How Have The Bucs Changed?

January 10th, 2023

Not the same team.

When the 2022 season started, most folks thought the Bucs were a passing team that could run the ball.

In the season opener at Dallas, the Bucs looked more like a running team that couldn’t pass. The Bucs ran for 152 yards that night. Who knew that would be the second-most yards they would run for in the regular season?

The Bucs quickly morphed into a team that couldn’t run to save themselves. The Bucs actually ran for 162 yards against Seattle and once more broke the century mark with 112 in a dreadful win, saved by Tom Brady’s magic in Arizona on Christmas Night.

Yesterday, Bucs coach Todd Bowles said Dallas and his Bucs are different from when they played on the first Sunday night of the season.

“We [have] changed,” Bowles said. “We’re a different team. I can’t speak for them yet. I haven’t [dived] into the film, getting in and watching them, but they’re talented.

“They’ve got talent all over the field.”

Yes, the Bucs became a pass-happy team with 751 passing attempts, leading the NFL. To say the run game is poor and impotent is an understatement.

But, Bowles said, the Bucs are a much tougher team than back in early September.

“From our standpoint, I think we’re mentally tougher,” Bowles said. “We’re into the grind of the season, so to speak, and everybody kind of knows their roles have kind of panned out since Week One.”

The Bucs defense has been most effective when both Akiem Hicks and Vita Vea are both in the lineup. And, surprisingly, the Bucs pass defense has held up despite losing Bucs sack king Shaq Barrett with a blown Achilles in October.

Joe hears ex-Bucs are pining to run the ball down Dallas’ throats on Monday night. That would be cool, but there’s one big problem with that concept. The Bucs can’t run the ball. Not against bad teams and surely not good teams.

Put the ball in the hands of your best player who happens to live for January games (Brady) and let the chips fall where they may.

31 Responses to “How Have The Bucs Changed?”

  1. BucU Says:

    If Bowles doesn’t know that by now then he’s a lost cause.

  2. SufferingSince76 Says:

    The Bucs have gone from a high powered offense to a pathetic shell of their former selves. That’s how they’ve changed. All thanks to Todd Bowles.

  3. Hodad Says:

    He hasn’t looked into the film yet? That doesn’t sound like prepared. Don’t wait to long Todd, the games Monday.

  4. Beej Says:

    Half back dive for $500 Alex

  5. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bowles will look at the film friday night the come up with a game plan.

  6. NEfan Says:

    I would have thought he would be studying film on both Dallas and the Eagles since he obviously did nothing the week of Atlanta. This guy can’t be for real.

    A lot of coaches getting interviewed. Haven’t seen BL on any list. He can’t even get an interview with the Rooney rule in place.

  7. Jerseybuc Says:

    No film yet huh coach. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Duane Says:

    17 games into the season and all Bowles can tell us is that this team of veteran players is now mentally tougher. What a massive disappointment this guy is.

  9. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    To be fair…the offensive line being so rancid played a big role.

    And I hate having to point that out.

  10. TombsEN Says:

    I really don’t know what you all expect Bowles to say, I mean does it really matter if he says all the “right” things and gets blown out on Sundays? There are plenty of coaches who don’t say squat to the media, BB in NE comes to mind. It’s like there is no conherent thought with quite a few of you posters.

  11. TombsEN Says:

    *Coherent not conherent lol

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I personally would take Bowles as DC all day long…but as head coach? Ew.

    Problem is, we cannot demote him. Especially if it’s to bring in a white HC.

    In a way, I feel for Leftwich. Injuries severely limited his option in his first year as an OC…but he was entirely too predictable too.

    I do think he can get better over time…but it would take years and his refusal to adjust hurts him most.

  13. D-Rok Says:

    Bill Walsh would have had all the film broken down, with folders of scouting reports/tendencies for each player…about 3 weeks ago for playing Dallas this week. Montana used to rave / complain about how meticulously prepared Walsh was.

    Must have been nice to have all the answers to the test.

  14. NEfan Says:

    If you have nothing to say, then say nothing. He has nothing to say. Belichick’s dbag attitude to the media is his shtick.

  15. Onetrickpony Says:

    The complete opposite of Coach Gruden

  16. BucsFanInWales Says:

    Back in 2010 Bucs had a winning record with Raheem Morris, they didn’t make the play offs. Seattle who had a 7-9 record went into the play offs as NFC West division champs. They allied behind Lynch and shocked the Saints in the Wild Card round.

    Do I feel sorry for the Lions missing out this year with a winning record. Not a chance.

    All teams no the score at the start of the season. Win your division get to the play-offs! I for one cannot wait for Monday Night Football!

  17. DungyDance Says:

    Hodad – exactly. I thought the same thing the instant I read that. He seriously hasn’t looked at their film yet? Wtf have you been doing?

  18. Hail2dabucs Says:

    I’m not 2 concerned with not preparing for cowboys already , lovie Smith said we were Tennessee ready and look what happend then . Just put your best players in a position 2 win coach !

  19. Craig Says:

    I’ll take some of what he’s smoking, I could use some delusion.

    I know he wants a new identity for this team, defense first, run second, pass last. He has not gotten to that point and might not.

    Arians timed this so Bowles cleaner had to use his (Arians) team. We see how that worked, some good, a lot of bad.

    At least our other RBs have had a few chances, and to me they look better than Lenny, but that might just have been the scouting of the team.

    If Hot Toddie comes back I will have hope for them, because I held onto hope for Jameis for too long, it is only fair.

  20. Bucobill999 Says:

    At least next yr we won’t have to see all the brady jock riders

  21. TombsEN Says:

    I’m sure these guys have been watching Cowboys film before this week but why say that? Who cares, they could’ve been watching film since last month and still get blown out on Monday.

    You all care too much about what a coach says or doesn’t say when all that matters are results at the end of the day.

    You could have a coach who lays out everything to satisfy the “fans” but suck every Sunday, and some of you would be happy with that lol.

  22. TombsEN Says:

    Bonzai is a rational poster, some of you are completely irrational and couldn’t manage a Madden team but you act like you know everything.

    I still think the jury is out on Bowles, the defense has had a lot of injuries but those guys are still playing good ball, he has adjusted.

    BL refuses to adjust which is killing this team and has killed some of the morale I believe.

    Let Bowles get a new special teams coordinator and OC who can change and adapt the scheme to the players and see what happens.

  23. Goatfarmer Says:

    Of course Blowes is pining to run the ball, and he will try and try again. And fail, demonstrating certifiable insanity one more time. And then, hopefully and mercifully, the Glazers make the necessary changes immediately following the loss to the Cowboys.

  24. A Says:

    well, we “try” to run the ball through 3 quarters, then when down 2 scores we throw it 20x in the 4th…1 game season…every team would rather see us run the ball than Brady throw it…we need to throw to set up the run…let’s completely shake up what we’ve been doing…why do I bother 🙂 we all know we are not going to do anything different…we are going to suck on O for 50 to 55min…Hope the D keeps us with-in 2 scores…and let Brady win it in the 4th…

    Go bucs!

  25. JimmyfromNY Says:

    BucoB-This time next year you’ll be talking about what draft pick you’re gonna get as a matter of fact that’s the only conversation you’ll have for the next 15 to 20 years once Brady leaves. Never seen a more fan base more unappreciative of having the greatest player of all time.

  26. Goatfarmer Says:

    The Bucs, with a roster that most GMs would give a left nut over, went from 13-4 and one of the most entertaining teams in the league, to a historically bad offensive football team that is less fun to watch than two crippled sloths trying to mate. Stubborn, arrogant coaches that were in denial regarding their capabilities, and when there was finally some light after the Panthers win, Todd Blowes decided to neither rest his starters, nor try to win the game Against Atlanta. In the process, Hainsey, Gage and SMB got banged up. Brady was so pissed he couldn’t see straight. But at least the team’s confience took a huge kick to the groin, and we confirmed that Kyle’s Trashk couldn’t make the practice squad of a USFL team, so there is that.

  27. Infomeplease Says:

    This game plan doesn’t surprise me at all. On offense, Bowles and Leftwich refuse to do what works until a point in the game when they have no other choice!!!!!!!! End result… a losing season!!! Successful teams emphasize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses!! This team only does that on the defensive side of the field!!
    My theory is that Bowles hates Leftwich so much that he sets him up to fail opting to fire him next year and install his own guy!!! Why else would you take an offense that scores 30 points a game and reduce it to an offense that scores 18 or 19????????

  28. Ed Says:

    There is a disconnect with Bowles and his players. You never see him huddle up on the sidelines with the offensive guys, especially Brady. He comes out of the series, goes right to the bench and sits down with Leftwich.

    I watched the Lions coach, who is a defensive guy, during a time out walk over and put his face in with Goff and some offensive coaches. He was involved.

    Watch great coaches and how they communicate with their players. Todd during a game is only invoived in calling the defensive plays. He is what he is, a defensive coordinator. Nothing wrong with being good at what he is, but a HC has to be able to communicate and work with all the players, not be in this frozen state of mind during a game.

    Arian’s was always yelling at officials, making challenges. Bowles doesn’t do any of the extra things HC’s need to do.

  29. Tucker Says:

    They certainly proved they are an inconsistent team they did it all season right up to the end of the regular season. They have a shot monday because they are playing an equally inconsistent team.

  30. Crickett Baker Says:

    If the team thinks Tom is leaving and they don’t like Todd Bowles then they will probably lose. That would give them the best chance of getting a new HC. I see the same things Ed does. I am not even certain that many of our players can see the difference between a bad vs good head NFL coach. Leftwich is predictable but he never had to put in so many running plays before, and he has come up with a few good ones recently.
    I just would like to see a good game, win or lose. I could not stand to see Dallas make monkies out of the Bucs.

  31. NEfan Says:

    Sure they changed, for the worst!