Run Defense Rising At Right Time

January 5th, 2023

“Technique is flawless.”

Now this is a pretty cool breakdown.

Joe’s a big fan of NFL Network talking head Brian Baldinger’s video breakdowns on Twitter. And in a video posted this week, Baldinger demonstrated why the Bucs’ run defense will be a bear for any playoff opponent.

In particular, Baldinger highlighted Will Gholston’s play. This is maybe the first time Joe has seen a breakdown of Gholston from All-22 and it really highlights Gholston in a different light.

Baldinger raved about Gholston’s fundamentals and how well he’s able to read a block and shed a block. Baldinger said of Gholston’s shedding of blocks, “his technique is flawless.”

Another thing Joe learned in the video? Joe Tryon-Shoyinka can also shed a block and make a tackle behind the line of scrimmage.

Joe likes to quote former Bucs coach Dirk Koetter who once described Gholston as a “glue guy.” In Koetter’s mind, a “glue guy” is a strong player who provides a foundation to build around.

That sounds like Gholston.


11 Responses to “Run Defense Rising At Right Time”

  1. Steven007 Says:

    Excellent breakdown. Really shows how Gholston exploits his experience and strength. I remember when posters were crying when he got a contract paying him 4 mil a year. He’s been a solid player for us for a long time.

  2. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I have always like Gholston, and I think JTS is starting to get a lot better.
    We are tough to run on with Vea and Hicks plugging up the middle.
    Yes, the 49ers ran on us, but they run on everyone, mainly because of their awesome offensive line and scheme. Not to mention they have Christian McCaffery.
    Dallas will never run the ball on us like the 49ers did. WE can beat the Cowboys!

  3. david Says:

    Great breakdown. He has been a consistent piece in stopping the run for years. I just want to see some more consistent offense next week and people continuing to trend up on the health front.

  4. Dwight Schrute Says:

    Allow me to break down the season so far w/ no agendas and no dislike directed at any member of the organization.

    FACT: The defense has been pretty good all year.

    Tom Brady is at fault. FALSE! Tom Brady is mechanically more sound than ever.

    FACT: The offensive line cannot run block and has had games where they can’t ever pass block very well.

    Injuries don’t matter. FALSE! They whole season was dealt a blow when Jensen got injured and injuries to backup linemen further compounded the problem.

    FACT: The offensive game planning has been sub-standard.

    Coaching doesn’t matter. FALSE! coaching matters.

    SUMMARY: The D has been good all year and the offense has been beset by injuries and poor coaching. Hopefully they can get their guys back and coaching will improve

  5. steele Says:

    The fact is, here we are at season’s end, and there is still little reason to feel confident in this team. Every problem we have discussed since summer remains unresolved. Bad coaching, consistent inconsistency, holes in the roster that were never filled, and a host of other uncertainties.

    They just barely beat a losing team. Not a reason to suddenly think this team is suddenly great. Sure there were better sequences, but this team has still not played well for four consistent quarters, on any sort of elite level.

    It’s possible that they can get lucky, hope that some part of their game improves enough at the right time, and opposing teams fall apart at the right time. That is what it will take.

    Long-term, fundamental changes have to take place. Starting at the top. Ironically, the luckier they get here at the end, the less likely they will do the painful things that are necessary for the future.

  6. Bobby Says:

    The Bucs win one game and joe you are oozing with optimism huh. I’ll remain the opposite. Bucs are going to smoked in playoffs. Brady will leave and we will go into next season with Bowles as HC. And then at end of next season will Joel and Bryan Glazer fire Bowles due to a horrible season performance. Going to playoffs this season saves Bowles job, which is bs, but it is what it is.

  7. bob in valrico Says:

    Well deserved praise for Gholston by Baldinger whose breakdowns are backed by film. Four Million is cheap for an unsung player that does the dirty work in the
    trenches. I hope he gets to retire a Buc. One of my favorite Bucs.

  8. Show Me the TDs Says:

    Guys like Bobby are great at parties..

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Will Gholston has been a great Buc……..played on some bad teams, some good teams…..always played well and…..always played…..
    A player who was well worth his pick…..

  10. Easy The Great Says:

    Gholston has been solid all year and even though he isnt a “pass rusher” he plays solid DE position and is rarely caught off guard. A true unsung hero of the d-line.

  11. Buc55 Says:

    Gholston had a monster game, really happy he’s thriving