Report: Tom Brady Top Target For Raiders

January 5th, 2023

Wanted in Vegas.

Within the next month, Tom Brady will become the top story in sports.

Don’t give Joe the nonsense of the non-basketball association or the barely relevant college basketball regular season (the NCAA tournament is one of the greatest sporting events in the world, though). And as much as Joe loves the Lightning, the NHL barely makes a ripple in the sports landscape.

So once the Bucs’ season ends, just about daily you will hear rumors, updates, chatter on where Brady will play next year. Joe is sure hoping its the Bucs.

So yesterday, Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal typed a story about the Raiders quarterback situation in the wake of Derek Carr’s benching for financial purposes and Carr then leaving the team (for good).

Per Bonsignore, the top target of the Raiders to replace Carr is — you guessed it — Brady.

Brady, if he doesn’t retire and hits free agency, will clearly be a person of interest. So will [Jimmy] Garoppolo. Both have significant ties to Josh McDaniels, and each satisfies the all-important trust factor with their former coach.

Yeah, Joe thinks McDaniels is an absolute joke of a coach but he and Brady are tight, football-wise. There would be a limited learning curve for Brady if he goes to Las Vegas.

Keep in mind the Bucs could always re-sign Brady before he hits free agency. Joe assumes that would likely have to be a major investment by Team Glazer with perhaps concessions, too. And if Brady is kept, hopefully he will have to learn a new playbook. Will he want to do that?

(This is one reason Joe hopes Bill O’Brien is Brady’s next offensive coordinator with the Bucs. The two have worked together and therefore the learning curve would be less steep.)

It is believed Brady covets playing for a team that give him easy access to his children. His oldest son lives in the greater New York City area. The rest live in Miami. Would Brady want to live in Nevada, far from his kids?

(Personally, Joe thinks the Dolphins are still very much in play for Brady given their weapons, his kids and Tua back on the downside of his rollercoaster.)

The funny thing about this Brady-to-Vegas chatter is Raiders barber-needy owner Mark Davis loves Brady and depending on who you believe, he had Brady wrapped up in 2020 to come to Las Vegas but Chucky didn’t want him. LOL

52 Responses to “Report: Tom Brady Top Target For Raiders”

  1. tampabayallday Says:

    TB12 comes back to Tampa

  2. D-Rok Says:

    Yes, to TB12 returning.

    Yes, to O’Brien as OC.

    Yes, to Bowles as DC.

    That only leaves the head coach in question for next year.

  3. Jack Clark Says:

    Tom Brady should go to the 49ers next year and win one last Super Bowl on his favorite team when he was a child–similar to the Michael Jordan’s Last Dance season. Kyle Shanahan is a genius offensive coordinator and they have a proven defense. Tom Brady is only playing for another Super Bowl so I doubt he would go to the Raiders where he would have to compete with Patrick Mahomes and Russel Wilson. The Raiders are NOT a super bowl team because they don’t have great coaches or great players aside from Devonte Adams

  4. gbobucsfan Says:

    Can Brady be head coach and player? haha

  5. SB~LV Says:


  6. robert Says:

    love TB12………….but cut the cord after this year and let Trask take a shot.

    not saying TB is too old…….just saying this group as a whole has run its course. david will be showin his age soon as will quite a few others.

    time to get younger, and if this year has proved anything it that it is time for a rebuild. the saggy a$$ showing of this team with all this talent proves that.

  7. Redeemer Says:

    Bill O’Brien will be the next coordinator of the Patriots. The only reason it didn’t happen this season, is because Belichick and saban have an agreement about poaching coaches. IMO, Vegas would need to fix that wretched defense, before Brady would consider coming. I think it’s Miami or SF, with Vegas being the dark horse. Yes his kids all live on the east coast, but he doesn’t live with any of them now. So it’s not the stumbling block it was when he was married. I find it hard to believe he returns to Tampa, unless he gets to pick his coordinator and the team significantly improves. I just can’t see how the bucs become appreciably better. Their cap is a mess. Would they be willing to go all in for one more year of Brady? I doubt it. Better to rip the bandaid and start rebuilding. If you aren’t competing for championships, you’re treading water

  8. sasquatch Says:

    Brady is an id10t if he leaves the Bucs for a 1 year spin on another team. He has Evans, Godwin, and Gage here. Otton should take a step up next year and the O-line will be better… Ra White should be more productive with a competent O-coordinator.

    At the same time, suppose the Bucs sign Brady to a 30 million dollar contract. Now they’re 73 million over the cap for 2023. Good times. Okay, to reduce that figure enough to make it digestible, you add voidable years to lower his number to 10 million or less this year… Ugh. Rinse, repeat. It might be time to let him walk if he wants a $$$ contract. Take our chances with Trask.

    Interesting offseason ahead after we get smoked in the first round of the playoffs.

  9. JD Says:

    Brady will never sign with a team that plans on having Bill O’brian as OC. That guy is a know it all piece of poop, sucking, butthole who has been wrong plenty! No way Brady ever plays under him again!

  10. Bowles4President Says:

    You are assuming Leftwich will be gone. There is no reason to think that is guaranteed

  11. SufferingSince76 Says:

    D-Rok, unfortunately Bowles is the Bucs head coach for the foreseeable future. The Glazers would rather score points with Goodell than win.

  12. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Whatever it takes. Give him 1%, 10% ownership after he retires. I don’t care, besides, it’s not my money.

  13. DungyDance Says:


  14. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Yeah gotta agree with you about McDaniels. I mean, the Raiders could have had a much superior coach just trolling the JBF comment section. Cheaper too!

  15. Crickett Baker Says:

    I hope he doesn’t retire, because if not I am pretty sure he would stay with the Bucs and I sure want him to.

  16. NEfan Says:

    Those like SB~LV that believe he is deceitful for leaving the Bucs are wrong. He came back thinking BA was the HC, once he found out Bowels was the coach and his offensive philosophy he took his 11 days to decide if he wanted to play. Bottom line is Bowles comes back, not necessarily BL but if Bowles is back Brady isn’t. There is clearly no love lost between these two. Could definitely see Gronk coming out of the wood work to play in Vegas.

  17. SB~LV Says:

    1- TB was working behind the scenes during 2021 to join the Dolphins for the 2022 season
    2- TB “retire” after the sierra hit the fan in the Dolphins front office
    3- the mystery surrounding BA’s retirement
    4- the mystery of TB un retiring
    5- the mystery of TB absence of 11 days during training camp
    The locker room is in disarray for reasons 1-5
    The locker room knows more about the real story than we will ever know
    Hence the
    Most Bizarre chapter in Buccaneer history!
    Anything is possible but the chemistry is grade is a -D
    I don’t gamble but Vegas doesn’t do fairy tales

  18. Captain Oblivious Says:

    Haha, it won’t be the Bucs who decide if Brady plays another year in Tampa, it will be Brady – and he won’t. I used to think he would go to the 49ers next year but now I’m leaning towards Miami. His children are even more of a draw on the heart-strings than his parents. Remember those 3 dimes Brady threw to Evans against the panthers? Cheetah is that open on every play.

  19. kgh4life Says:

    When it comes to pass protection, the Raiders oline is one of the worst in football and their defense is also garbage.

  20. Jonny Says:

    Despite the McDaniels connection, it makes zero sense for Brady to face off twice every season against Mahomes, Herbert and Wilson. Miami does make a lot of sense, but Tampa playing in a creampuff division is still just as enticing.

  21. Lamarcus Says:

    What’s behind door number 2?

  22. D-Rok Says:


    Yes, I know Bowles will be HC at least for next year. My list was more of a fan-wish than what I expect to actually happen. I guess I was being sarcastic, and sometimes I get off topic.

    Oh look! A squirrel…

    Be back later.

  23. sasquatch Says:

    SufferingSince76 Says:
    January 5th, 2023 at 1:03 pm

    D-Rok, unfortunately Bowles is the Bucs head coach for the foreseeable future. The Glazers would rather score points with Goodell than win.


    Yeah, cuz teams are afraid to fire a coach because of race? That’s ridiculous. He is treated the same as they’ve treated their other coaches, meaning he’ll get more than one season because they’re not the type of owners to fire someone after one year.

  24. Hodad Says:

    Hopefully he’ll retire with his 8th ring, and second with the Bucs!

  25. Trashpanda1856 Says:

    I think Brady comes back. Why would all these players sign 3 year deals this year, once they heard Brady was coming back. Makes no sense for them to sign those deals unless they know something about Brady’s decision.

    Jensen 3 year deal
    Fournette 3 year deal
    Godwin 3 year deal

  26. Ed Says:

    Most of the arguments against Vegas are very true, location, division, proximity to his kids, bad defense. I wouldn’t bet he would leave Bucs for the Raiders.

    Miami makes more sense except that their offense has some read/options that Brady could never do. If Tua had been healthy he was doing well. But too many hits has him rushing throws leading to interceptions.

    Tampa Bay is the best team for him provided Licht put money into the trenches. Brady doesn’t need expensive superstar receivers but he needs protection and the Bucs need more speed on their offense.

    Nelson is coming on strong off the edge and the Bucs have a better than average pass defense. They need some more dogs on the d line and some younger tough lineman that can open holes to run the ball.

    All these interesting theories are just guessing what will happen. If the Bucs get through Dallas or Philadelphia things get very interesting. No one is expecting it so hoping the Bucs take the underdog role and start playing with a chip on their shoulders. They deserve the bad press for the crap offense they’ve shown all year.

  27. Arnold Says:

    Quarterback, And part owner. But it’ll be the Dolphins.

  28. Coran Says:

    Omg hockey!! Greatest sport! (Yes I’m Canadian) Good for you Joe! Though I’m a habs fan and don’t like that ur team stole a cup from Price lol. But the best team won. Lightning deserved it. Sorry about the juniors last night, and the Habs boy Roy closing you out… except not really sorry lol. Great game, you guys are always tough! (Sorry all for the focus on hockey but like Joe said, it usually doesn’t make a ripple down there).

    On to Brady… just to add new points to what’s been said, if the Miami stuff from last year is true, is there a chance he wanted the bucs to trade/cut him so he could go? Remember, he only added the year for the salary cap. If they held him hostage he won’t be happy and coaching, cap, roster aside, that alone might push him out. Also, he once had a quote when someone said “man you could catch Montana”, he replied with something like “no, I’m chasing Jordan”. So he’s always aimed for big feats. One feat a potential GOAT has? (Depending who you ask) Lebron has rings with 3 franchises. Maybe he wants to do that too. Never been done in the NFL if I remember correctly (at least for QB).

  29. Bill in Seminole Says:

    If not Brady in Tampa Bay next year, then who? Gabbert is a seasoned pro but do you build your team around him? I say no – the last time he played 10 or more games in a season was 2012 (and only for 2011 and 2012). Trask? Meh.

    So then who? The draft? Unlikely a top college QB left when the Bucs get to pick in the first round.

    So…pay up to keep Tom here another year until there is a successor. If he’ll stay.

  30. NEfan Says:

    SB~LV, did you ever take a job a better opportunity? You do know he extended his contract in 2020 to help the team free up cap space?

  31. ocala Says:

    The Raiders are keeping their coach after the season they just had?

  32. bob Says:

    tb12 does not get along with obrian ….that’s a non starter

  33. Zoocomics Says:

    Brady will make an intelligent move when it comes to his next stop. It’s going to be tactical and holistic, it won’t be purely by familiarity. He’s got maybe 2 years max left and I just don’t see why he’d want to go to a division like the AFC West and facing Patrick Mahommes and Just Herbert twice year for a division title. Further more, there’s a good chance you get to match up with other well coach teams with stud QBs like the Ravens, Bills and Bengals. No thank you.

    His whole goal is to win a super bowl, and you can’t compete for one shooting for the wild card year in and year out. 49ers have to be attractive if he considers a move out West, but the 49ers would be gambling by putting your future on hold for an experiment that may or may not work out.

    With the Bucs making the playoffs, and looking at the future of the division at least for the next 2 seasons, NFC South I still think is the division to stick with. I also think the overall competition of the NFC is for the taking. No one is as dominant as the two top teams in the AFC, just my opinion. 49ers are close.

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    D-Rok Says:
    “Yes, to Bowles as DC.

    That only leaves the head coach in question for next year.”

    That is simply not possible.

  35. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    SufferingSince76 Says
    ” unfortunately Bowles is the Bucs head coach for the foreseeable future. The Glazers would rather score points with Goodell than win.”

    And that is not accurate. Glazers will do what is best for the team.

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Having a quality OC and tell Bowels hands-off, even on clock management, is a possible solution…but that is just as unlikely.

    No…the way I see things, there are only three options:

    • Keep Bowles, replace Leftwich in order to keep the defense improving

    • Fire Bowles and Leftwich, and promote from within to keep remaining staff together

    • Fire Bowles and Leftwich, then hire replacements and let them choose who to keep

    If we go with the third…well, depending on who comes in, it may or may not mean improvement…and we may see some good players let go.

  37. EC Buc Says:

    Why would Brady want to go to a division with Pat Maholmes, Justin Herbert, Russell Wilson (apparently not as advertised)? Or stay in the NFC South where 3 of 4, have know idea who will be under center? San Fran? Most likely best place if not Tampa. And that is based on a win ready team. At least there will be some good QBs floating around in FA. Go Bucs!

  38. Simeon97 Says:

    didnt Man in the Arena show us that Bill O B wasn’t actually a coordinator but basically gave all the power to Brady, which is why they both had so much success? Feel like Texans got scammed after i heard that.

  39. PewterStiffArm Says:

    If Brady makes demands and concessions can Clyde Christensen take over the play calling? The offense wouldn’t change and Clyde has roots calling plays with Indianapolis, and the Colts were good. Brady won’t move to the desert. Or, this just in: The Raiders fire McDaniels and he reunites with Tom here. Na, I don’t think so. Brady’s first choice is Tampa, close to Miami and not so far to New York.

  40. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    I do think he leaves next year. I doubt heavily it’ll be the raiders. He’ll go to a team that’s close and has weapons. Saints make sense, Dolphins make sense.

    There is a good case for him to stay but the neutering of the offense is likely a deal breaker. Maybe he and Todd have that hammered out now. I guess we’ll see this weekend.

  41. Tony Says:

    If Brady does decide to keep playing I just can’t see him going somewhere else & learning a whole new offense again for like another year or so when he’s basically got everything down now with the Bucs offense. I’d think he’d just come back to the Bucs. Especially when there was just too much going on this year with many things.

  42. NEfan Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai@ the Glazers haven’t so far.

    Johnny, Brady is not intimated by other QB’s, he’s beat them all. He actually wants the challenge.

  43. Tony Says:

    What’s gonna happen if he leaves & goes to another team? Are all the Boston fans gonna jump on that bandwagon then?🙄

  44. SlyPirate Says:


    For TB12
    1. Same income tax as FL
    2. Best WR in the Game
    3. One of the best RB in the game
    4. He knows the system

    For Raiders
    1. TB12 knows McDaniels system better than McDaniels
    2. Raiders need a leader
    3. NFL needs LV sell tickets, games, and merch

  45. Amanda Says:

    Why last Vegas doesn’t make sense. Shi* defense and coaching. He would live on the opposite side of the country away from his kids. That’s not happening.

    Also if you listen to Tampa insiders have changed their minds on Brady in 2023. In October all of them were speculating this was the last year here and like clockwork all within the past 3 weeks has completely changed their mindset and all firmly believe Brady stays in Tampa. They along with Joe know stuff that we the fans or Colin cowherd does not. So I’d pay attention to what is being reported close to home.

  46. Allbuccedup Says:

    If Brady signs with Raiders trade them Smith and Jensen for a couple of mid round picks boths sides win.

  47. Duane Says:

    I think TB12 stays put if he plays another season. Guys resigned for more than one season, and thats likely because Brady told them he would return. Vegas has a good roster, but they play in the AFC with stiff competition. The other teams in this division will not be turning it around next season either. Still the best spot for him to be in, and I am sure he realizes this. I think if he stays, Bowles stays, with an in house promotion to OC. I am going to also point out the likelihood of Lamar sitting out for the rest of the season and likely looking for a new spot- I am sure Team Glazer is watching that situation.

  48. bucsfan2520 Says:

    1. Family and home in Miami – Returns to Tampa
    2. Family, Home, and Bill Obrien replaces Bowles – Returns to Tampa
    3. Titans hire Bill Obrien as OC – Signs with Titans
    4. Retires

    I don’t see him playing far from his family, and I don’t see him playing for a HC/OC he’s not played for in the past.

  49. steele Says:

    Why I doubt SF: Brock the C ock still has not fallen to earth, and may not. He could be their long-term answer. Plus they still have investment in Trey Lance.

    Why I doubt Vegas: Jarrett Stidham is not bad, knows McDaniels’ system, looked good so far. McD could roll with Stid the Kid, draft a new QB. Brady would not want to be in the AFC West.

    Staying with Tampa may be the easiest option. It is a known evil. The division is dead.

    At this stage, I don’t think Brady is thinking so much about championships as he is about just playing. If he manages to eke into the p-p-playoffs like this season, it comes down to being a hero in a few games, that’s it.

    Which is far easier than 1. learning new systems and new players, under new coaches, even if they are vastly superior to Bowles 2. fiercely competitive divisions 3. new expectations.

  50. JJ Says:


  51. Tim Says:

    Brady will sign with the 49ers. Why?

    1) McCaffrey, Samuel, Aiyuk and Kittle
    2) Above average o-line with the best LT in the game
    3) #1 elite defense
    4) elite playcaller at HC
    5) easy division

  52. Sumosam Says:

    If Brady plays another season it will be right here. Why would you leave a place where the ownership, coaches and fans want you at 45? Mess up somewhere else at that age and they’ll turn on you quick. The Glazers will offer him a good contract, he can do whatever he wants, he writes his own ticket here. He is close to his kids. It’s a win win situation. He should play here till he wants to retire. It’s the smart thing to do.