Tim Brown: Raiders Should Have No Interest In Tom Brady

January 27th, 2023

Joe sure hopes Hall of Fame wide receiver Tim Brown still has influence at Raiders team headquarters.

Why? Because Brown was a voice of reason during his recent visit to CBS Sports Radio.

“I don’t think Tom Brady should be in the [Raiders’] plans at all,” Brown said while Joe applauded.

Brown was asked about the Raiders’ uncertain quarterback situation; they gave up on Derek Carr and have little else. Brown has heard the chatter about pending free agent Brady heading to Las Vegas to connect with his former coach and current Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels, and wants to see the Raiders take a different approach.

“I think Tom is starting to show that he’s 45, 46 years old,” Brown said. “I think his inability to move, I mean when you look at the quarterbacks in the league today you have very, very few who are pocket quarterbacks. You know, Joe Burrow is probably the closest thing you get. But God knows, when it’s time to run, he can get out of the pocket and make it happen. Tom Brady is never going to do that.

“… I just think the league is going to the point where you have to have a quarterback that’s able to move around and get some things done with his feet every once in a while.”

Joe thinks Brady can still get the job done, but yeah, he’s immobile and needs an Grade A offensive line to be elite. The Bucs had that in 2020 and 2021. This season, the line was more like a Grade B-.

The Raiders’ offensive line isn’t so great, either. Regardless, Joe loves any chatter that suggests Brady’s options might be limited across the NFL, which would make him more likely to land in Tampa next season.

Brown suggested Brady may keep playing because of his divorce — and because NFL brethren will love him and stay devoted.

“Maybe this is his family now. Maybe he tries to hold on,” Brown said.

Brown also advised Brady to get people in his corner who are strong enough to tell him to hang it up if they believe he can no longer play effectively. “Just because you can, don’t mean you should,” Brown quipped.

32 Responses to “Tim Brown: Raiders Should Have No Interest In Tom Brady”

  1. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I disagree with Brown on some points, but Brady’s addiction to football is a real problem. He’s like a heroin addict. He needs football constantly injected into his veins. I honestly think Brady kinda craves the preparation and practice now more than the actual games. He’s always had the goal of playing into he was 45. Brady was gonna fulfill that goal and no one was gonna stop him, even his wife. He was in uncharted waters playing at that age. He’s not washed like Peyton Manning or Dan Marino. He’s just kind of middling right now. He needs an intervention from his close friends and family.

    I will say that Brady doesn’t needs a Grade A line. He just needs a good line. A line that will just allow him that split second more to step into the throw. We shouldn’t discount that Brady lost 15 pounds and was playing well below his playing weight. That could’ve factored into his reluctance to get hit. Was he that depressed and was starving himself? Meanwhile, Gisele is out hanging with a “trainer.”

    I do believe Brady will retire. I was shocked that Brady gave Godwin his game worn jersey against the Saints when he broke Peyton Manning’s record for 4th quarter comeback wins. That’s a very special and valuable jersey. He even signed it. What a teammate! That jersey will be worth thousands of dollars. I take it as a going away gift to Godwin who is one of his favorite teammates.

    If Brady does come back to TB or plays for another team, I would get a physical and demand that he returns to his playing weight. Remember that so-called minor rotator cuff injury? I don’t buy that it was minor and that it didn’t effect him this season. He also had a finger injury.

  2. Sailing away Says:

    Tim brown. Never heard him. Why listen to him. His voice means nothing.

    Immobile quarterbacks won the last two Superbowls.

  3. BrianBucs Says:

    Giving this season’s offensive line a B- is extremely generous

  4. LastDance Says:

    Since 2011 only 2 QBs who could move at all won the Super Bowl. Current bias. Russ in 2013 and Mahomes in 2019, every other win was by a guy who couldn’t move to save his life. Eli, guy from Baltimore… cant even remember his name, Brady, Manning, Brady, Nick F., Brady, Mahomes, Brady, Stafford. Shut up about mobile. It just means your QB is more likely to get hurt running around.

  5. LastDance Says:

    Flacco… HAHA

  6. Goatfarmer Says:

    Tim Brown is in the hall of fame? Really? Why?

  7. Old black man Says:

    Brady humpers strike again!

  8. Johnw1c5 Says:

    #Collaspe4Caleb #Collaspe4Caleb
    #Collaspe4Caleb #Collaspe4Caleb

    That’s how it is, that’s how it should be and that’s how it’s going to be.

    – quote of some famous rassler

  9. RickyBobby10 Says:


    I don’t understand how some can say they fans, watch these games and still blame the offensive line when the tape shows the @Joes are right on the money with that B- minus grade. It’s like some of yall see what yall wanna see or you just like to complain which is another problem with society all together.

    How about blaming Tom Brady for his sporadic play all year long and stop enabling him. How about blaming an OC who clearly has no idea how to run an offense and stop, like his friggin buddies in the media (1st Dump for example,) using u know what as an example. Byron was just plain bad…….period!!

    How about blaming a HC who could’ve nipped this in the bud much early on but chose to ride this out instead of forcing his employee to try something, anything else or finding someone else on his staff who could…..like Clyde for example, who would’ve been glad for the opportunity. And don’t get me started on his poor and scared decision making in games. The second CAR game almost turned into an disaster of epic proportions.

  10. BelleGladeBuc Says:

    TB12 ran for -1 yards, 1 TD, and 5 first downs this season according to Pro Football Reference.

    Joe Burrow, the QB that TB12 is compared to as far as mobility is concerned for some crazy reason, rushed for 257 yards, 5 TD’s, and 28 first downs.

    Patrick Mahomes ran for 358 yards, 4 TD’s and 25 first downs.

    Joe Burrow is every bit as mobile of a QB as Patrick Mahomes is. Burrow and Mahomes are mobile QB’s, and TB12 isn’t even close to either of them in mobility.

    The NFL offense is evolving to needing QB’s who are able to pick up first downs or extend plays in the pocket with their feet because the defensive players speed, size and skill has evolved to such a point that it is forcing that adaptation.

    All 4 teams playing in the Conference Championship games this weekend have QB’s who can run and pick up first downs or extend pass plays in the pocket by running to open grass.

    The pure pocket passer who has none of those above skills is now a liability in the game of football in the NFL.

    Teams are forced to adapt to the environmental conditions of the modern NFL game because if they do not, then they will fail.

  11. bob in valrico Says:

    Tim Brown understands immobility, he seemed to have it as a returner back in
    his days with us and Gruden. Age and Injuries can pile on and slow up anybody.
    IMO, the offense was not that effective when 2.25-2.5 second clock influenced the playcall or decision making.

  12. brooks Says:

    Spot on

  13. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @BelleGlade. There are different types of mobility. Brady can’t escape the pocket like the QBs you listed, but his pocket mobility and presence was just as good as any QB in history besides Marino. He had these subtle movements in the pocket that allowed him to escape pressure. It was one of his biggest strengths. Ask any defender. Brady was very mobile in the pocket. You need to specify what you mean by mobility.

    No QB should ever be compared to Brady. Period. He’s an outlier. It’s actually very disrespectful for anyone to compare a QB who experiences just a bit of success. It’s just these outrageous comparisons. No one will surpass Brady’s accomplishments. No QB will play at a high level at such a long time as Brady. Brady literally has 3 different HOF careers. He has every individual passing stats, and has seven SB rings. It’s disrespectful for any QB to just be compared to the GOAT when they haven’t had the tiniest of success.

    The more Brady plays into his 40’s. The more revisionist history about his career takes place. Prime Brady was on a different level.I suggest you look at some videos on Brady’s pocket movement. He was a damn magician. Early Brady was even good and got unfairly pegged as a only a game manager. He led the league in passing in 2002. He’s played so long that people think the old man’s career began in 2016.

    Burrow is Burrow. Mahomes is Mahomes, and Brady is 1 of 1.

  14. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Josh Allen’s mobility sure worked out for him. Mahomes’ mobility worked out for him in the SB. The statue outplayed him in the SB.

  15. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Miami makes some sense because of his home there & proximity to his children…..but Vegas makes little sense……
    He can play where he wishes…..but, it’s a two-way street…..teams have to want him.

  16. 407Bucsfan Says:


    C at best!

  17. NEfan Says:

    Goff, Cousins, Big Ben apparently Brown doesn’t watch enough football. Everyone wants to compare him to the Allen’s, Mahomes, Burrow, Jackson. He’s not them. QB’s have been running for decades, Young, Vick, Cunningham, McNabb, Tarkington, Montana, Bradshaw, Wilson, Rogers, Elway. ALL these guys could escape the pocket & run. It doesn’t matter your style it’s the reading defenses is the key. Other than Mahomes I don’t think any of today’s QB’s will sniff what Manning and Brady have done. Even Mahomes is starting to get beat up performing his heroics. Jackson will NEVER win a SB.

  18. Doc Says:

    Why verbal battery Brown, because of his opion, which is correct. The Buc’s have everyone favorite grand dad at quarterback.Time to move on folks.

  19. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    I lost all respect for him and Jerry rice when they both said that there bill Callahan cheated and gave us the Super Bowl talk about sore losers

  20. mark2001 Says:

    Rodgers in LV.

  21. stpetebucfan Says:

    Brown absolutely nailed it with this sentence.

    “Just because you can, don’t mean you should,” AMEN!

    BTW an honest question for JBF posters. All this season I’ve been reading cheap shots taken at Giselle. Really? Why? Because WE might be disappointed if Brady retired? Seriously?

    NOBODY knows who is at fault or even if either one is at fault. They just grew in different directions…been there done that. It’s very common and we don’t need to find a villain to justify that situation.

    Here is Giselle’s side. If he was the love of her life she had to watch him go out on Sunday and literally risk his BRAIN…with NOTHING to prove…nothing to earn..collectively they’re worth more than a Billion with Giselle contributing the most.

    I desperately love my wife. I ABSOLUTELY would be peoed if she INSISTED on doing something as dangerous to her health as playing in the NFL after she had claimed records that will not be broken in our lifetimes!

    Perhaps it’s because deep down we understand her very valid point that we feel the need to cheap shot her?

  22. Beej Says:

    It’s been 40+ years since it happened to me, but to find out the love of your life is bedding some dude on the side is the most debilitating thing that can happen to a man, affects everything in your world. I suspect that is what led to the 11 missed days in training camp (followed by a month or two later, pics of her and their family exercise instructor walking on the beach in Costa Rica. ) You don’t shrug such things off quickly

  23. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    B- is a very generous assessment of last year’s o-line play.

  24. BelleGladeBuc Says:


    Big Ben could take a hit in the pocket from a DT/DE like the enormous Calius Campbell in the Super Bowl, shake him off, extend the play and complete a pass to his WR’s. Also, Big Ben ran a 4.8 40 time at the NFL combine. For Comparison Gronk ran a 4.7. Big Ben’s speed and mobility was relative to that of a TE like Gronk.

    TB12 has never been Big Ben and comparing TB12’s style of play to a 6’5 and 250 pound QB in Big Ben who is built like a LB is crazy.

    Also, TB12’s ability to move in the pocket this year was showing a big decline in skills from his previous years.

    The game has changed. DT like Armistead or Donald routinely now drop into coverage and are able to cover the area. You don’t know where the pressure is coming from pre snap. Defensive players are bigger, stronger and faster than previous generations, and that physical evolution has led to defenses evolving. Past offensive schemes are now extinct because of that reality. NEfan can tell you that today’s LB’s are much different physically than when he played the position.

    You need a QB who can move post snap out of the pocket and in the pocket now based upon the defense’s evolution in the NFL. Pre Snap reads are not like they once were with umbrella coverage overtop the norm of defenses today as they respond to the Spread RPO offenses.

    Pop Warner/Middle School offenses are dominated by some form of the Spread RPO system.

    High School Teams are dominated by some form of the Spread RPO system.

    Colleges are dominated by some form of the Spread RPO system.

    Your professional players who play any offensive position are predominantly trained in and use to having a mobile QB to run the Spread RPO system from the time they were kids.

    Games change and evolve, and that evolution begins at the youth level.

    Like it or not, the pure pocket passer is becoming extinct.

  25. Reggie563 Says:

    Brown is ignorant. Brady never could run. He could bring that Raider team to the top, but he’d rather be loser.

  26. Bosch Says:

    You guys that never heard of Tim Brown or wonder wh he was HOF must be young. 1987 Heisman winner, and a top fiver receiver of the 90s. He even returned kicks and punts invading 4 spacial team TDs. Brown is the real deal, of an earlier era.

  27. Bosch Says:

    Including 4 TDs. Boomers like me have a tough time adapting to auto correct.

  28. NEfan Says:

    Tim Brown is the real deal as a past player, but his opinion is no different than ours.

    Belle, never said today’s game isn’t different. Brady played in 2020 and 2021 with far greater success than most if not all Qb’s in the league. Brady’s movement in the pocket at his best is not good. But anyone that has played the game should know if you can rush 4 and be successful beating the oline and drop 7, finding the open receiver is not easy. Belle, c’mon man, do you really think any NFL qb can win without a running game? Seriously

  29. Lakeland Steve Says:

    Who’s Tim Brown?

  30. stpetebucfan Says:


    Excellent analysis of the evolution of the NFL game!

  31. Reggie563 Says:

    I remember when Donald Trump ran for office, he said “ what do you have to lose”. Same could be said for The Raiders Mr. Brown, “what do they have to lose by signing the best quarterback of all time?

  32. DJB Says:

    Tim Brown hahaha, my mind immediately went back to when he was with the Bucs and his silly stutter step route running.