“Clear Cut Starter”

March 30th, 2023

NFL.com weighs in.

The word of the offseason from One Buc Palace is “compete.”

You hear it constantly from Bucs types. Baker Mayfield will compete. Kyle Trask will compete. There will be competition at quarterback. The Bucs will compete for the NFC South crown.

Joe maintains, with very rare exceptions, teams that don’t know who their starting quarterback is in March are watching games on TV come mid-January. Even former Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians once quoted the old football cliché, “When you have two quarterbacks, you have none.”

Yes, there are always exceptions but Joe is not one to bank on outliers.

Joe has spoken with Bucs types about the alleged competition between quarterbacks Mayfield and Trask, both on and off the record. While Joe is dubious, it’s a very sensitive subject for Bucs types who are adamant the starting quarterback gig is up for grabs.

You know, may the best man win.

OK, Joe’s going to play nice.

Well, one guy who isn’t buying the sell is Kevin Patra of NFL.com. In a column about quarterbacks who have changed teams, he has a group entitled “Clear Cut Starters.” He lists Mayfield in this group.

And yes, he believes the Bucs may have made a very wise investment. Patra maintains with the weapons Mayfield has in Tampa, his career will see a rebound.

2023 numbers will be: BETTER

At this point in his career, we know what Baker is. He exudes moxie and can throw a pretty deep ball against man coverage. It’s when the blocking falters that Mayfield’s cerebrum gets scrambled, and he makes boneheaded flings. Given how much Tom Brady got hit last season, and with even more O-line questions in Tampa, it’s not an ideal combo. However, Mayfield will be playing with the best receiver trio he’s had to date in Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Russell Gage — and far better than either situation he was in last season. There is potential if he can get some semblance of protection. Of course, first, he has to win the job against third-year pro Kyle Trask, who has a whole three completions on nine attempts for 23 yards in his career. In the one outing last season, Trask looked lost. So unless he improves by leaps and bounds this offseason, I expect Mayfield to win the job out of camp. Assuming he does and stays somewhat healthy, I’d expect better than the piddling 180.3 yards per game he tossed for during his time between Carolina and L.A. last season.

While Joe understands Patra’s concern about an offensive line in flux, even with the return of center Ryan Jensen, Joe has faith in new offensive coordinator Dave Canales.

The offense he wants to install is one similar to the offense he helped design in Seattle. Canales, more than a couple of times a game, wants the quarterback to move the pocket. On purpose. Get outside the tackles. Mayfield can do that.

Also, Seattle never really had an outstanding offensive line when Canales was there. For example, Canales and the Seahawks never had a guy like Tristan Wirfs to work with much less Jensen. Yet Seattle found wasy to get production.

Now, can Trask perform as well in this new Bucs offense as Mayfield, or maybe leapfrog Mayfield for the starting job? As Moe Howard, the Gin of Rummy, would say, “We shall see.”

60 Responses to ““Clear Cut Starter””

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    So unfair. Patra says, “Of course, first, he has to win the job against third-year pro Kyle Trask, who has a whole three completions on nine attempts for 23 yards in his career. In the one outing last season, Trask looked lost.”

    Hater! Excuses abound for #2. He didn’t have the ones! He didn’t have a fair shot to even hold the clipboard! He was kept in a dungeon! Waaaahhhhh!

  2. SOEbuc Says:

    No sh!t. Trask is practice squad.

  3. Brian Says:

    Draft Hendon Hooker! 1st then OLine! Jason licht can find a offensive takle!

  4. Brian Says:

    Daniel Jeremiah has us picking Will Levis in the first! No thanks!

  5. HC Grover Says:

    Mayfield has 4 yrs experience. Bowles will start him.

  6. KickHizAzzSeabass Says:

    My prediction for this year is that Trask backs up Mayfield at first, waits in the wings for the right moment to step in (which he will at some point), and history will repeat itself just like it did when Trask was at UF.

  7. sasquatch Says:

    Mayfield is clearly the #1 right now. Trask has only 1 thing over Mayfield at this point, and that’s familiarity with teammates, which means almost nothing when they’re both starting on page 1 of a new offense with a new staff. I believe Mayfield will have a big advantage in learning and should start as the #1. As for the talk of competition, I don’t dismiss it. They’d love Trask to step up and grab the job, and he’ll have an opportunity to do so, but he’s going to have to clearly outplay Mayfield throughout camp and preseason games. That’s unlikely. Technically, it will be a competition until Mayfield pulls ahead, which should happen by about 1 week into training camp.

  8. Bobby M. Says:

    I see Mayfield being similar in ability/production as Tannehill in Tennessee. We have weapons in a weak division, we should be competitive. More concerned with Bowles general game management….

  9. Marine Buc Says:

    I believe Mayfield will win the starting QB job – but it would be nice to see Trask given an opportunity to compete and play with the starting offense this preseason…

    To judge Trask based on 9 throws made in the late 4th quarter during a meaningless game #17 in Atlanta that had all the feel and look of a preseason game is ridiculous, silly and foolish.

    Truth is nobody knows what Trask is capable of until we get enough valid game film to analyze.

    If you are a true Tampa fan you should be cheering FOR Kyle Trask not against.

    Put your UF vs. FSU BS aside. The dude is now playing for the Bucs not the Gators.

  10. PNW Buc Says:

    What about USF? We rule… 😂
    Personally, I’d love to see Trask play 17 game’s, good, bad,or ugly.
    Either way, looking forward to the season!
    Go Bucs!!!

  11. Goatfarmer Says:

    The coaches and management of the Bucs have been with Trask every day for two years. They know exactly what he has done on the practice field, and therefore what he is capable of. The fans don’t know, this is true — but fan ignorance is no attribute to name a starting quarterback.

  12. Marine Buc Says:

    And just to clarify – I am a USF grad/fan – unfortunately…

    When Winston was our QB I supported him. If Trask wins the starting QB job I will support him.

    You know why?

    Because I am a huge fan of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

  13. Craig Says:

    Yep, it doesn’t matter how well Trask looks in training doesn’t mean squat, at the start of the season.

    Maybe Canales will let him in latter, when Mayfly has more interceptions than touchdowns, but don’t count on it. Remember how often Jameis got sat, by the team?

    Mayfly will get a free ride until he gets hit just right on that weak shoulder; then Trask will have to try and save the season.

    We know the Bowles cleaner is not fair or logical.

  14. Dooley Says:

    I’m just waiting to see who else gets added to the QB room. Not just for this season, but to me it also will be indicative of what the fall back plan may be IF Traskfield doesn’t work out in 2023. Not saying it won’t, not saying either QB can’t find success, but we are in position to set ourselves up for the short, intermediate, and long term if enough goes right at the QB position in 2023. It;d be welcome if we can keep a 3rd QB incubating behind our top two QBs, instead of doing the Ryan Griffin deal for a few years(again) behind an entrenched starter. 3 QBs to learn this system in the first year it’ll be installed, could possibly give us 3 options at QB for now and the future.

  15. Crickett Baker Says:

    An interesting and well-written article. Tnx

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    Trask will get his shot. Both in preseason and the regular one. Injuries do happen people. He just needs to be ready. Baker will start. That does not mean he will finish. Its a hella long season.

  17. adam from ny Says:

    am i the only one that thinks the oline is somewhat okay…

    yes we need a reliable tackle addition to pair with wirfs…no question…

    center is all set, and hainsey is now a seasoned backup at the spot…

    walton should be a decent backup tackle…

    and we are somewhat stacked with a group of “decent” guards right now in leverett, stinnie, hainsey, and goedeke….did i miss anyone…?

    wells might be gone for good with the injury and all…

    but with a couple additions via free agency and the draft, and if these guys start getting their reps in, i don’t see the oline as being in shambles…

    and baker is way more mobile than brady…

    and as joe mentioned above, i’ve always noticed mayfield makes good plays outside the tackles

  18. teacherman777 Says:

    @marine buc


    Me too! I support our boys!

  19. adam from ny Says:


    i’m guessing the 3rd qb doesn’t really matter so much this year…

    if baker is washed out, and the team is like 2-6…

    and trask takes over midseason – and the bucs hierarchy truly feels he is not the answer long term, and he doesn’t pull a brock purdy type intro into the league, then it’s most likely tanksville mode in tampa…

    with the idea to land one of the top flight college qbs coming out next year…

    if things don’t fall into place they can go south real fast this season – with eyes then on the 2024 draft

  20. Hodad Says:

    In all fairness to Trask, Brady looked lost to often last year too. Our offense sucked last year with the GOAT running it. Crazy to expect Trask to look good coming in the last half of the last meaningless game.

  21. Nprbuc Says:

    Thank you Marine Buc!

  22. sasquatch Says:

    adam from ny Says:
    March 30th, 2023 at 3:43 pm

    am i the only one that thinks the oline is somewhat okay…

    Nope, not at all.

    I think with Jensen back, hopefully to his old self, Goedeke going into year 2 with significant starting experience, Hainsey with significant starting experience, and Leverett with significant starting experience, plus these are young guys who should all keep improving, and obviously Wirfs is a rock, we should be okay. Just gotta figure out the LT situation. I think they’re gonna be fine.

  23. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Jose, you are dragging the bottom of the barrel to quote opinions from someone that no one has ever heard of. To be fair, his opinion is only slightly less useful than those of all the retired/out of work GMs and coaches regularly commenting here. Wake me up in August.

  24. Dooley Says:


    Just resetting the competition for next offseason is the idea. Hypothetically, let’s say Mayfield wins the starter job, but crashes out at some point. If we call on Trask to come in at any point to replace him in 2023, regardless of how Trask performs as the second option we’d get alot more exposure to what he can do.

    Season ends, we can cut ties with Mayfield w/o it hurting, we’d still have Trask for 1 more year, and my hope is to have a 3rd QB who can then become our number 2 and we put him up against Trask to run the gauntlet in terms of competition, again. Point being not having to go into a draft strapped to any particular need, especially for QB and being able to run a camp competiton back should this one we’re holding not hold up between now and this time next year.

    I’ve said it before, but that’s why I like the idea of getting a 3rd QB who can be a viable option for us in the future this year. So we aren’t scrambling for one in FA next year or tethered to a need as big as QB(again) going into the 2024 draft, because just saying “get your QB next year” isn’t the surest thing considering the draft is a crap shoot. So now that we’ve got Trask out of the incubator and inline to compete to start, why not get somebody who can hold that place in the tank as the back-up plan to the back-plan depending on who loses out amongst Traskfield.

  25. Redeemer Says:

    Unless baker falls on his face and trask looks like a gem in camp, (unlikely) baker is the clear cut starter. If they believed in Trask, they wouldn’t have signed a guy like baker. The only coach I can think of that actually fostered a qb controversy was the late great Bill Walsh. What’s the old adage? If you have two QBs you have none. I’ve noticed how the trask bobos on here have slinked away like a bad weather report. The Mayfield signing is a clear indicator that the kid ain’t ready.

  26. D-Rok Says:

    The Traskfield competition will be fierce, and may the best QB win. Due to pedigree and experience, I lean towards Mayfield starting Week 1, but who knows, maybe Trask will shock us all and grab the starting bull by the horns.

  27. Rand Says:


    Thats BS

    we’re just tired of arguing with know it all AH like you

  28. Rayswave Says:

    I honestly think Baker can come in & play good if we make sure to play to his strengths. I really wanted us to go after him last year & have him sit behind TB12 for a year before taking over this year. But he went to Carolina & we all saw what a happened there. Let’s give this man a fair shot. If he beats out Trask I don’t see why we can’t win 10 games with a solid Defense & a good running game assuming that improves.

    I never really liked Trask coming out of FLA & he’s done little to nothing in practice when he couldn’t even beat out Gabbert for the back up spot. They said he never really got the playbook down & now he has to learn a whole new system it’s gonna be tough for him. Only bright spot is him & Baker are both starting from the ground up with our new OC. So may the best man win.

  29. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    As I’ve stated before…it’s not a fair competition.

    Even if Trask ends up being better, he will not get the start.

    All we want is a fair competition…because if we have to rely on Baker, the season is over before it starts.

  30. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Whoever starts, probably Mayfield, they better not throw interceptions or they’ll be benched quickly.

  31. Goatfarmer Says:

    The evidence for this Trask Suppression Conspiracy simply does not exist. It makes zero sense. If Trask outplays Baker and the other two or three quarterbacks that are in camp he will definitely get the start. You know, “best chance to win” stuff.

    I am not a fan of the Bloweszo, but if he decides to start Baker even though Trask is outperforming him, and the assistant coaches and players all know it, well, then the boob needs to be fired then and there.

  32. Buc king Says:

    Draft o line n dline..let it be a true qb comp.and kicker comp.. let the best man win..
    Build these trenches up..we need 1 more big beast guy on the line..
    3 4 def you need your 3 to be monsters.. n a God monster in the middle.. we need a olb who has speed n strength to rip tackles n stunt gaps..
    A player like parson will take this defense to next level..

    Oline needs dominate rg n new left tackle that’s serviceable or developing

  33. Tvan101 Says:

    So one of the Joe’s doesn’t like the qbs on the roster and the other Joe loves Baker, here’s hoping Trask surprises the Joe’s. The Baker love is Johnny football all over again.

  34. Brazen Zebra Says:

    Baker is definitely a clear-cut starter! Baker is smart, talented, experienced, and psyched-up to win. i cannot see Trask overcoming that, and winning a QB competition. But, stranger things have happened. My mind sees a perfect match between Bruce and Baker and the “No Risk It, No Biscuit” philosophy. Those two would give the Bucs some extra wins. I’m all in with Baker. Let’s see what he can do!

  35. Tvan101 Says:

    @Brazen Zebra Bruce isn’t the coach anymore and Bowles doesn’t risk it for biscuits.

  36. Voice of Truth Says:

    It is absolutely Mayfields job to lose

    Trask will have to be lights out better to unseat him as the starter and it should be that way

    Baker hasn’t shown a ton, but he has shown far more than Trask thus far

    My fear is they both are putrid and like the article started, when you think you have 2 you normally don’t even have 1

  37. Defense Rules Says:

    I won’t rule Kyle Trask out until we see what he’s got when working with the 1’s. And even if he does well, that may spur Baker Mayfield to kick it into an extra gear and do even better. None of us KNOW at this point, so prejudgments are worthless.
    Personally I just want to see this thing play out in a FAIR COMPETITION. IF that happens, the Bucs will be much better off in the end.

  38. D-Rok Says:

    Yep, DR, agreed. Right now, as far as any of us know, it’s a 50/50 chance either will win the job, and that’s why I am terming it the Traskfield competition. Nobody knows until Week 1.

    But I’m convinced the competition will bring out the best in both Trask and Mayfield, which can only be good the team.

  39. Bucnjim Says:

    If Joe has any inside information he’ll be able to tell you Trask is not ready to compete with anyone for the starting QB position. Not sure why but everyone I talk to says Mayfield was brought in not to complete but to be the starter. The ONLY response I get when asking about Trask is a straight up no not even a maybe.

  40. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I honestly do not know if Trask will be any good. But…I know Baker has not proven anything at all. Even last year, his supposedly best year, he lost 60% of his games.

    I am a lifelong Bucs fan…well, since they started anyway. I will never give up on the team entirely, but there is absolutely nothing about this off season that I makes me look forward to the new season.

    Now…if they draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round, and if they address the lines…then my opinion will probably change, but as of right now…nada.

    No evidence? Probably true…right now. But come on, you know as well as everyone else with half a brain that Bowles wants an experienced playcaller behind center. He knows he does not have time for growing pains. He has likely has only this year to turn things around.

    That is why Baker will get the start, unless he gets injured or totally blows chunks in camp…but if either of those happen, Bowles will probably sign a veteran off the street rather than roll with a rookie or inexperienced QB.

    The only thing that can save his job if the Bucs have a losing season is the cap excuse.

    But my point is this: Have a true competition at QB. A fair one. That’s all I want. Don’t just hand the job to either of them.

  41. Mike S Says:

    4m base + incentives and every biggalo is out there calling it settled.

    How many times do I have to remind everyone..? Mayfield leads all QBs in INTs since he came into the league.

    Again look at the stats…

    He’s a 60% guy who throws a lot of INTs and his yards/attempt last year were worse than PJ Walker (who he got cut for) and Zach Wilson who got benched for USF alum Mike White.

    Baker has played in 72 games in his career which assuming a 16 game season (to be fair) is a 14.22 INT per year average. Last year Davis Mills led the league with 15. Last year even with his alleged resurgence he threw 8 INTs in 12 games.

    So Baker’s INTs per game avg was 0.66 last year – which is better than his 0.88 career avg.

    That’s only because he was handcuffed by Sean McVay who ran the heck out of the ball. In 3 of the 5 games for the Rams he completed 13 or less passes.

    If Mayfield gets the job you cannot open the offense. You have to run run run and play action. If not his track record shows he holds onto the ball, tries to be the hero, takes a lot of sacks and gives the ball up. For all his bravado, he’s not a pre-snap read – quick release guy. He’s a chip on his shoulder I’m going to beat you with my athleticism guy. Problem is he’s not as athletic as he thinks he is. Unless he changes his approach to the game – he’s going to be out of football. You have to keep the game plan conservative. Its going to be stodgy. That’s OK if you got Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb – until defenses adjust like they did in 2021. Maybe it makes sense to draft Bijan? If they do – its a tell on a heavy lean towards Baker.

    Trask MUST beat this guy out or else its going to get really ugly.

  42. Goatfarmer Says:

    Bonz, Bowels has to have a winning season. I am not buying for an instant that he could book a 5th consecutive loser as a head coach and come back to make it 6 in a row.

    He will go with who his staff (and probably with input from his WRs) think give them the best chance to win. Due to his experience, Mayfield gets the nod if it’s close. But that’s not unfair, that’s just football.

  43. 1#bucsfan Says:

    Agree with marine buc. Ima support traskfield. Ima support the head coach. Supported leftwhich as long as I could but deff still wanted him to go after week 6 lol ima support the team n not dog em every comment like 🐐 farmer

  44. gp Says:

    It seems that Trask has the athleticism and talent.
    It also seems that he is content to “wait his turn” for the starting position.
    That attitude doesn’t work in the NFL.

  45. Rand Says:

    Goatfk’r says

    But that’s not unfair, that’s just football.

    What’s unfair is the nasty way you have characterized and somewhat villainized Kyle Trask when you don’t know. You are a hateful person.

  46. Rand Says:

    ^^^^c’mon gp you’re making that stuff up. If asked I’m sure Trask would be fired up so stop making things up

  47. JeffreyLane77 Says:

    I like our Oline.we have a few backups with experience that can play. They still have to figure out the left tackle. Don’t be surprised if they bring Donovan Smith back. Last I heard he’s still available.

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    gp … ‘It also seems that he is content to “wait his turn” for the starting position. That attitude doesn’t work in the NFL.’

    Uhhh, Trask was behind TOM BRADY. What choice did he have BUT to be content & wait his turn?

  49. David Says:

    Here we go Joe doing his best to find negative articles on Trask. Todd B. is in love with Baker and there will be no real competition when you bring a 4 years qb
    against a rookie. Why would Todd B. do that any way unless he is so concerned of losing his job with a rookie. Todd wants to give the fan another NFC South Championship to save his job rather the super bowl within the two to three years by rebuilding the team.

  50. gp Says:

    I’m speaking of his history in college.
    All stories I’ve heard, from his supporters, I personally haven’t followed his college career.

  51. Defense Rules Says:

    gp … Kyle Trask’s situation reminds me of Jordan Love with the Packers, only much less field time. Love was a 1st Rnd 2021 pick, supposedly the heir apparent to Aaron Rodgers. He’s actually gotten into 10 games now (slightly over 150 snaps in 2 full years). Not much game experience to evaluate him though (started 1 game … and lost). That’s make him a habitual loser according to some JBFers.

    When The GOAT’s the QB of your team, you’re gonna ride the bench. And yet it would seem like the perfect opportunity to learn from the best. Being able to put that learning into practice is a whole nuther thing. But I really do hope that Trask gets a fair shot at doing that this season. For some reason, I just can’t see Baker Mayfield as our FUTURE. If he does poorly, he certainly isn’t the answer. If he does well this year, he’ll want the big bucks to stay here. And we can’t afford that next year (we just slid 2023’s huge salary CAP excess into 2024 to solve our 2023 problem).

  52. Brandon Says:

    The questions of our Oline aren’t much more significant than 2020. Other than Marpet at LG, we didn’t know much about our OLINE.

    We started the offseason with LT Smith LG Marpet C Jensen RG Cappa RT Nobody

    Smith was constantly being slammed for being average.
    Marpet was a rock at LG and considered one of the better in the league
    Jensen was fresh off his first Bucs season and was being praised
    RG Cappa played the previous season to mixed reviews
    RT Demar Dotson wasn’t resigned and there was a hole

    Compared to this season

    LT Wirfs, yes, he’s a position switcher but was the best RT in football the last three seasons
    LG Stinnie/Leverett Both have been at least average for us in the past
    C Jensen is back and presumably healthy
    RG Hainsey played fairly well as the C and would probably be even better at RG
    RT Goedeke … more of a question mark than Cappa but looked decent late season.

    Honestly, our offensive line, predraft, looks better than it did going into our Super Bowl season. Marpet was great but he played a low value position…. Wirfs is far more valuable than Marpet. Jensen is presumably still Jensen. Goedeke might be an average RT… Smith was an average LT. Stinnie and Leverett have proven themselves as good as 2019 version of Cappa.

    The line isn’t any more of a mess than it was heading into 2020 draft.

  53. gp Says:

    I’m not anti Trask. I agree that Mayfield is unlikely to be a long term, if ever, answer to our QB issues. I honestly hope that Trask gets that ‘fire in the belly’ ‘eye of the tiger’ attitude, and really fights for the top dog position. I agree, sitting behind TB12 he had no chance to do so. Here’s his chance.
    My point was, based on (to me) anecdotal stories told by his supporters, he hasn’t actually “won” the starting position at any point in his history.
    I say anecdotal because I don’t follow college play that much, and leave player evaluation to the experts. Until said player puts on a Bucs uniform. Then I’m all about evaluating strengths and weaknesses and how they can best help the team to win. Still no claims of expertise, just calling it like I see it, Just like I did for my own kids in the hopes of improving their lot in life. It’s a “tough love” here’s what you need to do to succeed type of critique. I’m afraid if he doesn’t develop the attitude, he will not succeed in the NFL which would be a waste of talent, IMO

  54. Oneilbuc Says:

    Gp . What’s experts you are talking about bro because those guys are wrong most of the time.

  55. vadertime Says:

    Mayfield will be the starter come September 2023 and it will be his job to lose should he not perform. Trask will be the backup and might learn a thing or two watching Mayfield. The only thing left is to get rid of Bowles and find a competent head coach. Go Bucs.

  56. gp Says:

    Any time someone presents their opinion as fact or truth, they are placing themselves in the position of being an expert. Something that both you and I are guilty of to at least some extent, as well as many others who post here on a somewhat infrequent, to mindnumbingly constant basis. And, with those parameters in mind, your assertion that they are wrong most of the time, you are correct.
    If you re read my posts, you will note that I did, eventually, try to emphasize that my opinion is based on anecdotal evidence, offered up by people such as yourself.
    You, and others like you, who are strong supporters of Trask, gave me the information upon which I have based my opinion.

  57. Oneilbuc Says:

    GP. I’m supportive of the bucs one player and I don’t evaluate players that only got reps with the scout team and practice squad team. I don’t evaluate players in the preseason when playing with back ups rather they play good or bad . So my view on Trask is he was good in college and now I want to see him with the starters. If he sucks than draft another quarterback next year and if he’s good then we finally got our own quarterback that the bucs drafted. I’m not going to sit here and just bash the guy like most people do on here . Or I’m not going to just speak negative about Trask every time his name comes up like a lot of people do on here because no body knows if he’s good or bad the only thing people have is opinions rather they negative or positive.

  58. Oneilbuc Says:

    Not one player

  59. adam from ny Says:

    i’m not so sure they have liked what they see in trask for a long time now…

    remember they brought in josh rosen out of the blue as a 4th guy while trask was here…and tommy b and gabbert were entrenched in their spots…

    so unless he has resold his skill set to management, i’m not so sure things have drastically changed for him…

    and there has never been a buzz that we have a good qb in the incubator the past few years…or he’s really standing out or popping off in camp…

    so one must wonder…is he being pushed as a potential possibility of being our qb just because we are cap strapped…if we were 70 mil under the cap would he even be in the discussion for #1 or #2…

  60. adam from ny Says:


    indeed bro, i like your thought process…

    what’s that saying…

    if you have 2 qb’s you have none…


    if we have 3 qb’s it should be fun 🙂