Dave Canales Believes The Pete Carroll Way Can Work With Any Team

February 23rd, 2023

“The System.”

Make no mistake, despite Bucs offensive coordinator Dave Canales being an offensive coach and Seattle coach Pete Carroll being a defensive guy, Canales is a Carroll disciple through and through.

The two have been together since Carroll was at USC. Carroll brought Canales with him to the Seahawks 14 years ago.

Canales discussed “The System” with great reverence. So what is “The System?” It’s how Carroll wants his teams coached up. It’s a philosophy of how the coaches coach the players, the standards and how the coaches put them in position to succeed.

“That’s where the system has proven itself,” Canales said. “It’s a style of play. If I go back to ‘SC’ for a bit, you just start rattling off the quarterbacks that came out of there – going back to Carson Palmer, you had Matt Leinart, then here comes John David Booty and then Mark Sanchez. Matt Barkley falls into that category, as well.

“One guy after the other – highly-touted, gets a lot of accolades, when really it’s a system that is friendly for the quarterback.”

Canales may be onto something. When has a stud offensive player left Seattle in the past dozen years and continued to crush it? Very few, if any. Yeah, Marshawn Lynch had one OK year in Oakland. Golden Tate was a Pro Bowl stud in Detroit.

Go back to Carroll’s days at USC. Look at all the talent those teams had. What did they do when those guys got to the NFL? Zilch.

Reggie Bush had his moments, sure, but he wasn’t a top-shelf back. He had two 1,000-yard seasons in his 11 years in the NFL and never made a Pro Bowl.

All those quarterbacks that came from USC, who was the last one to do anything in the NFL, Carson Palmer? Wide receivers, running backs, same.

Receiver Mike Williams, who was a total bust for the Lions, may have had his best year when the Seahawks picked him up for loose change. You know, when he returned to a Carroll-coached team.

Canales learned football on that side of the ball from Carroll. And now Canales wants to bring that same system to Tampa Bay.

30 Responses to “Dave Canales Believes The Pete Carroll Way Can Work With Any Team”

  1. Roc Says:


    He is Coaching under Toilet Bowl

  2. Joe in Michigan Says:

    Roc Says:
    February 23rd, 2023 at 5:09 am

    He is Coaching under Toilet Bowl
    The problem is that the Bucs are unsettled at QB, the most important position in football. If Canales can work some “Geno Smith in Seattle-type magic” with a Bucs QB they might win the division again.

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    Roc … Let me take a guess, you don’t like Todd Bowles. That seems to be endemic on JoeBucFan nowadays.

    Here’s a radical thought: Why don’t we give both Bowles & Canales a chance to see if they can right this ship? We dug a deep hole in pursuing SB championships under BA in 2020 & 2021. Without the defense that Bowles resurrected from the scrapheap, no way we’d have even come close to winning that 2020 championship or contending that next year. Well, when the bills came due last year, our captain BA bailed on us. And those left in his wake are trying to clean up the mess.

    Personally I’d like to see a more BALANCED TEAM than we had under BA. I’ve never liked the idea of spending mega-millions on a QB to run the ship, because IF that 1 person goes down, you’re toast. Not my idea of TEAM-BUILDING. Bowles is an excellent defensive guy & a great teacher IMO, and we need that more than ever right now. His biggest ‘failing’ last season was in letting Leftwich & Brady run the offensive side of the ball with minimal ‘direction’ from him as HC (and yes I know that’s the opposite of what many contend, but I would’ve gotten rid of BL a long time before Bowles did). Canales is a Bowles-hire now. Let’s see what he’s got. If they succeed, we all win. If it all goes ‘boom’, we get a high draft pick.

  4. Tee Says:

    @defense Rules well said. Let’s see what Todd Bowles does this year. His defense was the main reason for that Championship. Folks are just piling on now. Patience would be nice.

  5. #99 the Big fella Says:

    I have been saying the same thing about giving it a chance..It’s the same turds every day with fire bowels .. give it up he isn’t going anywhere this season..

  6. Jack Tripper Says:

    My favorite part of the press conference was when he explained how he utilizes formations and motion to get receivers open. He basically said that simply lining up and asking receivers to win “mano-a-mano” was stupid.

    Music to my ears, and a shot across Leftfoot’s bow.

  7. Thomas Edrington Says:

    Was laughing at the Canalas TV interview…..doesn’t even know who will QB this team…..Bucs are in salary cap hell……..

  8. BucU Says:

    Oh Bowles will get his chance to prove us all wrong.
    Until that day comes he’s a terrible HC in my book.
    I’d be thrilled to have to apologize for criticizing him.

  9. gp Says:

    I’m on record as not being happy with Bowles or his style of coaching.
    That being said, he’s going to get at least a year to try to prove himself worthy of being HC.
    Regardless, I will root for my team and whoever wears the uniform to win every meaningful and meaningless game.

  10. BucBoy Says:

    Canales is spot on. Football is TEAM sport. Or a SYSTEM sport if you prefer. One would think Bucs fans would understand that after our 8-9 losing season with Tom Brady. Instead many Bucs fans seem to think bringing in a midling veteran quarterback, or collapsing for 6’1″ running backs in the 2024 draft who play quarterback, will save us. Did Brady save us last season?

  11. Cobraboy Says:

    @DR: Bowles was given a chance with a talented roster and the GOAT at QB.

    2022 was a coaching disaster.

  12. Robert Says:

    Defending toilet bowl is ridiculous and a slap in the face to the players and fans.

    Reminds me of the line from shark tales about whale poop.

  13. NEfan Says:

    DR, you must be tight with Bowles, if not I’m not sure how you know Bowles had little input in the O. What I’ve read was he wanted to slow the O down to avoid fatigue on the other side of the ball backing up his excuse for calling the all out blitz on Stafford. The excuse of injured players and BL is getting old. The only difference between 2021 & 2022 was BA was gone and Blows ran the team. Hard to believe the wheels just fell off all these players. Oh, in 2021 the Bucs had more injuries than 2022 especially on D and the receiving core, yet they went 13-4. Keep tooting the Blows horn, you’ll see but I’m sure you’ll use the QB as your next excuse.

  14. SED14 Says:

    I enjoy this site daily for the passionate responses from all flavors of Bucs fans. I’ve been vocal since early last season that Low Energy Bowles was massively uninspiring and in way over his head as HC. He proved his many critics right on a weekly basis with being consistently underprepared and out coached and justifiably earned the ire of loyal season ticket Krewe members like myself by standing emotionless on the sideline with the same lost deer in the headlight look on his face week after maddening week.

    Those are the facts and they are indisputable (lol, I’ve always wanted to say that ). Regardless of my continual deep frustration with Mr. Low Energy No Leadershio running our ship into the rocks last season with his rudderless style of leadership and the help of Leftwich – I’ve begrudgingly accepted the fact that the Glazers have no intention of firing Todd and will be shoving him down our throats again next season.

  15. SED14 Says:

    As for the vocal minority saying “let’s give Mr Low Energy another chance to see what he can do next season”, I say no thank you. He was gifted the keys to a Ferrari by BA last season and promptly drove it straight into the ditch week after excruciating week.

    At some point even Todd’s fiercest supporters have to acknowledge the fact that his particular scared brand of “lets play not to lose” coaching philosophy definitely didn’t work with the Jets and didn’t work for us last year. He’s a sincerely nice man and good DC, but let’s be honest, he lacks the professional skill set, tactical acumen, charisma, leadership and killer winning instinct to be a HC. How the Glazers don’t see that, and didn’t walk right into the locker room after the complete embarrassment of unpreparedness and incompetence known as the Cowboys playoff game and fire Mr. Massively Uninspiring on the spot is beyond me.

  16. Jvato24 Says:

    Canales for Head Coach!!! He atleast has energy

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Cobraboy … Last year’s roster did have talent, just not nearly enough of it. We lost Gronk, Marpet, Jensen, Brown, Suh, JPP, Whitehead among others from our 2020/2021 teams. We replaced them with Otton (a rookie), Goedeke (a rookie), Hainsey (a rookie for all practical purposes), Gage (gutsy but constantly injured), Hicks (another injury casualty), JTS (hair-on-fire but very inexperienced), and Hall (a rookie who produced minimally), among others. I just can’t see how folks can say that the 2022 team was as talented as the previous 2020 & 2021 teams. It’s not even close, especially when you consider all the turbulence in Brady’s life last year (and the fact that he was the oldest starting QB ever at 45 years old).

    Then add in there that up until the very last day of March, Bowles was expecting to be the DC again in 2022. Then BA said ‘Hasta la vista baby’ and ‘gifted’ this mess to Bowles. IMO, Bowles biggest mistake was in not firing Leftwich as soon as he took over, but of course, his hands were pretty much tied by the incredibly late timing AND by his loyalty to BA. That ‘gift’ in retrospect looks more like a Trojan Horse to me.

    Still, we are where we are. In addition to cleaning up this salary CAP mess as much as possible, I see 3 major problems ahead: (1) fix the offense (it’s broken); (2) fix the defense (it’s been gutted); and (3) fix the Special Teams (it’s woeful). I’m excited about the new coaching hires & am perfectly willing to give them all a chance, along with Todd Bowles, to fix this mess.

    The alternative is to become a Robert or a NEfan or a Goatfarmer. Have no idea how many years I have left on this earth, but THAT’S not how I want to go out.

  18. matthew veal Says:

    I’m on the Canales train.

    I don’t have any anger, just 2022 was not fun except Germany

    Now it’s a different day,

    look for progress.

  19. Defense Rules Says:

    SED14 … ‘High energy’ doesn’t necessarily indicate great coaching prowess. Tom Landry, among others, comes to mind (hardly high energy). Even outside of coaching I look at military leaders like Dwight Eisenhower & George Marshall and see great men who didn’t exactly exhibit ‘high energy’ as you apparently view it and yet somehow they managed to win wars & rebuild nations.

    On the other side of the coin, I’ve seen presidents and others who were very ‘in your face’ and who scared the he11 out of me with their boisterous incompetence.

  20. SED14 Says:

    @ Defense Rules – well said! I’ve said my peace about Low Energy Bowles and am ready to turn the page and support our coaching staff and team heading into 2023!

    But I think we can all agree that Todd is on a very short leash next year. It’s up to him to prove us all wrong and show the fans and his players that he’s capable of being an effective leader of men and building a winning culture as head coach.

  21. SED14 Says:

    @ Defense Rules – good examples and rebuttal to my perspectives about Todd being low energy. I don’t equate high energy with automatic success. I totally agree Tom Landry had a quiet strength and air about him that inspired confidence and performance from his players. Todd…not so much.

    Love him or hate him Coach Belichick is much like Landry and commands the respect of his players and when he speaks they listen. Todd…not so much.

    Check out the Buccaneer episodes of “In the Current” for this season if you haven’t already….Time after time when Todd is addressing the team either in meetings or the locker room numerous players are visibly checked out or smirking, or rolling their eyes. That’s a problem. Poor Todd has proven that he couldn’t motivate a hungry bear in the seafood section of Publix.

    Todd doesn’t excude confidence, leadership, passion, fire or a killer instinct – and like it or not – it rubbed off on his players this year (cue the game tape from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, @ Carolina and SF to name a few). And that’s why I call him Mr Low Energy. Plus the fact that he stands like an emotionless statue looking lost AF week after week doesn’t help inspire confidence either.

    I also agree that high energy “yellers and screamers” can be just as bad for a team. But I’ll tell you what, that passionate and infectiously positive HC for the Lions, Coach Campbell gets me pumped up and ready to run thru a wall for him. Todd…not so much. So that’s what I mean by Low Energy No Leadership Bowles.

  22. Defense Rules Says:

    SED14 … I too expect that he’s on a short leash, but I also believe that the Glazers realize the situation better than most fans do (hey, it’s THEIR billions at stake, not ours).

    The key to Todd Bowles survival this year IMO will be David Canales & what he can do with this offense. EVERY defensive-minded head coach NEEDS a strong OC to succeed. By that same token, EVERY offensive-minded head coach NEEDS a strong DC to be successful (Bowles filled that square for BA). And what really helps is to have a QB worth their salt (having a Brady or a Brees or a Mahomes or a Rodgers makes being a HC a whole lot easier I’m sure).

    Bowles is outwardly low-key, but his guys on defense obviously seem to really respond to him. THAT’S the part I’m impressed with; he’s taken a horrible defense (#31 ranking after the 2018 season) & turned it into a SB winner in 2 years. That’s no accident & it was critical to BA’s success here. Bowles’ challenge now is to repeat that feat in 2023 & beyond. Personally I think it’s gonna make for a fun ride in 2023, although we could very possibly end up with anywhere from 3-4 wins to 10-11 wins.

  23. THOMAS PFALZ Says:

    Are you kidding me. The defense for the most part was horribel last year. I just hope Bowles leaves Canales alone. I also think Canales should have picked his QB coach.

  24. NEfan Says:

    DR, I know you don’t enjoy my reality check rebuttals to your posts but your answers are weak. Bucs went from a free wheeling, scotch drinking in your face Uncle Buc to the Glub in Gullivers Travels.
    You use excuses like loss of AB, he was gone after the Jets game, JPP, played like shat due to his injury and Suh, you had Hicks and Nelson and Nassib stepped up. In 2021 the secondary, Shaq and LVD were all hurt, Gronk was out for 5 games. Your 2021 WR’s were who??? They were all hurt! You replaced AB with Jones and Gage, NOT bad. Did they replace Gronk? No but the upgrade in WR’s should have compensated for that. Wasn’t Smith and Jensen out for a few games in 2021? Anyway if injuries were an excuse Baltimore, Cincy should have been 8-9 as well. Brady had personal issues, BL sucked (so fire him) appoint an interim. That’s what good HC’s do. To go from 13-4 to 8-9 is pathetic and it’s not due to the players it’s on Bowles. You seem somewhat intelligent, I’m not sure how you can’t see this. The difference between Landry, Belichick, Walsh less energetic coaches is they ALL were/are respected, it appears the verdict is still out on Blows. Very few players jump to his defense.

  25. Who Says Says Can't Say Says:

    It gives pause why after 14 years, Carroll never thought enough of Canales to make him OC. May be nothing, but I’m a little concerned this guy will talk a good game but may not coach one. We’ll give him a chance though, I want him to be the best ever.

  26. Buddha Says:

    Chuck Noll also was low energy if you mean what fans can actually see. But he’s in the Hall of Fame. Tony Dungy wasn’t exactly Mr. Exciting. Games are one with good game plans, highly skilled players, and intelligence. Green Bay fans aren’t trashing their coach and they had a worse season than ours.Bowles has a 5-year contract and unless things entirely implode. He will be here at least the next 2 years.

  27. captivajim Says:

    DR ,, bowles clearly over-ruled leftworst & Brady .. Remember the Cleveland game ??

    How about the Bengals game ,.. ist half we were very competitive using motion , play action .. in 2nd half –there was run off left tackle , run up center ,run,run = 3 & outs…….

    no biscuit -no more

  28. Goatfarmer Says:

    NEfan, well said. Some posters who type out War and Piece length posts and fancy themselves as the ultimate expert voice of reason don’t like others taking up contrary positions, especially when the contrary position is supported by results, i.e., what we all saw on the field.

    Toad Blowes has now completed four consecutive losing seasons as a head coich. That’s 4 in a row. With a team that had gone 13-4 the previous season, won a playoff game, and then lost the heartbreaking game to the Rams, ruining the best comeback in Bucs history, thanks to a guy who should have been fired but was instead promoted.

    And Blowes was not promoted by Licht. Arians pulled his strings to get his guy into the head coich seat, and now Licht is between a rock and a hard place on that issue.

    Of course we are going to “see what Blowes does with Canaries” because we have no other damn choice.

    But the carnage, wreckage, ineptitude, constant missed assignments of players, horrible game management decisions all point to Blowes notching a 5th consecutive losing season. We have seen enough of this clown. He has earned every bit of the wrath he gets, and will keep getting.

  29. SED14 Says:

    @ Goatfarmer – preach!!

  30. steele Says:

    Junior talks a good game. But all this about the “Pete Carroll Way”…Todd Bowles is the head coach, not Pete Carroll, who never elevated Canales to a higher post.

    And the fact is, the Pete Carroll way has failed often. Most notably post-2015, when the entire team suffered from post-SB malaise, internal dissension, veteran exits, bloated veteran contracts, questions about its quarterback(s), and questions about the coaching altogether. Sound familiar?

    The one season the Seahawks have had with Shane Waldron, and a streak from Geno Smith overperforming, hides the fact that for numerous seasons going all the way back to the Seahawks glory years with Russell Wilson and Darrell Bevell, the offense could not get going, sometimes for entire halfs of games. The defense made those teams, and when that defense ended, it led to exactly what the Seahawks are right now. A team in rebuild. Essentially Canales is moving from one mess to another.