Todd Bowles Confidence Poll (Week 18)

January 5th, 2023

Flash poll posted at 10:37 a.m. Poll closed at 12:11 p.m. Last week’s results linked here.


10 Responses to “Todd Bowles Confidence Poll (Week 18)”

  1. Craig Says:

    If anything I am getting farther away from having any confidence in the Bowles cleaner.

    He just doesn’t know how to win games; he seems o actively call bad plays so the Bucs lose.

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    I voted “confident” from the mere fact that I have no choice as a fan. I want to be TOTALLY confident but cannot.

  3. ElioT Says:

    Two nail-biting wins in a row against teams in disarray with everything on the line does not build much confidence in the HC.

    Little Confidence

  4. D-Rome Says:

    No confidence. Team is 8-8 with Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, Russell Gage, and Leonard Fournette as starters on offense. They are averaging 18.5 ppg on the season. That’s inexcusable. Tom Brady is likely gone next year. Does anyone think the team will do better with a different QB?

  5. AbucAway Says:

    He lives

  6. Jack Clark Says:

    I’m confident Todd Bowels will allow our offense to play no risk it no biscuit football!!!

  7. Richard Dickson Says:

    Little confidence, but I don’t see how you can fire a head coach who won their division, no matter how awkward it was. And if we somehow win a playoff game, that locks him in even more.

  8. D-Rok Says:

    I changed my vote from No Confidence in week’s past all the way up to Little Confidence this week. He earned a better grade from me because of his mic’d up segment. He wasn’t so dull during the game. That’s gotta be worth SOMETHING, right?

  9. robert Says:

    still no confidence.

    if this team wins it is because they overcame bowels bone headed calls and clock management.

  10. OBVIOUS Says:

    After unlocking the chains and letting the offense feast my vote went from screw you No Confidence to ok since you’ve come to your senses for one game I lifted my hated, firm, straight up, No Way to ok feeling good with a dominate win vote of a charitable “very little confidence”. I even went as far as sticking up for Bowls to a fellow hater. Which of course was a bit more trouble than it was worth. Then again the fellow hater DID have it coming since they aren’t even a Buc fan. I did not like the cheap shots from any damn body whom hasn’t EARNED the right to Bitch and Complain. Especially since that commenter has had it pretty free and easy for YEARS of being in a straight out push over league with MY QB on his team for FAR LONGER than they deserved CONSIDERING the fingers that, that coach gave MY QB for years. And then of course the blatant “F” you that, that coach gave Tom his last year there. And then of course MY QB came into a FAR MORE competitive division and won a Super Bowl IMMEDIATELY in the Worst of possibly conditions. CoVid, no practice with a brand new set of players, brand new system, etc. IMPRESSIVE! Somehow now that Tom has left that league, that league has become competitive and now the NFC South has become the league Tom left in the AFC. Weird Right. Make No Mistake….. If you haven’t EARNED your bitchin then Nobody’s heart is bleeding for you. And your criticism can GO SUCK AN EGG!
    Welp, with that book said, Bowls earned a Very Little Confidence vote this time around. I suggest Bowls doesn’t complain about that either. Bowles, think as it as it’s better than a Stick in the Eye!

    Go Bucs!