Crazies Need To Calm Down About Todd Bowles

February 15th, 2023

Todd Bowles.

In the last couple of weeks, the outrage and disgust from Bucs fans has really ramped up. Joe feels like their demands are coming from Fantasy Island and Tattoo is serving them very stiff drinks in the blazing tropical sun.

(Sorry, Joe an Ira and dug up a pop culture reference from the 1970s.)

What gives folks the impression that Team Glazer is (still) going to fire Bucs coach Todd Bowles before the start of the 2023 season?

Yes, Joe understands folks are frustrated the Bucs have yet to install a competent offensive coordinator, despite the fact the Bucs have interviewed 10 known coaches.

But where do people get this idea Bowles will be run? Seriously, where do people concoct such nonsense?

Team Glazer has never fired a coach after one season. Never is pretty absolute. And remember, Team Glazer had every reason to run lousy Lovie Smith after his first season, probably should have, after his myriad of personnel gaffes were too many to list along with his fully brutal defense.

Even Lovie’s hand-picked offensive coordinator (selected in Lovie’s notorious suburban Chicago basement) bolted before September ended in 2014. Yes, Jeff Tedford realized what sort of sinking ship he boarded.

And yet Team Glazer stuck it out with Lovie.

So if the Bucs didn’t get rid of the worst Bucs coach since Leeman Bennett after one season, why would anyone with a sober mind think Team Glazer would run a head coach who won his division in his first season? That makes no sense.

And to do so now when most coveted assistants are already committed to their 2023 jobs, less than two weeks until the combine begins, would be asinine.

With the retirement of Tom Brady and in a salary cap hell, the Bucs’ arrow is now pointing down. Joe gets that the offensive coordinator opening simply is not attractive as of today.

Joe doesn’t recall seeing a more unpopular Bucs coach than Bowles after his first season and Joe isn’t 100 percent sure why. Has he made mistakes? Sure. Has he done some good things? Yes.

As the sports radio legend of Chicago, the great Mike North would say, “Take. It. Ee-zee!”

If things are ugly this season, change will come and there is light at the end of the tunnel. You know #CollapseForCaleb or Drake Maye.

82 Responses to “Crazies Need To Calm Down About Todd Bowles”

  1. CleanHouse Says:

    Joe apparently loves to punt from midfield and play for overtime.

    Todd apparently didn’t learn enough from Bruce because he can’t seem to find any biscuits or coordinators.

  2. Rpg Says:

    Not a leader, let him run the defense (maybe) after letting Cooper Cupp run free last year not so sure on that front either.

  3. Matt Says:

    Where is any shred of hope that Todd Bowles is an effective Head Coach? Not at a Jets coach. Not last year. This coming year is going to be a complete disaster. We couldn’t have a winning season WITH Tom Brady, there is no reason for hope without him. We’re looking at Raheem-level rebuilding here, only it’ll still appear like we’re trying to win. Todd Bowles will end up getting Licht fired for agreeing to hire him instead of real coaches. I’ve not read a single thing from Joe or anyone else that has given me a shred of positivity about Todd or the team’s chances next year, so I’m confused why anyone wouldn’t want him gone. That’s the more perplexing situation.

  4. bob in valrico Says:

    I do think two ultimatums need to be issued. Bowles needs an ultimatum to get mor aggressive on offense and improve on clock management. Light needs to stop signing oft injured rental players and kicking the salary cap can down the road. He signed a second round pick as the heir apparent to Brady and he should be held responsible if Trask and his draft picks of last year don’t show their potential in the coming year.

  5. Da Bucs Guy Says:

    Team Glazer’s will be holding head Coaching interviews in October this year.

  6. Sinking Ship Says:

    Lol. Won a division his first year? Did you see our division? Find better material or post something that isn’t flushable Joe.

    I know it’s offseason but do better or don’t post it. Todd sucks and so did we.

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    Bob in Valrico … Look at Licht’s FA additions from last season. Hicks (replaced Suh), Ryan (replaced Whitehead), Gage (replaced Brown), Julio (replaced Grayson & Johnson?), Rudolph (replaced Gronk), Avery (replaced McLendon) … all either oft-injured or ‘shells’ of their previous selves at the end of their careers or just not very good. (Mason was a functional add I thought when we lost Cappa).

    Those FAs cost us a boatload of salary CAP $$$ because of what? I think it’s because Licht had no choice; he was hoping for one last go at the Super Bowl & gambled our future away in the process of making some really bad choices. So here we sit screwed … no Brady, no OC, no $$$, half our team as FAs. Good news though; we do have our sacrificial goat in place. so we’re good.

  8. mg Says:

    TB-12 has to be bull schiffed he stuck around and played for such a dumb coach and blind owner.

  9. Beeej Says:

    Fire Bowles! Sell the team!

  10. Marlow1976 Says:

    Joe, you have fed the crazies on this site.

  11. Joe Swanson Says:

    Sad thing he will probably get a bye(excuse) for having a terrible upcoming season because of cap and unsettled coaching staff. So he will return in 2024 and set the team back for years. All the while the Glazers are saying Jason whats going on? Licht replies I am not sure but I will get back with you shortly.

  12. K_bassuka Says:

    We know it’s not going to happen Joe, but still the fans have the right to write nonsense just like if someone was to suggest that Bowles has done good things for this team. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. BucU Says:

    First of all 90% of us posters KNOW Bowles isn’t going anywhere for this upcoming season so I don’t know where all these “crazies” are.
    Secondly you’re not sure why Bowles is so despised by us fans? I have to ask YOU a question. Are u a new writer here? This is without doubt the most ludicrous article I’ve read on here in a long time. And that’s saying something!

  14. BucU Says:

    Some people are confusing “wanting” Bowles gone and “expecting” Bowles gone.

  15. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    “If” things are ugly we know there won’t be any surprises this year let him get us a top 3 draft pk in 24 and show him the door next January

  16. Goatfarmer Says:

    Toad Blowes is not getting fired, probably not until after the 2024 season.

    That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be fired.

    Fire Toad.


    They won’t.

    But, fire him.

  17. frankbucsfan Says:

    the whole tenor of the league has shifted away from coaches like Bowles HC now must have an aggressive offense to succeed. it is 2023 not 1993. the league and most ownership realize that fans, and the revenue they generate, determine how successful any club becomes. The structure of the game has fundamentally moved away from the old ground and pound game to an aerial blitzkrieg supported by the ground game. Bowles has shown he is too conservative in his approach, and has cost us games and players. IF he has done some good things, they are far outweighed by the chaos he has created. another losing season looming, and enough dejection to remind us of 0 and 26, which I personally witnessed.

  18. Mickman2001 Says:

    Run when things don’t go you way? In case you haven’t noticed that is society now…the it’s not fair I quit because it is too tough,ala Sean Payton!

  19. Mickman Says:

    Run when things don’t go you way? In case you haven’t noticed that is society now…the it’s not fair I quit because it is too tough,ala Sean Payton!

  20. Fansince76 Says:

    What Bowles designed against the Chiefs in our last super bowl was epic.
    for that alone he should get another year to work things out.
    but it does not look good for Bucs or Bowles due to salary cap hell.

  21. gbobucsfan Says:

    My thoughts were that he should be fired before the season, not that he was going to be fired before the season. The Glazers will get hit hard this season, in the wallet, and will have to make changes.

  22. mark2001 Says:

    There are two groups, Joe. Those that think Bowles can or must be fired. And yeah, that is dreamland stuff. And there are those that think he should be fired so we can start a rebuild. I think most of them are of the later variety. There are things you can change in how you do a job…learn new skills, delegate or accept authority, develop systems, and so on. The things you can’t change or can only minimally is your personality, your ability to lead or motivate, and decision making. That seems to be more a part of who you are. That is why everyone can’t be a Vince Lombardi. And I don’t think Bowles has shown he knows what it takes in that regard. Hope I’m wrong about Todd. But that is what I’ve seen from managers during my life.

  23. Hodad Says:

    The mistake was not firing Bowles after the season, it was allowing him to become H.C. in the first place! The Glazers should have never let Arains pick their coach for them. Instead of going along with Arains succession plan they should’ve told Arains you want to walk away fine, but we’re not giving Bowles a five year deal to be HC. What we’ll do is bump up his pay, and make him interm HC. If he does good, we sign him long term, if he goes 8-9, we fire him. Glazers are such weak clueless owners. No way they should’ve let Arains drop this turd in their lap in the first place.

  24. SufferingSince76 Says:

    If he’s such a good coach, then fire the players because somebody royally stunk it this past season. I guess it’s going to take another lost season to convince this Joe. Why, I don’t know.

  25. Tony1775 Says:

    I can hope he is fired. Bowles is a terible head coach.

  26. Beeej Says:

    I’m fairly confident we’ll have some good draft picks in ’24

  27. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The reason why Bowles is so unpopular is seriously missed expectations…..

    We had a losing record in a horrible division with Tom Brady at QB….his first losing record.
    We had many winnable games that could be blamed on coaching.
    We embarrassingly lost our home prime time playoff game.

    We mortgaged our future on contracts and brought in players to win now…

    And lost.

    No….it’s crazy to think the Glazers will fire him…..but they shouldn’t give him any help by bringing in an expensive QB…..or pushing the cap down the road any further. He hasn’t proved worthy.

  28. Wild Bill Says:

    Grab the broom and make a clean sweep! New coaches, new attitude! No compromise band aid approach will turn the Bucs around. The owners need to grow some balls and take command and rebuild the coaching staff and team roster. Who wants to watch a repeat of last year.

  29. BucsFan4Life Says:

    Oh God, you had to mention Lemen “Semen” Bennett. That name for me brings up that nightmare era of Buc flag football we were playing back then 😬 If my memory serves me correctly, we had back-to-back 2-14 seasons under that clown including the repus bowl where the loser would get the first draft pick in the following year’s draft. Of course we had to win THAT game 😣

  30. NEfan Says:

    DR, don’t you think Bowles had input in those FA signings? Especially on D? Julio over Grayson & Johnson is a no Brainerd.

    Fansince, this is a what have you done for me lately league. Bowles cannot continue to live off his game plan against turf toe Mahomes, KC paper oline and Reids alcoholic criminal son/assistant coach. Since then his D has given up over 60 points in his one and done last two PO games, damaged the GOATs legacy and humiliated the Bucs on national TV with his teams lack luster play. I say extend his contract and make the Bucs the first Russian football team.

  31. Jack Clark Says:

    “ Joe doesn’t recall seeing a more unpopular Bucs coach than Bowles after his first season and Joe isn’t 100 percent sure why.”

    Are you kidding me?? We hate Todd Bowels because he single handily completely ruined our no risk it no biscuit offense that made us Super Bowl contenders and exciting to watch… in just one season as our head coach!!!! Plus he takes no accountability for his wrongdoings and blames everyone else first before he blames himself. That’s a terrible leader!

  32. Aceofaerospace Says:

    On the outside chance that anyone in the Glazer family reads Joebucsfan comments, I want them to know we are not happy with the current head coach. I don’t have their home phone number to call them. This is my voice. If you don’t want anybody to be honest with our feelings, then censor our comments. That seems to be the norm in this country now anyway. No they’re not going to fire bowels now. We know that. We’re not stupid. But this is my opinion and like it or not, I’m entitled to it. Fire Bowels.

  33. Patrick Says:

    Joe…we were the only team in the tournament with a losing record. I’m not one of those crazies. He should have been fired after the playoff game. Once that didn’t happen, I knew we were doomed to be submitted to another year of terrible coaching. You would think after making that mistake several times over the years of owning this team, they would have learned not to lock in long-term on coaching contracts. That 5 year deal they signed Bowles to, is the reason why we are stuck with him. I’m also 100% sure this season will be his last, and the Glazer’s will be eating another fired head coaches long-term deal. We can thank Arians for that. He was wrong about that guy. Nobody wants the oc job. Because they know just like I do, he is one more and done. They also know everybody that worked for him this year got fired, because of his failure to motivate the football team, failure to game plan the football team for success on o or d, and failure to manage the game in probably a 3rd of them, along with terrible in game adjustments to play calling, again, on both sides of the ball. Jets fans are crying laughing right now, because they have been there don’t that. For the “crazies” with their wishful thinking… I feel you. All of you. Dare to dream at this point, but it ain’t happening. We are stuck with that clown.

  34. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    I accept he wont be fired before this season. I wanted it in January but now its too late. But that dont change the fact that he should have been and he will be after this wasted season.

  35. Winny Testaverde Says:

    Bowles is locked and loaded for 2023. Fans wanting a better coach than the worst ex-Jet coach since Rich Kotite need to settle down?

  36. YucsBall Says:

    All Bad Moves

  37. gotbbucs Says:

    Should he have been fired? Maybe, maybe not. Last season had enough issues that two hands couldn’t point enough fingers at the culprits. The one thing I do know is that he came into the season handcuffed to a simpleton at offensive coordinator and had zero influence on the hiring of any of the offensive assistants, and in no way shape or form was he going to be allowed to change any of them with Papa Arians helicopter parenting that side of the ball.
    The trolls can scream and highjack as many threads as they want. Bowles isn’t getting fired right now, and if he shows improvement next season given our current cap situation, he’ll probably get another season to work on improvement as well after that. It all comes down to one of two things, is Trask a starting NFL Qb, or can they find a different starting Qb?

  38. D-Rome Says:

    Tampabaybucsfan has it right. Bowles had a losing record *with* Tom Brady and a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. He’s a lame duck coach no matter what. Everyone knows he won’t be the head coach in 2024.

  39. SickofLosing Says:

    I’m getting tired of hearing that the Bucs OC position isn’t very attractive. It’s one of only 32 jobs in the entire world. The chance to work with Mike & Chris, Lombardi Lenny, and some stud OL. It’s worth the risk of Bowles getting canned after one year if you get this offense back on track You’ll have a pretty good resume for your next job. Besides, if he gets the offense clicking the Bucs will win a lot of games and Bowles won’t be fired = job security.

  40. HC Grover Says:

    At this point what diff does it make? We stuck with him. The only thing fun about this season will be a rare win and bashing Coach Bowzo and Plan 9. I remember when a win was a Big Event for the loser Bucs. Welcome to Lovieland

  41. Lamarcus Says:

    Where they get it from? This site was one of the leaders of the “Run Bowles, Run Leftwich out of town” bandwagon.

  42. stpetebucfan Says:

    Where is Rita Moreno when you need her? She brought some sanity to these discussions.

    So let the hating on me begin. In effect I hope most of the haters here have to eat crow this time next year. I am rooting for the Bucs to have a great season and reach the playoffs once again.

    IF the Bucs succeed in doing this of course that would give Bowles more job security.

    So a question for all. Would you rather see the Bucs win, insuring Bowles yet another season, or does your hate run so deep on an existential level that you’d rather watch the Bucs lose.

    EVERYTHING posted her by me, the Joes, or anybody else is nothing more than speculation at this point. So whose “speculation” do you hope comes true.
    Mine or all the people who believe there is no way the team can win with Bowles?

  43. Mike S Says:

    Joe what happens when the combine starts and the Bucs still don’t have an OC because no coach wants to come to Tampa?

    What happens? What do you do? What a raging dumpster fire.

  44. James Says:

    arians was the only person with a spine by holding everyone accountable whether it was Brady or a rookie. Bowles was uninspiring and lacked any urgency. Bowles never gets fired up and the team’s lack of energy showed. I don’t blame Brady for not coming back with him as the head coach next year. And if he couldn’t win with Brady then next year just wait till next season.

  45. TSBucsFan Says:

    Anyone that wants Bowles to stick around or thinks he deserves that opportunity doesn’t know crap about football and certainly shouldn’t be blogging about it. The Glazer boys are a shadow of their father and it’s telling that they are OK with such a garbage coach. Pathetic. It’s never too late to fix a mistake and keeping Bowles around is a massive mistake. “ It ain’t over till it’s over”

  46. BucU Says:

    Todd Bowles Buc HC milestones:
    The HC of TB12’s first losing season.
    The HC of Tom Brady losing his first game EVER when leading by 10 points or more in 4th quarter/ OT.
    218 – 1.
    The HC of a historically awful run game. LAST in the NFL.
    The HC of a 8-10 team that went 29-10 the previous 2 yrs WITHOUT him as HC.
    Hmmm it’s so weird that so many of us want him gone.

  47. Duane Says:

    The crazies own this comment thread.

    No, Bowles should not be fired because his offensive line evaporated in 2022 due to retirement, injury, and bad play. That was the cause of the underperformance by the offense, pure and simple. And it wasn’t the coach’s fault.

    Fixing that problem will not be easy with the salary cap overage presently in place, though Licht will certainly erase much of it with contract restructurings and extensions. But fix it the Bucs must.

    If come the end of the 2023 season nothing has been fixed, then the Glazers probably will fire the coaches.

  48. Georgej Says:

    He sucked as the Jets coach ! Brady couldn’t take it anymore. Remember he played for years against the Jets and had first hand l l nowledge how bad a coach he was !!

  49. D-Rok Says:

    In my humble opinion, Bowles hit his ceiling as a good DC. He is not a leader of men that I’ve witnessed so far, which also relates to team identity or lack thereof.

    I know and realize that Bowles will seemingly be the HC again this year, and I hope he turns his career around and those confidence polls start swinging in his favor.

    It’s all hope, and this fan hoped for more from Coach Bowles.

    But as fans, most of us just want our team to be competitive.

  50. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    JBF, the fans have seen enough to know that whatever amount of time Bowles is HC is wasted time for the franchise. Just bc the Glazers won’t fire him after one season doesn’t mean we have to accept it.

  51. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Joe, do you honestly see Bowles ever winning a Superbowl? If not, why keep him? Is poor to mediocre good enough? We are just treading water with no land in sight.

  52. Duane Says:

    Believe it or not there were a bunch of crazies in Kansas City who called for Andy Reid to be fired because he lost a game this past season. They claimed it was due to “bad play calling”. You know, the coach considered to be the best offensive coach in the league, just won a Super Bowl, and appeared in his second Super Bowl in three seasons.

    Seriously. Yeah, fire THAT coach.

    Football fans are on the whole nuts.

  53. mark2001 Says:

    Andy Reid in the same topic for comparison with Todd Bowles. Bizarre…and Why? Reid was a fine coach in Philly but it was time for a change… but like Dungy couldn’t get them over the top, as Tony couldn’t here. But he never was a bad or failing coach. Honestly, I wanted him here, but the timing wasn’t right. Compare Todd to Lehman…or Lovie…or Koetter if you with…they are in the same class as proven HC’s. But not Andy. I believe in giving good, generally successful HC’s a chance in another place. But Todd hasn’t proven that.

  54. SKBucsFan Says:

    The guy has been given 2 chances to shine and so far has failed both times. It seems the smrt thing to do would be to let him keep trying. It’s called playing the percentages. That’s what the smrt GM’s do!

  55. D-Rok Says:


    I can’t believe a single person retorted,

    “Da plane…da plane, boss!”

  56. RustyRhinos Says:

    The Plane! The Plane! The Plane Boss!!! Thanks, Joe and Ira, that made me laugh.

    We have made it as an NFL franchise to the pinnacle, in the last three seasons. We now have TWO Lombardi Trophies in our case at One Buc Place. Yes, we had to make financial and personnel decisions to get that second Lombardi Trophy. I remember the joy at “Bring Back The Band” for the second run at the Super Bowl, we got close. Made it to the Championship Game. Lost it in a sad and ugly way. Let’s not forget that the Rams coaches players and GM all get paid to win games too. My hat is off to them. We tried to keep our dominant team together again after The GOAT decided to come back for one more chance at the Super Bowl run. We didn’t get to keep all the players we wanted and tried to add what we thought we needed and could afford. The GOAT paid a deep price to try it one more season. We have now kicked the piggy bank call salary cap down the road for three seasons. The GOAT has decided to step away from the game after his unfathomable career. One that included a three-season run in Tampa. We have had a great run in those three seasons. But the bill is now due. We have to “pay the man, to dance with the band”.

    Now every JBF armchair GM & Personnel director knows way better than those in charge. Yet they are not in the NFL or any level of College football coaching or team management. We all have thoughts and dreams of the continued success of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, most of us anyway. It does grow tiring of reading the same negative drivel, post after post after post. Bowles sucks Bowles should be fired, Bowles can’t coach. We shall see at the end of the 2023 season what Bowles can or can not do as our Head Coach.

    Keep our thoughts on the positive view and not always put down everything that does not go our way. That is the way life is in the big bad world we live in. Things do not always go the way we want. Sometimes we get knocked down and can get up, Sometimes we get knocked down and then kicked in the face, and Sometimes we are the ones who are knocking down others. Sometimes it is not about getting knocked down that makes your life miserable. It is because you do not keep fighting to get back up, take your lumps and plan how to not let that happen again. Yes, it does not always work out. But that is how success and champions are built by never giving up, and always standing up even if it takes you a while to figure out how to. You still fight claw and relearn how to stand back up. {kicking my Dark Rum box toward the beach, looking around for Tattoo and another stiff drink!}

    Go!!!!! Bucs!!!!!

  57. Simeon97 Says:

    Joe, are you delusional? He failed this year, badly. Now he is a lame duck. I don’t think he will be fired, but he should be.

  58. Joe D. Says:

    Plain and simple, he’s a lame duck, and no one wants to work for him. If he can’t build out a staff, I think there’s a possibility ownership steps in and says if we can’t hire an OC, maybe we need to hire a HC instead. The Glazers fired Gruden late, when it looked like they were just filling the DC role.

  59. Jeremy Says:

    I was like WTF several times this year while watchibg Bucs games this year. Things that display a losing attitude. If it is obvious to us thefans how can it not be obvious to the owners paying salaries. Arians has to have some kind of influence on what is happening on the field. How can attempting long field goals repeadtly and not going for it on 4th and short when you are losing narrowly and just making poor offensive decisions be accepted as the norm. Now we did wi. The division 2 years in a row but that is about the only positive thing I can say about a Bowles led team. There is way to much up in the air right now

  60. Nprbuc Says:

    “Joe isn’t 100% sure why” ? You MUST be at least 96% sure why. Please post your list of all the things that he did right for us to ponder. I’m racking my feeble old brain and I am drawing blanks. The final nail for me is him maintaining his famous pose on the sideline while his whole team is surrounding one of HIS hurt players and never leaving his pose until McCarthy, from the opposing team, went to check on him. Bowles showed zero concern. Tell me one coach that you know of who would would have pulled that crap. Bowles has proven time and again that he is a poor HC. There is no defending him yet you don’t know why he has so little support? Come on……

  61. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Keeping Bowles is a good way to have that collapse

  62. Bosch Says:

    Joe says: What gives folks the impression that Team Glazer is (still) going to fire Bucs coach Todd Bowles before the start of the 2023 season?

    Joe, you need to make the distinction between us crazies that expect Bowels to be fired before the 2023 season and those of us that think he should be fired because our belief he will never be successful as a HC. Wishing it and expecting it are two different things. Sorting this out with a pole might reveal an interesting outcome.

    Speaking for myself, I might also add that many of the reasons I think he is a big fat ZERO as a HC are things I have read in your articles. At the core, lies the the lack of accountability that you have pointed out numerous times.

  63. SlyPirate Says:

    Record: 13-4 to 8-9
    Points: 511 to 318
    Post Season: Blown out by the Cowboys

    He refused to open the offense because it would tire his defense?

    Todd was horrible.

  64. DG060 Says:

    It would be one thing if this team played with enthusiasm and fire but still lost games but what I seen with my own eyes week after week after week was a team that came out lethargic and uninterested CONSTANTLY. They collectively didn’t look like any of them wanted to be there and that is unequivocally a fireable offense for a HC. And that’s even mentioning the constant penalties and bonehead in game decisions. Todd Bowels gets a big fat “F” for his 2022 performance.

  65. Bucamania Says:

    Bowles is a placeholder until they clean house after a sure to be disastrous 2023 season.

  66. Jerry Says:

    Bowles is viewed unattractive because in the modern NFL, you rarely get more than a few swings at the bat before you are expected to hit a home run. Bowles also spent several years with the Jets without much success. And his first year here was an underwhelming 8-9 despite Tom Brady and a talented roster. Next year, no Brady, a below average OL, and a cap problem. No one expects him to win 17 games next year. But a 3-4 win season will end his job regardless of the problems that aren’t all his fault. And most prognosticators feel that’s what will happen. Most OC candidates feel that’s what will happen.

    It’s a cut-throat league. A coach does not get more than a few years to build a winner. Despite all the problems facing this team in the short term. He has to show some kind of progress somewhere. Either Trask has to do well, or Bowles has to turn some journeyman around, and his defense has to be better. If those thing don’t happen, Todd won’t get a year 3. You have to sell something. You can’t say, “we will be better in 5 years when we clear the books and get younger.” You don’t get that kind of time in this league.

  67. captivajim Says:

    after the Bucs go 5-12 next season ; Bowles will claim he only had 1 yr with his coaching staff.. So , he’ll be given another yr . then after another 4-13 bust in ’24 ; the Glazers will fire bowles & licht.

    So then , with new GM & new coaches in ’25 ; we’ll start the rebuild..

    thats our future

  68. BUCman Says:

    Fact: Bowles is a terrible Head coach! But lets face reality. The BUCS are going to be terrible next year regardless of who’s Coach or QB for that matter. This season they will ride with Bowles at Head coach, Trask at QB1 and commit to a salary dump. All the price they happily pay for the ALL-IN Brady years. This is why they haven’t been able to hire a decent OC. In 2024 after finishing near the bottom of the league they will dump Bowles and hire a new Head coach who will bring in his own staff, draft a QB with a top 5 pick and start the rebuild.

  69. catcard202 Says:

    Just because the Glazer‘s have not fired a coach after one season does it mean it shouldn’t have happened.

    The bumbling OC & O staff search makes it pretty clear that the man did not have a plan in place when he made staff moves rapidly after this season. It’s hard to believe that he’s going to improve the OFF situation, unless he goes & gets Beineimy to Tampa & gives him free reign to do his thing.

  70. Tye Says:

    The Bucs are one of those perfect examples of addition by subtraction…

    The Bucs instantly become better with the absence of Bowles…
    He is a mega huge reason for the Bucs falling off in scoring points and therefore the problem OR part of it…

  71. Tye Says:

    ‘Joe doesn’t recall seeing a more unpopular Bucs coach than Bowles’

    Fans are so sick and tired of LOSERs as HC getting multiple seasons…
    The dark decade was long enough.. NO need to rush back in because of Bowles incompetence!

  72. LastDance Says:

    Im for Bowels staying as long as possible… Each year will be a top 5 pick. So in 10 years it will be a great roster on a gutter dwelling team… What the owners deserve.

  73. The Anomaly Says:

    if you can’t win with brady…buddy…you are never going to win anything

  74. Cobraboy Says:

    The “crazies” are the ones who fondle Bowles like he’s Swarovski crystal.

    Dude took an acceptable, fairly talented roster and crashed it. Badly.

    Bennett was bad, but he didn’t have anything to work with, and the owner didn’t spend jack. And Bennet had success in Atlanta, contrary to what Bowles produced in Tampa. I was in grad school in Atlanta when he was head coach, and some of those Atlanta teams were pretty darn good.

    I wish Bowles had one of Bennett’s RVs…to ride out of Tampa forever more…

  75. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Nothing crazy about it. He’s a terrible coach. Terrible in NY. Worse here, I would argue as he had Brady and couldn’t even attain a winning record in the anemic NFC South. That is just pathetic. Should be banned from football just for that.

  76. firethecannons Says:

    Bowles lost the playoff Rams game 2021 season and he threw the Browns game last year and was unable to get this team operating on any kind of decent level he is historically a very bad head coach Bucs are top pick in 2024

  77. NEfan Says:

    I don’t get it after reading these post other than Duane from his padded room and DR, does anyone care is Bowles falls off the face of the earth tomorrow? I sure as heck don’t.

  78. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’m LMAO about our Bucs. Here it is, we fire an OC who won a SB and had a winning record the yr prior. We fired him as a scapegoat because Brady had arguably one of his worst years ever. Fans said, Dump him off the plank. Leftwich was fired. Now you got a team with an HC who has no connection with his OC just hire..who has never been an OC in the NFL. Be very careful what you wish for fans, You got Bigtime headaches coming your way.

  79. steele Says:

    Bowles should never have been hired as HC in the first place. Then he proceeded to take a deteriorating situation (it wasn’t great in Arians’ last season) and make it far worse. We will continue to clamor for him to be gone and for this team to be rebuilt and cleaned out. Everybody knows and expects the Glazers to do nothing about it. Nobody expects him to be fired, even though he should.

    The “crazies” are the ones who have gone along with the slide down the drain, in denial.

  80. NEfan Says:

    Mike Johnson@ It appears you are so much smarter than the entire NFL world seeing how Leftnut can’t get a job. If you took the time to watch KC in the SB, good offense play callers scheme routes so receivers open. They don’t just have them run run blocking routes. Brady had to throw almost 800 times, it’s amazing he finished the season. Bowles and BL were putrid and BL took the hit. Learn the game moron.

  81. Lakeland Steve Says:

    I guess I’m one of the crazies then. Let me see, you cite that he won the division should get him a pass. The Division was the equivalent of a bunch of high school teams. Bowles (the defensive guru) defense has only played well down the stretch during the Super Bowl season. Since then they blow coverages, get caught out of position, get beat because they are “bored”, and in the most important game in the 2021 season against the Rams let one receiver totally destroy the defense. But Bowles is a defensive genius? After we get back to losing this year Bowles may get fired or he won’t because he will get another pass because we are so far over the cap. So he will get fired next season. The dude is not a head coach and I don’t even think he is a decent defensive coordinator.

  82. CJ Buc Says:

    Joe, your right of course, but after a 0-5 start there will be a lot of I told you so’s