Brady Quinn Believes If Tom Brady Leaves, Bucs Need A Reboot

January 23rd, 2023

Sales pitch.

It isn’t just quarterback the Bucs need to worry about.

That comes from FOX Sports NFL and college football analyst and former first-round pick quarterback Brady Quinn.

On his FOX Sports Radio show last week, Quinn, who co-hosts a show with former Washington linebacker Lavar Arrington, isn’t buying the hype that Brady will land with the Raiders or the Dolphins, provided the Bucs want him back.

If the Bucs bring Brady back, Quinn is adamant the Bucs need to beef up the roster. If Brady leaves, Quinn is adamant the Bucs need to beef up their roster.

In short, Quinn thinks the Bucs are a bad football team, which is what their record demonstrates and why the Bucs chucked several offensive coaches including failed offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

“This club is so far away from the team that won a Super Bowl two years ago,” Quinn said. “They may have to make some drastic changes on the roster if they want to compete for a Super Bowl.”

Scanning the NFL, Quinn is convinced if Brady is serious about winning, he would stay with the Bucs. Why? Because the NFC South is so rotten, Quinn said.

“Looking at the landscape of where Tom Brady may go, isn’t the NFC still an easier path?” Quinn asked. When Arrington replied, “yes,” Quinn thinks that’s the pitch Team Glazer, Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht and Bucs coach Todd Bowles will make to Brady.

“I think that is their selling point to Tom,” Quinn said. “Like, ‘Hey, you won one here already. You know we will pull out all the stops to do it. You know things weren’t working well offensively, so we moved on [from failed coordinator Byron Leftwich].

“‘Let’s go find one of the best guys out there to help bring you to the top of your game and help build this roster.’

“It might be in his best interest to stick around in Tampa.”

Arrington also agreed with Quinn that the Bucs need an upgrade in talent if they want to compete for a Super Bowl. He said the fall of the Bucs happened so fast, he likened it to leaving a refrigerated beverage out on the countertop.

“You talk about milk gone bad,” Arrington said.

(Hat tip: @bucs3000)

53 Responses to “Brady Quinn Believes If Tom Brady Leaves, Bucs Need A Reboot”

  1. TampaBayBucsFanSince1976 Says:

    Bucs had a L.O.F.T. problem-Lack of Freaking Talent-especially on the Oline.

  2. zzbuc Says:

    We need a clever year, with low expectations, and be ready for 2025….

    Sooner or later the party has to be paid, and that time has come….

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    New roster?…..we have most of the players from the SB……almost the entire defense….Hicks instead of Suh……that’s about it.
    On offense we have Lenny, Wirfs, Jensen, Evans, Godwin,

    The losses are on the Oline……Marpet, Stennie (Cappa),
    Big losses with AB & Gronk

    So….by beefing up, he must mean Oline & Dline.

    To me, it’s not the roster….it’s the coaching….primarily the Head Coach.

  4. mark2001 Says:

    I’d say it is relative to what his goals are. If it is to win the NFC south or just a division, certainly, it would be an easier path than the AFC West, and a number of other divisions. But as we know, winning a bad division has no correlation with being good enough to win a Superbowl.

  5. Todd Says:

    Sign Jimmy G or get carr and the Bucs still win the nfc south next year

  6. SlyPirate Says:


    1. Best WR in the game
    2. Top 5 RB
    3. Knows the system and coach
    4. Global Brand

    No brainer.

  7. robert Says:

    let him walk. bowles does not deserve hi,. we will be lucky to win 3 games next year…and the year after if todd is still here.

  8. sasquatch Says:

    Let Brady go. It’s time to move on. This team will not compete for a Superbowl next year no matter who the QB is. There will be cap casualties this year. It’s been awhile since they’ve had to part ways with players to get under cap. It’s going to be painful. This will be the most challenging offseason in years. I’m done counting on Brady. I think most fans should be too.

  9. BrianBucs Says:

    I find it interesting and alarming that we haven’t seen the Bucs requesting interviews or setting up interviews to hire the new OC.
    Hopefully that doesn’t mean that they are going to promote somebody from within.
    Bucs need a new face to come in with a totally new offensive play system, not just a reboot from what we saw this season.
    Have your Bucs insiders told you anything?

  10. TombsEN Says:

    It amazes me that so many fanatics, that is what I’m calling most of you from now on seem to think that this is a talented football team, when in fact it is not. The personnel losses that we had were not adequately replaced and it is hard to do so in one off-season when some of those guys were at the top of their position group. Could the offense have been better…..absolutely and I think it will next year depending on the OC that is brought in….retool the defense, bring in some dogs on that side of the ball and maybe pick up and OL or two in free agency and then we should be cooking with hot grease, just my two cents.

  11. sasquatch Says:

    BrianBucs Says:
    January 23rd, 2023 at 3:00 pm

    I find it interesting and alarming that we haven’t seen the Bucs requesting interviews or setting up interviews to hire the new OC.

    So, it seems you’re assuming that if we have not heard anything that nothing is happening. That’s dumb. Also, it’s only been a couple of days. Settle down.

  12. LOL Says:


    1. Best WR core in the game
    2. Top 5 RB (in draft)
    3. Knows the system and coach
    4. Global Brand

    No brainer.

  13. Tye Says:

    Seems like everyone with a functioning brain knows the Bucs NEED a competent Offensive minded HC and NOT ‘Toilet’ Todd!

  14. LOL Says:

    The Bucs arent ever winning a SB with Bowles………. LOL

  15. Redeemer Says:

    mark is 100% correct. Winning a rotten division by a game or so is like kicking field goals. It’s not gonna get you far. They could absolutely win the division next season with the same roster and a Jimmy G, type. That shouldn’t a reason to play out the string with these players. It could be as simple as getting Brady back with a good coordinator. They need some serious help up front and a running game. I’d be stunned if Brady come back here. The Raiders make sense like sly said. If they bolster that defense, Brady makes them an instant contender IMO. He wouldn’t be asked to win games by himself and McDaniels understands his limitations now. The roster also knows Brady’s offense. So they could hit the ground running. The bucs roster isn’t terrible. I think a ton of the problems on offense were coaching. But they aren’t winning a Superbowl anytime soon. Tough spot

  16. beano Says:

    JOE SAYS: “former first-round pick quarterback Brady Quinn”

    You mean former first-round BUST Brady Quinn. Career: 12 TD, 17 INT.

  17. Johnw1c5 Says:


    That how it is, that’s how it should be, and that’s how it is going to be!

    – Some Famous Rassler

  18. beano Says:

    JOE: “Quinn is convinced if Brady is serious about winning, he would stay with the Bucs”

    Winning what? The South and then getting blown out? Brady’s not that dumb.

  19. Pryda sec 147 Says:

    Need offense guru and Toddneeds to work on defense only

  20. Joe Says:

    Winning what? The South and then getting blown out? Brady’s not that dumb.

    Which is why the notion that without Brady there’s no need to tank because the Bucs can win a terrible division doesn’t pass the smell test with “this Joe.” At all.

  21. Jack Clark Says:

    Only thing we need to reboot is our coaching staff

  22. BuckyPhillips Says:

    Now is the time to reboot, only gonna take 8-10 wins to take the south for the next 3 years.

  23. William Oropesa Says:

    Fire Todd bowls an hire Sean Peyton for head coach an ask him dose want to work with Bill O’Brian as his offensive coach re hired Laurie ac defense coach

  24. Bucs56 Says:

    Brady is retiring. Only spot better then tampa is 49ers and he isn’t moving 3 time zones from his kids. Look at the AFC. Bills can’t even bust through to a conference championship. And you have no shot in afc if you don’t win division. Not easy in the west and east.
    Now we are not hearing about OC interviews cause they are talking to brady. Chad o’shea and Bill Obrien are candidates if tom picks. Tom gone you need to think about Trask or whoever next QB is.

  25. Craig Says:

    The Bucs can’t keep Brady and retool; they don’t have the salary cap space.

    They can drop a lot of the chaff from free agency, but who can they replace them with for cheap?

    It might be best to talk Brady into retiring and eat the cost for a year, see what QB 3 can do.

    At least that way the suffering by the fans might be shortened, maybe.

  26. Bradyfan Says:

    I don’t know about Todd’s DC ability either. He gave up 27 points, 33 points, 30 points to the Rams (2020-2021), all 400+ total yards. I feel like he doesn’t know how to adjust in-game or adjust at all tbh. 2020 regular season chiefs game he gave up 200+ yards in the first quarter to Tyreek which i think is a record. Like after the first 100 yards, any other dc would be like let’s play cover 2 and double tyreek (he did adjust in the second half). This year andy reid destroyed his defense and chiefs scored 41. Kyle shanahan scored 35. Against the good offensive gurus, he struggles. Since 2020, his defense is on the decline every year. The problem is that this defense can’t play the base coverages and lockdown opponents consistently. If the blitz/getting to the qb doesn’t work, it’s done.

  27. BrianBucs Says:

    I know things are happening, just hope they are the Right things

  28. BucU Says:

    2023 Bucs: 5-12. BEST case scenario.

  29. Redeemer Says:

    Let’s not forget how many of these owners think. Home playoff games are worth a ton of scratch. Plenty of these owners would be thrilled with winning a putrid division. It all depends on what ownership wants to do.

  30. Allbuccedup Says:

    It doesn’t matter if we get the number one pick in the draft this organization has never been able to develop a quarterback. To name a few Doug Williams Redskins super bowl winner, Steve Young 49ers super bowl winner, mvp etc., Vinny Testerverde long career in the nfl, after that multiple failures then Dilfer ok but left for the Ravens super bowl, Shaun King looked pretty good at times don’t know what happen to him, journeymen and journeymen the infamous Jaymiss his career still under review. But with the right coaches you can develop a young quarterback but its sad your going to get all the wrong coaches with Bowles.

  31. Bucamania Says:

    Bucs have no QB with a depleted roster and the second worst salary cap situation in the entire league. Yes, time for a reboot. I’d be open to trading anyone not named Wirfs or Winfield.

  32. Bradyfan Says:

    Jameis is a bust unless he pulls a geno smith. I mean BA can develop the QB; I don’t know what he does tbh. Also the last ten years, the first overall picks that were QBs were pretty good. It starts getting dicey when you’re at 2-10 (Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, etc.)

  33. Michael WestDominguez Says:

    IF TB12 stays- let Donovan Smith walk- pick up 2 solid Linemen, let SMB and even Dean walk. Resign Lavonte David- bring in 2 players in the secondary. I think it’s time to cut ties with Cam Brate as well.

    Do what you can to get Gronk to come back IF TB12 stays.

    There are a lot of events players who were free agents who signed elsewhere in trades prior to the trade deadline for 3rd or 4th round picks. We could have made 1-2 moves, but we didn’t. In particular on the O line. Goedeke is awful, Hainsey is serviceable but is not an elite O lineman.

    Julio Jones- gone
    Kyle Rudolph- gone
    Zyon is also not very good other than a special teams player
    Aside from Whinfield Jr and Carlton Davis in the secondary, everyone is expendable
    It all begins with the edge- Vita holds his own (interior) but everyone else in inconsistent on the D line- losing Barrett hurt us but we need work on both line fronts-

    I get the cap issues but it’s not impossible to cut ties and restructure contracts in order to get 4-5 solid players-

    Did anyone catch the Bengals/Bills game? I believe Cincy was without 3 starters on the O line and still manage to control most of that game.

    If Bowles is preaching the “We are not rebuilding but reloading” crap, then put up or shut up- put your money where your mouth is.

  34. pepsi Says:

    Godwin will be healty, presumable a much better OC will have the production ot Evans hooked back up.. the weapons are there. The major concern for Brady is Oline, despite Lee and Steve not wanting to admit that. Brady was abused on the interior for 6 straight games with Goedeke starting, it complete rattled him for 70% of the season or more. the running game was non existent. He had his worst blind side protection since being in tampa – he was forced throw the ball faster than all other 31 QBs.. Bucs have to sell Tom on the Oline being better having secure depth. theres only one way they can sell that. Wirfs moving to LT.. if Wirfs doesnt move to LT, Tampa doesnt have to tools to do it.

  35. Goatfarmer Says:

    Brandy Queen is so cute. You could surround Tom Brady with the 1999 Rams on offense and the 1999 Bucs on defense. With this headless coich it would be a challenge to get 8 wins. Bowels is his own snooze fest. He may be the mad scientist of the blitz, but he can’t teach his players what they are supposed to do on the most basic zone coverages. They’ll leave someone running 10 yards open every time it matters. We will have to survive as fans until the Glazers have the air tight excuse to terminate his Incontinence. Ian Beckles is right. We thought this year was bad. Buckle up. And drink heavily, medicating heavily as you drink.

    Maybe we need to sacrifice a chicken.

  36. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Why would the Bucs bank on Brady coming back. Makes no sense. Time to pay pay the bill for kicking the can down the road, draft speed and get rid of the old players. Let 2023 be year you decide on players like Traskk, JTS, Gage, Goedeke, Fournette, McCollum, Hall and White.

  37. Bradyfan Says:

    Playoff Lenny is soon to be Layoff Lenny, as Shannon Sharpe called him. When he came in to camp overweight, that was a bad sign.

  38. Redeemer Says:

    Hire a good coordinator Brady is familiar with. It’s win win. If he comes back great. If not, you still have a good coordinator. This offense has to change. It’s light years behind the modern NFL. It’s too dependant on perfect execution and winning matchups. Look at all the wide open throws yesterday. That’s not necessarily because of talent, but scheming. If course you need great players, but you can’t tell me this offense wouldn’t have looked much better with a good play caller.

  39. SB~LV Says:

    Bowles needs the BOOT !

  40. Bradyfan Says:

    Btw almost all of the playoff teams run the West Coast offense which requires a mobile QB and is about passing via short, horizontal routes to open up the run and longer pass plays. They pass to open up the run and it’s about zone busting and scheming guys open. The Bills, the bengals, the chiefs, jags, cowboys. Andy Reid, Sean Mcvay, Kyle Shanahan (run-first West Coast), Mike Mccarthy, Matt Lafleur, Doug Pederson, Mcdermott are the guys i can think of that run it but there’s many more. Was developed by Bill Walsh and Joe Montana is prob the most famous guy who was in the system

  41. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Dang Joe, no love for fellow “Joe” Jonas Knox? Fav radio show on far btw. They’re funny and they have good content. Glad to see a reference on my fav Bucs site

  42. Beeej Says:

    “Bradyfan Says:
    January 23rd, 2023 at 3:39 pm
    Jameis is a bust unless he pulls a geno smith. I mean BA can develop the QB; I don’t know what he does tbh. Also the last ten years, the first overall picks that were QBs were pretty good. It starts getting dicey when you’re at 2-10 (Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, etc.)”

    WHICH reminds me, BA had said in 2020 if he couldn’t get Brady or Teddy B, he was gonna stick with Jameis and try to tweek him a bit

  43. Bradyfan Says:

    I mean Jameis has a strong arm, the only problem with him is the interceptions. He’s athletic and talented. I think he takes too many risks which I mean is part of the no risk it no biscuit philosophy but it’s too many risks. I think it’s a personality trait with him; some people are just daredevils.

  44. Jeff’s grandpa Says:

    Some real savants in the comments jesus

  45. sasquatch Says:

    Yeah, some real geniuses. It’s the IQ Olympics.

  46. NEfan Says:

    All you fans getting upset over the drama, keep in mind it’s the media making all these speculations not Brady he just wants a little time to think about his future, what’s wrong g with that?

  47. CoryC Says:

    @ SlyPirate

    Offensive line is bad. Brady would get even more pressure than he did thus season.

  48. steele Says:

    The whole line about this team wooing Brady should be chucked.

    They made little effort to all-in for Brady this past offseason, when it was imperative to replace or upgrade the roster that lost key veterans. No, they saddled him with JAGs and rookies, and bad free agency signings. While Bowles allowed the entire locker room to quietly erode.

    This “great roster”? Full of overpriced veterans, few of whom have earned their jack. A lot of jaded underachieving and relative underperformance. Constant injuries. Bad coaching has exacerbated the underperformance, to the point where it is a culture.

    In addition to showing no interest, the Bucs are in no financial position to offer Brady anything attractive anymore. The window was a season and a half, and it has been downhill since.

  49. steele Says:

    For those who keep believing that Brady goes to the Dolphins: from a purely football perspective, how wonderful is that team? Their offensive line is not great, and I’ll take Jensen and Wirfs, if 100% healthy, over most. Frank Smith? Exactly what is his style, and how does it tailor to a 46 yr old Brady with a mild erosion in his game?

    The Bucs are a mess, but it is a known quantity. Not good for a shot at a Super Bowl anymore, as long as Bowles is in charge, but with severely lower expectations and no more high aspirations, I could see a humbled old Brady sticking around, if he merely wants to play one more season.

  50. EEK Says:

    Missing Arians

    He knows how to coach a football team

  51. Iamabuc Says:

    What EEK said is spot on.

  52. BuckyPhillips Says:

    Eek- you a real fan. Bruce is one of the best

  53. deuceswild78 Says:

    name a team that survives losing 3 of 5 starting O line for not a few games but the season, who has the two remaining off and on injured, and a stale offensive gameplan. We have the talent depending how many we keep, but it all depends on coaching and our QB