Weird History Favors Bucs

December 10th, 2022


Now Joe understands why TV does TV things. A lot of folks don’t.

For example, it’s common to see networks have short commercial promos for games with the following: Packers vs. Bucs. It’s Aaron Rodgers vs. Tom Brady. How will the Packers legend fare against the NFL’s farm animal? Sunday at 4 p.m. live on FOX!

Well, we football fans all know quarterbacks don’t face each other. It’s not like old baseball where two aces like Dwight Gooden and Nolan Ryan will have to outduel each other for nine innings.

But TV folks aren’t football folks. They are pushing a game to get casual fans to watch. You know, eyeballs. Casual fans may not know squat about, say, Lavonte David or Tristan Wirfs, but they recognize Rodgers and they surely recognize Brady. Hence the lure of quarterbacks, the glamour position.

So Joe cringed when reading Nick Wagoner of BSPN type of the Bucs-49ers game tomorrow that the matchup of Mr. Irrelevent, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy, vs. Brady is “undeniably the most interesting storyline” of this week’s games.”


Why is this remotely interesting? This doesn’t interest Joe in the least. Joe’s more interested in how Donovan Smith and Josh Wells can slow down Nick Bosa, if Bosa plays. Or how the Bucs’ defense can tame Deebo Samuel.

Brock Purdy? Unless you own 40 acres of farmland in Iowa, who the hell cares about Brock Purdy, c’mon!

But here is something relevant (ahem) to Purdy that does interest Joe: Per Wagoner, a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start opposite Brady has never won.

Now that is interesting.

Can the Bucs keep this streak up? Joe is unlike many and thinks the Bucs can win, with some help of course. You know, like turnovers. Yeah, the 49ers are a damn good team. Excellent defense. But the Bucs have a damn good defense, too.

Remember: Purdy is Mr. Irrelevant for a reason. Let’s not try to make him Joe Montana.

37 Responses to “Weird History Favors Bucs”

  1. PewterStiffArm Says:

    These games are the one’s we have to be careful with. Sooner or later this kid is going to stink up the place and come back down to earth. I prefer it happens this Sunday against our defense. The rest of the story revolves around our putrid offense and the lack of production. Score some points dammit so we can keep Brady’s streak alive verses rookies.

  2. SOEbuc Says:

    Kansas City was a worldwide lock in LV. We showed them. Go Bucs!

  3. sasquatch Says:

    We don’t deserve to win another game. Get Leftwich and Bowles outta here.

  4. SOEbuc Says:

    People really need to get it in their heads that Bowles will be the HC next year.

    Good franchise map out these hiring HC. Very rare to fire a HC after one year, especially one that ran that 2020 defense and been with many of the same coaches from LV. Plus, they’re the front runner in the division.

  5. Darin Says:

    Well if the SF coaches put him in position to succeed you will know purdy soon. The books out everyone knows its easy to outcoach this team. Very easy just stop the run on first down and the short passing game on second and third. Leftwich doesn’t need to change he’s winning games he says

  6. For the People Says:

    There have been more than one “ first” for Brady this season, let’s hope that trend don’t continue…

  7. BucsCoolade Says:

    Wow.. this game is huge.

    Brady in his hometown against the team who should have signed him. And the coach kyle who pooped his pants over the issue of QB 5 times.. and now has 3rd stringer playing. Lol.

    Brady facing JimmyG would have been better. Former Pat’s teammates trying to prove Kyle was right or obviously wrong..

    But this adds pressure for Brady. Against a good defense. We shall see.

  8. Beej Says:

    They predicting we lose, this is a good omen

  9. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Brady has never had a coach as bad as Bowles before.

  10. Allbuccedup Says:

    This is a needed win for a possible 3rd seed but as seen in the past the Mr Irrelevants have looked more relevant against us lets hope the Bucs are past that.

  11. mg Says:

    As a Brady fan from when he was at Michigan through his career as a Pro, nobody has won me more money. The guy just wins.

  12. alton green Says:

    Brock!!! sounds like a jock that hangs out in Al’s Diner on Happy Days,(for Us older people) Let’s just hope Tom is Fonzie

  13. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Joe is spot on. Story lines and narratives. Brock Purdy Mr irrelevant. Brady going home to play. Marketing for the casuals. The real story is the playoff implications of the game result. Bucs win they draw closer to the 3rd seed. They’re just setting up their post game story. Either Brady comes home and wins or Mr irrelevant beats the goat . If the Niners win it will probably have little to do with Purdy and a lot to do with defense and run game but that’s not how they’ll spin it.

  14. Hodad Says:

    Most interesting no, but whenever a rookie QB starts against Brady it is such a contrast. Plus both teams are contenders for the NFC, and the S.B. that it will make this game interesting. I’ve seen enough lesser QBs hand the Bucs a loss this year, and in the past to not be to confident in the Bucs winning this one. Anyway, it’s always overblown pitting QBs against each other since they’re really going against the other’s defense.

  15. Beej Says:

    Lol Purdy is 22, born during Brady’s first season with the Pats

  16. BucU Says:

    Oh so there’s another streak this coaching staff will break just like the 218-0 win streak when Brady led teams were up 7 or more in the 4thQ or overtime.
    Imagine being the only coaching staff to lose in the now 218-1 record of TB12?
    Absolutely disgraceful what this coaching staff has done this year.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You could call Brady “Mr. Relevant” because that’s what he’s made our Bucs……relevant……
    Every day I see a Buc logo on the sports news and usually on the national news…….and that logo is worn by Tom Brady.
    Sorry to say that will end when Brady leaves…….but its great to be a Buc fan.

    Casual fans come up to me all the time to ask about Brady & the Bucs.

  18. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    49ers averaging qbout 50 yards per game more than the the Bowls Herwich circle jerk shet show in last place. Would Expect a heavy dose of running from the 49ers with mr irrelevant qb having a modest day. The game is a toss up only because our coaches will outsmart themselves.
    Go Bucs in spite of coaches.

  19. NEfan Says:

    All the Mr. Irrelevant talk is just fuel for his team to get fired up. Brady was 218-0 with a 7 point lead going into the 4th qtr, guess what under Bowles he’s now 218-1, I fear another stat will be erased Sunday. I rewatched the Saints game, there are two gleaming problems with this team, 1, Bucs are most if the time 3rd & long and 2nd the corners on this team are not good. Bucs D shut them down consistently on 1&2 downs, come 3rd down the secondary especially the corners are 15 yds deep EVERY time even on a 3rd & 4 or 6. The corners don’t come up and make the tackle they sit back and watch the catch in front of them. Oh and special teams SUCKS except the punter. The Bucs can beat any team they just need to fix those few problems. It just seems like the fans are the only ones seeing them.

  20. Ultra ClodHopper Says:

    I’m not concerned about Purdy specifically. I’m concerned what a coach like Shannahan can do with a quarterback there’s very little tape on.

  21. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    History don’t play football.

  22. BucsCoolade Says:

    Yeah.. this team has to get it going. Last week was a kik in the ass. Brady came thru but just like in the superbowl.. he needs the help of the bucs defense.

    Holding KC to 9 points and last week key breakup of taysom hill catch that would have ended it.

    They still miss gronk who has been a let down. He undid brady in 2019 opt out at NE. Dork ’22.

  23. Mike Says:

    I am hoping they come out like they did against Seattle. We we predicted to get thumped in that game, but both lines dominated. We need that kind of effort to have a chance in this one.

  24. A Says:

    that’s got to be almost ALL Belichick – very different coach then Bowles. 🙂

    For the Bucs to win, and this is the NFL, we have to do stuff (good) we really haven’t done all year. (See Seahawks game) Our O has been shut down by solid average defenses – now comes the #1 ranked D at their place. The 49’s team knows they have to game plan around their QB and the players know they have to play very well to help their QB. When your QB is Tom Brady – you don’t get the “Overlook” game. (49’s vs Seahawks Thursday)

    Does anyone really believe that Mr. Bowles is going to come up with a special game plan on Defense to win this game?

    Offense =
    Same thing we’ve done all year. So at best 10points going into the 4th
    Mid-4th Q no Huddle = ?? Not sure it will matter in this one

    Defense =
    Play off/ Rush 4 see what happens. When we do this…we don’t get turnovers and the
    other team tends to hold the ball a long time.

    Blitz and create havoc – While I feel like we play our best when we do this…I also get
    the feeling that we’ve seen the other QB play lights out and make some crazy ass

    Can we win, Yes – but not if Bowles is content on sitting back till the mid-4th Q and then hopes Brady pulls it out. It took the Rams and Saints (both bad teams right now) to do really stupid stuff for us to get those wins.

    Prediction = While I truly believe the Bucs get blown out. There is a reason Vegas has this spread at 3.5. So I’ll go with 49ers 20 – 17 (49’s have a very comfortable 20 to 10 lead in the 4th Q with Brady catching the backdoor cover late while of course running our No-huddle offense)

    Go Bucs! (here’s to doing somethings (good) you haven’t done all year!)

  25. Jeffs Dad Says:

    All these ne fan bois here nowadays is funny wont be here much longer

  26. BucsCoolade Says:

    Well, it could be a low scoring game.

    Interesting will be the greeting from the fans for Brady . I watched last week game v. Fins along side a 49ers fan girl from cali. I said.. dont you wish you had brady..? She said “no”.

    Brady said he hates the fact that SF passed on him in the 2000 draft ..

    ..but that anger and chip on his shoulder helped make him great.. along with belichick and Charlie Weis.. who doesn’t get enough credit IMO

  27. WillieG Says:

    How’d you like to be at a party and have to introduce Deebo Samual and Dabo Swinney? ……

    Deebo, Dabo. Dabo, Deebo.

    Imagine the fun when Uma Thurman and Oprah show up!

    Deebo, Dabo, Uma, Oprah. Uma, Oprah, Deebo, Dabo….

    Sorry……might still be a bit tipsy from Friday night’s activities.

  28. NEfan Says:

    BucsCoolade, you asked a WOMAN if she would rather have Brady over Jimmy G? 90 out of 100 woman say Jimmy. They would say the same about Mahomes and Allen to. Would you rather have Carmen Electra or Jenifer Aniston?

  29. Rayjay1122 Says:

    I think for sure it will be a low scoring game. 9-6 49ers. Or vice versa but low scoring defensive battle.

  30. BigMacAttack Says:

    When was Brady picked? I forgot so someone remind me 😂. 1’st or 2’nd round?
    He was such a remarkable specimen at the time. Adonis to say the least.

  31. BigMacAttack Says:

    Don’t be foolish Joe and underestimate their QB. Our defense has their work cut out for them. Good Coaching on the 49’r side of the ball. John Lynch’s team too. They will be a handful. A win for the Bucs is unlikely but would also make a huge statement if they can pull it off tomorrow.

  32. NEfan Says:

    Bigmac, #199, if you want numbers he had 7 SB W’s more than ANY single team has, 10 SB appearances, 4 or 5 SB MVP’s, over 100k passing yards, 18 division titles, 4 or 5 league MVP’s (should of had one last season) at 44, led the league in passing yards and td’s, first or second in every QB stat known to man and runs a 10 yd dash in what most players run their 40. Jimmy G, one SB ring thanks to Brady, 1 sb playing appearance resulted in a loss, 2 playing PO appearances. What’s your point???

  33. FairMinded Says:

    Don’t forget perennial Buc thorn McCaffrey is a Niner now too. Our D better come ready

  34. Elita Vita Says:

    Just have a feeling that Brady and the Bucs will pull this one out again.

  35. Infomeplease Says:

    The Bucs defense will have to win this game!! The coaches won’t allow the offense to!!! BUCS 13 SF 10.

  36. Infomeplease Says:

    Joe, if anybody can make Purdy look like Montana it’s Bowles when he goes to prevent and soft zone!!

  37. BucsCoolade Says:

    Huge game.. !!! The pressure, the fans screaming, the fact this team is 6-6 and CANNOT LOSE.

    Really .. Brady can handle it. And Bowles also.

    My prediction is a dominant performance by the bucs. . This is a call to the big guys on this team to play big..