“They’re Scared To Say Anything Negative About Tom Brady”

January 4th, 2023

The famous Tom Brady Effect seems to have a new nuance.

Now there’s Brady Fear in the mix.

Joe sees it in the media and, heck, Joe may be guilty of it occasionally. Maybe. Tom Brady gets a massive benefit of the doubt when he plays poorly, and some even deny the poor play. Blame is more likely to be thrown everywhere other than at Brady’s feet.

Bucco Bruce Arians, however, threw Brady under the bus in mid-November as part of a JoeBucsFan.com exclusive. And there have been others.

Joe sees the Brady’s dropoff in the red zone all season and considers that undeniable proof of Brady not being the same player. But he’s still damn good.

Former Bucs great Keyshawn Johnson was shaking his head this week at those who think Brady is still the magical Goat he always was. Speaking on his ESPN Radio show, Johnson was adamant that Aaron Rodgers is still Aaron Rodgers, but Brady is a guy who took a significant step down from his throne.

“Anybody that looks at Tom Brady and says, ‘Oh, That’s still Brady.’ They’re just talking now. They’re scared to say anything negative about Tom Brady. That’s just the reality of it,” Johnson said.

Joe agrees with Johnson, but not to the point where Brady is out of the top tier of NFL quarterbacks. He’s still great, just not at the MVP level he was in 2021, when he deserved the award that Rodgers won.

That’s why Joe thinks any Bucs fan wanting to move on from Brady has lost his or her mind.

69 Responses to ““They’re Scared To Say Anything Negative About Tom Brady””

  1. D-Rok Says:

    Brady has not been consistent this year, and that’s uncharacteristic of his annual play, so in that regard, yes, he isn’t as good as he once was.

    He played at an elite level this past Sunday, so those saying he’s done, he’s washed, aren’t watching the games. He wasn’t perfect all game but got hot in 4th Qtr – which is a good time to wake up and play well. Yes, I realize it was the Panthers, but it was the Panthers who smoked us earlier in year to the tune of 3-21.

    Still, his play has given this fan some optimism heading into the playoffs. He can still sling it, IMO.

  2. Steven G Schassler Says:

    No offense but I’ll stick with Clyde Christensen and other highly respected names among raefiedwho claim that Brady might be playing at his peak this season. You have definitely begun to take the GOAT for granted during a year where he has had arguably the WORST O-Line and run game of his career.

  3. Wild Bill Says:

    Well he dropped three big bombs last game. It was a long time since he connected like that going deep. I am guessing that a weak line is forcing him to dump off short throws. And only he only has one true deep threat to throw to.

  4. Larry Says:

    Tom Brady has forgotten more about football than any of his coaches will ever know. Love him or hate him he is the GOAT.

  5. D-Rok Says:

    Another piece of evidence for submission:

    How did Brady play in a MUST win game?

    And that’s why I would want him back next year, barring any meltdowns in the playoffs.

  6. NEfan Says:

    Really, how far as Roger’s fallen? Broncos gave Mahomes a run for his money and Pat’s should have beat Cincy. My point is NO QB plays a perfect game. He is second in the NFL in passing and blowing away all QB’s in the NFC. Not bad for having a totally INVISIBLE running game. Keyshawn is one of the biggest dbags in the media.

  7. LastDance Says:

    These media types are all KAaron lapdogs. Than dude cant win sh!t when it matters and has looked like garbage most of this year… They are winning because they have an AMAZING run game and a good defense. Rodgers threw for less than 200 yards in the last blowout win… The win had nothing to do with him. He crumbles under pressure of real games. I am always amazed at how much boot licking he gets considering he is the biggest no-show of all time in the post season.

  8. Joshua porter Says:

    Key was a clown when he played and is a clown on TV.

  9. #8's Ghost Says:

    Keep giving TB12 that anger…thanks Key.

  10. Goatfarmer Says:

    Stick with no risk it no biscuit.

    It will loosen things up for our kindergarten “run game.”

  11. Bucsfanman Says:

    Coming from one of the biggest jerks in franchise history!!!

    Has Brady played “Brady-like” this season? Well, no, unless you factor in his passing statistics…like NE states above; 2nd in the NFC, leading the league in attempts…
    As we know, however, the gauge is WINS.

    Now, all that being said, is it really all that bad having the most prolific winning QB OF ALL TIME going into the playoffs?!?!
    (HINT: It’s a redundant question!)

  12. Waterboy Says:

    Love Brady and he is the G.O.A.T but I’ve been saying that all season. I see it all the time on this site as well as others where the media is afraid to call Brady. Not saying Leftwich is a great or even good OC but the logic that’s being used to insinuate that he has now changed the offense from no risk it, no biscuit it a scheme that he’s familiar with to a brand new dink and dunk scheme is ridiculous. They’re drinking and dunking because Brady has no appetite for getting hit and he’s offloading that ball before the routes develop. Part of it may be the line but a large part is on Brady as well.

  13. nick houllis Says:

    in the fantasy world, ive heard it all year, Rogers is washed, Brady is washed. they even went so far as to say Herbert was washed after he lost a couple of O linemen. its a key part of the game. the Bucs got their tackles back, and Brady had time to hit Mike Evans.

  14. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Aaron Rodgers is not Aaron Rodgers. I say this as a big Rodgers fan. He’s one of the few people where I’ll record his games to watch later. There’s been a drop off in his play. He’s overthrown and under thrown receivers. He’s had his highest interception total in his career. He also doesn’t move as well. Not to mention, Aaron is 38 and 45!! Do people realize how high of a standard Brady has set is where people are comparing him to his younger peers. It’s unfair in many respect.

    Anyway, Rodgers gets the biggest pass in the media. Talking heads are far more generous in their criticism of Rodgers because he makes some wow throws. This notion that people are afraid to criticize Brady isn’t based in reality. I’ve read and seen the criticism and Joe has posted multiple articles from his critics

  15. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Media has been killing Brady all year. Wtf is this azzclown talking about ?

  16. ScottyMack Says:

    Two things are entirely different this year that definitely have had an impact on Brady.

    1) The offensive line play has been abysmal for most of the year for both run and pass blacking, requiring Brady to release the ball before players can even get open.

    2) No Gronk. That not also took away a high impact quick-hit receiver but it aslo took away a primo blocker as well as one of the team’s best red zone targets.

    Expecting the same QB play as last year with both of those things missing is simply delusional.

  17. Davenport Says:

    To expect Brady to be the same guy he was 5 years ago is ridiculous – and there has never been a starting QB as his age to compare him to.

    As much as he’s maybe lost a little, there is still no better playoff QB and none better with the game on the line. At least 50% of the playoff teams wish that they had him starting for them

  18. Old School Bucs Says:

    Again Joe you are a loser!!! Yeah go to Keyshawn for football advice. I will end this discussion with one question. How many superbowls does Keyshawn have? Now shut up!!!

  19. Jack Clark Says:

    “They’re scared to say anything negative about Tom Brady.”

    Who didn’t blame Tom Brady for those 4 consecutive turnovers that cost us the game agains The Bengals? Every QB has a bad game, plus Tom Brady doesn’t have a healthy offensive line, his receivers drops passes and do not adjust their routes to defensive coverages, and his defensive minded head coach neutered our once potent offense.

    TEAM no risk it no biscuit!

  20. johnnymoon Says:

    Tom Brady has the same stats as Justin Herbert without the mobility .

  21. Infomeplease Says:

    No excuses!!! TB12 has not produced like last year !! I think we all agree on that! He doesn’t use them but considering all the issues with the OL, the new position players, all the injuries, and his wife and kids leaving him, he sure as he’ll has plenty of excuses to rationalized fir his overall performance. Of course TB12 doesn’t make excuses!! So I will!!

  22. Infomeplease Says:

    I also forgot having to deal with new coaching philosophy too!

  23. CrackWise Says:

    To a certain extent I think our run game has been keyed on by the opposing teams. They are stopping the run on their way to the QB. Basically, betting on Tom’s decline. I think the league decided to go at us like that this year because we have been virtually unstoppable with Tom the last two years.

    I agree, our OL has been inconsistent, hit with major injuries and inexperience.

    Which I think adds to my point/thought. For sure Tom is still the GOAT and only a newbe Buc fan would want him gone. Personally, I would take him falling off the cliff over the potential of, oh say, Kyle Trask.

    I think our run game is better than this year shows. I also think we will find out if I am right once teams realize they are going to get beat deep if they continue to play with fire.

    The reason it has been a problem all year is because Tom and company havent proven they will roast you for playing us that way. Byron has failed in this way specifically.

    You don’t have a historically bad running game by trying to different things. So, now that we have shown different things. We may be in for a surprise come the playoffs. Teams are not gonna let Tom to beat them like he has this year. They will force us to run by taking away all those passing yards and attempts from Tom.

  24. CrackWise Says:

    I could have written that better, but I think I made a valid point that some of yall will consider.

  25. robert Says:

    how these clowns get national attention baffles me. they might be able to run and catch, but I don’t give much credibility past that.

  26. Buc king Says:

    Plenty of excuse for Brady…make shift oline with ups drivers and rookies.
    New center a little baby boy at lg..a lt the has the worst footwork in football..
    Rt who had the injury bug..and a new rg in the system even if he’s been quite good…
    Now onto a banged up injured wide receiver room..2 rookie tight ends when he use to have gronk..
    A run game that is dog $hit.
    A defense that can produce turnovers or short yardage.
    A horrible play calling and tough as nails schedule.

    The list continues on…
    Yes Brady has plenty of excuses but you’ll never hear him say one..

  27. bob Says:

    tb12 is just a winner ….simple fact the guy is just a winner

  28. Infomeplease Says:

    TB12 seems to be peaking at the right time!! Never count him out!!

  29. D-Rome Says:

    Brady has thrown for 4600+ yards, has 24 TDs, and 9 INTs. He’s also throwing with 66.6% accuracy which is the 4th best of his career. Anyone who thinks Brady is done is out of their minds. He’s still a top 10 QB and if you take the future out of the equation who would you take above Brady today outside of Mahomes? Maybe Joe Burrow.

  30. robert Says:

    buc king gets it.

    if TB get’s 8 rings yall can suck it.

  31. Nater Says:

    Brady’s done. Should have stayed retired and kept his family together.

  32. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    He’s going to be 46 dude!! You think you saw a drop off this season wait until next season!!… Tom is the greatest QB to ever do it there no denying it and yes even at his age he’s still better than a lot of QBs but you’re setting yourself up for an even bigger mess if you bring him back next year… I think with this group of players that Carr could be good with Tampa! He seems to be the most mismanaged QB I’ve ever seen!

  33. Redeemer Says:

    Go look at the pass/run block win rate. If you can find a pocket QB who excels with well below average line play, then kudos. Last I checked, no QB has thrown into 7+ defenders more than Brady this year. Defenses are playing strictly coverage. IDC if you have Randy Moss, Jerry Rice and Terrell Owens out there, when everything is condensed and the QB has little time to throw, it’s extraordinary difficult. Brady is not above criticism. But if you give him a halfway decent run game, and time, he’s still a top 10 QB IMO. For all we know he’s been playing with a separated shoulder to boot. I find it kind of funny that supposed experts are laying the blame on him. He’s not the player he was 10 years ago, and is no longer capable of carrying a team on his back. It’s why he came here to begin with.

  34. CrackWise Says:


    You just dropped the mic FOR REAL.

    Shut down the comment section.

    Good Shizit friend

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘That’s why Joe thinks any Bucs fan wanting to move on from Brady has lost his or her mind.’

    There comes a point in every player’s career when the cost vs performance relationship doesn’t work any more, at least for the team that he’s playing for. Russell Wilson is a classic example. Seattle moved on & essentially had a little better result this year without him than in 2021 with him … and for a LOT less money. And the same has happened countless times throughout NFL history. Time catches up to all of us.

    Is the 2022 version of Tom Brady as good as the 2020 or 2021 version? Personally I didn’t think so UNTIL these last 3 games. Oh he still struggled for much of each game, but when it counted he ‘old’ Tom Brady shined through. That’s the primary reason I’m somewhat optimistic about the playoffs … when the ‘old’ Tom Brady rises up, the rest of the Bucs’ team seems to follow. Will that be enough for a team that’s been helter-skelter & inconsistent all season? Most likely not, but you never know.

    But Brady’s not under contract for next year, and Bucs’ management has to be asking the question ‘Is it time to move on OR do we re-sign Brady IF he even wants to be re-signed?’ Given our already poor salary CAP situation for 2023, can we even afford to spend $25 mil or more on a 46-year-old QB who clearly is not the future of this team? Can we surround him with the talent that he needs to be successful? Is it time to just turn the page & start a restructuring that’ll probably take at least 2-3 years to see any fruits from?

    Those are questions that we as fans can’t answer, but they are questions that ownership will have to address for their multi-billion dollar investment. Personally I think they’ve already made that decision. Giving Todd Bowles a 5-year contract & throwing mega-millions at Vea, Davis & Shaq plus paying White almost $12 mil for 2023 should tell us something. I think Tampa Bay will be going back to its’ defensive roots after this season, while still trying to maintain a ‘respectable offense’. Which side of the ball gets the bulk of the money this coming off-season will tell us IF that’s the decision they came to.

  36. CrackWise Says:

    OK, only exception is DR.

    Now we can shut this topic down LOL

  37. alton d green Says:

    the only thing I would save negative about Tom would be if he’s dumn enuff to stay in Tampa and suffer another yr with Heckle and Jeckle

  38. Old School Bucs Says:

    So many LOSERS! See this clown show at the superbowl. Then I will have to listen to the band wagon!!!! The life of a LOSER a sickening thing to behold!!!

  39. CrackWise Says:

    Define LOSER, be careful, you may be surprised by what and who you describe.

    I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up throwing shade at the current ADMIN health advisors of this country. Which is a major NO NO. Just trying to look out for ya. HAhaHA.

  40. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    The “experts” said the same thing about Brady during his last season in NE. How’d that work out for them?

  41. NEfan Says:

    DR, or Mr. Stats, please tell me ANY top team in the league that does NOT have a potent running game. Brady has absolutely NO running game and still succeeds. Are you effing people kidding me?

  42. NEfan Says:

    Seriously Joe??? You can write ef@ing but we cannot? A little hypocrisy don’t you think?

  43. Deano Says:

    F meshuan

  44. bucsbrady Says:

    Brady is leaving in two weeks anyway. Brady has been held hostage by management. All Brady wanted to do was leave last Feb on good terms and let Brady decided what he wanted to 2 do. Brady would join the Russian Army and fight in the ukraine war before he would to come back to this franchise. Keyshawn sucked he wakes up to do a radio show nobody listens to 5 days a week. Fox is paying Brady 375 million dollar contract to be announcer ambassassdor for fox. Key gets paid 500 a day to pop on first take and nfl live

  45. catcard202 Says:

    TB12 is washed & is not going to be better at 46/47.

  46. ChiBuc Says:

    “Joe thinks any Bucs fan wanting to move on from Brady has lost his or her mind.”

    Bwahahaha… no she’s wanna move on

  47. NEfan Says:

    Joe is talking about you puscard202
    & chisuc

  48. david Says:

    I have been on Brady this year. He is not above criticism. However, he is just one part of the problem.
    I do not think he has taken a step backwards though. Not physically or because of his age anyway. I think it started with a lack of focus in the off-season. Looking towards Miami offers , going through divorce and issues with the marriage, missing training camp, etc..

    If the focus is coming back now, as the line and defense get healthy and with all his receivers, look out

  49. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Against the Panthers I watched Brady look and look and look and no one was getting open in the redzone which has been going on all season. Sure he’s missed some open shots but still much better than our backups. He’s still good enough to help us beat the teams in front of us.

  50. PassingThru Says:

    Drop off in the endzone was something o harped about all summer. The only quality redzone threat on the roster was Evans. Poor job by Licht.

  51. Irishmist Says:

    Put Aaron Rodgers next to Brady and just look at their face and tell me who you think looks older. Brady may have more years under his belt but Rogers has more mileage.

  52. ChiBuc Says:

    Like I said Joe, the ladies will NEVER move on from Tommy. Just ask his pathetic minion, NEpam

  53. Max Says:

    Fuel to the fire, please add more to it you clueless talking heads. Especially Cryshawn Johnson, overrated pudgy diva receiver.

  54. NEfan Says:

    Chia, does your husband know you posting on a Bucs FAN site?

  55. catcard202 Says:

    I think NEFan caught feelings over something I said….or just hates hearing the truth.

  56. NEfan Says:

    catcall202@ You are correct, I have very little tolerance for stupidity. I would enjoy reading your detailed analysis why Brady is washed. Also please provide me with a top team in the league that has NO running game. I would be happy to read your reply and determine from there if I should apologize to you. I doubt you reply with something other than the word, DUH!

  57. catcard202 Says:

    Who cares if you apologize or not. Opinions vary…

    Time will tell who’s right/wrong about TB12 being washed. (TB12’s decline has nothing to do with Bucs run game…It’s the age/performance cliff that he’s staring down.)

  58. PassingThru Says:

    In other words, you got called out and cannot back it up.

  59. NEfan Says:

    I’ll accept that as a, DUH!!! Moron

  60. ChiBuc Says:

    NE, you truly have the debate skill of a 10 yr old. Name calling, belligerence, intolerable myopia. I would not be surprised if you read posts with your fingers in your ears as you hum and chant “I can’t hear you.” Trust me, Tommy will eventually retire and you will be ok… once you get past your fetal thumb sucking phase

  61. NEfan Says:

    Chia, I will take that as a DUH as well. If you can write some content that justifies you hate. I feel another DUH, wha response coming. Pertinent content is fun to read, your hate cries, not so much.

  62. catcard202 Says:

    Bucs went from 30.1pts game in 2021 to 18.5 in 2022…HUGE decline in offense.

    Much of that is directly related to TB12’s decline in yds/game, yds/attempt (btm 5), TD’s (nearly 20 less than 2021), QBR (20pts drop) & passer rating(12pt drop)…Dude’s a mid-level (at best) dink & dunk game manager at this point in his career.

    His QBR & Passer Rating put him at #18 in the league in 2022.
    For context…TB12’s 2022 QBR is lower than JW3’s in 2019 when he threw 30 picks!!

    Fact is…He’s not the TB12 of old…He’s just an OLD TB12.

  63. NEfan Says:

    Chia, so you don’t hurt yourself thinking, just come up with ONE top 10 team other than the Bucs that does NOT have a running game. You can ask your husband if you like. Just ONE!!!

  64. NEfan Says:


    Bucs 2021 Rushing stats
    16 gms 98.4 yds/game 18 tds.
    Rank 7th in the league

    Bucs 2022 Rushing stats
    16gms 74.2yd/game 5 tds
    Rank 32nd in the league.

    There is your problem clown.

  65. catcard202 Says:

    19 less passing TD’s in 2022 vs 2021 on ~ same # of passing attempts = WASHED.

    Lower QBR than JW3 during 33/30 2019 season = WASHED

    Jared Goff putting up superior season numbers than TB12 = WASHED

    Getting out played by Brock Purdy in his 1st career start = WASHED

  66. NEfan Says:

    2nd in the LEAGUE in passing only to Mahomes

    Leads the NFC is passing and has all season, Goff is in the NFC.
    That the best you got, Jarrod Goff?
    Goff has one of the best RB’s in the league. Goff has NEVER beat Brady. Brady’s completion rate is higher than Goffs. 3% less than Smith who leads the league.
    Brady has more downfield completions than Goff. If Brady was on Detriot with Campbell they would have won their division.

    Brady is 3rd with longest completion. Allen 98yds Burrows 71 and Brady 63

    49ers have won 9 in a row, not Purdy. 9ers have 2nd or 3rd best RB in the league and #1 D.

    Bucs lead in most drop balls and bottom 3rd in separation. Dead LAST in rushing.

    Bucs D has let up 27, 45, 34 & 35 to winning teams forcing O to one dimentional.

    Name ONE top NFL team that does NOT have a good rushing game.

  67. NEfan Says:

    Catcall@ so you are comparing him to a season he led the league in passing, td’s and all catagories except passer rating? Your expectations are high considering he lost two HOF receivers Gronk & AB.

    FYI , scoring around the league is down this season.

  68. catcard202 Says:

    You must be scribing to the Byron Leftwich fantasy football world where passing yards matter more than TD’s.

    Brady #2 in YARDS!!! Hell. J.Winston threw for a bunch of yards in this Leftwich system too & went 7-9 with 33ints and a much worse roster.

    Be real. TB12 has chucked it 716x – 60 more than ANYONE! Goff ~160x less but has more 5 TD’s, better QBR & Passer Rating….With a roster not nearly as talented as the Bucs…Making the fact that Goff’s QBR being higher in the 1st half, 2nd half & 4th qtr of games impressive on one hand & depressing on the other, as it shows that even TB12 4th qtr magic is in decline…All while leading the doormat Lions from a 1-6 start to 8-8 with a bottom5 D – equaling the Bucs record….But looking much more formidable than the TB12 led Bucs, even though the Bucs have a top10 DEF.

    Yeah, Goff’s been better than TB12…Which was about as unlikely as anything I could ever imagine. Which in my mind leads to TB12 = WASHED!!!

  69. ChiBuc Says:

    NE: “If you can write some content that justifies you hate.”

    I can’t, because I don’t. I still think TB is a top 8-10 QB and the buc’s best option atm. I do feel that the drama he brought this yr seriously impacted the team’s focus and he was not a hapless victim to the losses this yr, but a contributor as well. Sure you can point to drops and ignore the many dropped INTs he threw. Yes, you can recall come from behind victories, while overlooking the facts that his turnovers directly led to the team being behind. Of course you will site his yardage while conveniently not saying that his attempts out number the rest of the league and a lot of his passes are behind the LOS and yards yac. And absolutely you will say there is no run game while denying he has the power to audible out of those 1st down runs.

    Look, I partially agree with you but you are seriously man crush blind. I absolutely agree that the coaching staff could put him (get this) and the TEAM in better position to succeed, but dude wake the eff up… this ain’t 30 yr old Brady. This is a 46 yo nfl qb. Amazing, yes, but not the future.

    Oh yeah to satiate your itch for simpleton love hate thinking…. the only thing I care about Brady is that SB trophy he won for Tampa and the national exposure he brought to the Bucs. Other than that, I was sick of seeing him and Bill in superbowls, tired of his entitled rule breaking self never being held accountable, and if I wanted all the drama, I’d watch soap operas with you. So get off your high horse Tommy fan boy, because I am a football fan not some weird displaced affections fool drooling after a player like you.