If You Like Blocking Tight Ends …

April 18th, 2023

Georgia TE Darnell Washington.

The Bucs have always had success with blocking tight ends.

Ring of Honor member Jimmie Giles was like a guard playing tight end. Oh, he would just crunch people. Dave Moore was a pretty fair blocker. And of course, there was foot-rubbing Rob Gronkowski.

The Bucs have high hopes for Cade Otton to be their tight end for a few years and he showed signs as a rookie he could be that. Joe, however, isn’t sold on his blocking.

It seems Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht has an eye on a wicked blocker out of Georgia. NFL insider Aaron Wilson Twittered that the Bucs are bringing in Bulldogs tight end Darnell Washington for an official visit. He’s 6-7, 270 pounds and built a lot like Gronk.

Joe decided to see what the Czar of the Playbook, Emory Hunt of CBS and Football Gameplan had to write about Washington in Hunt’s draft guide.

It seems Hunt loves Washington’s blocking.

Punishing inline blocker who is able to get consistent movement up front along the line of scrimmage. Whether it’s a down block, kick out or base block, he’s able to execute and excel consistently. An imposing player who forces defenders to make business decisions when he has the ball in his hands. Good receiver inside the red zone, as he’s able to easily play above the rim. Also shows he’s able to maintain possession through contact.

It seems outside of being a red zone weapon, Washington is more a blocker than a pass catcher. But that’s OK. He can be developed into a better receiver. Finding a dude who can block is much harder to find.

The fact Washington puts the fear of God into defenders when he does run a pattern gets Joe fired up.


34 Responses to “If You Like Blocking Tight Ends …”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    Oh man – this title — my thirteen year old self is being suppressed. Snickering like Bravia and Butthead.

    Thanks Joes, the vid is entertaining and, as we all agree, a catching tight end who can block is probably more attractive than Ko Kieft, who we already have.

  2. Goatfarmer Says:


  3. Steven007 Says:

    Guys a beast. Max, you have the floor. Would like to see him in perhaps the third round.

  4. Joe in Michigan Says:

    But, but but…What is Todd Bowles track record for developing TE’s?

    Ridiculous? Same as the “Don’t draft an edge rusher” nonsense.

  5. Goatfarmer Says:

    Bowels track record is clear. Loser. So it doesn’t matter about Bowrls. Licht is drafting for the Bucs future, not the future of the energy of the fab new franchise concept —. gender-friendly bra fitting centers . Blows Knows.

  6. Bucs Guy Says:

    After picking a T in the first round, he won’t be available to the Bucs in the 2nd round at 52, unless they pick up an extra/earlier 2nd round pick. Even if they do get the extra pick, do you use it on an Edge or TE? ILB, DT, S are other day 2 needs. Anything you don’t get on day 2 you pick up on day 3.

    RB, CB, IOL and WR on day 3 also.

  7. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    I’ll pass. He runs like his feet are too big. Too cumbersome like, for me.

    And the fact Jason said we need to get faster & tougher.

  8. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Man some of yall need to calm down. This is an article about a tight end. Endless rants of hate… its mind numbing to read.

  9. Goatfarmer Says:

    I hate posts about people hating posting about hating people who post hate.

  10. MadMax Says:

    @Steve, you know it lol. That one handed catch he made at the end of his combine drills was a thing of beauty. Im glad Licht bringing him in for a visit. Probably wont last past the 5th pick of the 2nd if he lasts that long. Im thinking more around 25 to 30. We might be able to trade down to that spot for him if we dont go after LB Simpson. Then we need Achane.

  11. Joe in Michigan Says:

    So say if Goatfarmer gets his dream scenario and the Bucs lose all of their games, because he hates Bowles more than he likes the Bucs…If the Bucs do tank like part of the quitter “fan” faction wants…Are they gonna need an edge rusher in the future? If you think the answer is no, you know little to nothing about football.

  12. JN Says:

    I want DW! Make it happen along with OT and pass rusher.

  13. Defense Rules Says:

    JN … ‘I want DW! Make it happen along with OT and pass rusher.’

    I’d love to see us draft him too, but the odds of that happening are pretty low. DW would be used here more as a blocking TE than as a pass catcher (we already have guys named Evans, Godwin, Gage, Otton, White who can catch passes).

    But who do we need MORE? An OT? A pass rusher? Or a blocking TE? Not much doubt in my mind which one comes in 3rd place, and Washington is projected as a Rnd 1 or 2 pick. Stranger things have happened though.

  14. Beej Says:

    One unstated thing about our lack of a running game last year–Gronk’s uniqueness made him like an extra tackle. Otton, less so

  15. Bojim Says:

    Looks like a good pass catcher to me. He kinda lumbers.

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We need the next Travis Kelcey or Greg Olsen…..he’s good but he’s not that guy…..but I’d love to see us trade down and then pick him up.

  17. Tampa2ATL Says:

    Yes, please.

  18. Dre bucs fan Says:

    Draft guru and GM at bill curry ford said the Bucs need to do everything in its power to draft this guy and i agree! He’s a freak..

  19. Andrew Fish Says:

    I would love to have a TE that can block really well and still catch some passes.

  20. PSL Bob Says:

    Looks like he has pretty good hands to me. I love to have a TE be a major part of the game plan, both blocking and catching. Any comparison to Gronk works for me. We need a compliment to Otton, one that can block. So, grab Washington in the draft if we can.

  21. Just Saying Says:

    So many holes to fill and drafted 2 te’s last year. See many more needs than a premium pick on a te.

  22. LakelandSteve Says:

    Is he even going to be around when the Bucs pick? He isn’t as smooth as Gronk but there are definitely some similarities. His blocking is excellent and he can catch the ball just needs to be more consistent.

  23. Brandon Says:

    For those that say he “lumbers”… it’s funny, he looks fairly slow and has a lumbering stride. I think he ran a 4.57 40 at the Combine which is lightning fast for someone his size. He has remarkable body control for his size when catching the ball with a great catch radius. He reminds me a lot of Mercedes Lewis… but also reminds me of Gronk in that he is probably a lot faster than he looks. He’ll be gone in round 2. He looks the part as a blocker, has good hands and receiving ability and despite of what we see with our eyeballs, his workout numbers completely contradict and say that he can fly. It would be very unlikely that a GM doesn’t fall in love with his potential and pull the trigger within the first 50 picks.

  24. Goatfarmer Says:

    The rookies Licht drafts all have a golden opportunity to make an impact right away given the holes. More than usual.

    Nine days and counting.

  25. Scott Says:

    Good trade down option if our guys aren’t there in the first

  26. Nosetackle Says:

    Brandon..Spot on ! He actually is above average on short AND intermediate routes.And as stated, a massive red zone threat. I’d love to see Washington line up in Canales’s offense. If a starting caliber left tackle isn’t there we still get an offensive (pass catching) weapon and one of the best blockers in the draft. Another piece of the run game puzzle with a great chance as a day 1 starter. I’d take him @ 19 but trading back a few and still getting him would be ti…..s,,err nice.

  27. JN Says:

    DW compliments Ottom and KK. I like that. What better way to jump start an atrocious run gm with a blocking tight end and a new OT that can play.
    Agree that this ain’t happening if Bucs stand pat. But if JL moves White for draft picks then maybe Bucscan find a way to land DW, OT and pass rusher.

  28. chark Says:

    This guy is overrated. A late 3rd round pick at best. Something about him not a natural, a bit clunky. Check his stats not impressive in the least. A poorer version of jelani woods/ colts te from uva.

  29. SlyPirate Says:

    DW is a mismatch …
    As a blocking TE, he’ll wipe out a DE or LB.
    As a catching TE, he’s an automatic 3rd down conversion.

  30. Fred McNeil Says:

    Actually, this guy ran a 4.69 40.
    Still faster than Ko Kieft who ran a 4.9.

  31. Fred McNeil Says:

    If he lasts to mid second round he’d be worth a flier.

  32. teacherman777 Says:

    He’s not fit.

    Very clumsy and chunky.

  33. steele Says:

    There is a blocking tight end named Ko Kieft who smashes people, isn’t a terrible occasional pass catcher. Otton, meanwhile, is a move type who isn’t physical enough, and may never be. Neither is a Gronkowski, or even part of a Gronkowski.

    There were opportunities but this brain trust failed as usual, went for two partial draft solutions instead of finding the one legit starter. They do it all the time.

  34. JN Says:

    Steele, I hear what you are saying. I do.

    But let’s just say for a moment that the Bucs do draft DW or a TE with a similar skill set… you would then have a rookie TE inline with DW, a H back full back type in KK and a flex guy in Otton. For me I love the fact they that all bring something different to an offense that wants to ground and pound and use play action. Bucs certainly need to address the OL situation no doubt, their top priority. But for this team, Bowles and Canales, to be successful, they need to draft the proper resources. There is not a tight end on this roster that can play in line and be a run gm force. Love Otton but he is Cam Brate not Gronk in run gm. KK best as a fb or hback… just one man’s opinion.