There’s Hope

January 9th, 2023

Always a chance with “12.”

When you look at how the Bucs have played most of the season, well, you wonder how in the world this team made it to the playoffs.

But then you look at the calendar and see it’s January. Then you see who the Bucs quarterback is. OK.

Tom Brady lives for January. He was made for January. And when you have a healthy Brady and it’s January, well, Jeffri Chadiha of types, you simply cannot count out Brady.

The Bucs, you may have heard, will host the Cowboys in the wild card round on “Monday Night Football” a week from tonight.

What’s to like: They still have the best quarterback in NFL history in Tom Brady. It remains difficult to bet against a player like that at this time of year, primarily because his game hasn’t shown substantial slippage. This easily been one of the most tumultuous seasons of Brady’s career, given all the injuries to his supporting cast, and with free agency on the horizon this offseason, it’s quite possible he’s playing his last season in Tampa Bay. Those factors might be enough to make the Bucs believe they should make the most of this opportunity. They had a rough regular season, but none of that matters now.

Yeah, Joe admits it’s easy to write off the Bucs. They have not been impressive, But Dallas hasn’t been impressive either and they got clobbered by the Commandos and rookie quarterback Sam Howell. And the Cowboys still were playing for the NFC East title. (The Bucs also beat them.)

The Bucs? They had nothing to play for and pulled their starters.

Joe is not pretending Dallas is some powerhouse team clicking on all cylinders as they go on the road to face the Bucs.

62 Responses to “There’s Hope”

  1. Tucker Says:

    You could say the same exact things about the bucs. Two inconsistent teams are about to go at it oof.

  2. Cobraboy Says:

    The Bucs made it because the division sucked to a level not seen in history,

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We should be very healthy on both sides of the ball….perhaps have all 4 WRs….

    Both our tackles should be healthy along with our CBs, Vea & Safties…..

    No excuses…..

  4. BucfaninMi Says:

    Because DJ Moore took his helmet off too soon.

  5. NEfan Says:

    The killer B’s are Brady’s kryptonite, I would rather go 5 rounds with a heavy weight UFC fighter than bet on the Bucs with those stooges coaching this team. Might as well throw in the ST coach as well.

  6. ‘79 Defense Says:


    A division that sucked not to a level seen in history?

    The NFC South had 29 wins this season. The AFC South had 23.

  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Tampabaybucfan

    “Healthy” is said loosely around One Buc you know……

    YOU meant to say they are “as healthy as possible” for this coming game. It’s probably be the best the Bucs have been since opening day…..and look how history is repeating itself again!!!!!!!

  8. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    this is ACTUALLY a good omen for this Bucs team ^^^^^^^^

  9. Cobraboy Says:

    @ ’79: division history.

    Fact: the Bucs sucked in a sucky division.

    I’m not at all happy about this failed season, playoff game or not.

    I want the entire staff fired, the cap culled, for a rebuild. I want a future, not a past, and ALL the Bucs of 2022 have is a past.

  10. SB~LV Says:

    Sputtering, stumbling, bumbling, punchers chance is all they have.
    Brady is an antique, handle with care, physically limited in what he can do , a mere shadow of what he once was.
    He’ll play ( try) next year with another team and this dysfunctional franchise is not going to be in his mind.
    The Bucs are not only inconsistent they lack players that are explosive, they are the type of team that plods until they have to punt.

  11. Jerseybuc Says:

    Bring Payton n brady stays for a year possibly 2. We still have a solid supporting cast which Brady obviously knows.

  12. ClwJB Says:

    We should beat the cowgirls – they looked absolutely horrible yesterday

    Sam Howell torched them deep repeatedly and they just make mistakes in bunches – a lot like us

    That second round game at SF or Philly – that’s when it gets real dicey

  13. uhhhmmmmm Says:

    “primarily because his game hasn’t shown substantial slippage”

    You can tell this guy hasn’t watched many Bucs games this year…

  14. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ SB~LV

    Why are you and other fans being so negative right now?????

    ALL BUCS FANS should count their blessings that the Bucs are even in the Playoffs getting ready for another great game against a beat-able opponent

    COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. SufferingSince76 Says:

    You can never count Brady out. The rest of the team is another story.

  16. SB~LV Says:

    Anthem…. I am only a reflection of what I see
    There ain’t no hope in football
    The Bucs are FAR from a good team this year.
    There are reasons blah blah blah… end of the excuses they are a average team getting ready to play against the very best
    Michael Spinks

  17. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ SB~LV

    When the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowel….they came in as a 7-9 team.

    So 6 teams have advanced to the Super Bowl from the wildcard round.

    Anything is possible bro…….JUST COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!

  18. Goatfarmer Says:

    Ball State could come into RayJay and beat Todd Blowes. Todd can more than offset Brady’s greatness. He’s proven that the whole season.

  19. geno711 Says:

    I hope that the Arians red pen is all over this coming game instead of the non-imaginative Leftwich.

    Brady’s film study this time of year is like no one else. I suspect that he will point out plays that can be successful to the numb nuts, Leftwich.

    I expect a good game by Brady against Dallas.

  20. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Goatfarmer


    Why are you and other fans being so negative right now?????

    ALL BUCS FANS should count their blessings that the Bucs are even in the Playoffs getting ready for another great game against a beat-able opponent

    COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Browsing from DC Says:

    Stats for stats sake:

    In Brady’s 23 seasons he’s appeared in 10 Super Bowls. That’s nearly every other year.

    He’s won 7 in 23 years. That’s about every 3rd year he brings home the Lombardi.

    So he’s due to get there and due to win it. Right? With this roster anything is possible. With these coaches…..maybe?

    Even though Brady was pulled early yesterday, he gets tagged with his first losing season and first ever loss to Atlanta. He’ll be motivated. Big time. We’ll see if that’s enough to get the coaches to respond in kind.

  22. A Says:

    Playing Dallas gives us a chance to do what we’ve been doing all year…Suck for 50 to 55min and squeak out a win late. (thanks Mr. Brady)

    Go Bucs!

  23. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ geno711

    I have NO DOUBTS that we will see different plays in this game……because the Cowboys will be scheming as well.

    The Cowboys are an ELITE team when they are playing at their best. The Bucs can only hope Dak and the defense plays like they did yesterday against the commanders. To be fair, the Commander’s Secondary played lights out….they amazed me yesterday.

  24. AmauryGuzman Says:

    No hope with a short week even if they miraculously beat the cowboys. Seems like the nfl already had in mind giving the bucs the monday night game.

  25. AmauryGuzman Says:

    TheBucsAnthem cowboys an elite team when playing their best? That’s a stretch. They have played a soft schedule this year.

  26. SB~LV Says:

    Brady can’t get OUT OF TAMPA fast enough.
    He’s just going through the motions, he was not even planning on playing for the Bucs this year.
    That is known and has been known by the locker room before training camp.
    His body language is telling
    He can’t get out of Tampa fast enough.
    Say !
    What about Trask and those dirt balls yesterday?

  27. NEfan Says:

    Brady was 11-0 against Atlanta, now 11-1. 7-0 against Dallas. Let’s watch the Killer B’s wipe out this stat to.

  28. Goatfarmer Says:



  29. DG060 Says:

    Thankfully the NFL has the Bucs on Monday night so I won’t have to sit thru another garbage performance. I’ve seen enough of that for one season.

  30. alton green Says:

    hope? only if Tom calls the plays and Todd’s headset is broken. As for the defensive genius Todd Bowles, let me help you. Just watch the Dallas game. Washington’s corners and safeties played a kic$#@ game. Would Todd follow this common sense?????????????? Only if “Todd” is actually Todd Jones, Smith, Brown, White, but not Todd Bowles. Want proof? He didn’t double the Cheetah until he had 200 yds in the 1st qtr!!!! In the NFC champ game he didn’t double the league MVP receiver. Defensive genius??? Biden got 80 million votes and our border is secure, right?

  31. Buc4evr Says:

    Monday night= Final nail in the coffin. This team is full of zombies. Leftwurst and Bowles will have yet another chance to show the NFL world how truly incompetent they are. Brady is on the first plane out of here on Tuesday morning.

  32. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    For me, it’s simple. If Brady averages 3 seconds per drop back, not 2.5 or 2.7 – the Bucs will win. (And maybe big)

  33. Kentucky Buc Says:

    There’s a recurring theme with this coaching staff. Yesterday was the pinnacle. Half Azz. Half Azz, scared conservative coaching. Theme for the year.

  34. Natron Says:

    Lovie Smith Fired……AGAIN!!!!!

  35. Demetrios Says:

    Almost the same scenario during Brady’s last season in New England and that playoff game did not go well.

  36. SB~LV Says:

    Lovie… how much has he been paid by his contracts after being fired?
    Chicago, Bucs, Illinois,Texas
    Gesssh no wonder he won’t leave coaching.

  37. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This may be our best chance to win another SB for the next 20 years…

    Embrace it… is possible….if we catch fire right now….we have the talent in spite of the poor coaching.

    This also could be Brady’s last game with the Bucs…..if it is, thanks Tom for making us winners but more importantly, relevant.

  38. NEfan Says:

    Dan Campbell’s Lions paying for nothing except pride & a winning season, kicked GB’s arse in their house last night possibly retiring Roger’s. The team played for their coach and the coach cares about his players. There is the difference

  39. Infomeplease Says:

    The main reason the Bucs had a losing season was the poor game planning/game adjustments/play calling/lack of motivating by their coaches!!!! BA would have had this team with 11 or 12 wins!! The team has great players, simply put their coaches let them down by not doing what great coaches do!!! GETTING THE MOST OUT OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!
    IMO, this team can beat Dallas, they did once this season already!!!
    To win the defense has to make plays and get off the field on 3rd downs. The offense needs to use play action passes on 1 st down! Use the passing game to setup the run like they have the past 2 years. Use more motion. Mix in the hurry-up offense early in the game not just when they’re down 14 points.

  40. DungyDance Says:

    For those who believe Arians is the architect behind what appears to be a scripted first drive on offense in most of our games, consider that the Carolina win gave Arians an extra week to create more scripted drives (since yesterday’s game was conceivably a bye for him). So maybe we will get out to a faster start than normal next week.

  41. gbobucsfan Says:

    Fins / Bucs super bowl ?? haha

  42. SB~LV Says:

    The main reason for this season was
    Loveable Lumbering Gronk ( chemistry)
    the talent this year is not as good as last, I understand why some are not back , the talent is simply not as good as last season.

  43. Goatfarmer Says:

    Anthem, I’ve watched the team all year. Not being negative, just realistic, and I am counting my blessings. I count to 19. That’s when the Bucs will be picking in the 2023 draft.

  44. Jack Clark Says:

    Vita Vea and Akiem Hicks will be the MVP because they are going to shutdown the Dallas Cowboys run game and force Dak Prescott to out duel Tom Brady–assuming Todd Bowels allows Byron Leftwich to run the no risk it no biscuit offense. And hopefully our defensive backs won’t get torched in one-on-one coverage.

  45. Goatfarmer Says:

    The only hope is if Toad and Bymoron get lost driving to practice and end up on a freighter headed for the southern tip of Argentina. .

  46. JimmyfromNY Says:

    I said it two weeks ago and I stand by it they are beating Dallas and they will be in the game in the fourth quarter against Philadelphia. Brady’s going to slice and dice that Overrated cowboy secondary. Book it .

  47. uhhhmmmmm Says:

    Bucs have the worst point differential in the playoffs as well as their own weak a$$ division.

    If that continues they will be 1 and done

  48. JBBucs_06 Says:

    I don’t like the Monday night game (would have preferred Sun afternoon – less time for Dallas to recover); also less time for Bucs to prep for division round.

    I believe the Bucs have a pretty decent record against the NFC this season so encouraged by that. Hate that Dallas looked so horrible as they will be motivated to play better. If our Oline/Dline are healthy I say Bucs by 7 in a close one.

  49. SKBucsFan Says:

    You’re headline is my motto for this post-season. Hopefully TB12 chooses to ignore Leftwich and develop his own game plan. And hopefully Bowles doesn’t play zone coverage all game long. Hopefully he puts constant pressure on Dak and forces him to make bad decisions and subsequent turnovers.

    Hope is all we have when it comes to this coaching staff.

  50. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    There is just way too much negativity from BUCs fans on this site that keep on slamming the Bucs…..

    I think you guys live to be negative ……because how can you be so negative when your team made the playoffs regardless of the circumstances????

    Atleast we have someone to cheer and root for in the playoffs.

  51. Reach87 Says:

    Thanks Bucsanthem…I agree. Go Bucs!

  52. D-Rok Says:

    There IS hope. We are hosting a playoff game, which is a minor football miracle itself.

    Any team can get hot in the playoffs, why not our team?

    I remain optimistic about our chances until we no longer have any chances.

    GO BUCS!!! Wave your pom-poms, Bucs fans – we in the dance.

    We stand a chance beating the Cowboys. At least a 50/50 chance. I know everybody is freaking out about facing the 49ers who smoked us earlier in year, but the recent Bucs have precedence in this arena: In 2020, the Chiefs SMOKED us bad. So then came the Super Bowl, and what chance did we have in that game? Very few gave us a chance, and we slaughtered the mighty Chiefs.

    My point is: If we beat the Cowboys, don’t be so afraid of the 49ers – it’s possible we can win. Have some hope and optimism, guys/gals – OUR TEAM is in the playoffs!!!

    Rant over.

  53. NEfan Says:

    Demetrios@ go back and re-watch that PO game, the Pat’s should have beat the Titans. Bill Belichick/McDanials pulled a Leftwich. They had the ball 2nd and goal from the 2 and ran the exact same play 4 times in a row. The same LB read the play and made the tackle each time. The pick six came with like 9 or 18 seconds left inside the Pat’s 15yd line didn’t effect the outcome at all.

    SB~LV the talent level around the league is down. Bucs are just as talented as any. FYI Marpet went out with a ankle injury this weekend.

  54. WokeIzDone Says:

    Oh sure, there is hope. Way back to biblical days there is also faith and love, right? Well, as probably with most Bucs fans, I’ve got the hope and the love, but due to their play and their putrid coaching and ownership, I don’t have jack for faith.

  55. C2asante Says:

    Only in America could a clown calling himself goat farmer criticize professional athletes and coaches who have reached the highest level of their chosen profession as if he actually has credibility. I bet he is not even in the top 1000 goatfarmers yet he talks as if he could do a better job coaching than professionals.

  56. Ed Says:

    There is always hope. Yes hope the players revolt against the horrible play calling and audible out of every single Leftwich play. Freelance with no huddle as much as you can Brady, Evans, Godwin and the others.

    Your offense sucks not because the players are bad but because it is so poorly planned. The strength of the Bucs is going downfield and the idiocy at headcoaching is hallucinating that they are a power running team.

    Just let Tom throw the ball around and leave the thinking to him because the 2 guys running the show are not the brightest bulbs in the room.

  57. Sbucs Says:

    Why would Tom stay to play for Todd Bowles?

  58. NEfan Says:

    Sbucs@ NO reason!

  59. David Says:

    SB~LV Says:
    Cappo- Mason just as good
    Marpet- HUGE LOSS
    Shaq – HUGE LOSS but the defense has played remarkably well with all the injuries. For as much as people trash Bowles, he is a fantastic DC.
    Loveable Lumbering Gronk ( chemistry)- HUGE LOSS

    Suh- NOPE

    Hicks & Nelson performed way better. If you watched them at all, other than the 3 highlights they had all year, you would know that they are done. Nelson drastically outperform JPP.
    Hicks was an upgrade over SUH although not as much. That said, if he was healthy all year, it would not have been a contest. SUH didn’t play most the year either. He was too much money for them to sign at this point because he’s a back up. A great vet back up but the Bucs couldn’t afford a back up at that price.

    You left out the biggest issue… Nelson going down. Him and Marpet on the interior changed everything.

  60. NEfan Says:

    David other than Dallas, what games did they play well???

  61. Crickett Baker Says:

    I am with BucsAnthem, I can’t believe the negativity. For god’s sake, save it for the off-season! We are in the PLAYOFFS! You naysayers never expected us to be better than any other division team. You should be cheering them on! I could hardly read this site today.

  62. Sammy Davis jr jr Says:

    SB~LV because of that antique of a QB we have a good chance to make a run in the playoffs. I don’t know why people like yourself come on a BUCS fan page and run your co*ksuc*er? The BUCS are in the playoffs, who cares about the division they were in. All I know is it’s single elimination and w/ that antique of a QB and Evans,Godwin,etc. I think the BUCS can do some damage. LFG BUCS!