Giving Kyle Trask “A Chance”

March 1st, 2023

Bucs GM Jason Licht.

Boy, did Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and head coach Todd Bowles throw Joe a curveball yesterday.

When both gave their time to answer questions in a sidebar for Tampa Bay-area reporters, and later from general #NFLMedia, both were very careful if not very clear that third-year Bucs quarterback Kyle Trask is not being ordained the starting quarterback.

Rumors were swirling through #NFLMedia leading up to the combine that the Bucs would roll with Trask this fall. Hold up! Licht and Bowles said Trask very well could be the leader in early March but there is a ton of time before Opening Day.

Here was Licht’s take before the national crowd at the Indianapolis Convention Center podium:

“Yeah, we’re very excited about Kyle,” Licht said. “We’re very excited about him getting the opportunity to be the starter – we’d be very comfortable with that. [We’re] excited – I’ve used that word already but I really am – for him to get a chance to be with the starters in offseason, starters in training camp, starters in preseason, which he’s never done.

“He was a successful quarterback in the SEC – I mean, wildly successful. We took him in the second round for a reason – we didn’t take him in the second round just to be a third-string quarterback.

“Now, it has yet to be seen what he turns out to be, but we’re confident that it’s going to be very good.”

Joe will add Trask was drafted with the belief he would play in Bucco Bruce Arians’ no-risk-it; no-biscuit offense. Those days are done. Arians retired and his hand-picked successor to run the offense was jettisoned. A brand new coordinator not tired to Arians or the Bucs in any way is now running the offense. That’s Dave Canales.

Can Trask adapt? Bucs coaches think so.

While the Bucs say publicly Trask is in competition for the starting job, Joe senses Trask, short of faceplanting this summer, will start come September.

28 Responses to “Giving Kyle Trask “A Chance””

  1. Rand Says:

    Buc’s should offer XFL QB A.J. McCarron a contract, and backup FA QB from Dallas Cooper Rush. Both can be had for a minimal price and provide Trask with plenty of competition. A.J. McCarron is currently only making $66,000 with the XFL and is tearing it up at QB. Rush came in and played for Dallas when Prescott was injured and played very well in his absence.

  2. Letsbucinggo Says:

    I would really be surprised if Trask starts hes strictly a dropback quarterback as slow as molasses if he has to run. He is not would I call a mainly running game quarterback. Might as well sign Mariota thats all he can do but run Bowles kind of guy.

  3. Allbuccedup Says:

    So they are excited about Kyle Trask. HaHaHaHaHa I can’t stop laughing. Looks like they are more terrified of Kyle Trask stay tune for the opening of door #2.

  4. Rand Says:

    Kyle Trask ran a 5.10 40 yd dash
    Josh Allen ran a 4.77 40 yd dash

    that’s about a 4/10 of second difference
    means if they ran the 40 side by side Allen would win by close to a half length

    stop the Kyle’s to slow BS

  5. Rand Says:

    more perspective

    Jameis Winston 4.97 40 time

  6. Rand Says:

    Patrick Mahomes 4.8 less than 4/10’s of a second faster than Trask and no one calls him slow

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    It’s good to know there’ll be a COMPETITION for starting QB. Now all we need to do is to sign a couple more QBs to make that happen.

  8. Old School Nole Says:

    Rand: so he’s slower than Jameis? That doesn’t help your argument.

  9. MadMax Says:

    Alright, TE D Washington probably wont make it to the top of the 3rd…he’s on many team’s radar.

    So trade down from 19 to a spot we can still land LT Jaelyn Duncan. Then use our 2nd on Washington.

    We should have two 3rds….RB Zach Evans and QB Hendon Hooker (if still there).

    Then find a way to get in the 4th for a CB….Mekhi Garner might be there…

    Last but not least, find a fg kicker who can kick past 50….we’re gonna need one.

    Pick up a vet QB on the cheap to push Trask while Hooker heals and we slowly bring him on. If Trask is tearing it up, then Hooker will be his backup.

    Ok thats where Im at….subject to change after the combine that I always watch very closely….and I have a feeling Duncan and Washington will still be climbing boards the closer we get to the draft. So if we want them, we’ve got to be careful.

  10. BucBoy Says:

    A few observations.

    1. Joe’s title and opening words about Trask have a very negative tone, while Licht’s actual words about Trask are very positive. Not surprised. Joe struggles mightily when Bucs coaches praise Trask.

    2. It’s interesting that Licht clearly puts to bed the false claim by the Trask haters that Trask ever took snaps with the starters. Licht clearly says: “We’re excited for him to get a chance to be with the starters in the offseason, starters in training camp, starters in preseason, WHICH HE’S NEVER DONE.”

    3. With Licht confirming that Trask “NEVER” spent time “WITH THE STARTERS”, that confirms there “NEVER” was a competition between Trask and Gabbert for #2 – just as Bucs Quarterback Coach Clyde Christensen said. Sorry, haters.

    4. That Trask – a second round pick who the Bucs considered taking in the first round – in two seasons “NEVER” took a single snap “WITH THE STARTERS” seems rather unusual. Confirmation that Brady – in Tampa solely to captain runs to the Super Bowl – did not want a rookie anywhere near him and the Bucs agreed? Sure looks like it!

    Thank you, Mr. Licht, for shining the light of truth in a sea of hate and lies.

  11. BucBoy Says:

    Letsbucinggo Says: “He’s as slow as molasses.”

    Super Bowl winning Bucs coach Bruce Arians: “I think we’re in good hands with Kyle Trask. He’s got all the size, he’s got the arm, he’s got the stature of what we like. And he’s mobile. Now, he’s not a burner, but he’s mobile enough to do some things.”

    Hurry, call Arians and tell him he has it all wrong!


  12. ABucAway Says:

    Hey BucBoy, knowing you are all about what’s best for the team, and clearly want to see a good competition at the QB position, I’m interested to know what two qb’s (drafted or vet) you would choose to compete with Trask.

  13. ABucAway Says:

    Joe’s this article reads like you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. What gives you the sense that the afore mentioned competition isn’t really a thing if Trask doesn’t faceplant? And then I’ll ask why wouldn’t you choose to be competitive and point out it makes zero sense.

    As someone else has quiped, ‘its the lying season. ‘

  14. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    I think we’ll sign a free agent that is going to beat trask out honestly. I’d love to see him win the job but Bowles knows he has a short leash and i don’t think he is excited about a rookie quarterback.

  15. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    Or a first year start.

  16. Iron-Wombat Says:

    No way Trashk gets on the field. he’ll get beat out be whoever they bring in. the only advantages he had was he’s been in the system for 2 years. now the system is new and everyone that’s been “impressed” by him has been fired for not being good at their jobs he doesn’t have a chance.

  17. MadMax Says:

    Scratch Zach Evans….Im going with RB Devon Achane, yeah he’s small but a great runner/pass catcher/returner….

    Thats right, whats been missing here? A returner…so a rb who can also return.

    Top to the middle of the 3rd….

  18. BucBoy Says:


    Trask adjusted quite well at UF from McElwain’s system to Mullen’s system, breaking all UF passing records and many SEC season records. But then, being an FSU fanboi, you know nothing.

  19. Tim Says:

    @Rand I’d be very interested with the QB’S you mentioned competing with Trask. All 3 QB’S have had success, two in college (Trask and McCarron) and one in the NFL (Rush). You could have a good competition with those 3.

  20. ATLBuc Says:

    Or, AR15

  21. Goatfarmer Says:

    LOL. What’s he supposed to say at this point in the off-season?

    “After two years of watching Kyle struggle on the practice field, fail to make his reads and go through his progressions, and then watch him do the same in games, we realize that he sucks and has no place in the NFL as a QB. However, we did draft him in the second round, and have no one else under contract, so we have to be nice about it until we have legitimate alternatives.”

  22. catcard202 Says:


  23. Rand Says:

    If they bring in a player like Baker Mayfield there won’t be a fair competition for Trask. Even if Trask outshined him in camp Mayfield would still be gifted the start because of the money they’ll pay him. GM’s and Head Coaches don’t pay a QB $10 mil to be a backup.

  24. Greg Says:

    lol @ (shining a light of truth on a sea of hate and lies. “


    This isn’t Nuremberg.

  25. Mike S Says:

    Goatfarmer just making stuff up now. LOL. Damn are you a hater.

    Someone send this man a Trask jersey.

  26. Goatfarmer Says:

    What am I making up Mike S? The point is, what Licht says right now has to be positive. He has no other choice, even if he thinks the obvious. He can’t say it.

  27. Trask To The Future Says:

    All the Trask haters are going to be so upset when Trask ends up being the starting QB.

  28. David Says:

    There are good reasons why these qb’s are free agents and most of them are journey men just do enough to collect checks while giving fans false hopes to buy season tickets. Unless you can hire Aaron R. go with Trask and save money. Bucs tried Tom B. for the last two years with negative results.