Former NFL GM: Bucs Grab Bijan Robinson

March 30th, 2023

Texas RB Bijan Robinson.

Selfishly, Joe thinks this would be awesome. But looking at the big picture, it’s probably unwise.

One of Joe’s favorite players in the draft is Texas running back Bijan Robinson. Dude can do it all. Run. Run fast. Break tackles. Get outside. Catch the ball.

Robinson is the best back to come out of college in years. As a result, former Jets and Dolphins shot-caller Mike Tannebaum thinks the Bucs will draft Robinson at No. 19.

… Robinson is a top-five talent who can score any time he touches the ball. He averaged 6.3 yards per rush as a Longhorn and tallied 33 career rushing touchdowns. Having a dominant running back is a fantastic way to alleviate pressure on the team’s uncertain quarterback position, which is currently occupied by Baker Mayfield and Kyle Trask.

Here is the problem: The Bucs need more than just a running back to make another run at a Super Bowl. Drafting a running back at No. 19 is usually what a team would do when it’s one running back away from having a special offense.

Right now, Joe cant even say who the starting quarterback is, so it’s premature as heck to suggest the Bucs are a running back away from being special.

Would Joe cry if the Bucs drafted Robinson? Unlikely. Joe would probably celebrate. But choosing Robinson, no matter how good he may be, might not be smart.

This draft is loaded with running backs. The Bucs ought to be able to get a decent running back on the third day of the draft like Deuce Vaughn of Kansas State or Chase Brown of Illinois or maybe even Eric Gray of Oklahoma.

62 Responses to “Former NFL GM: Bucs Grab Bijan Robinson”

  1. sasquatch Says:

    Nope. First round RBs are a terrible investment.

  2. Elita Vita Says:

    Would absolutely love Bijon Robinson for this pick. Win or lose between Baker Mayfield and him we will have some entertaining football for the fans! GO BUCS!

  3. Bobby Says:

    That tape is amazing!!! I’m sold!! Lets take him at 19 or hell trade up if you have too!! That guy could make the o-line look better!! That guy is going to be an electric player coming into his rookie season. We need o-line and pass rush but if Robinson is there and can bring that top of the league running back caliber to this offense. It would open up everything in the offense. He definitely would help Baker get to the next level. Take best player available when you don’t have a top 10 draft pick.

  4. MadMax Says:

    Nope, not at 19….too many holes, so we better trade down. Achane end of 2nd to middle 3rd (who can also return on ST) is the better investment. We’re gonna need o line with that first pick, whether its a rt, LT, or a do it all like Avila in a trade down. Avila, D Washington, Achane

  5. Sbucs Says:

    Nice idea but a luxury.

  6. Steven007 Says:

    As always it depends on who’s sitting there at 19. In the bottom half of the first round I could stomach taking a special back like Robinson. But not if there’s a premiere pass rusher or offensive lineman. Or perhaps even the top safety. I have a feeling one of those other guys will be available if we even stay at 19.

  7. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Great talent don’t grow on trees. Does anyone remember earl campbell, tony Dorset, emmit smith, Walter Payton, or even mike alstot for that matter? Don’t get all ate up on stupid pills here and overthink a no brainer. Of coarse we take a possible generational talent at 19. What jackwagon wouldn’t?

  8. R0n@Tampa Says:

    Trade Mayfield for Lamar. Draft Richardson and keep Trask. That will give them the deepest pool of qbs of any team in football.Bucs would be dominant for years.

  9. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Of coarse there’s always another ‘toast’ jones, or the last 2 number ones the Bucs drafted that some here would prefer, again. Good grief.

  10. Rod Munch Says:

    I have a solution for this…

    Trade for Aaron Rodgers, which might not require giving up a 1st.
    Then you can draft this guy and it makes sense.

  11. sasquatch Says:


    Still smoking the meth, are ya? What color is the sky in your world?

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Also the Bucs already have a star running back in White. Give the kid carries that are more than just running up the middle on 1st down into 8-man fronts and see what happens. White also has speed, is even better at catching the ball, and unexpectedly showed that he had more power than he showed in college. White is a patient runner, in the mold of a young Le’Veon Bell, and if the coaches don’t just call the same 5 plays over and over again in a predictable fashion, he’s going to be, at worst, a 1200 yard rusher, but should be over 1500 yards this year rushing with another 500-700 yards receiving if they feed him the ball.

  13. Joe Says:

    Also the Bucs already have a star running back in White.

    A part-time starter on the league’s worst rushing team. That just screams “Eric Dickerson.”

  14. Rod Munch Says:


    Don’t forget the Bucs also then get Brady to unretire, then maybe feed a 2nd to GB for Rodgers, and the Bucs can do what Gruden always did, and have the largest collection of QBs in the NFL.

  15. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    If there isn’t a player worthy of taking at 19, and we don’t move up for someone. I’m looking for a starting LT, then I look to trade back.

    I have a feeling this draft is going to drive some people absolutely bonkers and not from a Bucs perspective.

  16. Just Leave Trask Alone Says:

    Remember it’s lying season.

    I just can’t see the Bucs skipping over a solid pass rusher at 19 if one is available.

  17. Max Says:

    Trenches, Trenches, Trenches

  18. Bojim Says:

    Tempting. Wouldn’t think he’d be there at 19 anyway. But if he is…..

  19. steele Says:

    In my opinion, and fine, many of you disagree, Rachaad White is not a #1 feature back. He is not explosive or sudden, not quick, high/uprightr, not a powerful runner who can break tackles. More finesse than smashmouth.”Patient” like Fournette, he needs steps to gather what speed he has, requires excellent blocking and open space, and is better as a pass catcher and gadget plays.

    It shouldn’t be difficult to land good running backs with good scouting, in any draft, all the way down into sleeper territory, but leave it to the Bucs to have drafted the flashy name complementary back when they needed the primary.

    Which they still do. But they should devote most of the draft to trenches.

    We don’t know what kind of offense Rah Rah Canales is building. Rachaad certainly isn’t Marshawn Lynch.

  20. Jamar Dupree Says:

    It’s a strong draft for running backs true. With that being said, if Bijan Robison there at 19, we would be fools to pass up on him. This dude could be a top 5 rb as a rookie. If we switching our philosophy to run first, this our dude. Love Rashaad White but he ain’t Bijan.

  21. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Potential 1st Round Pick

    • NB/S Brian Branch
    • NB/S Devon Witherspoon
    • NB/S Deonte Banks
    • OLB Lukas Van Ness

    Note: If any of the following players are not available; trade down and pick the best player available (Will McDonald IV?)

  22. Robert still Says:

    You can’t forget the greatest talent ever and he reminds me of Barry Sanders

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Potential 1st Round Pick
    • NB/S Brian Branch
    • NB/S Devon Witherspoon
    • NB/S Deonte Banks
    • OLB Lukas Van Ness

    Note: If any of the following players are not available; trade down and pick the best player available.

  24. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Note: If any of the following players are not available; trade down and pick the best player available.

    Will McDonald IV or Mazi Smith?

  25. J Ghotier Says:

    I would add Sean Tucker to the list of Vaughn, Gray and Brown. He would add a touch different style and not getting hyped up too much. Put on his tape though and he’s a solid Day 2 pick. Sean Tucker bayyy beee!

  26. Canabuc Says:

    I wouldn’t hate it provided we grab a safety in 2nd and find another tackle for this year or Goedeke makes a leap

  27. garro Says:

    Sometimes I wish I were a former NFL GM so I could be paid to say stupid things.

  28. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Mohamed Ibrahim’s a beast!

  29. Beej Says:

    Notice the Eagles –trenches trenches trenches. They have best the O-line and D-line in the league

  30. Christopher Says:

    So you would prefer two average players over a best in class generational talent. If you RE not winning a championship and you are more than one player away, you still take the one sure thing star over 2-3 we think they have potential to be good players. So you want a average to good blocker and ladt years running backs, or a great running back paired with the average to good blockerscwe already have?

  31. TDTB2022 Says:

    We get him and have our next “playoff” running back. It is worth the risk.

    Go Bucs!!!

  32. Tap-Out Says:

    Rashaad & Bijan ….dual backfield, The R & B of football….People get ready there’s a train a’coming!

  33. Armybucsfan Says:

    Look our running back stable looks like a bunch of wannabe XFL players. We need someone that can spark our often and this kid is it. I don’t care how many holes we have. I have come to terms that we are in a rebuilding phase for this organization the moment the glaziers decided to keep This sorry excuse for a coach. I’d draft Bijan at 19 or even trade up for him because we desperately need a player who can take the pressure off of our unsure QBs. I understand that we need O-line help as well but we need playmakers even more.

  34. Obvious Says:

    How many times does every single poster here or on ANY blog for that matter say….. “with so and so sitting RIGHT THERE we picked this … flop loser…. instead of X”?
    Well that would be ALL THE TIME and on EVERY blog! Of course you take the OBVIOUS generational talent”! Is Robinson going to be the BPA at 19? ABSOLUTELY! But probably not going to get him since someone who was FAR SMARTER than 99.9% has ALREADY picked him up before 19.

    And if by some miracle he drops in your lap, what do you do? Do you take JTS? Do you take Hall? OR do you take Robinson the game changing dominator???
    SEEMS LIKE A NO BRAINER! At least it does in hindsight looking back from the future.

    Mentioned above are some generational talents that other BLIND arm chair and so called professional GM’s passed on….
    Here’s one to start that WASN’T as Obvious as mentioned above…. “Tom Brady” (nobody saw that coming) , Erik Dickerson,.Tony Dorset, Earl Campbell, Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith to name a few that were passed on for a BUNCH of Never was’ and Never will be like JTS, Hall just to name a couple of HUGE MISSES that WE are ALL familiar with.

    There is NO guarantee “USUALLY” and then there are the Very Rare times when there was a generational talent that you WERE aware of that you passed on for some scrub that “might” work out sort of, and 10 years later as that generational talent went on to a STELLAR CANTON CAREER that you didn’t take because you were being cute and single handedly beat your team up and down the field for years to come, well like I said they are already sizing him up for Canton and you were just so smart with your JTS pick….. DUMB! I’m giving Licht a mulligan on that one due to the Covid situation. BUT HALL? COME ON! NO BUENO LICHT! Unless he shows up this year, what a disastrous waste!

    Not exactly smart but hey, you did it your way. What was the name of the GM before Mark Dominik? I don’t remember. THAT’S BECAUSE HE PASSED ON GENERATIONAL TALENT YEAR AFTER YEAR and THAT lead to the WORST professional sports team in HISTORY! Dominik sucked but at least he picked Mike Evans! Mike is a generational talent with a new record that NONE of the others were able to pull off. Mike IS a game changer! He IS going to Canton!

    Just sayin….. You might consider the generational talent and ALL the points that they either make or stop from happening. They are the ones that take over games AT WILL…. That’s who I’d like to see wearing Our Uniform!


    GO BUCS!

  35. Obvious Says:

    BTW, I might be wrong on the GM point I was making because though I’ve been a fan since go, I was a casual fan and didn’t pay as close of attention as I do now. Perhaps the GM before Dominik drafted Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, and Barber?
    I just woke up so I might have been wrong about that GM. I still can’t remember his name…. Oofffff

    Who was the GM of the 1st Super Bowl run?

  36. Colonel Angus Says:

    Take him. That ability to stop and go on a dime is impressive. The kid has big play ability and we sorely lack that.

  37. Statguy Says:

    If you could get LaDainain Tomlinson at 19 would you? He is that good. Yes we have other needs but it’s a no brainier getting a top 5 talent that is light years beyond what has been available the past ten years. There are plenty of other picks and ways to fill the other holes

  38. Dooley Says:

    If Bijan Robinson is available at 19, take every trade call you get and whomever offers the best deal, take it.

  39. Erick Says:

    No, no, no. Please, anyone let me know the last time a RB led a team to the Super Bowl.

    Trenches, trenches, trenches.

  40. Goatfarmer Says:

    Trenches early. A guy like Devon Achane mid-rounds, or Mo Ibrahim late.

  41. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Yes! He would be great… and Baker Mayfield would have real offense to run!

  42. Fansince76 Says:

    As much as i want them to draft Foskey with first pick.
    If Robinson is available they better take em!
    Licht finds good linemen in the second rounds.

  43. Davefan76 Says:

    Why settle for an average running back when you can have the best. I remember in 2007 draft we could have had Adrian Peterson, instead we drafted for the trenches and took Gaines Adams how did that workout for the Bucs?

  44. SOEbuc Says:

    Where are we building in the first round to no where close to looking like a Super Bowl contender? Barry Sanders with stronger legs. Whoever he goes to, he will dominate, and people will just be like damn we should’ve picked him up. Roschon “RoJo” Johnson is hidden at Texas #2 RB behind Bijan and is very likely day two. He killed it at the senior bowl.

  45. Jon Grudin Says:

    Agree go best player available for your first pick

  46. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    His 40 time was very disappointing

  47. SlyPirate Says:


    LT – No one
    LG – No one
    RG – No one

    You’ve got Hainsey, Goedeke, Leverette, and Stinnie. All backups (Hainsey a starting C but we have Jensen. He’s not a G). We had the WORST RUSHING ATTACK in the history of the NFL. We need OL. Licht loves OL. He was an OL. He’ll draft 3xOL. Maybe an article about OL?

  48. BigMacAttack Says:

    Absolutely pick this guy at 19. A dominant running back can win you games in the clutch, score TD’s in the red zone. The position is underestimated all too often. If Licht can trade down a position or two and still pick him, that’s ok too.

  49. rrsrq Says:

    Really depends if they are able to find a serviceable LT in Free Agency, that diamond in the rough that is ready to break out

  50. catcard202 Says:

    Mike Tannebaum thinks Hooker is going top5 to SEA & Carter sliding to DET at 18..So, his mock is file 13 worthy. (IE…Straight up garbage!)

    I could envision Licht completely moving out of the 1st & gaining extra Day2/3 picks to do so. There’s probably 20 true 1st round grade guys in this draft & similar value players will go off the board late 1st-late 2nd…

    This is not the yr to gamble, unless someone the FO is 100% in love with slides within striking distance. Bijan is not that guy, IMO…Great RB potential? Yes, no doubt…But is that what TB needs to be successful? No, not with current 3-man stable basically set w/ White, Edmunds & Vaughn locked up & on roster…And numerous other 2 deep holes to fill.

  51. Donnell Says:

    Why is it so hard to have a decent running game

  52. Donnell Says:

    Gm gets a “D”when it’s come to drafting running backs.

  53. Duane Says:

    If he falls to 19, he is worth consideration. We dont have a QB or a left tackle, but we do have Evans, Gage, Godwin, White, and Otton. Bijan will take snaps from day one when he plays, will improve the running game, and comes at the cheapest we will pay for a running back. Im a bigger fan of getting the lineman, but if there is not one projected to start and play this season, you cant go wrong by adding flash and sizzle. This guy can and will take advantage of playing with guys that demand the double team like Evans. I can picture this kid taking a pass in the flat to the house after a key block down the field from Evans or Godwin.

  54. Waterboy Says:

    You cant just draft to plug holes in your line-up otherwise you reach for players who should not be drafted anywhere near where they are selected. Bucs picking at 19 is about the range of where draft shifts from premier talent available to good talent that may become great players with proper coaching and hard work. You should never pass up on premier talent – especially if its at a prime position such as OL, DE, QB (unless you have a top 10 QB already). RB is no longer a prime position so if an elite talent at OL is available, you take the OL every time. But this draft really only has 2 elite OLs who both should be gone by 19. I do like Robinson and while I would not take him top 10, he should be in play at 19 especially if the top 3 DEs are all gone.

  55. Ed Says:

    Looks like a great player, certainly has the moves and speed but the NFL is still a passing league and running backs are not featured any more. Even the best backs in the last few years havn’t been a big factor in playoffs and division races.

    The top 5 rushing leaders in the NFL last season:

    Josh Jacobs: Raiders
    Derrick Henry: Titans
    Nick Chubb: Browns
    Saquon Barkley: Giants
    Miles Sanders: Eagles

    These are the best of the best and with the exception of Miles Sanders, none of these players were enough to carry their teams into the NFC or AFC championship game.

    I have nothing against Robinson, he’ll likely be a star but the Bucs need nasty linemen to block for and protect the quarter to take advantage of having 3 wide receivers that will put more points on the board than a stud running back can.

  56. CHRISTOS Says:

    I dont know how the Value of every position in the Draft is determined but i think is better to pick the best player available, at least the one you think is the best.
    But i cant read comments about you dont pick a RB at 19 when the majority of Bucs fans are complaining for years because the team did not pick Dalvin Cook instead of OJ Howard at …………… PICK 19
    Come on be better.
    If the team scouting believe he is a special talent then take him

  57. Rick Says:

    looks like a mix of LaDanian Tomlinson Arian Foster

  58. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    The current feeling in the league is running backs aren’t worth high draft picks.

    Having said that if this guy is the next Adrian Peterson I wouldn’t mind. I will never forget the 2007 draft. When Tampa picked Gaines Adam’s 4th overall with Adrian Peterson still available.

  59. Dan Says:

    I can’t believe people still think drafting a RB in the 1st round is a good idea. There are so many examples of it not being worth it. The Chiefs just won a Super Bowl after giving up on their 1st round RB in favor of a guy who was drafted in the 7th.

    Running backs are mostly a product of the offensive line so why not draft a tackle instead?

  60. GumboIsForWinner Says:

    If there is a run on OT and Bijon is available, take him. If one of the top OT’s are available take them. But don’t reach at OL or other position just so you don’t draft a RB.

  61. Michael Says:

    If you can get top 5 talent at the 19th pick you run to the podium afap.
    Im old school. Best player available regardless of position
    If the bucs have a rb that puts up 1200 yrds rushing with that wr tandem whichever qb starts will have a quality season .

  62. CHRISTOS Says:

    The Chiefs are winning because of Mahomes and not because of Pacheco playing more than CEH… You can put you and me at Rb, you can put you and me at OL or you and me as WR and the Chiefs will be at least to the AFC Championship game.
    Yes Pacheco played good but the Chiefs are winning because of Mahomes