“Catchin’ And Throwin'”

January 13th, 2023

The famous father-son Simms quarterback duo was split when it came to predicting the Bucs-Panthers game, when Tampa Bay opened up its offense and came back to wipe out the miserable Panthers.

The elder Phil Simms, the Super Bowl-winning QB, thought the Bucs would beat Carolina if they let Tom Brady throw deep and run more hurry-up. Son Chris Simms thought the Bucs would be fried by the Panthers because the Bucs offense stinks and the team was overrated with “Shamrocks up their ass,” a reference to the (alleged) luck of the Brady comebacks.

Thankfully, pops was correct.

Phil Simms was back on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio tonight talking the Bucs-Cowboys wild card game on Monday night.

He sees Tom Brady “catchin’ and throwin'” all night long to diffuse the Cowboys’ pass rush. And he thinks Dallas needs to give beastly pass rusher Micah Parsons more snaps off then usual to maintain his effectiveness.

Again, Phil Simms says the Bucs’ best shot is throwing deep to Mike Evans. He likes the matchup of Evans deep against the Cowboys’ defensive backs and Chris Godwin down the seam.

Simms said he picked the Bucs earlier in the week but more film study this week had him going the other way late this afternoon, looking at a low-scoring game with Dallas perhaps winning 17-14.

Interestingly, each member of the Simms duo said this week that if the Bucs can’t run at all on Monday, then they will be toast with all the resulting heat on Brady.

25 Responses to ““Catchin’ And Throwin'””

  1. LastDance Says:

    Chris was a terrible player and a worse mouth. I always liked Phil and still do. I hope that Brady tells Bowels and Leftwurst… hey look, I have more playoff experience than literally everyone on the team and coaching staff put together… listen to me dumba$@$ and we will win or at least have a chance.

  2. NEfan Says:

    Otton needs to come up big. He is more seasoned now.

  3. AmauryGuzman Says:

    The media doesn’t know anything. The fact that we’re underdogs at home should be much motivation against a team that struggled down the stretch.

  4. Doc Says:

    The last time i checked the media do not play the game. Also the Buc’s coaching staff do not play the game, quit blaming the coaching staff for everything.

  5. AmauryGuzman Says:

    @Doc coaching matters in this league my friend.

  6. alton d green Says:

    Doc; what mental. Woops i mean medical school did you get your degree from?

  7. D-Rok Says:

    If Bucs run game sucks (prolly will) then Brady will sling it 50 times. If he does, I actually like our chances. All depends on our O-line, as it always does.

    I rarely make predictions due to how the game is played – too many variables. BUT, I think the Bucs win by at least 3, IF our O-line gives him enough time to throw.

    Either way, who the heck knows what will happen in advance? It’s all a guessing game. I’m guessing a win, but I’ve been wrong before. Just be competitive, BUCS!

    GO BUCS!!!

  8. Mike Says:

    Have a feeling the Bucs are going to show up for this one and the Cowboys will be frustrated and heading home with an early playoff exit once again.

  9. SufferingSince76 Says:

    This just in……. The Bucs can’t run at all.

  10. NEfan Says:

    Doc, stick to what you know, proctology and leave to football to those that know. These coaches have neutered this team and the players hate them for it. Why didn’t any player(s) dump Gatorade on Bowles when they won their conference? They despise him and he doesn’t care.

  11. ModHairKen Says:

    Chris Simms and Phil Simms are the most thin skinned commentators in the industry. Both are arrogant and stupid. At least Phil won a SB. Chrissy’s claim to fame was puking up his spleen and getting busted in midtown Manhattan for smoking pot.

  12. mg Says:

    When the camera shows Bowles on the sideline – he appears as if he is in a wax museum.

  13. Infomeplease Says:

    The game will be won by the defense!! Hopefully our defense!! IMO!!

  14. Goatfarmer Says:

    Even Chrissy’s dad bats her passes down at the line of scrimmage.

  15. Rand Says:

    Man I wish we had GRONK!

  16. Lokog Says:

    When did we win the conference?

  17. EEK Says:

    this has more to do with Dallas being terrible and unpredictable than the Bucs being good (not shown to be so all season)

    with a healthy O line, anything is possible

  18. Doc Says:

    NEfan Says:

    What player’s hate this coaching staff?

  19. Anonymous Says:


    Well Doc none of us know who does or who doesn’t “hate” the coaching staff. And btw, that’s an unfair question for A BUNCH of reasons but I gotta say you’re dead wrong concerning your views on the responsibilities of the entire coaching staff and ESPECIALLY the head coach and the OC. They (especially Bowles) are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for this teams performances. OK. There is NO and’s, if’s, or but’s about that. I’m not going to break down ALL of the ways that, that is beyond dispute. (Besides, I’m trying to shorten the books I’ve been writing)

    Cheap shots at you are going to be easy if you don’t think it through just a little more because you’re wrong. NE can be nasty but he’s right on a couple of fronts. One of them should be sticking with what you know and it might not be how the coaches are doing. No adjustments, boring and SUPER predictable. Somebody hit the nail on the head for a couple days in a row concerning Bowles and his motivation acronym by stating ” Todd Bowles couldn’t excite a Starving dog with a prime rib steak “. Let me ask you a question in response to yours.

    Name me any player whom is raving about how great Todd Bowles is as the head coach?
    Here’s another fair question. Name me Just One player who’s touting how great Byron Leftwhich’s offensive game plan is and how it’s blowing them away? I believe I just made that question as easy as possible for you because I’m pretty sure there are a LARGE group on the team that CAN’T believe how his entire scheme has “blown them away” with just how lousy and predictable his plays have been AND that he’s been passing off that junk as professional level. (He’s a legend in his very own mind)
    P.S. a hint ~ You might ask Tom Brady.
    You can thank me later for that question because pretty much any short buser can answer that one!

  20. NEfan Says:

    That was me Anonymous, and it was rib eye not prime rib. Haha

  21. Steven L. Benner Says:

    The passing game is what it will take to beat the COWGIRLS! Need to move the ball deeper on 1st downs- the Handoffs on 1st & 10 is a waste of time and a down. Get Julio Jones INVOLVED Perriman, Gage, Godwin, Scotty Miller, and mostly Mike Evans!!! Hope we have Tristian Wirfs back and Ryan Jensen…. these guys will help big time in the center of the field! They will help give Brady the time he needs to step up and throw those deep passes. Our Defense has to be top notch and pressure Dak Prescott so that he throws some more of those famous Interceptions. That’s about it….Everyone doing their job at top notch levels and going the extra distance to block, Intercept, cause fumbles and get the job done. Can’t fall asleep in the 2nd half of the game and let our opponent catch up! Speed is the weapon of all weapons!!! Stop their running game and pressure the QB and we Will Win!!! Let’s go Bucs!!!

  22. Anonymous Says:

    That’s right it was a rib eye. I doubt anybody could have said it any better.
    Welp that’s NE batting 1000 and Doc just arriving at the ball park. Maybe next year will be your year Doc but you’ve got some catching up to do.

    GO BUCS!

  23. lambchop Says:

    I’m not worried about the Dallas D any more than I was worried about the Saints, Ravens, and Bengal’s defenses. They are all good. And we averaged 20.5 points in those close games.

    If we score more than 24 points, we have a shot to win because our defense is good too. But, it’ll be tight. We have a better matchup against their secondary. If our OL is healthy, I think we’ll do just enough to hold off their pressure.

    What is the best way to neutralize a pass rush? Running the game? Only if it’s effective. If you don’t have an effective run game, then you can’t stick with the running game too long. You have to try, but the next best way to neutralize a pass rush is to stay out of 3rd and longs with dinks and dunks or some shots down field. You cannot shoot yourself in the foot and stay with the run too long and think Tom is going to consistently be clean on 3rd downs.

  24. Jeff’s real dad Says:

    Why joe why

  25. Manny Says:

    Maybe bradys most amazing stat is the fact that if the bucs win monday, he will be tied with the steelers and packers and for second most playoffs wins ever and if the bucs win the divisional, hes tied with the pats for most playpff wins ever. Hes been around for 23 years and those teams have been around forever.

    Also steve benner said “ i hope wirfs plays monday”. Why is this new info for me? I thought wirfs and smith sat out last week to so they didnt get hurt in the atlanta game. I thought for sure wirfs plays monday. Well it seems even with the game two days from now, they dont know if wirfs, jensen, leverette or hainsey plays?? Yea if this is true, this game is all but over. Any other injuries im unaware if? Jesus!! How are people not losing it over this right nos