Mike White And The Bucs

March 7th, 2023


Only diehard fans of South Florida or former USF students remember Mike White.

The former signal-caller for the Bulls was a mediocre quarterback who after two years and 17 games transferred to Western Kentucky where he blew up.

White was an afterthought of a third-day draft pick for the Jets until he replaced struggling, arrogant Zach Wilson. There, White teased Jets fans with a couple of good games, more than Wilson could brag about.

One such effort was a three-touchdown game for White. It may have been misleading as it came against the bungling Bears. Being a pending free agent, White has options. Could one option be a return to The Licht House, where he first played his college ball?

Yesterday on NFL Network, Mike Garafolo, referencing Jets fans in a panic now that Derek Carr turned down a job in New Jersey, informed viewers that White is not a fallback option for the Jets.

It seemed to Joe that Garafolo suggested White didn’t want to return to the Jets. Rather, Garafolo said, White has a chance to be a starter or a backup elsewhere.

White “possibly has some opportunities to compete with other teams for a role,” Garafolo said.

Well, “compete” is a word that caught Joe’s attention. Last week at the combine both Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and Bucs coach Todd Bowles struggled to finish a sentence referencing Kyle Trask without inserting the word “compete.”

If Joe had a drink every time he heard the word “compete” in reference to Trask, Joe would have had alcohol poisoning.

The Bucs are pinched under the salary cap (curiously, this never seems to stop the slimy Saints). There is limited Team Glazer loot available to spend.

Would the former USF quarterback be a cheap guy to challenge Trask?

32 Responses to “Mike White And The Bucs”

  1. SB Says:


  2. SOEbuc Says:

    6 year old daughter can “complete” against PS Trask. Cheap vet with potential and a mobile draft pick. They are going to run the ball. I say we run some wild cat if we can’t put together one solid QB.

  3. BucsfanFred Says:

    I’d love to take a flyer on White.

  4. HC Grover Says:

    Why not? The price is right.

  5. Bobby M. Says:

    White or Heinke could be great finds. When healthy White has lit it up for the Jets but he’s a bit up/down. Both guys likely come cheap and will compete for the top spot.

  6. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    From Tom Brady to USF’s Mike White.
    Oh how the mighty

  7. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    You guys remember Brady?
    Yeah…..that was awesome.
    We had Brady on the Bucs for #7.

    Brady is mythical. Even his rings are a perfect number.
    He could never get 8 because that’s not a divine number like 7.

    * 7 days in the week
    * Universe created in 7 days
    * Circled Jericho 7 times
    * Magnificent 7
    * Bradys Superbowl Wins

  8. Brian Says:

    Hendon Hooker! Noooooo on Richardson another block head!

  9. Bucfan94 Says:

    Stick with Trask and a cheap QB like White or Lock to compete. I don’t like any QB this year too be honest except maybe Hendon Hooker. Like his potential. If they suck either sign or draft a QB next season. Well have a lot more cap space and a better QB class.

  10. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    White is probably in the Bucs budget.

  11. adam from ny Says:

    white just might beat out traskie in camp

  12. captivajim Says:

    i happen to see him in 2 games—he looked pretty good to me ..he could beat out Trask

  13. Tim Says:

    Bring him in as a training camp body. As far as this years QB draft class goes, with one (or both) of the first two rounds if the draft, go OL. If it lines up right, go OT (preferably LT). Second round go for C (Schmitz, if he’s there) or G. If tackle doesn’t have good value at 19, take DL or CB.

  14. Proudbucsfan Says:

    Hey Joe, I read That Philip Rivers was trying to un retire, do you think we have a chance at pulling him in this season

  15. Mike C Says:

    Vlad, gotta argue with you about the universe being created in 7 days, that is a mythological story my friend.

  16. Curse of Gruden Says:

    First trigger of the day.

  17. Stanglassman Says:

    Looking like White or J. Brissett. They’ve got to bring in a vet even if they draft a mid-late round guy.

  18. Dooley Says:

    I’d take Kyle Trask vs. Mike White vs. Hendon Hooker/DTR/Tim DeMorat this offseason fighting it our for the starting job. When you don’t have a clear cut starter, you need a competition to determine the pecking order amongst the players you have available at open positions. White looked decent in the limited snaps I’ve seen him play, and the word was he is/was beloved by his peers in the Jets locker room.

  19. tampafishman Says:

    LOL at all the Mike White love here. The guy is an interception machine: 8 TDs to 12 INTs. Lots of Bulls fans here?

  20. JerkingCircleofEpileptics Says:

    Trask < White

  21. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    I like this.

  22. Winky Says:

    Bring home the Bull.

  23. John McKay Says:

    I hear George Blanda is available.

  24. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    White is interesting. I still like Mayfield if he doesn’t cost to much. Of course look at the Saints. Just signed Carr for 35mil a year & they are in almost as bad a shape as Bucs as faras rhe salary goes. I’m sure the Bucs could squeeze in Mayfield for around 8mil.

  25. Ken Kistner Says:

    I would prefer that the Tampa Bay Bucs concentrate on Trask, Jimmy G, and a tall 2nd Rd Qb. In order to solve the salary cap issues the Bucs should trade out of the 1st rd in the 2023 and or 2024 draft(s). Super Bowl winners are built by solid 2nd, 3rd and occasionally 4th rd picks. This past season exposed the need for depth on both Offense and Defense. A 19th overall 1st rd pick will Not go far in solving the Bucs need for depth but trading out of the 1st rd and or somehow gaining 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rd picks will go a far way to solving the depth problem. Trask and healthy players (so maybe get a different trainer and or training regimen can get us to this year’s playoffs.

  26. Pickgrin Says:

    “JerkingCircleofEpileptics Says:”

    You got a laugh out me when I read your name.
    Nice creativity there…. or is this some known reference I’m unaware of?

  27. Capt.Tim Says:

    White may not be much.
    But in Trask, we got nothing.
    So White is Waaaay better than that

  28. Ed Says:

    White is a good backup. Spot starter. He has some passing skills but he took a lot of punishment playing behind the Jets line.

    If Henry is around, I would pick him up. He has a quick release and can get away from trouble when the pocket gets crowded.

    The Bucs really have to find some mobile guys to play QB. This line without
    Marpet, Cappa and Jensen isn’t very strong so having a QB who moves around while still looking to throw is going to be an upgrade.

  29. steele Says:

    Mike White is a speculation that I will get behind. Look at his Jets film. He’s got serious potential in the right situation.

    Exactly where would he fit?

    The Bucs are twilight zone under Bowles, and Rah Rah Canales is a total unknown, no matter how much hot air he is spewing like a de facto head coach. What direction will be taken? Will the QB be one of the many Jalen Hurts 2.0 options? Or some hybrid? I doubt any traditional pocket QB will be entertained anymore, because this team is sick of failing put together a great OL that is impervious in pass pro. Canales is likely going Tom Cable ZBS, which allows for the “new age” QB.

    It is all a crap shoot at this point.

  30. Steve Says:

    I here son of TB 12, Jack Brady is available.

  31. Beatle Says:

    If the Bucs can’t get one of the top QBs in this draft, they should go with Trask and one of the ones who can compete. This way they can keep building their team tll they find their QB. Looks like this is what they are planning anyway.

  32. Infomeplease Says:

    This season will be interesting but not so entertaining.