Joe Tryon-Shoyinka, You Are On Notice

April 29th, 2023

Improvement needed.

When the Bucs selected defensive tackle Calijah Kancey in the first round Thursday, Joe openly asked if that selection was a referendum on the Bucs’ first selection in the 2022 draft, Logan Hall?

Well, after the Bucs’ selection in the third round last night, YaYa Diaby, an edge rusher with a condor-like wingspan, Joe doesn’t have to ask if Joe Tryon-Shoyinka is being indirectly called out.

It’s too obvious of a move — and a fire lit under the 2021 first-round pick.

Yes, Bucs sacks king Shaq Barrett is coming off a blown Achilles and it wasn’t like he was tearing up the NFL last season when he was healthy. Coming off an Achilles at 30 is anything but ideal.

But still, Shaq could come back. What is JTS coming back from?

JTS had a grand total of four sacks his rookie season. Last year in his second year, when good players often can be seen taking a noticeable step forward, JTS made no headway at all. He had the same number of sacks as in 2021. That’s eight sacks in 34 games, and JTS has played a ton of snaps.

So the addition of Diaby, to Joe, is a message sent to JTS: You’ve got to significantly improve if you hope to earn a fifth-year option added to your contract.

34 Responses to “Joe Tryon-Shoyinka, You Are On Notice”

  1. Bucsfanman Says:

    He played a ton of snaps and did not show improvement year over year. That’s the biggest thing for me.

  2. Buc'n Enough Says:

    So your saying Licht blew or wasted another premium pick

  3. Durango95 Says:

    Same guy drafting to replace the players that he just drafted within the last couple of years. Hmmm.

  4. Kgh4life Says:

    @ Durango95

    That’s the way it is when drafting players. If the previous drafts don’t work out for whatever reason, you have to go back to the drawing board. There is a reason why the NFL draft is such a crapshoot.

  5. Eckwood Says:

    JTS has no business in the NFL ,,,, Let’s be serious !!! Tools maybe ? Play and dancing 🕺 Player , Ahhh Hell No !!! a roundabout, simple way to judge or grade a player is what could you trade them for pic wise? JTS maybe a Sixth !! And Please for the love of football trade Diva White , someone missed on a coveted LB in the Early Rounds !!

  6. Usfbuc Says:

    Should have moved up two or three spots to take Gregory Rousseau instead of JTS.

  7. Thomas Edrington Says:

    Todd Bowels coaching prowess didn’t help either………that’s what they get for taking a guy who sat out the season……once again, this is what happens when you draft on POTENTIAL rather than PRODUCTION………as a good friend of mine said, defining “Potential” — “Potential means that right now you suck!”

  8. SB~LV Says:

    Giant block letters LOL
    This YaYa is absolutely zero threat to JST or his snap count.
    Matbe in 2025 if he makes it that long
    I get it but do you know how many of these stories have come and gone over the years?
    This is really the Bucs 4th pick
    Oh well maybe I’ll be wrong

  9. FlBoy84 Says:

    Maybe even more damning is that, while he had 4 more QB hits in ’22, he had more QB pressures in 560 defensive snaps in ’21 than in 843 last season.

  10. FlBoy84 Says:

    He had over twice as many hurries starting 6 games in ’21 as well.

  11. Scott Says:

    He actually grades out better than Nelson. He gets pressures just can’t seem to finish

  12. Destinjohnny Says:

    Typical Jason pic
    He doesn’t draft guys with instinct
    Him and hall are back ups at best

  13. All_da_way Says:

    JTS will be fine.

    Nelson took a while to rev up as well. That is the price you pay for taking prospects that need developmental time.

    YaYa Diaby is a different beast as he is going to hit the ground running day 1.

  14. Tony1775 Says:

    Good, JTS is manhandled and aganist run he is terrible.

  15. Buc'n Enough Says:

    Another premium pick not panning out or wasted

  16. Canabuc Says:

    Have to admit I didn’t know much about this new draft pick out of Louisville. However watching some video on him you could see how he is fast, bends well seems to have a nose for the play or the ball.
    Despite having the perfect frame to play edge rusher he was often playing more on the interior line because he was a bigger defensive player than one of their other players who will likely be drafted. You could argue he was actually playing out of position because of his speed and strength that he had the ability to do so.

    The guy had the second highest athleticism score of any defensive end and Cansey had the highest out of any defensive tackle.

    It is pretty clear that these are both guys that the Bucs franchise wanted rather than players they settled for because
    They turned in the pic very quickly rather than taking some time or looking at trades. They chose them over other players that were available at the same time who we all thought they would have taken such as Darnell Washington or the linebacker out of Clemson in the case of Diaby.

    And it wasn’t too long ago where either Bowles or Licht or both of them said that there was a lack of speed and pressure from the defensive line last year and that they didn’t like that Vea was the leader in sacks for this team.

    So they basically went out and took the most athletic fastest players at the two defensive line positions. Each of them had at least seven and a half sacks last year. And they all showed improvement year over year.

    Looking at the length of his arms, I really think that the Abbey will be a mix of Shaq Barrett and Jason Pierre-Paul.
    I think that kalijah Cansey will end up being a shorter player with similar performance to someone like a Gerald McCoy but a little faster and a little better against the run.

    I actually thinking back love both of these pics and even though in my mind I would have considered going Nolan Smith and either the linebacker out of Clemson who I keep forgetting his name or Darnell Washington in the third I actually think the players they picked will thrive in a todd bowles defense

  17. Infomeplease Says:

    Draft picks are always a gamble. So far it looks like JL got players that may start. That’s what this team needs! Still need a nickel corner, TE, and ILB. LFG!!

  18. Jim Says:

    JTS. Another wasted draft pick from JL. JL just is horrible at the draft.

  19. Ben Harvey Says:

    JTS is a rotation guy at this point in his career. He wasnt a high pick and needs time to keep developing. I like the speed, just needs to finish. He isnt a bust imo because consistent edge rushers are tough to find and he has shown flashes of potential just needs to be more consistent. I also like adding pieces irrespective of JTS or Logan Hall, cant have enough pass rushers.

  20. Mike Johnson Says:

    Git your ya-ya out Joe Tryon. Them stones are comin for you

  21. David Says:


    Definitely a youth movement and JTS is definitely on notice

  22. Mike C Says:

    Jim, name a GM that gets 60% accuracy in the Draft………. ohhhh wait you can’t, because just over 50% is a solid GM. JL hits just fine in the Draft.

  23. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Jill Tryon-Sissyinka is not a good football player.

  24. HC Grover Says:

    Out with him! Send Plan 9 to orbit. He a weak link.

  25. Dooley Says:

    Sacklust is strong with some of you, huh?

  26. Tucker Says:

    JTS isn’t on notice they needed the depth there and Shaq is getting old. Bucs are rebuilding whether you want to believe it or not loved this draft so far.

  27. bucsfaninOregon Says:

    JTS is a one trick pony. Huff and puff and swing wide on the rush and – -get pushed out of the action almost every play. Does not yet (ever?) has an inside movement.

  28. Goatfarmer Says:

    The Bust Twins will be cleaning cages at Bloweszo’s Hamster Farm in 2025. Maybe he can coach them better about hamster care than playing defense.

  29. slacker Says:

    Turn JTS into a TE

  30. Destinjohnny Says:

    11 drafts with Jason
    Name the d lineman ?
    Vita, who was a high pick, thats it
    Tell me I am wrong?

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    JTS is done.
    NFL tackles have figured out that he has bend- but absolutely no strength

    Hes a bust. He will only be only be on roster, as long as necessary for the front office to save face.

  32. Pops Malone Says:

    JTS needs to learn how to finish. He missed on more sacks than he got last year because he never tackles when he gets there…he whiffs instead. Coaches need to help him there and if they do I think he can still be a key contributor on defense.

  33. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Keep Tryon will be selling F-150’s in a couple of years…chatting up management about “what coulda been”. The perils of drafting late in the 1st round…typically boom or bust…looking like the latter.

  34. steele Says:

    JTS and the lack of an elite pass rush is the achilles heel of this defense. JTS gets ridden out of most plays, hasn’t gotten stronger, hasn’t improved technically. Shaq is a goner, a shell even before his injury. I don’t see what they can do if they don’t load up in free agency.