Tom Brady Leaves Game Healthy, So Bucs Win Before Halftime

January 8th, 2023

The Bromosas are flowing at world headquarters. Tom Brady got out of the regular season healthy — with a half to go in the Buccaneers’ season finale.

Joe nearly vomited when Brady stayed in today’s game after starting center Robert Hainsey left with a hamstring injury. The Bucs shuffled to put left guard Nick Leverett at center and John Moulchon jumped in at left guard for his first-ever real action. Man, Joe nearly needed a padded room.

But Brady avoided getting sacked while going 13-of-17 for 84 yards and a touchdown to Kyle Rudolph. Officially, Brady took three hits. He looked very stressed on the sideline after getting pulled, but that’s to be expected.

Joe will anxiously await word on the Hainsey injury. That would be a nightmare loss. And no, Joe doesn’t assume Ryan Jensen miraculously will be ready for a full game of action in a week or less.

26 Responses to “Tom Brady Leaves Game Healthy, So Bucs Win Before Halftime”

  1. CleanHouse Says:

    He’s the absolute best. He’s addicted to playing- hopefully being pulled will help him remember how much he needs to play, hopefully with the Bucs

  2. NEfan Says:

    And now Gage. Bowles is an idiot.

  3. Jack Clark Says:

    We are winning and some of you are still not happy 😂

    Miserable freaks!

  4. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Gonna be 8-9 headed into the playoffs.

  5. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Fcckin stupidity. What was the point ?

  6. Randall Says:

    Brady getting pulled early for Playoffs NOT worth having his first losing season. Also, every play out he’s losing opportunities to stack his stats.

    Bucs don’t shave a cutthroat win-at-all-costs mentality. They always play it safe and it’s cost them all season. This game is a prime example.

  7. Old School Bucs Says:

    Joe Bucs Fans Losers are beaming. They got brady and most starters to sit. Falcons will win the game putting Bucs at 8-9 for season and the losers and the media have a whole week to talk negative about the next week. What will the issue be for next week. Media mantra…start Trask??? Fire the coaching staff before the playoffs??? Or maybe the losers can go into rumor mode? How bout the electrician who was in the locker room fixing a burnt out light over heard the custodian talking to the guy who was refilling the water bottles say he heard from his cousin who has a friend who works in the head office reports anonymously that Brady is leaving at the end of the year!!! Also, that Sean Peyton and tom brady are going to the USFL on a multi trillion dollar package deal.

    Bowles you jacked this game up. You had a chance to build some great momentum. But you listened to the media and the losers in this town. You allowed the falcons to beat the crap out of you. You should have listened to Brady and played to win!!!! Nope, my only question now is how much you get beat by today!!! How do you build momentum by losing disgracefully?

  8. LastDance Says:

    Agree Randall. You play to win the game. Every game. So many of Brady’s lifetime perfect records have been tainted by these coaches. Im sure he wants to barf today… knowing they will likely lose now.

  9. alton d green Says:

    from this miserable freak………….as a career Brady fan I can GUARANTEE the Bucs can kiss Tom’s arse goodbye. Tom hates to lose more than anything. And before you Rhodes Scholars start bragqing about Todd, he took Tom out and it will be Tom’s first losing season. Tood Bowles a great def co-ord???? The filthy Falcons are making fools of our defense. and BTW, Tom doesn’t play defense. Tom is a class act so he will smooth things over but folks you need to take a pic of Tom in a Bucs uniform

  10. Buc4evr Says:

    Bowles and Leftwurst are an absolute disgrace. Both need to be fired and if Jason agreed to this travesty of a gameplan he needs to by also given the boot. It is unconscionable to throw any game in the NFL, playoffs coming up or not. This coaching staff is pure garbage. Absolutely no respect for these losers and bums. Total filth !

  11. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Brady’s not coming back to this garbage. The One pointless thing you could’ve done. Play Brady and starters and not try to win the game. All risk no reward. Either sit Brady and as many starters as you can or play to win. No let’s just half azz it and take a chance on getting guys hurt and not bother with trying to win.

  12. Fire the Gannons! Says:

    Thank u Todd Bowles! Now the GOAT can leave this franchise and go wherever he wants, including the slimy Saints, without any repercussions to his legacy. Toilet Bowles denies him the chance to maintain his perfect streak of winning seasons spanning 23 years as well as his perfect 11-0 record against the Falcons. If that doesn’t piss off someone beyond repair nothing ever will.

    Good bye Tampa! Good bye Toilet Bowles! (and Arians for repeatedly throwing him under the bus over the last 3 years) My guess now is that he goes to New Orleans just to give a giant middle finger to Tampa next year.

    I, for one, will be loving every moment of that Disem-bowles-ment (the “s” is silent).

  13. ElioT Says:


    Losers entering the post season.

  14. ElioT Says:

    It’s embarrassing to be a Bucs fan.

  15. Buc4evr Says:

    Bowles is total garbage. He has ruined the franchise for years to come. Why the glazers would hire this proven loser as a HC is beyond me.

  16. alton d green Says:

    These so called coaches have lost games all year. This is the ULTIMATE slap in the face to Tom. His first losing season. I’m so mad I could explode. I think it was Joe that said “Brady looked stressed after being pulled from the game.” DO YOU THINK?????????????????????????????????. It really doesn’t matter who we play next week. A QB i’ve never heard of is making our defense look like little kids, So you can imagine what Dallas or Philly will do to them. And just a reminder, Tom doesn’t play defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Kansas95Bucs Says:

    When are we going to stop hiring coaches that play not to lose? Why in the world would you be content going onto the playoffs with a losing record? Too Bowles is a loser

  18. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    At least we are healthy, going to the playoffs and the Falcons move down in the draft.

  19. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Also, the players don’t seem too broken up about losing this game. This game just isn’t that important and they realize that.

  20. bob Says:

    they were gonna win it for tom….yeah right

  21. DoosLaRue Big Brother Says:

    Welp can’t wait to see this on freezing cold takes😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Proudbucsfan Says:

    That was complete BS we are out in the first round mark it down and Brady is outa here. Get ready for 10 more years of bottom dwelling.

  23. sasquatch Says:

    Losing is never winning.

  24. alton d green Says:

    yucstoucs; You nailed it. Toilet Bowles and Leftty have lost st least 7 games by being an idiot. I’ve been a Brady fan his whole career. Kiss him goodbye. I wouldn’t blame Tom if he cleaned out his locker, win or lose. forget the win part. Instead of taking Tom out he should have ran out and signed some homeless people. Tom Brady hates to lose more than anything. What a frickn embarrassment. 8-9. Bruce with Tom? SUPERBOWL. 2nd yr? Bruce with Tom 3rd yr? Toilet Bowl with Tom? 8-9 Jack Clark, my friend you obviously don’t know Tom Brady very well. HE IS A WINNER FIRST AND FOREMOST. That “playing to not lose mentality is why we are 8-9. The lousy Falcons used our defense like a defective condom

  25. alton d green Says:

    Joe it’s that passive “play to not lose” mentality that got us in an 8-9 cluster%$#@ to begin with. Tom Brady is a winner. As Vince Lombardi said “winning is not the most important thing, it’s the ONLY thing” Tom is a goner. I wouldn’t blame him if he cleaned out his locker today!!! In 22 years, a winning record EVERY YEAR. Then came that large man sitting on a wall trying to not have a great fall that tells Glazers Lets hire Toilet Bowl. The man has a 29-45 record in NY. Let’s grab him before another team wants a loser. Joe your attitude reminds me of a certain person that hasn’t been to our S. border in 2 years and then shows up like Superman and expects praise. NOT FROM THIS COUNTRY BOY!!!!

  26. Goatfarmer Says:

    Too bad Blowes and Leftardwich made it out of there without ending up on IR. What a waste of an amazing WR room. Maybe they can both be debilitated by the bug Mike E supposedly had. No more. No more. No more.