Ryan Jensen Ramps Up Work

January 4th, 2023

Bucs C Ryan Jensen.

So for those working their rosaries in the hope/prayer Ryan Jensen can start the Bucs’ first playoff game next weekend, this one’s for you.

Though plugged-in ESPN reporter Jeff Darlington claimed in a Twitter earlier this week that it may be 50/50 if Jensen can take the field in the postseason, it appears Jensen has taken a step forward.

Today at the window of practice (warmups) that the local pen and mic club is allowed to watch, the veteran Bucs center can be seen working up a sweat wearing a knee brace on his injured knee.

Will Jensen be available next weekend? Joe assumes only time will tell. In the meantime for the folks who holler the Bucs’ offensive line is so terrible it is responsible for global hunger and the Ebola virus, this will provide some possible salve.

29 Responses to “Ryan Jensen Ramps Up Work”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    All hands on deck!

  2. Pryda sec 147 Says:

    This guy is going to play 100% and even if he is at 50% it’s a big boost !

  3. KingLDavid54 Says:

    Ryan Jensen is one nasty fellow!

    In other news, take notice of Tristan Wirfs with the tinted visor… beast mode!

  4. adam from ny Says:

    oh he’s not just testing it out…

    he’s getting ready…

    he even has the powdered up towel ready to go for tb12…

    the man can turn this line nasty overnight…

  5. Jack Clark Says:

    We will need all of our best offensive lineman for Dallas, Philly, and 49ers because they have elite pass rushers that no amount of Tom Brady correctly adjusting pass protections pre-snap can stop.


  6. D-Rok Says:

    Yep, Jensen will be playing soon. Wanna know how I know? The towel on the rump. If he wasn’t practicing with Brady, I don’t think his towel bump would be so big, or there at all.

    Details, men, details!!! LOL.

    Go Jensen and GO BUCS!!!

  7. D-Rok Says:

    LOL, adam – same thoughts!

  8. Bill in Seminole Says:

    The Falcons are 4.5 point favorites, according to Vegas odds. Someone ‘splain that to me.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Jensen’s return will make a huge difference with Brady’s confidence in the oline……even if a hobbled Jensen is on par with Hainsey or Leverett, it will make a difference.

  10. Surfcat Buc Says:

    Great to see Jensen back ! Bring him back slowly and let him kick some tail in the playoffs. Everyone is 0-0 once playoffs begin. New season ! Go Forth & Conquer and take no prisoners. I personally don’t care if we win or lose next week versus the Falcons. Not expecting our premier starters playing more than a half.

  11. bob Says:

    things are looking brighter for the bucs with jensen then without him so this is very good news

  12. Redeemer Says:

    D-Rok lol, agree brother. Centers have nasty hyperhidrosis. The big fella will play. IMO the bigger question is what they do with Hainsey. Do they move him to LG, or stick with Leverett.

  13. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Serious question – IF Ryan Jensen is maybe half of what he was and he’s simply “toughing it out” to help the team which is admirable and may boost team confidence even more, will there REALLY be improvement in line play? Is half of Ryan Jensen better than Hainsey who has been pretty much ok? Is half of Ryan Jensen a big improvement over Nick Leveret? Obviously if we had some sort of assurance that Jensen would be back to being the best center in the league then that’s baaaad news for the rest of the NFC. But I’m just not sure how much a hobbled Jensen can improve line play

  14. Jack Sparrow Says:

    If he is not on a wheel chair or in crutches, he can play.

  15. Nate Says:

    This is a game of inches of he isn’t 100 percent dont want him as a liability

  16. D-Rok Says:

    Don’t worry Redeemer and fellas,

    I’m sure the coaches will put the right people in the correct position help them succeed on the line, just like they’ve done all year. In the coaches we trust.

    Up with hope and down with dope!! 😉

  17. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Don’t let Logan Hall near him.

  18. kyle Says:

    fingers double crossed!!! we need the red viking to kick some ass, even if he plays left guard!!!

  19. kyle Says:

    redeemer^^ ive read that jensen could play guard and leave hainsey at center. The thought being that guard isn’t as physically demanding as center.

  20. SOEbuc Says:

    But will he be playing Center or Guard. Hainsey has done a very good job and has been starting since the second day of camp. Center is a much larger role between interior line.

  21. Crickett Baker Says:

    What a nice clear informative video! Get to 100% fas Ryan. GO BUCS!

  22. THE OPTIMIST Says:

    ebola, schmebola. Oline blocked, and Brady had time to wait for Evans. its not rocket science. If a local pizza establishment offers free toppings for every red zone TD the Bucs score, Tampa Bay had better like CHEESE PIZZA. NOT rocket science.

  23. Joshua porter Says:

    I think they put him at guard especially since a few linemen were saying it’s easier on the knees playing guard over center.

  24. nick houllis Says:

    seems less than rocket science to me. Get your tackles back, o line blocks longer than they have all year, and Brady hits Evans deep. IDK what shape he will be in, but if the running game can improve behind Jensen, it could make a difference.

  25. nick houllis Says:

    also, if Oline is the problem is a broken record, bad play calling has been on the air way too long

  26. joe russo Says:

    No way Jensen doesn’t play, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got in one or two series vs Atlanta. He will play center. I have written this numerous times, if Jensen is healthy, along with rest of the OL, Bucs have a good chance. Let’s get Winfield some much needed rest along with the other DB’s and Vita. I would not play Hicks more than a few series. Fornette shouldn’t play either. Bucs come in Healthy vs Dallas, and it will be Dallas, I like their chances. Looking for the running game to vastly improve, should this be the case….Watch out. Coaches can’t even screw that up

  27. PapaBuc Says:

    Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays a hand full of snaps this week if he’s playing at all for the playoffs. I believe the inside run game improves with Jensen.

  28. Fansince76 Says:

    Ryan Jensen is friggin awesome!

  29. George Says:

    Two Series this week would be helpful. Just to shake the rust off.