Slimy Saints Host Derek Carr; Bucs Linked To Former Raiders QB

February 8th, 2023

“Dang Derek, do you really want to go to a town that allows mules to shat in the streets every day?”

Seems as if things are beginning to simmer for the services of veteran quarterback Derek Carr, who is looking for a home.

The Raiders have a Feb. 15 deadline to move Carr, or otherwise a $40 million roster bonus kicks in for him. New Orleans received permission to speak Carr, and per multiple reports the slimy Saints are trying to sell him on accepting a trade by waiving his no-trade clause.

Former NFL suit Michael Lombardi said on his podcast published yesterday, “GM Shuffle,” that Carr can be had for possibly a fourth-round pick. Also, Lombardi claimed, three teams are interested and they’re all in the NFC South, the slimy Saints, the Stinking Panthers and the Bucs.

“The contract is going to determine this too, right?” Lombardi, a former Raiders general manager, said of a Carr trade. “Who has an appetite to pay $40 million for three years? Because that’s what he’s going to get. He’s going to get $120 million over the next three years.

“Who is going to pay that? I heard the Saints, Carolina, you know. The Tampa Bay Bucs. I have a sense teams would want to pay that because he has proven numbers. And he will make a team better.”

What’s interesting is two the slimy Saints and the Bucs have massive salary cap issues. For the Bucs to afford Carr, they will have to shed salary or rework a bunch of contracts.

If this has any validity, Joe is guessing Bucs coach Todd Bowles is pushing for Carr. Bowles has to know a second-straight losing season, despite having a division crown, would put him thin ice next January.

53 Responses to “Slimy Saints Host Derek Carr; Bucs Linked To Former Raiders QB”

  1. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I would love to get Carr. I wanted us to draft him. That said…even if he is released, I don’t see us affording him. Brady was a bargain. That won’t happen with Carr.

  2. sasquatch Says:

    If he’s traded, then we’re on the hook for what, 38 million… Which means we need to clear 93 million to bring him to Tampa.

    93 million

    93 million

    Someone please explain how in the h3ll they can do that without getting rid of significant players. If you start unloading key pieces, what’s the point of signing an expensive QB?

    H3ll to the NO.

  3. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Steer clear of Used Carr…aka Bill O’ Goods. Let the Taints overpay for him.

  4. A Says:

    with a creative OC and Cap guy to get the $$$ to work – I can see this working out…our division sucks. The thing with Carr is that he’ll throw a 3yrd pass on 3rd 10….over and over. 4th Q down by 7….he doesn’t really hold the ball waiting for someone to get open.

    Go Bucs!

  5. Go Bucs Go Says:

    If true, pure desperation on Todd Bowles’s part.

    Carr with our last year’s rosters intact minus Brady will not lead this team to postseason. Lest we forget, while NFC south div. sucks, defenses in this conference are legit… sad to admit, Bucs’ defense may come dead last among them. Yet, you are willing to pay him way more than Tom Brady for significantly less effect? Can you say MADNESS?!? Besides, what kinda message will such signing have on Brady!?! Brady will go like “You are paying this $&$@?!/ how much to replace me?!?”

    Well, at the end of the day, One Buc Place should do what they’ve gotta do. But please, pull the trigger with cool head not outta sheer desperation.

    Go Bucs!

  6. sasquatch Says:

    Signing Carr means selling out the future for the fantasy of competing for a championship now, which we won’t if we can’t afford some defensive players.

    I ask any of you in favor of bringing in Carr to explain how we could clear 93 million by March 15.

    That’s 93 million just for 2023.

    93 million. Please explain.

  7. Jack Clark Says:

    David Carr is not a Super Bowl caliber QB. We need to pay off our debts from all the money we spent on winning the Super Bowl by fixing the salary cap. If Tom Brady couldnt do it then David Carr certainly couldn’t do it

  8. Will Says:

    People DAVID CARR is the older brother of DEREK CARR he is also retired. Neither brother is a Superbowl caliber QB although David does have a ring as he was the backup QB to Eli Manning during one of the times The Giants beat the Patriots in the Superbowl.
    Derek is not the answer to our QB issue. They guy had the best WR in the league and the Best RB last season and was benched. This is the guy that some of you want here. We know what Carr is a mediocre QB who has been in the league for what 9 or 10yrs as a starter and has the EXACT same number of playoff wins as Kyle Trask who some of you swear is a bust but he’s been on the bench behind Brady and not allowed to truly compete with Gabbert for the backup spot. Smh

  9. Goatfarmer Says:

    Jesus Christ himself would not be able to get the Bucs to the playoffs as long as Toad Blowes holds the position of headless coich.

  10. steele Says:

    If you want to see the Bucs lose, then please, Bowles, please One Bucs, go get Carr and overpay him. Keep dreaming that this mess is “elite”, star-studded and a Super Bowl champion. Go ahead.

    Otherwise, it would be fantastic to see Carr bring down the Saints or the Panthers, miserably.

    He is a loser.

  11. John Says:

    Trask. Next….

  12. HC Grover Says:


  13. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Mule shats are the best smelling thing in New Orleans.

  14. darengibo Says:

    No way Carr helps out the Raiders by waiving his no trade clause. He will get the same money after the Raiders cut them and get nothing in return… IMO.

  15. WillieG Says:

    Bowles wants him? He must have watched film of all Carr’s handoffs.

  16. Hodad Says:

    So this team won 8 games with Tom Brady at QB, and we expect Carr to win how many with this team? My guess is seven, to eight games. No way he does better then Brady with the Bucs next year. So if you like winning seven games a year pay Carr his 120 million. Carr has never won anything, he won’t win anything with this Bucs organization. Spend the money you’d pay Carr on a pass rush, and you’ll win more games with Gabbert at QB. This team is not a QB away from contending.

  17. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Checkdowns, sacks and the occasional turnover and 7-8 wins and back to the drawing board..

  18. SB~LV Says:

    Glazer’s will be sucking the NFL’s hind teat … their usual place.
    Sell the team!

  19. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bowles is pushing for Sam Donald.

  20. Cobraboy Says:

    So Bowles is OK with destroying the team cap for many years to save a job he does so poorly ?

    Wow. Quite the team guy, huh…

  21. Cobraboy Says:

    @Hodad: at least Carr us not afraid to take a hit, and can scramble from pressure. And if he dies take a sack won’t try kicking the opponents.

    That would be a pleasant departure from 2022 QBing…

  22. Snookman9 Says:

    The Bucs should do what is best for the long term. We want a long term winner not a 1 or 2 season rush that ends with really chance(2022 season)

    Keep the good young core(white, vea, wirfs, white…etc)
    Get the cap right
    Develope a young qb
    Restructure cotracts of good players with a future
    Trade and cut those who will help cap and who are giving diminishing returns(smith, fournette…etc)
    Coach well.

    Be honest with fans and fans be honest with expectations.

    We can suck if it means we are developing a future… not cool
    With sucking if we are morgaging our future.

  23. NEfan Says:

    Covraboy, too bad Carr can’t WIN. What he’s been in the PO’s once or twice while on the Raiders? He will be the perfect fit for Frank Reich. Carolina has the cap space and Blows will take Panthers left over Darnold.

  24. NEfan Says:

    There was always that question prior to Brady signing with the Bucs, Brady made the statement, ” Your sticking with that mofo?” Everyone thought it was Garapolo. Apparently he was talking to Chucky, that also explains why AB told Chucky to take a hike.

  25. Will Says:

    NEfan actually Carr has never been to the playoffs
    But some folks think he’ll magically do better here than he did with the Raiders and play better than Brady did. Smh never gonna happen Brady didn’t have a good year last season but we still had a better record than the Raiders.

  26. Dooley Says:

    Carr has gotten the Raiders to the playoffs twice, once in 2016 after getting hurt & 2021 they lost to the Bengals who ended up in the super bowl. It’s really not that hard to look up instead of hitting “submit comment” on your comment which is devoid of fact. Some of you are apparently struggling to evaluate the player by his own talent, and are just skipping to ragging on the Raiders which isn’t really evaluating and easy to do because they’ve been in the basement for damn near 2 decades.

    Carr pulled his weight for all 6 of his HCs and 5 OCs in 9 years and got them to the postseason his 3rd year in the league. Also pretty good tossing passes >20 yards and can make any throw you could ask of a QB, unlike ’22 Brady and his mystery injuries some of you swore by w/no actual knowledge. Imagine if LA had some of ya’ll mindset at the end of 2020 & said “Stafford never won anything in Detroit he can’t make us a contender, why deal for him?” they’d jump back to being the losers they were in ’22 with more talent than we had last season. Also, the Raiders averaged more ppg than we did in 2022, and even playing 2 less games than Tom Brady, Carr only threw 1 less TD so shut up with comparing him to Tom Brady the legend and compare him to Tom Brady the 45 year old QB in 2022. 14 year age difference makes a big difference all by itself

  27. SKBucsFan Says:

    Bowles had Tom Brady last season and couldn’t win. What makes anyone think Carr is the answer?

  28. BucsfanFred Says:

    I think Carr did go to the playoffs as a wild card loser one year. I don’t care enough to look it up.
    We’ll winn just as many games with Gabbert for just a few million.
    40 million a year is a humongous chunk of cap for a ho hum QB.

  29. BucsfanFred Says:

    Next year is supposed to be a great year for QBs.

  30. BucsfanFred Says:

    Dooly, Carr is never going to compare to Tom Brady or any other great QB.
    Ever see that Simpsons episode where the kids dressed up in a school play and danced and sang about the forgettable presidents?

  31. Dooley Says:


    That’s kind of my point, fans are comparing Carrs potential as a FA with the 23 season long legend of Tom Brady which is stupid, BUT 2022 Tom Brady & Derek Carr statistically were not that far apart. Also, Brady naturally had a 14 year headstart in the league, BUT to write Carr off because he played for the Raiders is short sighted and I’m confident front offices around the NFL that are needing a QB aren’t dismissing the evaluation of Carr based solely on what the Raiders the organization have done in Carrs’ time. If Jameis Winston can throw 30 TDs & 30 Ints and still find work in the NFL, Carr if he hits to open market is going to be coveted by a handful of teams that have more than just Kyle Trask on their QB depth chart. We’d be doing a service sniffing around Carrs’ availablity at the very least, becuase unlike fans, the people doing the work have too much to lose to think “take a year off” which seems to be the unofficial consensus being parroted by posters on this site.

  32. Tye Says:

    Saints – Carr’s 1st (but losing) head coach; good receivers; good running game; decent defense…

    Panthers – Winning HC (Super Bowl as OC); decent defense; a team that played hard for Wilks the last half of the season….

    Bucs – Losing HC; NO OC; weak OL; aging receivers and RB; decent defense…

    YEAH, Most likely he does NOT choose the Bucs!

  33. Cobraboy Says:

    @Hodoa: Brady didn’t win last season.

    “What have you done for me lately?”

    There is no compelling reason beyond a trade for any decent FA to come to Tampa. Except for salary wh0res.

  34. Cobraboy Says:


  35. Cobraboy Says:

    Nobody is gonna trade for Carr unless they are mentally crippled and don’t care about the team’s future cap.

  36. Duane Says:

    I understand the points made on all sides, but if we are looking to rebuild that takes this franchise 15 to 20 years to get it right, and will still will not likely have a franchise quarterback. A starting quarterback costs $40 million a year, and sometimes you end up with a Derek Carr because there are not many of them to go around, and we dont draft them well enough to get one into his second contract. A division win is a home playoff game, and is there a better QB in the NFC South than Carr currently? This defense kept opponents to 21 pts a game this season, we still lost, this isnt the 90’s, and I am fine with letting that whole side of the team move on. Ultimately, Bowles plays it too conservative and safe, and you would need an outside the box player like Lamar to make it work, which doesnt seem likely. Not having an OC is starting feel a bit more problematic at the moment.

  37. NEfan Says:

    Dooley, relax Skippy. Carr was drafted in the second round in 2014. He going on his 9th season. Your comparison to Brady is freaking stupid. Brady had 3 SB’s under his belt before his 9th season. Comparing Carr to Brady is showing your football ignorance and bitterness to the man that removed your team from the cesspool it lived in for the prior 11 seasons.

  38. Dooley Says:


    your one of the biggest Brady cultist that comments on this web site, and I can’t take anybody who’d slob another grown man down because he’s good at football seriously.

  39. gotbbucs Says:

    Nobody is going to trade for him. He’ll be released.

    I wouldn’t have an issue with signing him, but I don’t know how they can possibly make it work monetarily. Once again, it totally depends on the OC that they eventually bring in.

  40. Bucs56 Says:

    Stay clear bucs! 1 playoff game in his entire career. No thanks for 120 million. Fact is every team should let him get cut and negotiate a different deal.

  41. NEfan Says:

    Dooley like you’re pickle smootching Carr???

  42. Dooley Says:

    NEFan hardly, but as of right now he’s the best QB available before the market even opens up and you gush over Brady with every comment even if the article has nothing to do with Tom Brady, you find a way to make it about Tom Brady. You’re the type of fan Eminem was thinking about when he wrote “Stan” and your so repetitive about it, that most people reading through these threads can say “hey there’s that one guy that’s going to turn this DLine article into something about Brady, or how lucky the Bucs were to have Brady or how much we’ll stink w/o Brady” it’s as predictable as the 1st down runs or Tony Romo’s “uuhhs” lol

  43. Joe Says:

    Mule shats are the best smelling thing in New Orleans.


  44. NEfan Says:

    Dooley, your mind must be slipping like your lame comparisons. You brought up Brady. I was simply commenting on your stupidity.

  45. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Brady was bad last year.

  46. Dooley Says:


    You bring Brady or the Patriots up daily on a site called JoeBucsfan, you’re like Tom Brady’s personal Mark David Chapman. Relax, you guys will be relevant again once the Bills or Jets or Dolphins go back to the basement, but not all 3 at once so you guys might be screwed

  47. NEfan Says:

    Dooley, how’s the search for OC going? Pat’s landed O’Brien. No matter who the Sucs QB is next season, Pat’s will have a better season and make the PO’s next season, Buc’s will not!!! So Dooley keep drooly over you boy toy Carr, he hasn’t won squat. He will give you something new to B&M over, your SB WINNING QB is GONE!!!

  48. catcard202 Says:

    Oh hell no….3yrs & $120M??? GTFOH with that nonsense.

    Carr a $15-20M/yr QB on the open market, tops… LVR allowed McDaniel’s cut his value in half & threw away any leverage the team had in a trade, but playing the in-season “go home – we don’t want to play you or pay you anymore” BS…Let NOLA come out the pocket or CAR pay that ransom.

    Bucs FO can purse Baker Mayfield or a host of other Bridge types on a $5-6M prove it deal & they’ll jump for a legit chance to start in the league, for an opportunity to reset their market value for 2024.

  49. mark2001 Says:

    I don’t think he is the answer here. Too old and too much money. But I think whomever gets him likely has the best QB in the division. And wins it.

  50. NEfan Says:

    Mayfield makes $8MM still reasonable. He at least has been to the playoffs a couple if times for a 5th of the price.

  51. Nick Humphrey Says:

    Slimey saints??? Better than the buccaqueers 😂

  52. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    TB12 is retired, and I am thankful for everything that he did for my Beloved Bucs in delivering a championship.

    The Bucs are massively over the cap, which Bill Polian on this awesome site said is specifically designed to be punitive for teams like the Bucs or the Rams who essentially bought a Super Bowl Championship. I agree with him. A Lombardi is irreplaceable.

    Bill Polian is a Hall of Fame General Manager.

    Getting any high priced free agent like Derek Carr this year for the Bucs would make the Bucs salary cap problems even worse.

    This was Bill Polian’s for the Bucs, ““My advice would be wipe the books clean this year. Your club’s getting old anyway,” Polian said.

    I agree with the Hall of Fame/Super Bowl Champion GM’s advice.

  53. Ben Harvey Says:

    Im guessing they want Carr because the clock is ticking on guys like LD, Evans and Jensen and to resign Godwin again he will likely want to play with a decent qb. I dont see the math working out unless its a restructured contract. Some ppl forget that Brady’s salary can be converted after June 1st so I believe they would only be on the hook for 10 milly on the cap but still, they will likely need to do some work. Cutting high priced, underperforming vets like Smith, Barrett, Brate, Fournette, Gage and extending others if they do land Carr would help. I would also tag Dean maybe release CD3. He has been injured too often and this year looked terrible aside from the Bengals game.