Jason Licht Confidence Poll

January 25th, 2023

Flash poll posted at 5:33 p.m.

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  1. SteveK Says:

    Totally confident in big daddy.

  2. Goatfarmer Says:

    Licht was hired by Lovie Smith and for the two years Lovie was dragging down the product on the field, he also told Licht what to do.

    Since Jason fired Lovie (still one of the happiest days as a Buc fan in the 20 teens), he’s been doing a very good job. By any measure.

  3. JollyBucsFan Says:

    Confident, but the past few drafts have not been great. Bucs desperately need a good few drafts too replace aging talent and expensive contracts.

  4. ClwJB Says:

    A bit all over the place with his coaching choices and approaches, and tends to fall in love with small school OL and PAC12 guys too much

    Confident that he will find player talent and manage the cap well, and do whatever the Glazers tell him to do with regard to the HC position

  5. Tye Says:

    Bowles is HC and QB Trask was a 2nd round that seems undeveloped which are 2 crucial position on the team that are massive failures SO little confident at best!

  6. SufferingSince76 Says:

    He has a few misses and the Roberto Aguyo disaster, but overall he’s done a decent job.

  7. DungyDance Says:

    Just plain confident for me. He landed Brady. But he also drafted Aguayo and Gay.

  8. SB~LV Says:

    Confident .. but second guessing here and there as he has enough time to draw some conclusions
    However he has plenty of room to improve and I hope he does!

  9. Rita Moreno, Football Analyst Says:

    Rita is a Jason Licht fan. Best GM in team history, so say Rita.

  10. RagingBrisket Says:

    Gets way too much credit. Screws up high value draft picks too damn much and his FA record is below passable.
    He’s as much of a fraud as Leftwich

  11. Four Tuddy Says:

    Funny how licht can get all these confidant votes for a guy that’s had so many bad drafts and horrible seasons. But Bowles with 1 year can’t get any good votes. Sad to say but I think it’s something else, and it’s pathetic. Take a nice long look in the mirror people. Smh

  12. Allbuccedup Says:

    Can’t see how all these people are confident in Licht after he didn’t fire Bowles. As well as the last two drafts. As far as Brady he fell into Lichts lap if Jaymiss had not wanted so much money Licht would have signed him. So everyone needs to thank Jaymiss for Brady.

  13. Allbuccedup Says:

    Rich McKay

  14. Mike Says:

    It’s ridiculous the pass that Licht gets. Most gms get one coach and one qb. Drafted Jameis 1 overall. Harrgreaves…bust that’s still hurting the Bucs. Tryon Shoyinka…lookin like a bust. OJ Howard…bust. Terrible contract to Carlton Davis. And on and on. He gets credit for building the SB team but not really for Brady…Brady chose us. But now he’s gonna commit the cardinal sin of keeping all the players he loves around a year or so too long. Bucs need fresh eyes BADLY.

  15. D-Rok Says:

    Ever since I saw my main man, Mack Daddy Licht, come out to the players ball in his felt hat with a huge feather, mink coat, and gold-encrusted cane, I knew he was A Playa, and my boy.

    In Licht We Trust!

  16. A Bucs Fan Says:

    I like JL’s drafting without Lovie Smith. Whenever he leaves I hope Spytek becomes his replacement.

  17. BucsFan81 Says:

    I mean in regards to some of the GM this organization has had Licht is not too bad. If you compare him to rest of the NFL he is pretty damn average. It will be interesting to see if he survives Bowles though. let’s be honest Bowles will be fired after next year and we will see if JL makes it through what would be his 3rd coach. Most GMs don’t even survive after 1 coach. Dude is like Teflon Don he keeps surviving.

  18. stpetebucfan Says:

    @Rita I too am a Jason Licht fan…but best ever? Perhaps in the conversation but as Allbucced up points out that conversation needs to start with Rich McKay.

    They each have a Super Bowl to their credit. I just find it hard to toss dirt on ANY GM who oversees a SB.

    As to Licht’s recent drafts the verdict is still out. As Joe has frequently, and accurately IMHO, TE’s don’t always develop in the first year. Otton got no help from where he played catching 13 balls one year and 18 another with a high water mark of 18 catches. IE He was incredibly green.

    Ko Kieft is a “special” player in that he’s here for his blocking ability. His hands were not bad either but that’s not his role. Gronk performed the role of Otton and Kieft…it takes two to replace a first ballot HOFer.

    Jake Camarda is already one of the top tier punters in the entire league. He will be a weapon going forward pinning other teams deep.

    The meme is generally it takes 3 years to grade a draft. I think Goedeke becomes a starting guard, my biggest question is Logan Hall…and before him JTS who has flashed but still seems to be learning his position.

    Rachaad White has plenty of talent he’ll do fine.

  19. stpetebucfan Says:

    Oops…one year Otton had 32 catches his high water mark,

  20. Allbuccedup Says:

    Licht just needs to get his first round and second round back to when it was Wirfs first and Winfield second not the last two years.

  21. Bradyfan Says:

    Licht is a great GM. He isn’t the problem and shouldn’t be fired. Last two years weren’t good tho. He drafted vita vea, Mike evans, Chris Godwin, wirfs, antoine winfield, vita vea, Devin white, Carlton Davis, smb. He drafted Godwin in the 3rd round. That’s ridiculously good.

  22. Jack Clark Says:

    I’m confident Licht will be just as good as he is bad. I like that he takes risks and is willing to get us the best talent at all cost. Jason Licht is a no risk it no biscuit GM. He drafted Roberto Aguyo which was a disaster but he also got us Tom Brady and another Super Bowl ring. He’s not a scaredy cat like Todd Bowels

  23. Mike Says:

    So I guess in the rah rah Tampa media if you say the GM and the players are bad you get moderated out🤣 Part of the reason the Bucs are always bad. No media or fan scrutiny. Anywhere else after that embarrassing season and playoff game they’d be screaming for the gm’s head and to blow it up while the aging overrated players can still net picks. In Tampa the mediocre gm gets a lifetime contract, harmless negative comments get censored, and and everyone is happy.
    Only in Tampa, it seems, do fans think moderation of anonymous comments is censorship.–Joe

  24. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    Things turned out well the one time he picked the head coach. I think he’s doing a great job.

  25. Stanglassman Says:

    80+/20- Not bad Jason. Now get us a winning Qb and get the rebuild done. Fans are gonna start winning again in ‘24.

  26. Cappy Says:

    Just look at the 2022 draft (the worst in the league) and the salary cap (also the worst in the league). He’s just messing things up more and ore. The next guy wil have to fix it over 3-5 years.

  27. Cappy Says:

    After the mess JL has made on the field and the cap, the next guy will have a nightmare fixing it.

  28. Marine Buc Says:

    I believe J. Licht is an average GM.

    He isn’t great (Aguayo/Trask) at the draft but he isn’t bad either.

    He has been pretty solid at bringing in valuable free agents.

    I am still confident he can lead this franchise through their rebuilding that is ahead of us…

  29. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Allbuccedup Says
    “Rich McKay”

    Rich McKay got us deep in cap hades and then split so he didn’t have to clean it up. He is not the best.

  30. Rita Moreno, Football Analyst Says:

    Rita thinks Rich McKay had a few good, memorable picks, but was generally overrated as a GM. He drafted only 2 decent offensive players; Dunn and Alstott. Failed at every receiver draft pick. Offensive line picks were awful. Dilfer was Dilfer. Rita saw a whole lotta meh.

    He had to be removed and pushed upstairs in Atlanta, where he’s been a hands-off executive for years. Rita sees. Rita knows.

    Licht is the Bucs best GM and it’s not even close.

  31. Allbuccedup Says:

    Take Brady away from Licht hes nothing.

  32. Allbuccedup Says:

    Ritas sounding more like Joe!

  33. Craig Says:

    I have heard of worse GMs, He has found some good O-linemen, is weak in figuring out D-line and DBs.

    Mainly he is lucky at times that count. Wirfs and Winfield fell into his lap, so not sure they can count as skill.

    I don’t know if Licht can rebuild this team, he is always going for the “this is the year” crap and tries too hard to find Free Agents to fill spots. There is usually a reason they are FAs.

    Not a lot of confidence at this point.

  34. Rita Moreno, Football Analyst Says:

    Allbuccedup Says:
    January 25th, 2023 at 8:14 pm

    Ritas sounding more like Joe!

    Rita considers this an insult.

  35. Letsbucinggo Says:

    I agree with Craig and buccedup guy I don’t believe he knows how to rebuild a team because hes never done it what scares me if he keeps extending contracts and pushing money down the line and we continue to have losing seasons. Frustration from the players sinks in ticket sales drop etc.etc.etc.

  36. stpetebucfan Says:


    LMAO I like the way you roll. Dispassionately, with logic, and the last little zingers…Rita cares.

  37. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Okay, so a couple things to keep in mind:
    1 – If teams hit on 50% of each draft, it is considered a good draft.
    2 – Injuries are not a part of the equation, because a DM cannot predict them when scouting.
    3 – Jason Licht was not given full control until the Glazers let him hired Bruce Arians. Up until then, they chose the coaches, and the coaches had the strongest influence on picks.
    4 – 6th round and later are usually busts.

    Legend: 5 stars for best, 1 star for worst.

    1st Round – WR Mike Evans – 5 Stars
    2nd Round – TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins – 2 Stars
    3rd Round – RB Charles Sims – 3 Stars
    5th Round – OL Kadeem Edwards – 1 Star
    5th Round – OL Kevin Pamphile – 3 Stars
    6th Round – WR Robert Herron – 1 Star

    1st Round – QB Jameis Winston 2 Star (Though this pick was forced on him by Lovie Smith)
    2nd Round – OT Donovan Smith – 5 Stars
    2nd Round – OL Ali Marpet – 5 Stars
    4th Round – LB Kwon Alexander – 3 Stars
    5th Round – WR Kenny Bell – 1 Star
    6th Round – WR Kaelin Clay – 1 Star
    7th Round – RB Joey Iosefa – 1 Star

    1st Round – CB Vernon Hargreaves III – 3 Stars
    2nd Round – DE Noah Spence – 2 Stars
    2nd Round – K Roberto Aguayo – 1 Star
    4th Round – CB Ryan Smith – 4 stars
    5th Round – OL Caleb Benenoch – 2 Stars
    6th Round – LB Devante Bond – 1 Star
    6th Round – FB Danny Vitale – 1 Star

    1st Round – TE O.J. Howard – 3 Stars (could not predict injuries)
    2nd Round – S Justin Evans – 1 Star (injuries, injuries, injuries)
    3rd Round – WR Chris Godwin – 5 Stars
    3rd Round – LB Kendell Beckwith – 2 Stars (tough one. Tons of upside, then career ending injury, but fans loved him)
    5th Round – RB Jeremy McNichols – 1 Star
    7th Round – DL Stevie Tu’ikolovatu – 1 Star

    1st Round – DL Vita Vea – 5 Stars
    2nd Round – RB Ronald Jones II – 2 Stars
    2nd Round – DB M.J. Stewart – 2 Stars
    2nd Round – CB Carlton Davis III – 5 Stars
    3rd Round – OL Alex Cappa – 3 Stars
    4th Round – S Jordan Whitehead – 2 Stars (played in most games while here, and had good tackle numbers)
    5th Round – WR Justin Watson – 1 Star (Injuries)
    6th Round – LB Jack Cichy – 1 Star

    1st Round – LB Devin White – 5 Star
    2nd Round – CB Sean Murphy-Bunting – 5 Star
    3rd Round – CB Jamel Dean – 4 Star
    3rd Round – S Mike Edwards – 3 Stars
    4th Round – OLB Anthony Nelson – 4 Stars (5+ sacks past 2 years in a row)
    5th Round – K Matt Gay – 3 Stars (Good pick…but teams do not take enough time to develop kickers. Gay have averaged 93+% of FGs made, and has had a range of 55+ yards.
    6th Round – WR Scotty Miller – 3 Stars (for a 6th rounder, he has been excellent depth)
    7th Round – DL Terry Beckner Jr. – 1 Star

    1st Round – OT Tristan Wirfs – 5 Stars
    2nd Round – S Antoine Winfield Jr. – 5 Stars
    3rd Round – RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn – 2 Stars (not a bust yet)
    5th Round – WR Tyler Johnson – 1 Star
    6th Round – DL Khalil Davis – 1 Star
    7th Round – LB Chapelle Russell – 1 Star
    7th Round – RB Raymond Calais – 1 Star

    1st Round – OLB Joe Tryon-Shoyinka – 3 Stars (Depth with 4 sacks/year)
    2nd Round – QB Kyle Trask – 3 Stars (Okay, only because we really do not know yet, so average)
    3rd Round – OL Robert Hainsey – 4 Stars (quality depth so far)
    4th Round – WR Jaelon Darden – 1 Star
    5th Round – LB K.J. Britt – 1 Star (still with team, so was tempted to give 2 Stars…)
    7th Round – CB Chris Wilcox – 1 Star
    7th Round – LB Grant Stuard – 1 Star

    Round 2 – DL Logan Hall – 3 Stars (average; only been here a year and no starts, but played in all games)
    Round 2 – G Luke Goedeke – 3 Stars (Average; too soon)
    Round 3 – RB Rachaad White – 4 Stars (1st year; stats don’t show it, but he contributed and will likely be a starter at some point)
    Round 4 – TE Cade Otton – 3 Stars (When compared to Gronk’s rookie year, Gronk had 16 starts with an average of 34+ yards per game, 10 TDs…Otton had 11 starts with 35+ yards per game and only 2 TDs; I would say he’s around average for a rookie TE, especially since he split with Brate)
    Round 4 – P Jake Camarda – 5 Stars (FINALLY!)
    Round 5 – CB Zyon McCollum – 1 Star (so far)
    Round 6 – TE Ko Kieft – 1 Star (so far)
    Round 7 – OLB Andre Anthony – 1 Star


    So there we have it. It’s only half the story of course. Head Coaches had heavy control on first rounders. Mike Evans was picked because they wanted to get a QB by the following year.

    Last year was a hard year to judge, as things really piled up.

    Jason Licht excels at picking OL and LBs…both of which are very important. That’s why I’m not terribly worried about either.

    On Trask, it is impossible to judge at the moment, since he has not had a chance to show what he can do.

    Also, this does not take free agents into consideration.

  38. University of Seffner Says:

    If you look at Jason Licht’s Drafts from 2014-2017, and compare them with 2018-present day, there is a noticeable improvement. I was hoping that Licht would be fired after the 2018 season because of the back-to-back 5-11 seasons and our defense was awful. Glad that we kept him though, because he helped infuse the roster with talent, Got Bruce Arians to come here out of retirement, which played a role in convincing Brady to come here, and of course at the end of the 2020 Season we were Super Bowl Champions. Licht deserves some credit for Super Bowl 55 because he could’ve dismissed any attempt to get Tom Brady, but he didn’t. There’s more I could say, but at the end of the day, I think Jason Licht is a good, but not great General Manager. We could do worse than him. He needs to stay.

  39. Jmarkbuc Says:


    That’s revisionist history..

    “Salary cap Hades” is all relative.. look at today.

  40. Goatfarmer Says:

    People criticizing JL’s last two drafts must remember, he drafted LAST in 2021 and damn near last in 2022.

    When you draft in the Top 10 because you suck it’s a lot easier to get better players.


    Impossible to drink too much.

  41. Joe Says:

    Harrgreaves…bust that’s still hurting the Bucs.

    How? The Bucs won a Super Bowl after that draft. Should have made a second. Carlton Davis and Jamel Dean are two of the best young corners in the league.

    If Licht in 2016 told you Hargreaves would bust out but the Bucs would still win a Super Bowl and win their division the following season, you’d have kissed him on the lips.

  42. ElioT Says:


  43. Mort Says:

    Just won a superbowl and then two division championships over the last three years. How the hell could you be anything but pleased with the job he has done.

  44. Jack Clark Says:

    I believe in Tom Brady like I believe in Goku

    He earned everything he accomplished through self improvement

  45. The Anomaly Says:

    Weird. Without Brady he was worse than Mark Dominik.

    He is total garbage. Brady saved his career.

    He was getting fired without Tom.

    And Tom recruited Lenny, Gronk, AB and more.

    Not JL. What a con job

  46. Jack Clark Says:

    Tom Brady run like a slow giraffe and he still won 7 Super Bowls

  47. SOEbuc Says:

    I gave very confident. He is a great scout and deal maker and that was before Brady. They just really have a bad history of coaching before BA staff arrived, so we will see what he’s got if Bowles gets fired next year.

  48. Old black man Says:

    I say to all you stank, oily S.O. Bs, grade yourself! Before you start to grade someone else. Lesson from pops. You’re welcome.

  49. Steven007 Says:

    Anomaly, the thing is there is no “without Brady”. The GM was instrumental in getting Brady here. So he deserves that credit. Sorry, can’t have it both ways. So getting Brady, which the GM was instrumental in doing, meant the other Brady picks are also here because of the GM. It’s not that hard man. Is he the best GM in the league? I don’t think so. But he’s in the top half for sure.

  50. SOEbuc Says:

    The Anamoly

    That’s what you call a kick ass GM bozo. Tom chose to come to Tampa with the Jameis weapons Licht collected, made multiple cheap deals for good players, and won the most historic championship. Doesn’t get better than that.

  51. Goatfarmer Says:

    Anomaly has experienced multiple blunt force trauma incidents to his temple and forehead area. Let the puppy have its time to whimper.

  52. Brian Says:

    Fair question – which Bucs from current roster would be impact players/key contributors on the other 2023 playoff teams?


  53. stpetebucfan Says:


    GREAT ADVICE from your pops.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jmarkbuc Says
    “That’s revisionist history..“Salary cap Hades” is all relative.. look at today.”

    Today is nothing like back then. We were down two first rounders for Gruden, and down two for MeShawn. We had to rely on Free Agency, and we had very little to do it with because of the cap issues.

    McKay is to thank for all of that.

    No revisionist history at all. Just knowledge.

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The Anomaly Says
    Weird. Without Brady he was worse than Mark Dominik.

    He is total garbage. Brady saved his career.

    He was getting fired without Tom.

    And Tom recruited Lenny, Gronk, AB and more.

    Not JL. What a con job

    Mike Evans, Donovan Smith, Ali Marpet, Christ godwin, Vita Vea, Carlton Davis, Devin Whit, Sean Murphy Bunting, Jamel Dean, Tristan Wirfs, Winfield, Suh, JPP, Playoff Lenny, Julio Jones, etc.

    Please…explain how Rich McKay had more hits…