How Tom Brady’s Decision Affects Bucs

January 31st, 2023

Todd Bowles explains.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Bucs sort of have their hands tied.

Joe has gone over this, but uncertainty is one big reason the Bucs’ offensive coordinator job isn’t overly coveted. Who will play quarterback? Will it be Tom Brady or will it be Kyle Trask? Or will it be a free agent, and if you show your cards too much about signing a free agent quarterback, word may get out that the Bucs are tampering.

No bueno.

So when Bucs coach Todd Bowles had his season-ending presser after the Bucs lost in an embarrassing fashion to the Cowboys, Bowles explained the team is in a sort of holding pattern.

“You want to have a bunch of plans, but they can all go to pot beforehand,” Bowles said. “We will meet with Tom, we will meet with everybody else, and we will meet with the brass to come up with a plan and see where we are.”

The term “brass” used by Bowles is very intriguing. Did Bowles mean Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht or was he referring to Team Glazer?

Obviously, the sooner the Bucs can get word from Brady, the quicker the rest of the dominos fall. However, the Bucs don’t want to rush Brady and spook him away. So it’s a delicate balance.

“Hopefully [Brady’s decision] doesn’t have to come after free agency and everything else like that,” Bowles said. “You want to have plans going into [free agency].”

So while projected offensive coordinators turn their noses up on the Bucs not knowing who will lead their offense — at the end of the day, whoever is hired, it’s his offense, not Bowles’ offense — the Bucs sit back and wait on word from on high.

35 Responses to “How Tom Brady’s Decision Affects Bucs”

  1. Jack Clark Says:

    Todd Monken interviewed with the Ravens so he’ll likely go with them for stability. The rest of our available OC candidates are low ranking QB coaches and passing game coordinators (whatever the hell that means). We’re screwed!

  2. SB Says:

    He needs to stop Phuckin g with us and let us know.
    Otherwise Hw ia just messing us up.

  3. SB Says:

    Sure Joe.
    I need to be put in the corner from time to time.

  4. Goatfarmer Says:

    Toad — face it. This team is in a shambles because of how you are as a headless coich. You’re among the worst, demotivating, uninspiring, excuse making, throw everyone but yoursef under the bus types in the anals of pro football.

    Toad’s Bowels are a disgrace and should never coich again.

  5. Tye Says:

    Bowles is NOT good AT ALL as a head coach (one of THE worst)!

    The next OC WILL BE as much of a project as the next qb for the Bucs…
    Bowles getting fired IS inevitable… Likely Just waiting for a “reasonable” time to fire him to hopefully avoid being lumped up in those law suits…

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bucs next Offensive Coordinator: Joe Gilbert

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Part of me suspect Bowels to be gone after the Superbowl

  8. sasquatch Says:

    We’re not screwed, necessarily. Some eager first timer or relatively inexperienced play caller might just do a good job. I’m not giving in to low expectations.

  9. SOEbuc Says:

    Brady going to the 49s another media stunt for FOX gig. He never did that in NE.

  10. Goatfarmer Says:

    sasquatch — yeah maybe. There is about as much chance of that as Stevie Wonder suddenly having eyesight, but, yeah.

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Sasquatch … ‘I’m not giving in to low expectations.’

    I admittedly don’t have high expectations for 2023, but I’m perfectly willing to be pleasantly surprised. I’m much less concerned about our offense than I am about our defense because we’ve got a pretty good core of offensive players returning.

    Look at the OLine. Wirfs, Mason, Jensen, Hainsey & D Smith. Three of those guys were on our 2020 SB team. Mason is a quality RG who’s probably as good as Cappa (maybe better?) & Hainsey now has a full year of experience. Sign a couple of our FAs (Stinnie & Leverett) to go with Walton & Goedeke (who’ll get stronger this year I’m sure) and we’ll have a fairly experienced … and deep … OLine this year.

    Our RBs Fournette, White & Vaughn are all under contract for 2023, as is Kieft (I still consider him a FB & TE combo). For WRs we’ve got Evans, Godwin & Gage (when not injured, he’s an excellent #3 IMO). Miller, Perriman & Julio are gone far as I’m concerned, but their production won’t be that hard to replace.

    Our biggest issues on offense are TE & QB obviously. I’d release Cam Brate ($3 mil CAP Hit) & sign a quality TE to go with Otton & Kieft. Should also be able to pick up another in the lower rounds of the draft. Trask is our only QB under contract right now, but I wouldn’t hesitate to re-sign Gabbert for the $2.3 mil that he made this year. We don’t have the money to put into a high-priced FA QB this year, so let’s not pretend. But there are several FAs who could be signed for a reasonable $$$ amount. Posture for the 2024 draft (supposedly some excellent prospects there).

    Defense is a whole nuther story. All we’ve got to build on is 50% Vea, White, JTS, Davis & Winfield, plus 2 rookies (Hall & McCollum) neither of whom impressed me. That leaves a mountain of holes to fill. My priority would be to re-sign Dean (yes he’s that good IMO) & Nelson, plus to re-sign Gholston, RNR, Nassib, Gill, Ryan, Neal & Delaney if they’ll all re-sign for vet minimums. SMB & Edwards will probably want to much to re-sign back here (although I’d love to have both back). Hicks, Avery & Senat I’d let walk. Obviously under that approach the draft has to go heavy defense (DT, OLB, ILB, CB, S) plus we’d need to sign a couple FAs to fill particular holes.

    Piece of cake huh.

  12. Proudbucsfan Says:

    I think they really need to focus on this OC. Someone who is innovative and focused, a coach that isn’t afraid to make in game adjustments and move the ball down the field. The Glazer boy’s need to open that check book and talk
    Lane Kiffin away from Ole Miss and promise him the head coaching gig when
    Blows screws up.

  13. ANONYMOUS Says:

    I am SO SICK of the coddling! O we have to PUT ALL THINGS THAT MAKES SENSE ON HOLD for Tom Brady? This IDIOT (Todd Bowles) or THESE IDIOTS “The front office” are a standing JOKE! The “Brass” ???

    Brass is a classification in my mind which refers to someone IN CONTROL. Another example is “Brass Balls”. And that stands for someone in CONTROL! Makes decisions, has GUTS! And none of these clowns have those qualifications!
    You’re waiting on Brady to make up his mind? Screw Brady! Make up his mind? SCREW THAT! Where are the REAL MEN OR EVEN WOMEN that run this organization? It TRULY IS A SHAME that a Real Man isn’t running this show! NO MATTER who does or does not like Bruce Arians, HE IS AN EXAMPLE OF A “REAL MAN” WHO WILL RUN THE SHOW and NOT wait around for some premadonna QB to decide to Screw Us Over AT HIS LEISURE! Leaving us holding the bag like usual!
    O please Mr Tom don’t leave me because I’M WORTHLESS AND WEAK! I am SO SICK OF THIS! And to be perfectly honest, THAT is why so many are pissed off at Arians. He was the only male figure in the ENTIRE ORG and he turned it over to ANTI MEN! What a shame. But At the Least he was man enough to realize that he had to take action to save his life for his TRUE concern. His Family. And sorry for those who don’t get that but SCREW YOU PEOPLE WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND THAT HE MADE A MANS DECISION. He left what he LOVED THE MOST because he had to! Clearly SHORT BUSERS DON’T UNDERSTAND REAL LIFE AND DEATH DECISIONS THAT HAVE TO COME BEFORE YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!

    Meanwhile back at the ranch I’m pissed off concerning our Luck when it comes to having a qualified freaking coach to run this org on ANY LEVEL! Busy waiting and begging a likely washed up QB to choose to say yes or no so that we can get on with it. It’s desperate. It’s a BAD LOOK! AND TODD BOWLES IS ALL ABOUT A “BAD LOOK”! He has NEVER stepped up to be the type of a man and a leader that it takes to run an operation such as a Pro Football Team and he simply never will.

    CLOWN SHOW! Tom Brady is a user! He does for himself! Not for you and not for me! IF TOM BRADY WERE A REAL AND DECENT MAN HE WOULD STEP UP!
    HE IS NOT STEPPING UP! HE IS PLAYING A GAME! I DO NOT RESPECT HIM FOR IT! I’M STARTING TO REALLY NOT LIKE HIM BECAUSE OF IT! And ANYBODY that actually believes that he doesn’t know if he’s going to play football next season is an IDIOT! OF COURSE HE KNOWS! He gave up his family to play! What kind of an idiot are you if you can’t figure that one out? OF COURSE HE KNOWS!
    And if he can’t make up his mind THEN MAKE UP HIS MIND FOR HIM! YOU ARE BETTER SERVED TO TAKE CHARGE NOW INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR HIM TO DECIDE IF HE WANTS TO DUMP US ALL OR NOT! And if this Organization already knows he’s going to be here this next season, THEN WHY DON’T THEY SAY SO?
    This Organization NEEDS some BRASS ALRIGHT! To bad it doesn’t have any. To bad for me I mean, TO BE CLEAR. I DO NOT LIKE THE ANTI MEN RUNNING THE SHOW. Waiting for any one player is a SUCKERS BET!

    BRASS? WHERE????

  14. Go Bucs Go Says:

    Given dire circumstances of Bucs organization regarding its new OC search Brady is also well aware of, I believe his decision will be made around Super Bowl. He won’t wait until free agency in March.

    I think he already did all the necessary heavy thinking during his short retirement period. He just needs to decompress and make a quick decision as to where he feels the utmost confidence he can win the championship. That is the least we can ask for if he indeed decides to leave and play elsewhere.

    So far it looks like 49ers seems to be his most likely destination. He needs to offer hometown discount to join that monstrous roster… but if he feels convinced that he can win with them, he will sell his soul to play there.

    Go Bucs!

  15. Crickett Baker Says:

    DefenceR, I really liked that well-thought-out post. You make it sound so simple. 😀

  16. ANONYMOUS Says:

    And DR,
    You’re making plenty of sense. Our offense STILL HAS a LOT to offer. Most teams aren’t as talented as this. Clearly we’re not going to get a Premium OC. This Org HAS DONE THIS TO ITSELF! Foolish… FOOLISH decisions. A 5 year contract to a proven failure? WTF? Clearly it’s beyond my understanding and I’m clever enough to admit that so I’ll ask guys that ARE in the know. Here’s the question with a statement : The salary concerning the coaches are separate from the cap..? Correct? And if so, then there is NO advantage to long term contracts to help manipulate the cap? Right?? If I’m wrong and I don’t believe I am, THEN WHY IN THE SAM “HAIL” did we offer this man ( proven unsuccessful “with potential at the time) a ~Five year~ contract to run this team into the ground?
    Hey it’s not my money to waist when they let him go far sooner than 5 years from now. And to be honest I suppose in my heart that Todd didn’t really want the position. He’s not acting like he did. He’s just going through the motions. But 5 years?

    In a sense I guess someone was thinking ahead maybe. Perhaps they already knew that Leftwich was headed out of the door without Arians around, so they figured that “optically” it’ll give more weight to the higher of a decent OC. LITTLE DID THEY KNOW OR INVISION that Bowles would BLOW IT SO BADLY! Bowles IS the reason we can’t get even a SNIFF from a credible OC. Nobody believes he will be here for 2 years… Looks like a new and unproven OC from the college ranks for us. It will take a Kings Ransom otherwise.

    I’m done ranting. Apologies for any sloppy write up.. Its late and I’m tired.

    God help us all. GO BUCS

  17. Brian Says:

    SB i’m with you get in or get out! Simple K9

  18. Brian Says:

    Do you want to play or not! If so great ! If not move on ! Our coach sucks so there are decisions to be made

  19. Brandon Says:

    Anonymous says is an idiot first of all tom brady is a free agent and you don’t have to wait for him because you can’t have him Bucs are like 55 million over the cap plush 8 million or so to sign your draft class and you have 21 free agents and you still owe brady 35 million dead cap

    And for Todd bowels he sucks good d coordinator that’s his job not head coach an coaches sign 4-7 year contracts can be fired at any time so I don’t know why you’re crying about the length

    And your damn lucky Brady went there in the first place he gave you a super bowl and the 2 years of the best quarterbacking Bucs have had in history and now your like some MANLY MAN THAT EVER WAS your a CLOWN and next year with all this aging talent will be picking in the top 5 of the 2024 draft how’s that for being so MANLY TOUGH GUY

  20. Kalind Says:

    This is why he had to go too!!! Think, people! Plan ahead!!

  21. NEfan Says:

    Anonymous, if I was Brady I would wait to. It’s possible Bucs are 2nd or 3rd choice. No other team can talk to him now so why should commit or not commit? Glazers and BA got them into this mess, why does Brady have to bail them out? If Bucs want to move on so be it move on but the future of the Bucs is in Licht & Bowles hands not Brady’s. He’s doing the same as all FA QB’s waiting to weigh onut his options. How is this different from Jackson & Baltimore? Roger’s is the worst, he’s under contract and still dicking GB around.

  22. Mario Says:

    Do we even know if the Bucs owners / management want him back? There certainly has been a lot of chatter about letting him go. All this talk about Brady holding things up – what have the Bucs done? I am not sure how free agency works when you have someone under contract but I certainly haven’t heard about any offers to Brady from Tampa. It the end it is a business and both sides need to feel they are getting what they want. There are a lot of variables in this equation.

  23. NEfan Says:

    Mario, if they don’t want him back then they should move on. Brady is doing what’s best for him, he doesn’t owe the Bucs anything. Jackson doing the same to Baltimore, Goff I believe is also a FA and a few more. They have to wait another 5 weeks to avoid tampering. BL’s career was ruined under Bowles, what OC wants that? Thanks AGAIN BA!!!

  24. The Dave Says:

    My guess is Bowles wants to move on from Brady and is being told he can’t. Brady is a distraction, and he takes power & decision-making away from the coaches. He’s trying to get OC candidates to come in, but no one wants the job with all the indecision. Brady is undecided, which means Tampa brass (Licht and Glazers) are undecided, and that leaves Bowles in a spot as HC. IMO, Tampa’s best bet is to tell TB12 thanks for the ring, but we’re moving on with our future. Go out and sign some vets, give Trask a shot, and see where ’23 ends up. Worst case scenario, we fix our cap situation and rebuild around a high draft pick QB in ’24. The problem is Tom Brady. He sells tickets and jerseys, and bring TV viewers, so upper management will force Bowles into a holding pattern while Tom rides horses with his kids. The fans, coaches, and players just want to win, but the Glazers want $$$, and they call the shots at the end of the day. Don’t think for a minute that they aren’t telling Licht and Bowles to hold tight for Brady. We may not get an OC until after Brady decides, at this point.

  25. NEfan Says:

    The Dave@ want to win? And what makes you thinks Trask can help them WIN? What I saw this season was a HC trying to force a team to win a certain way and a team not built for that, so Blows decided he’d rather lose.

  26. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady has already informed the Glazers and Licht that he’s not coming back, and he’s retiring. I listened to his podcast, and he spoke passionately about a team righting things they did wrong. He didn’t specify the Bucs, but he listed a litany issues.

  27. Brandon Says:

    First of all, I’d like to point out that the “Brandon” that posted above me is not the real Brandon. It’s an easy tell. THAT Brandon, can’t spell, doesn’t know the first thing about punctuation or capitalization, and sounds like a complete fool.

    So Brandon… change your name, I don’t want anybody associating the drivel you’re posting with me. I’ve been here for years, you haven’t. Change your name or go away.

  28. TombsEN Says:

    Why are you all so adamant that Bowles wanted to force the offense to run a certain way? He stated multiple times during the season that he only cared about winning and not really how they won. Brady clearly did not want to get hit this year, face it he was skittish in the pocket pretty much all season, you can blame the O-line you can blame the OC but I wish people would stop with the narrative the Bowles forced BL to run an ineffective offense all season. If anything it probably was Brady who wanted to have a more balanced attack.

  29. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bowles backup plan Blaine Gabbert as QB and Chan Gailey offensive coordinator.

  30. Letsbucinggo Says:

    Worse thing for the Bucs if Brady plays for another team. If he plays for the Bucs or retires they can eliminate about half of the 35 mil cap hit. If he goes elsewhere then we eat the 35 mil cap hit.

  31. Hodad Says:

    Weren’t Gruden, Andy Reed, McVay, Shanahan, just about all of them offensive asst’s at one time till they all become O.C.’s then H.C.’s? I’d be fine with giving the Q.B. coach off the Eagles, or Bengals a shot as O.C.. Everyone has to start somewhere, sometime. The Bucs need to find the next rising star in coaching. Not some retread yet again.

  32. NEfan Says:

    Tomb@ if that were the case what happened in Cleveland?

  33. LoveMeSomeBucs Says:

    Can we for the love of God just move on from Brady ?? Why should the team be held hostage by a 46 yr old QB who has no concern for the team or he would have made a decision quick. Hire an OC based on what you have and move forward

  34. BigDrew Says:

    Honestly we need to build up. Look at the cap space Brandy if we resign what happens to Lavonte David, did we release Donovan smith, did we signed vita vea? But we can release Donovan Smith, trade Mike Evans get a high draft pick.. Start trading guys the team is softer than puppy s@#$. A more physical team when we played a physical we get much and we just took it. Look what SF did to dal and what philly did to SF. We need to run because. The line can’t move anyone. We need people that ain’t afraid their parents. Look at Carolina we need smash mouth football.

  35. BUC IT Says:

    We should trade up a few spots for hendon hooker if Brady leaves