BSPN: NFL Teams Expect Tom Brady To Sign With Raiders (If He Doesn’t Retire)

January 27th, 2023
Tom Brady

Headed to the desert?

Barber-needy Raiders owner Mark Davis has made no secret he wants Tom Brady for the 2023 season.

Davis thought he had Brady three years ago but that was blown up at the last moment because Chucky didn’t want Brady. LOL!

BSPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler has been speaking to various suits with NFL teams. Fowlers said the consensus from these suits is that they believe Brady will retire.

However, if Brady plays in 2023, they think he signs with Davis and the Raiders.

A few teams I’ve spoken to expect Brady to retire. But should he play, the Raiders believe they are one of about three teams that he would consider. Tampa Bay isn’t out of it yet, though Brady appeared to say his goodbyes to the media in his last news conference with the team following the playoff loss to Dallas.

“I just think with the weapons they have and the familiarity with Josh McDaniels’ offense and the people there, it would be a seamless transition for him,” a veteran AFC offensive coach said.

Joe still thinks if the Dolphins think they can land Brady, that Tua better hope he can swim because they will toss him overboard in a heartbeat to land Brady.

Can you imagine Brady with those weapons? Sheesh.

And Joe has read many stories that Brady would be a bad fit for Las Vegas. How? Yeah, they don’t have much of an offensive line. But with those weapons? C’mon.

Brady would have a much better shot at winning a division with Miami or the Bucs than he would with the Raiders, that’s for sure.

43 Responses to “BSPN: NFL Teams Expect Tom Brady To Sign With Raiders (If He Doesn’t Retire)”

  1. Tye Says:

    Well, roll on out, Tumble weed!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    gronk said brady would pick bucs over raiders in SI interview today.

  3. Goatfarmer Says:

    Hold all these numbskulls accountable with their knowitall bloviating when they are all proven wrong. It’s nauseating to watch these dotch bags getting paid to be so wrong. Might as well get into predicting the weather.

    Good gig to get paid to be wrong all the time.

  4. unbelievable Says:

    I’d be very surprised.

    Way further from his kids.

    Way tougher division.

    Doesn’t make sense. Miami seems more likely IMO, although that’s also a harder division.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Raiders is a bad move.

    JMD is an awful head coach
    Raiders have awful GM’s owners
    Raiders have a very very bad defense.
    Raiders have a bad O-line
    Very far away from his kids.

    Big red flags for Raiders IMO not even including the division and conference.2

  6. SB Says:

    I HATE this time of yr!

  7. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    No way he signs with the Raiders.

  8. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady will retire. He’ll have his bachelor pad in Miami and call games for Fox. I fully believe he’s already informed the Glazers and Licht that he’s not returning. They know it.

  9. Go Bucs Go Says:

    Either 49ers (to be close to parents)
    Dolphins (his kids)

    Two key things in common?
    Family & They are loaded with capable players/coaches (QB away) and ready now for championship. Let’s be honest and admit that we are not…. We cannot even get fired up for a game. Let him go.

    Go Bucs!

  10. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I will add that Brady most likely told the Glazers before the season that he was only playing one more season, regardless of how the season ended.

    My advice for Tom: Tommy, you’ve fulfilled your longtime goal of playing until you’re 45. Time to really start living your life. No more watching 40 hours a film every week. You’re single now, and live in Miami where there are some of the most beautiful women on earth. No need to settle down. NDAs are your best friend.

  11. bucsbrady Says:

    Brady is not retiring so whoever said they heard Brady he was retiring is lying. Brady is also not signing with the raiders wither. I am glad I cleared that up. Perfect scenario is Dolphins again Brady would play for a Putin team before he would retire. Brady is playing next year

  12. Delusional Intelligence Says:

    Brady is going to join the CFL and win some Grey Cups.

  13. Goatfarmer Says:

    Grady is returning to the planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that he came from billions of years ago. His wife there is ready to put her own career first.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    I love the the Raiders were on the worst teams in football, and have an offense with weapons, yet some of the losers here actually want Derek Carr. LOL! Yeah, we need to trade for Carr in order to go 5-12 and keep a screwed up cap for years to come, and trade away picks – or we can go 4-13 with Trask, clean up the cap and have a better draft pick. YES, I know, 5-12 might be good enough to win the NFC South, but who cares when you lose the opening round of the playoffs by 52 points.

  15. Goatfarmer Says:

    Fire.Bloweszo Now.

  16. Go Bucs Go Says:

    For those who still don’t get Brady at his core.

    If you crack open his brain right this moment, you won’t find any parents, kids, retirement, Gisele, women for that matter, vacation… BUT FOOTBALL!

    Don’t let his cool demeanor on surface fool you over and over again… FOOTBALL IS HIS RELIGION, LOVE, LIFE, SOUL and EVERY FIBER OF HIS BEING that no football player can ever relate to. His Dad expressed extreme concern over his son’s such obsession with the sport. Come on, guys & girls, you should’ve all realized this by now that he came out of retirement, kids, wife, $&):? even to play this miserable season.

    Somebody literally has to kill him to stop him playing. He has nothing else that matters to him than playing this game. I’m not even sure that he can’t stop himself at this stage. What do you think carried him so far at this level?!? This will turn off and annoy many people after a while… (seen the 49ers video clip yet?) like Bucs this season. He will go on, though like a cyborg. He is wired differently and don’t think like us.

    Go Bucs!

  17. acey Says:

    What are the odds Tua would sign with us out of spite if he got dumped by the Fins for Brady? LMAO. A Super Bowl that doubles as a grudge match would be awesome.

  18. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Who needs Brady? We have Kyle Trask and he almost beat Alabama one time.

  19. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Rod Munch. This team has too much talent to finish 5-12. We aren’t like other teams going through a rebuild. We have some legit players on both sides of the ball. We also play in the worst division in football. I think we can beat the Falcons and Panthers. The Saints are also in play. With the new OC, this offense will be greatly improved, regardless who’s at QB. We won’t go far in the playoffs, but we’re capable of getting there.

    Brady changed the culture and set the standard as SB of bust. Folks, that’s not happening anytime soon. However, we’re not going back to complete misery. This team most definitely can compete in a weak NFC.

  20. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady put his Tampa house up for sale last summer! He had no plans of playing for Tampa beyond this season. It was always play until 45, and then retire to Miami and live in his huge mansion that’s been built on “billionaire’s island.” That’s been in construction for two years.

    Folks, always follow the real estate. Before asking to be traded last year, Davante Adams purchased a home in Las Vegas and put up his house up for sale in GB. He knew he had no intention of playing for the Packers this year.

  21. steele Says:

    I’m sick of these endless mainstream sports mediot propaganda talking points, repeated around the clock.

    Who says Brady wants to move across the country? Who says he and McD are that tight, and that there is any interest in a reunion, “just because Patriots”? Who says McD doesn’t want to go younger and build on a long term foundation? McD or not, the Raiders are a bad team, an expensive toy where players go to get paid and not win. Brady wants to be one of those?

    Brady’s legacy is already tarnished. I just don’t see any good options for him.

  22. LastDance Says:

    Bucsfan13 – you’re not wrong. Brady put up his house in New England… and then was gone down to Tampa… However, in this case I believe he will feel like his legacy has been tarnished by the Bozos running the show last year and will want one last dance to put a bow on his career. Miami is where he wants… but he will take any well coached offensive with good weapons. Plus his house in Miami is not going anywhere because he’ll keep it to be near the kids.

  23. former pats fan Says:

    i agree with you go bucs go about brady as a football cybord and
    re sf his probable first choice and miami second. he probably could play till 50 if he wanted to. 50 is the new 35 in hise world.

    there is no way a guy like brady would want to go out like he did. he knows he can do better than he did this year in his play and his teams play. he wouldn’t let his haters have that when he knows he can do better.

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Tom Brady made ‘Team Irrelevant’ relevant for 3 years and Bucs became the talk of the town. We also went 8-9 last year however & won the division only because our division competition stunk it up worse than we did (largely because they all screwed up the salary CAP & are now trying to dig out). Fans should be asking ‘Do we REALLY want Brady back?’ instead of ‘Are the Bucs in competition for his services this year?’

    I think it’s time to recognize that the pirate ship’s taken on a LOT of water. ‘Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead’ was fun while it lasted, but eventually you run out of fuel & the torpedoes keep coming. Free agency starts March 15th, which gives the Bucs less than 1 1/2 months to get this ship squared away or we won’t be signing anyone. Quality FAs (including some of our own) will avoid us like the plague. And IF that happens, we won’t have to worry about tanking, we’d get beaten up this year.

    Hopefully between now & March 15th Bucs can at least get 5 critical things done …

    o Build the best coaching staff they can.
    o Get the salary CAP situation squared away as best we can.
    o Decide who of our own 26 FAs we want to re-sign.
    o Prioritize which other FAs around the league we’d like to sign.
    o Posture for the draft (only 3 months from today).

    Lots of good potential football speculation right there. Or Bucsville can continue pining for Tom Brady’s return, right up until the day Tom realizes that other teams don’t want to build their team around a 46-year-old immobile QB and offers to give us one more chance. Or until he decides to really hang up the cleats & join the Fox hunt.

  25. Johnw1c5 Says:


    You said it. Not much of an update.

    #Collaspe4Caleb #Collaspe4Caleb
    #Collaspe4Caleb #Collaspe4Caleb

    Tumbling wheat

  26. Beej Says:

    60% of first round QB’s are busts

  27. mg Says:

    Davis is the poorest owner in the nfl. The nfl wants Davis out of the league. TB-12 wants to own a team. Possibilities are endless for the greatest of all time.

  28. gbobucsfan Says:

    Trask can throw a football over them there mountains. Watch!

  29. Davenport Says:

    Brady …. anywhere but here.
    Let’s move on with the rebuild

  30. Hodad Says:

    Thanks for your service, good luck Tom moving forward.

  31. Allbuccedup Says:

    Been saying that for weeks if Josh McDaniels has another bad year hes done so he has no choice to get Brady or Rodges.

  32. SlyPirate Says:


    TB12 knows the system
    Best WR in NFL
    Top 5 RB
    Same income taxes

  33. AlwaysBucs Says:

    If Brady wants to win he’s not going to the Raiders to finish in 3rd or 4th in that brutal division

    Dolphins, are they gonna mortgage or lose a young QB for 1 year with Brady? GM already said they are sticking with Tua, If you watch either the Miami or SF offense Brady isn’t doing these QB waggles, roll outs or RPO’s those coaches are successful at.

    If Brady comes back here he has 2 former Pro Bowl linemen (Jensen and Wirfs) another solid player in Mason. Some offensive weapons and a winnable division. Don’t forget to consider this organization gives him EVERYTHING he asks for. Do you think the Dolphins or 49ers are doing that?

  34. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Welp brady jock sniffers go find joe raiders fan please especially the fan boi that’s here crying daily

  35. TheScourge Says:

    If Brady goes to the Raiders we will see the end to his career everyone expected when he came to the Buccaneers.

  36. Buccos Says:

    I believe Brady returns to the Bucs because they will make him an offer that he can’t refuse. This is because of his dead money hit to the salary cap if he moves on. And also because TB12 sells out stadiums. We deserve a mulligan for last year. Between his divorce and Leftwich as OC we need to run it back. With a better OC and better health we could still go a long way with this roster

  37. Goatfarmer Says:


    Has Bloweszo been fired yet? No.

    Then forget about any kind of solid coaching staff. It’s so obvious after the train wreck he oversaw in 2022 but then they way he said some of the right things, made excuses, blamed players and assistant coaches, that he politicked his way into one more year. Everyone can smell a dead rat when it’s lying under the stairwell, some people can’t find it is all.

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    Why would he go to a division with KC and the Chargers already in it?

    He’s better off staying in Tampa.

  39. NEfan Says:

    The Raiders lost like 7 games in the end of the 4th quarter. That’s why Carr is gone. The Raiders should have walked into the playoffs. They also have two of the best edge rushers in the league, Crosby & Chandler Jones. Admas, Waller, the little white guy receiver, Brady loves those underneath guys, resign Jacob’s, steal Jensen and bring Gronk out of retirement. Giddyup, deep in the playoffs minimum. F Tampa and clueless Blows.

  40. Buccos Says:

    The Raiders suck and it’s too far from his kids. Jensen is going nowhere, he just signed a new contract. And Gronk will come back to the Bucs as well. Some people who claim to know Brady so well don’t seem to understand him at all. His kids are number one and he love’s throwing to Evans and Godwin. And he knows he will win the division and be playing in big games come December.

  41. mark2001 Says:

    My guess? Rodgers to the Dolphins and Brady to San Fran.

  42. Rod Munch Says:

    Bucsfan13 Says:
    January 27th, 2023 at 2:04 am
    @Rod Munch. This team has too much talent to finish 5-12. We aren’t like other teams going through a rebuild. We have some legit players on both sides of the ball.


    If you don’t have a QB, you don’t have a chance. If Brady goes to another team, the Bucs are in legit cap hell, and don’t have a QB unless Trask ends up being great, which is extremely unlikely to happen.

  43. LastDance Says:

    You do know that Tua is still in concussion protocol after a month. Miami would be fools to count on him ever playing a full season… or past the next 2 years period. Concussions like that are no joke.