Chris Godwin Damned Near Broke A Record

January 9th, 2023

Outstanding season.

If the Bucs needed to win yesterday’s hard practice, Joe is very confident Chris Godwin would be holding a Bucs franchise record this morning.

Godwin, the Bucs’ stud receiver, with Mike Evans on the sideline with some sort of flu, had to have been a marked man by Atlanta. Still, the Dixie Chicks couldn’t stop him.

Before Godwin was pulled, he was targeted seven times and caught six passes for 55 yards, more than double the Bucs’ No. 2 receivers yesterday, Devin Thompkin had 25 yards.

Godwin’s sixth catch gave him 104 for the 2022 regular season. Had Godwin played more surely he would have had three more catches. That would have given him the Bucs’ record for most catches in a regular season, held by Keyshawn Johnson who had 106 in 2001.

Godwin is currently on a 14-game streak in which he has had at least five catches. That is the longest streak currently in the NFL (Cheetah Hill and CeeDee Lamb are next at nine games) and the second-longest streak in Bucs’ history. Johnson has the franchise mark at 15 games.

And just think, Godwin is doing this in a season in which he hasn’t been 100 percent as he had major knee surgery last January.

14 Responses to “Chris Godwin Damned Near Broke A Record”

  1. Christos Says:

    One of the problems with this year Offense is the stubborness to the quick and short passing game. Probably they dont trust the OL so much is one of the reasons. But they keep banging their heads to the wall when its not working over and over again even though when they re playing a more complete game with playaction and intermediate to deep passes it has better results. Will never understand it. But the production of Godwin is a prime example for this stubborness.
    Godwin average is 9,8 yards per catch. Previous years was
    Godwin has shown that he is a complete receiver and although he can break some tackles he is not Deebo Samuel. Let him run some deeper routes.
    Let him loose, let everyone loose, let the offense loose. You have nothing to lose if you see our performances this year. The Defense is not a top 5 Defense that will win you the game if you play conservative. Play to win, not just wait not to lose. Go Bucs

  2. BucsfanFred Says:

    Godwin is playing great. Once we lost Hainsey we couldn’t protect Brady at all so yeah, super quick dumpoffs ensued.

  3. BucsfanFred Says:

    He is coming off a late season ACL

  4. BucsfanFred Says:

    Oh and ME13, eat a few handfuls of vitamin C.
    You can probably find a few truckloads on TB12’s locker

  5. Lt. Dan Says:

    Speaking of Devin Thompkins…what an upgrade over Darden. This move should have been made ALOT earlier.

  6. Killian Says:

    It’s crazy that some WRs in the league are getting 150 receptions a season.

  7. NEfan Says:

    Godwin has become the go to slot receiver Brady had relied on his entire career. It’s not surprising his yards per reception has dropped and looks increased.

    With just 84 passing yards yesterday before once AGAIN getting neutered by Toilet Bowls, Brady still remains 2nd in the league in passing to obvious MVP candidate Mahomes and 1st in the NFC.

    To think if Brady had stayed retired Bucs could have had Roger’s, Wilson, Watson a cast of over paid garbage.

  8. JDM_ Says:

    Thats a lot of screen passes….

  9. geno711 Says:

    NEfan. I do agree that Brady is the Goat. Need to unleash him with Bruce Arians type of play calling during the playoffs.

    Interesting stat including Playoffs:

    Since the separation between New England and Tom Brady.

    New England is 25 and 26.
    Tampa Bay is 37 and 19.

    Tom Brady averages:

    Tampa Bay: 4881 passing yards and 36 TDs per year.
    New England: 3728 passing yards and 27 TDs per year.

    The neutering of Brady started in the New England era.

  10. Buc4evr Says:

    Too bad he has gotten fumblitis over the last few games. Hope he can hold on to the ball against Dallas?

  11. R.O. Says:

    First of all “Season” records dont mean anything, they didnt when it was 14 games, 16, now 17 and when they go to 18. The standard should be Avg Per Game min 14 games played in a season to be considered any type if record. The standards we use for “records” or even getting in the HOF are weak. Some of theses players getting in to HOF were good but “Game” changing no. Example: Lawrence Taylor changed the game.

  12. DJB Says:

    Bucs4evr: Yes, he needs to get over the fumbling. That punch-out looked identical to last week’s punch-out. He has both arms wrapped around the ball but is leaving air under the ball and an opening between his arms for the punch. Saw Julio Jones on the sideline trying to coach him up on holding the ball tucked into his body. Coach Julio may have something there haha.

  13. TexasBuc 1976 Says:

    Lt Dan.
    Couldn’t agree more about Tompkins, the kid shows some flashes and has heart. Why they stayed with Darden was senseless. Armstrong is a useless coach, should have been fired two years ago.

  14. Depressed 2022 Says:

    #14 is a Iron man… Glad he is on our team