Bucs Catch A Pass-Rush Break

December 18th, 2022

Donovan Smith

While most Bucs fans confidently state Tampa Bay has little-to-no shot to beat the Bengals today, there are still plenty of Bucs fans waking up this morning with optimism.

No. 1 on Joe’s optimism list is the absence of Pro Bowl Bengals edge rusher Trey Hendrickson because of a wrist injury. Today will be the first game Hendrickson misses all season, and Cincinnati can’t replace him.

Considering how Hendrickson wearing a Saints uniform used to abuse Bucs ironman left tackle Donovan Smith, Hendrickson being out today has Joe extra eager to see if the Bucs offense can finally throw a few touchdown passes and stop embarrassing itself.

Can anyone name the Bengals’ No. 2 edge rusher? Joe didn’t think so.

Cincinnati only has 21 sacks this season. That’s a sad number that ranks 30th in the NFL. Heck, that stat could even put a smile on Tom Brady’s scowling face.

And now the Bengals’ most dangerous rusher and his 22 quarterback hits are on the bench.

Joe was asked more than usual this week if the Bucs have a prayer to win on Sunday. Joe’s response was that offenses are known to magically revive when they have extra time to throw.

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66 Responses to “Bucs Catch A Pass-Rush Break”

  1. kyle Says:

    sorry guys, its going to be ugly.. but the good thing is, we control the division starting next week!!

  2. kyle Says:

    im guessing 35.17 bengals?

  3. Onetrickpony Says:

    I say we will win.
    I have the faith
    Somebody’s got to

  4. ClwJB Says:

    Oh yea of little faith, I get it, we all get it – this team looks like it’s been sleepwalking for 13 weeks. Maybe today we awake from our slumber.

  5. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    We are such a bad football team. I just don’t see how we will score enough points.

  6. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Won’t matter at all. Remember, Smith has other things going on to the point that he can’t play football, but they leave him in anyway. Walton would be much better. At least ihe would have his head in the game.

  7. Cobraboy Says:

    Smith will make a nobody famous…

  8. Cobraboy Says:


    It will be over by the 3nd quarter.

    This is a pathetic bunch of slugs in pewter.

  9. PSL Bob Says:

    Onetrickpony, I’m with you! The Bucs have been playing terrible football, but for some reason I feel good about today!

  10. BucU Says:

    6-8 by 4:30 this afternoon.

  11. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Not playing in Cali, Bucs will show up and have a chance to win, but will they?

  12. Statistically Insignificant Reader Says:

    Have no confidence in the Bowles Leftwich circle jerk shet show.
    Go Bucs in spite of them both.

  13. BucsFan81 Says:

    24-3 Bengals is my guess.

  14. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The Bucs will lose by definitely 3 scores today…….so pathetic these bucs are.

  15. Hail2dabucs Says:

    Yeah Joe I can . His name is Hubbard and he can play too . They got reader in the middle also . I’d be more worried about chase & Mixon if I were you cause our defence ain’t stopping chit ! Come 2 think of it , our offense ain’t starting chit & our defense ain’t stopping chit..so another chit show coming for Todd toilet bowls along with the leftnut lefty dipping in the toilet bowl . When he sits down 2 pee ! Cause he is not a man , men stand up 2 pee !

  16. Jason the licht is never on Says:

    We as a fan base need to stand behind our boys. Cheer and get rowdy. Born and raised here. All you fairweather fans are a disgrace. Yes Todd Bowles is HOT GARBAGE!!! Little we can do about it. Stand behind our team. We made it thru the lost decade. I’m afraid with the salary cap hell we are in. Get ready for another one. I will still be and always will be a fan. Go Get em boys!!! Who am I kidding this coaching staff is a joke. Enjoy the weather ladies and gents. I’m out.

  17. Anonymous Says:


  18. A Says:

    I think its more of the same.

    We can’t rush the passer without blitzing – we are banged up in the secondary…so Mr. Bowles will sit back in our zone (which we suck at)…burrow will pick us apart sustaining long drives that eats up the clock…On Offense we’ll run middle 90% of the time on 1st down…well, you get the picture. Old school, Defense coaches are very hard headed and don’t change…(See Dungy)

    I see a very easy (More of the same) 24 – 10 (maybe a late TD) 24 – 17…Bengals.

    This year can’t get over fast enough – Go Bucs!

  19. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    From day one I have never liked Byron Suckwich since he came here a few years ago …..and now EVERYONE is calling this dude out…….it was apparent back then that Bruce Arians was the shot caller…….now daddy isn’t there to hold his hand and to pick him up when he falls.

    Bowles is an awesome DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR……..he’s just not head coach material (like norv turner).

    We all know these Bucs will chit and embarass themselves all over national TV again…..2 weeks in a row.

  20. Henry Says:

    My gut tells me the Bucs will remember to bring their stones to the game after last week’s embarrassing beat down, on national TV. Bucs will run the ball effectively, connect on a few deep shots to Evans and win 28 – 24. However, common sense tells me Burrow will throw for 4 TD’s and Mixon will gash our gutless defense for 150 yards as the Bengals win 38 – 24.

  21. HC Grover Says:

    A drubbing today should quick start the search for a coach. Get a head start on the pack. Fire the Bums, throw them out and hit the bricks looking for a good coach.

  22. BucsfanFred Says:

    I’ll probably have to sit down to pee by the end of this game myself.

  23. NEfan Says:

    Bucs Anthem@ where is this great DC you speak of? Burrows is used to pressure and being sacked. Maybe today hopefully the lack of pressure will throw his timing off and Bucs have a chance.

  24. THETRUTH Says:

    Everyone dominates Smith unless he ges help from chip blocks. He gives one effort on each play and than walks

  25. FrontFour Says:

    Still waiting for Joe to own up to the fact that there is just not enough talent on this roster. The hype “a team with this much talent” fell apart weeks ago. The guys that got paid are just collecting paychecks and are mailing it in on Sunday’s. Brady has not played well. Joe’s looking through rose colored glasses and just needs to call him out. If we somehow make the playoffs it’ll be short lived. Then it’s on to 2023 for the salary cap reckoning.

    Let’s get on with it.

  26. NEfan Says:

    Short film session for Cincy DC this week. What will Bucs do? Run on first down, pass on 2nd and 11, pass on 3rd & 4, screen right for a loss of 2, punt. Repeat rinse.

    Cindy OC, run 1st down gain of 5, 2nd stuff Mixon for a loss, 3rd and 22, Davis falls down, Chase wide open in the middle 1st down. Rinse repeat.

  27. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    It’s pretty hard to have a good defense if you got 5 to 6 of your defensive starters out due to injuries every single week. I also don’t think Carlton Davis is playing at 100%, but he’s a warrior being out there on the field……so I’ll give him that. If Todd Bowles had atleast 50% of his starters….we wouldn’t be seeing these awful blowouts.

    What I can’t excuse from Todd Bowles is his lack of management of the whole team. Byron Suckwich always looks clueless and lost every time you see a camera shot on him….AND that’s no act either!!!!! He truly is lost.

    Todd Bowles should have recognized this after the Pittsburgh game and demoted him and get a creative play caller in there……but noooooooooooooooo…..

  28. D train Says:

    The problem with the offense is the o line. U fix that and this team is number 1 or 2 in offense like the last 2 seasons. Start of the year brady was great but the wr were all a mess. Dropping passes and running crappy routes. The only prayer is if the oline can give brady time and brady won’t sacrifice his health for a win anymore. Those days are over at his age. He is seeing ghosts and the wr don’t believe in him like they did early on now that they have gotten open and did thier jobs the last few games finally. I predict another blowout cuz the bucs have ALWAYS been used to losing. Thats all they did for years.

  29. SB~LV Says:

    The Bucs beat themselves and allow the other team to win

  30. Deeez NATZ Says:

    Vaccine Tom will throw 30 passes in the dirt or over Mikey and Julios head….Toilet bowl and boron are a problem but so is vaccine tommy….Hope our new kick returner takes one to the house today…Leaving dardon in 3/4s of year shows how inept the coaching in Tampa is…You people feeling good about today have not watched a single game this year lol

  31. FortMyersDave Says:

    My guess for the game is that it will start with Bowels deferring after winning the coin tosee and Cincy goes up 7-0 after a busted coverage exposes the Bucs. Bucs get the ball and do the usual first down run for 1, on 2nd and 9 Brady tries a screen which is eaten up and then checks down on 3rd down so the Bucs punt. Next Mixon gashes the DL and the Bengals eat some clock before going up 14-0. Halftime score: Cincy 21 Bucs 3. Second half, Bucs get the ball and repeat what they did on their first possession, Cincy gets the ball back and goes up 28-3. Finally Brady goes no huddle and the Bucs score 17 or so (TDs to Otten and Gage while Evans and Godwin fail to haul in catchable TDs) but the damage is done and the Bengals win 34-20. Bowels hypes the Bucs character for not quitting after getting boatraced in the first half, Joe asks Byron if he ever thinks that the D knows he is going to run on first down every time and he answers with an annoyed “No!”. Bowels says Tampa controls its destiny, blah, blah blah. Man I almost wish the Bucs got hammered by Seattle 45-3 in Munich so that the Glazers could have acked Leftwich at the bye and maybe replaced Bowels as well but that win gave them just enough false hope to lets these nimrods continue to run this team into the ground.

  32. NEfan Says:

    Bucs Anthem@ one might say the same about O. This team is the walking wounded. Davis will tap out this game, mark my words. He ain’t no warrior.

    Deeez, I see it differently. 5 passes in the dirt to prevent the sack, 2 over throws to Evan’s because he either quits on the route or stumbles begging for a PI.
    Julio plays 3 series then takes a knee. Godwin as usual sacrifices his body to make up for Mike & Julio, both he and Gage score a td.
    Otton collects dust on the bench as Brate runs his slow motion routes.

    Bucs up 5 with 20 seconds left. Bowels blitzes, Burrow tosses a 60 yard bomb, db falls down, whoever that is and Chase takes it in for the TD. Camera pans to Brady, head down on the sidelines trying to put together another depressing post game speech for his presser.

  33. PassingThru Says:

    Trey Hendrickson out? Does it matter? Donovan Smith will incessantly hold whomever lines up against him.

  34. Bucswin Says:

    Today is the day. Dropping 40+ today. A goat resseraction.

  35. FrontFour Says:

    NEfan…. Or maybe TB is just making bad throws. Blaming EVERYONE else for Tom not making plays has gotten old. When the offense has produced over the last two years it was because of Tom. He imposed his will on the coaching staff and prevailed. Now its Bowles Fault. Its Leftwhich. The O line. Bad WR’s. Bad RB’s. The ball boy didn’t deflate the balls to the correct lower psi.

    My opinion is it’s some of all of these things. Including Brady just not playing well. He’s just not having a GOAT Like season.

  36. Jeff Says:

    Bengals 34 Yucs 9. Going to be another laugher, folks. Bucs will not “win” the division. Sadly, Carolina is the best team in the worst division of the NFL.

  37. Nicky666 Says:

    GO BUCS! Brady needs to be sharp today – I feel like if he has a solid, mistake free game we can win – but it all starts and ends with TB12 – literally just run the hurry up all game long lol FIRE THE CANNONS!!!!

  38. HC Grover Says:

    Bucs need the North wind at their backs in 4th qtr. in case it comes down to long FG

  39. biff barker Says:

    The offensive malaise in on Leftwich. Which is on Todd. Which is on BA.

    So replace them all the minute this thing comes crashing down. Too bad that was months ago

  40. NEfan Says:

    Frontdoor@ exactly, Brady is throwing to himself so that’s why Bucs lead the league in dropped balls, his misses his blocks so Lenny and White constantly get stuffed behind the line. His worst decision was the drive killing double reverse with backup players against GB and telling Mike to quit on his routes is just a way to preserve him for the playoffs. He instructed Donny to hold because he loves a second shot at stardom.

    Your analogy is about as realistic as Leftnut winning a 3rd grade spelling bee.

  41. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Jeff

    As much as it is for me to admit this…….The Panthers are the best team in the division right now at this current moment.

    The BUCS simply don’t have a team right now…..but just a bunch a millionaires athletes trying to preserve their bodies right now and get this season over with…….and yes you can lump Mr BRADY in this group too. It just shows on the field every Sunday…….all gotta do is look at their faces, effort, and body language on every single play……..IT SHOWS!!!!

    Tood Bowles is so clueless when he said he left it in the players hands to fix. Guess what Mr Bowles………..these players aren’t going to fix JACK because they’re already thinking about the season and next year and how their careers are going to go without Tom Brady.

    I mean, does the name Kyle Trask inspire anyone at all????????

    I really do hope the Glazers and Jason Lichtbeer have a plan going forward for this Franchise and who’s going to be the QB of the future?????

  42. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    They don’t call him playoff Lenny for no reason.
    Same goes for Tommy 7 rings.

  43. SOEbuc Says:

    Always keep the faith for the Bucs. We might suck but you shouldn’t watch if you’re saying your team is a guaranteed loser. Criers. Let’s not say that Smith won’t get a holding to negate the game winning score. Or if McCollum starts.

  44. DoooshLaRue Says:

    My my……all the negativity towards:


    How completely justified!

  45. SB~LV Says:

    Front office has been a MONTH late putting its foot down!

  46. SB~LV Says:

    I can’t wait for the Playoffs to start so I can enjoy watching good football.

  47. Winky Says:

    GO BUCS!!!

  48. Infomeplease Says:

    It’s hard for a team to win when you field losing coaches!! When your coaches don’t believe in their players and especially their QB, the players have a hard time believing in themselves!! This game is 50% physical skill and 50% mental toughness. These coaches have no idea what is required to motivate their players! They expect their players to motivate themselves. And some do! The problem is to win in this league you need 90 to 95% of your players highly motivated. That hasn’t happened during many of the games this season! Ownership needs to cut out the cancer from this team! Fire Bowles! Fire Leftwich!

  49. HC Grover Says:

    Time for ‘The Great Coach Hunt’ to replace The Clown Show. Get those Head Bags ready.

  50. Buc1987 Says:

    The Bengals just scored another TD…

    Oh wait it’s not on yet.

  51. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Buc1987

    LOL 😆 🤣 😂 😹

    You know your team really sucks when like 99% of the fans are predicting a blowout by halftime.

    ……Joe might as well start posting articles again showing Bucs Fans in brown bags again.

  52. @eric Says:

    Sean Payton

  53. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    …..and by the way the injuries are looking too…….it looks like most of the defensive starters are out again this Sunday.

    Can anyone of you Bucs Fans spell — “AZZ WHOOPING” again!!!!!!

    It’s gonna be another awful ugly blowout game again this afternoon.

  54. Dew Says:

    Who do we want to win between Atlanta & NO?

  55. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    There are upsets every week. That’s why they play the game.

    Who woulda thought a Brady led Bucs had a slim chance to beat the Bengals, of all teams? lol

  56. firethecannons Says:

    LOL! can anyone at all name our active Bucs pass rushers? Who?

  57. SOEbuc Says:


    What is the front office gonna do? Fire their entire coaching staff and bring someone new in that would turn this team into a contender mid way through the season? First in the division with Tom Brady. Don’t bother putting in an application.

  58. SB~LV Says:

    They have a SB winning coach already in the building
    Should have happened 4 games ago , it is clear Bowles and Leftie are in way over their heads.
    The team has been flopping around like a dying fish all season.

  59. Redeemer Says:

    They can’t run the ball!!!! That’s the main problem with the offense. Defenses are playing coverage all day against us. No QB has faced 7+ defenders more than Brady. His recievers can’t get off man coverage. Bucs rank in the bottom third of the league in avg. WR Separation yards. Brady is not the problem. Oh yeah and his line sucks too. Bucs are bottom 5 in both pass and run block win rate.

  60. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Watching games yesterday by good teams.
    The good teams look COMPLETELY different than the bucs.
    BUcs look like a bad high-school team compared to BIlls, Miami and how about the Vikings? You like thta?! LOL

    Yeah…bucs have absolutely NO PRAYER in the playoffs. Might as well start the rebuild today. So sad that these morons ran off Brady nect year. Good luck giving away tickets glazers lol. Seriously. If someone offered Vlad a free ticket he’d rerplay, “Gee thats nice of you but I have plans on Sunday”…lol..plans not to watch the shat show and get depressed

  61. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    there are still plenty of Bucs fans waking up this morning with optimism.


    About 20% of them, judging by the last poll

  62. Cobraboy Says:

    Who can say the Kitties are not the best team in the division and bring the receipts??

  63. Buc4evr Says:

    Too funny, doesn’t matter who is out for the Bengals, the Bucs could not score against a high school team. They are going to get killed today… 🤮

  64. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The Bengals would have to screw up majorly on offense and defense for the Bucs to even have a chance at winning this game.

    We all the Bucs on offense.

    – Run on 1st down
    – WR screen pass to Godwin on 2nd down
    – Short pass to TE or RB on 3rd down.

    …..wash, rinse, and repeat 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Vlad

    It is sad when we watch other NFL games and we’re all saying in our heads “why can’t we do chit like that!?!?!?”

  66. Thadeus Says:

    Hey upper management, I hear Sean Payton is looking. Get him, and Tom will stay. If not, he’s headed to New England or Miami.