Underrated Bengals Defense

December 18th, 2022

Right guard Shaq Mason.

Joe always thought Cincinnati’s defense was underrated. Yeah, Joe Cool and Ja’Marr Chase get all the headlines — they deserve it — but the defense was solid, Joe thought.

So Joe asked Bucs right guard Shaq Mason for his impression.

Mason agreed with Joe and said the defense doesn’t beat itself often.

“They play good, complementary football. They are disciplined. They are sound defensively.”

Bucs receiver Scotty Miller was a little more specific.

“They have a really good front-seven,” Miller said. “And they have good corners that are playing well for them. Physical safeties that come up in the run game, too.

“It’s going to be a challenge.”

Like most good teams do, the Bengals found players that fit what they want to run on defense. It works.

“They do what they do at a very high level,” Mason said.

When Joe asked Miller if the Bengals’ defense is underrated, he replied, “I think so. They are 9-4. They are doing something right.”

While Cincinnati may not be as physical or punishing as San Francisco, they get the job done. So Joe asked Mason what the Bucs need to do to generate any kind of offense.

“There is no magic pill you can take,” Mason said. “You just have to put the work in, grind and go out and play together as a unit.”

The way the Bucs struggle just to put 21 points on the board — against slop teams — Joe just cannot see how, aside from a rash of turnovers, the Bucs will keep up with Joe Cool’s red hot right arm.

Cincinnati’s defense is 11th in total yards allowed (the Bucs are eighth).

15 Responses to “Underrated Bengals Defense”

  1. new_man76 Says:

    “They have a really good front-seven,” Miller said. “And they have good corners that are playing well for them. Physical safeties that come up in the run game, too.

    “It’s going to be a challenge.”

    That’s means we are toasty toast and dont have a prayer. The Bucs know nothing about being physical (except for overseas.) Oh yeah dont forget about the lesser coaching, in case some of you forgot about that, you know because I HAVENT! #SeanPayton #Collaspe4Caleb

  2. adam from ny Says:

    have no fear people…

    the all pewter unis are going to save us today…

    have faith in tommy b to win 3 of the next 4

  3. #99 the Big fella Says:

    They have real coaches in the correct jobs. We have pretend coaches

  4. mg Says:

    O – Line will have to dominate to win.

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The Bucs will lose by definitely 3 scores today…….so pathetic these bucs are.

  6. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Adam

    Tom cannot play all these positions on offense or defense….

    THIS absolutely kills me with idiot fans try to shove “Brady” down our throats as our Savior.

    No Hall of Fame QB would succeed on this crappy team.

  7. NEfan Says:

    Burrows fell asleep during the Bucs film session. I can’t wait until the 3rd & 6 and Bowels rushes 3 and Cincy picks up 17 on the play.
    Perfect weather, this is like a vacation weekend for the Bengals.

    Rinse, repeat.

  8. Buccos Says:

    The Bucs will win this one. All you Debbie Downers can go bury your heads again until next week.

  9. BucsfanFred Says:

    It’s hard not to be down on this team untill they have a good breakout game.
    It would be great to see ME13 and CG14 get a buck apiece today, but I’m not getting my hopes up.
    A decent showing from the rookie tight ends would hit the spot too.

  10. D-Rok Says:

    It’s big that Hendrickson is out. Maybe our O-line will play better.

    On D, we have so many injured out…gonna be tough sledding, as they say.

    Can the Bucs win? Yes. Any given Sunday.

    Will the Bucs win? They haven’t played well lately, so I doubt it. If they do win, I will consider it a HUGE upset.

    GO BUCS!!! Make us believe in you again.

  11. Buccos Says:

    San Fran on the road is a lot different than Cincy at home. If we can slow down Chase and get some sort of pass rush then we should be ok. As Joe pointed out, Brady should have some time in the pocket

  12. Redeemer Says:

    Bengals pass defense is susceptible. Problem is, they’ll largely ignore the bucs putrid run game and play coverage all day.

  13. D-Rok Says:

    Agree, mg. O-line play, as always, dictates how a game goes.

    My Redeemer JC, even if their pass D is a weakness, we still need much better blocking up front, and for our WR’s to actually gain separation. That would be nice.

    I’m as optimistic as I can be, but waiting on this team to change it’s stripes and play better (stripes, Bengals pun – get it? LOL) is like waiting for carbon to become a diamond.

    GO BUCS!!!

  14. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ D-Rok

    You maybe an optimist……but I will optimistically tell you for a FACT that these Bucs will lose today.

  15. D-Rok Says:


    I can’t argue with you, but I’m still rooting/hoping for a Bucs win. I will continue to root for them until they aren’t playing anymore. Then, it’s on to next year!

    Most of the facts say this will be a loss, but sometimes, strange things happen; hence, my ill-advised optimism.