The “Bleeding” Cowboys Defense

January 15th, 2023

Bad offense vs. bad defense.

The Bucs, despite being underdogs, are a trendy pick to beat the Cowboys tomorrow night in the wild card round of the playoffs. There is a method to these folks’ madness.

As Rich Hribar of Sharp Football Analysis points out, the Cowboys have been a sieve on defense lately. Over the last five games, Dallas has allowed 5.7 yards per play. Only two teams have been worse in that time.

But on the other side of the ball is the Bucs offense. Joe maintains no NFL offense has underperformed as much, given the Bucs’ talent.

Hribar has the numbers to back that up. On third- and fourth-and-long situations where the Bucs need at least seven yards for a first down, the Bucs’ conversion rate is dead last in the NFL.

To be dead last in this stat — worse than the worst team in the NFL (Da Bears!) with their runaround quarterback — and with Tom Brady, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, it so outrageous that Joe cannot wrap his mind around it.

But when you look at the Bucs’ sideline and see who is calling the plays, well, you get a clearer picture.

Sad man, just friggin’ sad! It’s almost criminal.

28 Responses to “The “Bleeding” Cowboys Defense”

  1. Goatfarmer Says:

    Our play caller triggers me. I’m throwing stuff. Breaking stuff. But I blame the Head Coich also. The Buc ultimately stops with him and he has routinely set it on fire. I don’t want to hear about resiliency and watch another panicked no huddle comeback in the 4th quarter,

    Start the game that way, get a lead. Oh, right, Todd sucks playing with a lead, too.

  2. NEfan Says:

    Just saw the injury report scroll, Dallas 1 player out a CB, the Bucs a slew of questionable players & Leverett doubtful. This team is like a mash unit. Clean house, trainers included.

  3. BrianBucs Says:

    Byron Leftwich has really had a tough time formulating game plans this year under the parameters and restrictions that Bowles has put on him and the Bucs offense under, unlike the last 2 seasons when he had the Bucs offense running up and down the field when Arians gave him free reign to go score lots of points.
    Hopefully Bowles will back off a little and realize that this is now playoff football and you really have to go all out and win games by outscoring your opponent rather than worrying about time of possession, slowing down the game, etc.
    Hey Coach Bowles, turn your guys loose and stop playing Prevent Offense

  4. Bucfan Says:

    Breaking news. Bowles will be back next year! Without Brady, the Bucs will go from first to worst in the NFC South!

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Dem Boys will be playing their best tomorrow……

    …..don’t sleep on them

    Micha Parsons scares me

  6. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Health issues

    Bad coaching

    Bad leadership

    …….all a perfect storm for the Bucs this season

  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Who said Bowles will be back?????

    Unless the GM or the Glazers says so…..then I don’t believe it

  8. Ed Says:

    Slow and old Bucs need to play fast Monday. The tedious offense has to shake out of the sink and dunk and open up the field.

    If only they had a play like the Niners kept running yesterday.

    Motion to the right and set up what looks like a running play, fake into the line, spin Purdu to the weak side left, cross the receivers over the middle, wide open space to lead receiver to.

    That play was run multiple time and go 20-25 yards every time.

    The Bucs don’t run enough crossers out of running formations. Gage and Godwin can execute those kind of plays.

  9. richbucsfan Says:

    An 8-9 team will not succeed. Perhaps Tuesday will be BL’s last day. The only good thing from a loss to the Cowboys.

  10. NEfan Says:

    rich it will be Bradys as well.

  11. Kentucky Buc Says:

    More fishing. Click meet bait. How many different ways can you write the same article. 🎣 🐠

  12. SufferingSince76 Says:

    This flame out will go down in NFL history and the blame rests squarely on the Glazers. They’ve allowed this to happen. Licht isn’t looking too good, either.

  13. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The Bucs have a punchers chance tomorrow cause it’s the Cowboys………cmon now

  14. PewterStiffArm Says:

    It is sad and criminal Joe. But as fans, and you Joe, that is part of the sports media that understands the game a little better than we do, we are in a waiting pattern. The problem is some owners will make changes during the season and some will hold on to midseason consistency. The problem here Joe is that we never stabilized the offense and the ownership group never pulled the trigger on this failing coordinator. We sat and watched the offense get worse instead of better. We watched a coordinator get defensive when we questioned statistics and he referred to fantasy football references. If the Bucs come out flat again Monday night, lethargic, inept and predictable, god help us. We should have allowed Tom and Clyde to call the plays after the Steeler game. But once again I have said this before, we have no say so in the matter. Hopefully the Glasers have realized the colossal mistake of not changing the offensive gears. There is no guarantee Tom will remain with us, I think he will retire instead of returning to a dysfunctional play calling human named Leftstiff. Head coaching opportunities are long gone for him unless he is applying for a job with The Blessed Sisters of the Holy Cross.

  15. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I don’t think Licht or the Glazers could’ve predicted this humongous drop-off in production for the offense… way.

  16. stpetebucfan Says:


    Who pulls the trigger on these plays? Who therefore is the final decision maker?

    Am I expected to believe that BL is so POWERFUL that he can cow Tom Brady the GOAT into running plays the GOAT doesn’t believe in?

    Really? Tom Brady is just like Trask who goes in there and runs exactly what the coaches send in? I’m sorry if you believe that the great Tom Brady doesn’t have as much or MORE power than BL I have some stock in the Sunshine Skyway Bridge to sell you!

    BL is not BA. BA came in to save the franchise. He was HEAD coach and Licht’s good bud. BA HAD POWER. BL does not. As another famous Buc’s coach used to say, “It’s as simple as that.”

  17. Jack Clark Says:

    If our first drive against the Falcons is any indication of what we can expect throughout the playoffs then we have a shot at winning the super bowl again because if Todd Bowl can come up with a game plan to stop the almighty chiefs the second time around then he can certainly come up with one to stop the 49ers. If we can shutdown the running backs like Ezekiel Elliot and Christian McCaffrey then I don’t see Dak, Purdy, or Jalen out dueling Brady as long as Todd Bowels allows Leftwich to run the no risk it no risk it offense.

  18. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ stpetebucfan

    I’m with you on this one…..

    It’s so hard to believe that Byron Leftwich:….a former college and NFL qb and was taught by Bruce Arians can be so bad and putrid at putting together an offense….especially with Bruce Arians still in the Building too………

    I think Tom Brady is 100% signing off on the offense every Sunday.

    …..but no coach will every talk smack about Brady…..cause that could be a career killer.

  19. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The Bucs defense needs to bend but not break against the Cowboys offense tomorrow……if they do that…then the Bucs have a great chance at beating the Cowgurls.

  20. NEfan Says:

    stp is that short for stupid? Bowels made it very clear this is not Brady’s offense, it’s Leftnuts. Audibles only work when the right personnel is in place. It is clear Bowels neutered Brady and does NOT value his input like BA did. I is more than apparent Bowels and Brady do NOT get along and it is even more apparent Bowels has lost the locker room. All this being said, Brady doesn’t have as much influence over the O as he did in the past. Why is it such a difference during the hurry up? Because Brady is calling most of the plays at the line of scrimmage. I truly believe Brady favors BL because the directive is coming from Bowels and BL is following orders. Don’t take this in anyway Leftnut is any good, that man is WAY over his head. Anyone that watched 9ers and Jags can see that.

  21. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    All year long when our offense couldn’t score the defense was able to decently keep most teams in check but once they score give up the bootay immediately. The 2nd drive of the Atl game is also very indicative of what we’ve seen and can expect Monday night. We have a coach that refuses to work for us and our front line cannot give Brady enough feel good time in the pocket and open up any holes in our preferred run up the gut plays. The Bucs are suspect in all areas except punting. As much as I want to be positive about tomorrow but since when this year did they make any game easy?

  22. bucs4life Says:

    “On third- and fourth-and-long situations where the Bucs need at least seven yards for a first down, the Bucs’ conversion rate is dead last in the NFL. To be dead last in this stat — worse than the worst team in the NFL (Da Bears!) with their runaround quarterback — and with Tom Brady, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, it so outrageous that Joe cannot wrap his mind around it.”

    What? WHAT?!

  23. Reach87 Says:

    You can’t call what you can’t run. is that so hard to wrap your head around? If your WRs miss practice to injury and you interior line is all new and your 2 tackles have missed practice and games to injury, what makes you think you can consistently and effectively go deep? When those injured WRs can’t get separation consistently what makes you think you can call mid-range and deep passes effectively and consistently? Not hard to understand if you give half an effort. Does not matter what you thought we could do before the pads came on. It matters Wednesday through Sunday, who you have available, how/what they were able to practice to, and how healthy they are on game day. Go Bucs!

  24. Reach87 Says:

    What’s criminal is how Bucs “fans” consistently and without thought (1-2 exceptions) throw salt on their own team. Sad. Go Bucs!

  25. Bosch Says:

    @ Reach87….

    Or do you prefer to be addressed as NFL Genius?

    You seem to be so fond of your opinions and your alleged knowledge that you even go so far as to suggest anyone who doesn’t agree with you must be stupid. Now that, my friend is ignorance in it’s truest form. Not unlike the head coach you are so fond of.

  26. Reach87 Says:

    Bosch, for the record I don’t think anyone is stupid. I enjoy takes on football, I know there are reams of things I don’t know about football or this team. I enjoy and respect alternative analysis on the Bucs, as well. I’ll try to do better in that respect, so I appreciate the note. If I come across that way, it is not my intention and I apologize. I will never apologize for an adult calling anyone out of their name (it’s mostly disrespectful) or constantly tearing down a team when you claim you are a fan. Thanks again! Go Bucs!

  27. Bosch Says:

    Ok Reach. Truce

  28. orlbucfan Says:

    Well, well, well, it’s sure been no big CIA secret that old fossil Brady can change any play he wants. Nice to see a few on here stating that simple fact, and getting the dust out of their eyes (for a change). Brady is done, and he’s cost us at least 3 games: Bengals, Steelers, Panthers, and probably more.