT, for that season, and for almost repeating.

  54. Oneilbuc Says:

    I told y’all no one wanted Brady but the bucs so all this Brady chose to come here was a narrative.

  55. Oneilbuc Says:

    Man stop crying about Brady he showed y’all how he really felt about the bucs while trying to go to the dolphins behind the bucs back. He also went to a wedding of another team owner the day before the game and he didn’t even care enough about the bucs to at least ride back with the team after the lost. But the one thing Brady did do is show how weak the bucs organization is. Even the fan base refused to hold him accountable and if you do than that means you hate Brady. Brady had more power than the head coach ,GM and OC and that’s a sign of a weak franchise when you give all the power to one player regardless of his pass accomplishment. And until the bucs start having more pride for the franchise we ain’t winning nothing.