Ian Beckles: Bucs Were In Playoff Mode

January 7th, 2023

Happy with Bucs’ win.

A win sure changes the perspective of a team. And that was evident in the recent Bucs comments by former Tampa Bay guard Ian Beckles.

Speaking on his podcast “In the Trenches” this week, Beckles believes the Bucs began the playoffs the way they beat the Stinking Panthers in a win-and-in game.

“The Bucs played a team that was playing pretty good football,” Beckles said. “It was clear to me that they were in a playoff mindset.

“Todd Bowles had said the playoffs start today. And [Monday] was played like a playoff game. And they played it thusly.”

However, Beckles took other words spoken by Bowles differently. Despite what Bowles has said, Beckles is dubious many Bucs players “who are important” will play tomorrow against the Dixie Chicks.

Still, the win over Carolina gave Beckles a warm and fuzzy feeling.

“You have to embrace any way you can getting into the playoffs,” Beckles said. “It’s the first back-to-back divsion championship ever.

“Mike Evans was Mike Evans again. Chris Godwin was Chris Godwin again. The defense played the way it was supposed to play in the second half.

“They are peaking at the right time. When I say peaking, they had close to a complete game.”

Looking at the NFC playoff landscape, Beckles said he does not see any dominant teams. Beckles added that every team in the NFC is beatable, which the Bucs may be able to take advantage of.

“Why not? Why not the Buccaneers?” Beckles said.

Beckles also had a few thoughts on individual players in the win over Carolina.

On Donovan Smith and his penalties:

“It’s just a technical thing.”

On his personal piñata Joe Tyron-Shoyinka:

“Had seven tackles. They are not the tackles I’d want to see but good to see him [making plays]. He has to start making more things happen behind the line of scrimmage.”

Beckles said despite the offensive explosion in the fourth quarter last week, the Bucs offense looks like a team that always has to fight for every yard. Nothing looks easy.

“Everything the Buccaneers do offensively is difficult,” Beckles said. “If its a first down guys are diving and struggling.”

On defense, Beckles loves how the team is being coached up.

“Let’s start applauding this defensive staff in making adjustments in the second half,” Beckles said.

And Beckles closed his pod by offering Bowles simple advice for tomorrow.

“Rest your people.”

21 Responses to “Ian Beckles: Bucs Were In Playoff Mode”

  1. Hodad Says:

    D. Smith I believe is already out? It would be foolish to keep Wirfs in long with his ankle, so Tom will have to exit early too. I don’t see starters playing long.

  2. NEfan Says:

    He has no problem trashing Brady, Mike & Chris were back but nothing about the guy that threw for 432 3 tds 1 rush td and no ints. Another hater.

    I just rewatched the Dallas game and D was outstanding but even though the O was able to run the ball the offensive play book suuuucks. Every shot downfield is a sideline throw, the runs on 1st down up the middle. When they set up outside the numbers they had success running and throwing but very little of that and once again when they ran no huddle they moved the ball.

    DR, I am starting to sway in your direction this is either on BL or Brady because whomever is coming up with this lackluster game plan is the problem. It’s e I there that or this is the same O they’ve ran since 2020 and the Oline is so bad they can’t pull it off. Boring as heck to watch. NOT Tom Brady like O.

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    I think Ian nailed it. As you said ‘Beckles is dubious many Bucs players “who are important” will play tomorrow against the Dixie Chicks’. So am I.

    For its part, Atlanta has lost 4 of its last 5 games, and that only win was a 1-point against the reeling Cardinals. They haven’t been scoring many points, but have played everyone close by not allowing many either …

    o Lost to Commanders 19-13
    o Lost to Steelers 19-16
    o Lost to Saints 21-18
    o Lost to Ravens 17-9
    o Beat Cardinals 20-19

    IF our defense can stifle their rushing attack without Vea, we could probably hold them to 17 points, maybe even less. Question in my mind is can our offense score more than that without many of our starters in there? Of course, we don’t really know how the Falcons will play it. MAYBE they care more about evaluating some of their lesser-used players at this point than they do about upping their record to 7-10 (and raising their draft position?). Could be interesting.

  4. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    The only reason Beckles wants the Bucs to win against Dallas is so he can keep trashing them for another week

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    NEfan … Do you remember 2 or 3 years ago when BA told everyone in an interview how the Bucs game-planned? Essentially he described a cumbersome, committee-approach and I was appalled. I contended then (and still do now) that what allowed that to work (and allowed us to win) was 2 things: (1) superior talent; and (2) an excellent defense (that provided quite a few turnovers?). It was a relatively unsophisticated, not-very-creative offensive attack philosophy that worked because of the superior offensive talent AND because our defense (in 2020 & 2021 especially) did very well in the Points Allowed category. Same thing in BA’s first 3 years in Arizona BTW when he did very well (by 2016 & 2017 they were break-even largely because of a lower talent level).

    And that’s what we saw this year IMO. The lower talent level (no Gronk, no Marpet, no Jensen, no AB, a 75-80% CG14, etc) hasn’t worked on offense … until very recently. Some of those less talented players have actually improved throughout the season (experience helps?), although I’m dubious as to whether we can survive against teams like the 49ers. You never know though; that’s the beauty of the playoffs. Someone we match up better against may knock them off first.

  6. NEfan Says:

    DR, so what you’re inquiring is the O was never all that creative it was talent that made it work? I can agree with that. Isn’t it the HC’s job to recognize this and adjust???

    Purdy may have all the confidence in the world but I have to believe the Raiders game was his reality check. I am not sure who in the NFC can challenge the 9ers their D is crazy good.

  7. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Of course it’s the same offense. It’s just being used in a very conservative predictable way. Remember those 2nd and short shots and 3rd and short shots from the last 2 years. Those have turned into 2nd down runs and 3rd down throws short of the sticks or screens. I respect NEfan and DRs opinion but the risk it was pulled out of the biscuit by Bowles. Watch some of his Jets games if you can stomach it lol. Same garbage. Those 2nd and short and 3rd and short shots have disappeared.

  8. NEfan Says:

    Kentucky, watching most of these Bucs games are painful enough. I never realized how unimaginative this O was the last two seasons. I guess players like Gronk & AB make it more exciting and free up coverage on Evan’s & Godwin. Well off to the PO’s.

    FYI Atl is 0-11 against Brady. Another record Bowles can destroy.

  9. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Yes. I’m afraid Bowles will half azz it. Either play to win or sit Brady Evans Godwin Wirfs Mason. There’s no point in playing a quarter or two.

  10. D-Rok Says:

    Good comments by all, thanks guys.

    We either play a game to win with the starters or we do not. We can’t dress enough people to play mostly backups.

    The inactives list for the game will be very interesting.

    All I hope for is no injuries as I’m not convinced of the value (risk/reward) of playing to win and having injuries to key starters.

  11. D-Rok Says:

    PS: Nice to see some positive comments from Mr. Beckles. The Bucs looked MUCH better against the Panthers, leading to openly wonder if the Bucs really do have an “on” switch?

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I do think that Todd Bowles intends to rest our players.
    However, we are starting to peak now, so it is a fine line between resting our players, and keeping some continuity to our play.

  13. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Agree D-Rok. All risk no reward in playing a quarter or half.

  14. alton d green Says:

    Folks, reasons and excuses are not the same thing. I can say with confidence that Todd Bowles is the worst HC i’ve ever seen in my 60 years of watching. I really wanted to see Byron succeed. My Son went to Marshall U. when Byron was the QB. It wouldn’t be so disgusting if we had a lousy team. I’m going to say something and some of you can start giving EXCUSES. The GOAT comes to Tampa. 1st year? SUPERBOWL! BA was HC. 2nd yr? NFC championship game BA was HC. 3rd yr? This year? Todd is HC nuff said. Yes there was very minimal change in talent EXCEPT the HC. MY FRIENDS, these are REASONS, not EXCUSES. AMEN!

  15. NEfan Says:

    I wouldn’t consider losing Jensen, Shaq, AB, Gronk, Suh, JPP a slight loss in talent. Ryan, Neal & R. White are upgrades but I also think D. White is digressing.

  16. NEfan Says:

    I almost forgot Darden (sarcasim)

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    alton d green … ‘Yes there was very minimal change in talent (in 2022) EXCEPT the HC’.

    Don’t know what team you’ve been watching Alton, but that’s a very faulty ASSUMPTION. Go down our offense position-by-position and maybe you’ll come to the conclusion that losing Gronk, Marpet, Cappa, Jensen, AB and having several key injured guys playing (Wirfs, D Smith, Godwin, Gage, Brady?) has had a significant impact. Those are REASONS for lesser performance, not excuses, when you have the same OC.

    Bowles doesn’t get a free pass in my book, but his Achilles Heel has been Leftwich. Any HC who’s dual-hatted as one of the coordinators must have a very strong coordinator working the other side of the ball for him (like Chucky had with Monte?). Remember how poorly Payton & the Saints did in 2014-2016 (7-9 each year) UNTIL Dennis Allen got their defense straightened out starting in 2017? Their offense did great in those 2014-2016 years under Payton, easily ranking in the Top-10, but their defense sucked. Once that got squared away starting in 2017, the Saints made the playoffs every year except last year (when their offense sucked). They achieved a better ‘balance’ shall we say between their offense & their defense from a team perspective in those intervening years.

  18. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Of they’ll rest their players….

    they should play 70% with Kyle Trask……you gotta see what Kyle Trask can do

  19. Bucobill999 Says:

    Wow coming from a guy that never won more then 6 games in any given year that he played says nothing

  20. brooks Says:

    Trask is the future

  21. Goatfarmer Says:

    Trashk is indeed the future. The future real estate developer, the future car dealership owner, the future insurance magnate.

    As NFL QB, his future is his present. Which is not being able to beat out Goobert. Even the pathetic Leftwurst can’t stand the thought of putting him on the field in a meaningless game. You’re more likely to see Griffin active than Trashk.

    This is kommodious.