Best In Class Dives Into Guards, Centers & Tackles In The Draft (With A Close Eye On The Bucs)

April 16th, 2023

Sprint through a varity of offensive line prospects with draft guru Sean Sullivan! Nobody does it faster and better, and he’s always got an eye on potential Bucs fits. Savor today’s breakdown and catch up on the other positions you missed at at Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other platforms. All the fun is presented by Bill Currie Ford, home of the nationwide lifetime warranty on new vehicles. Sean also is the eager Bill Currie Ford GM ready to help you personally with all of your automotive needs. Fire off questions on football and more to Sean at

7 Responses to “Best In Class Dives Into Guards, Centers & Tackles In The Draft (With A Close Eye On The Bucs)”

  1. Geno711 Says:

    I found your podcast interesting.

    I am asking anyone if they know for sure that the Bucs will be running a wide zone offensive system next year.

    I think Seans analysis is reasonable as Dave Canales has been with Seattle and that historically since Pete Carroll has been there what the team has run.

    However, in 2021 and 2022, and under their current offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, the Seahawks moved to a more varied offensive scheme that incorporated elements of both the West Coast offense and the Sean McVay-style offense (where Shane Waldron came from). The 2021 and 2022 scheme used a varied running game, including both gap blocking, power runs and not just relying solely on the wide zone.

    What I also noted is that Seattle changed 3 guys on their offensive line in 2021 from 2020. Were they wide zone guys or more versatile guys that could do both.

    Then the OT they drafted 1st round 9th overall pick in 2022, was Charles Cross. According to, Cross is a power guy way more than a zone scheme guy.

    So, looks like Seattle last year picked a power guy over a zone scheme guy.

    It will be interesting to see if there is a wholesale change to a wide zone scheme or not.

  2. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Thanks for the info, Sean! I was thinking of Dawand Jones in the 2nd Round, if the Bucs went Edge in the 1st, but I see your point about the new run scheme.

  3. Sean Says:

    Geno, excellent analysis. But I’m positive that he will be using a wide zone running scheme, or at least incorporating it. I’m very impressed by your research on the subject Charles Cross. I believe he fell for the Seattle sea chickens. He was an excellent draft pick, but as you alluded, Seattle has been extremely adept at adapting to talent on the roster instead of vice versa.
    So much depends on whether they’re going to move wirfs to left tackle
    Jason already said that he would wait until after the draft to see where the picks fall to make a decision
    Go Bucs

  4. Joe in Michigan Says:

    I’m definitely a believer in arm length being important, in most cases it’s easier to get around an OT with shorter arms…I think Skoronski will probably be a better Guard in the NFL because of this. We’ll see.

  5. Sean Says:

    Tampa Bay’s run game will be similar to what Seattle runs, which features a lot of wide zone and stretch running plays.

    “I think it allows it to set stuff up,” Wirfs said. “We can capture the edge, capture the edge, capture the edge – and then throw them out the other way. Making it all look the same until it’s not. That’ll be really nice.” Tristan wirfs

  6. Kwame Richardson Says:

    First time listener. Very good podcast, Mr. Sullivan. Tons of useful information to help me zero in on who our beloved team should be looking at. Can’t wait for the next episode. Go Bucs.

  7. BUCman Says:

    Curious Sean why you didn’t evaluate OT Matthew Bergeron. He has 39 starts with 31 of those at left tackle. Most evaluate him with a second round grade and I would have liked to hear your opinion of him. I thought if the BUCS don’t go OT at 19 he could be an option at pick 50. As always love hearing your player breakdowns!