“They Gotta Help Him Now”

December 19th, 2022

The Tom Brady dropoff can’t be denied.

That doesn’t make him a worthless quarterback, but it does give Bucs fans and seasoned NFL observers a sick feeling.

The best thing to happen to the NFL media world this season may be the return of Herm Edwards. Booted from his college head coaching gig at Arizona State in midseason, Edwards jumped right back into part-time NFL work with BSPN.

At 68 years old, Edwards hasn’t lost any juice. His passion, energy and NFL knowledge are off the charts as a former player, assistant coach and head coach of the Jets and Chiefs.

On BSPN radio this morning, Edwards was hit with the Tom Brady questions: Is he done? Should he be done?

The pain in Edwards’ voice ran deep. He said he knows what Brady means to the game and how he’s NFL royalty, but Edwards drew on his experience for his answer.

“When guys start considering retiring, they’ve actually retired,” Edwards said of Brady.

He went to explain that the Bucs’ organizational elevation from The Brady Effect has evaporated, or it needs to in hurry. Why? Because Brady is a different player and presence, Edwards said.

“That Tampa Bay Buccaneer team needs to help Tom Brady. He’s already helped them. They gotta help him now,” Edwards said. “You can’t drop balls. You can’t do things in games. You can’t always put Tom Brady behind and say, ‘Guess what, he’ll bring us back to win.’ That ain’t happening, man. It’s just not. We’ve seen it, and we’re watching it unfold in front of our eyes and we don’t want to look at it.”

Edwards is correct. However, the Bucs gave Brady a 17-point lead yesterday and Brady proceeded to turn the ball over on four consecutive possessions following Todd Bowles’ unfathomable fake punt at the Bucs’ 26 yard line.

Painful times for Bucs fans, and Brady fans.

Thankfully, the Bucs remain very likely to make the playoffs, which should least keep Brady, the coaching staff and the roster under a legitimate microscope.

There’s nothing better for evaluation than to see players performing under pressure. In a normal season, the Bucs would be out of the playoff chase by now and the games going forward would be nearly meaningless.

82 Responses to ““They Gotta Help Him Now””

  1. tbbucs3 Says:

    Finally most Bucs fans/media are waking up to the “preposterous” notion that a 45 year old immobile quarterback might be declining

  2. SB~LV Says:

    Deal with it G’Boyz and Jason!
    The glass is half empty!
    There is no room for hurt feelings in football.
    Sit Brady and let’s find out what Trask has in real time NFL football.
    The future begins now!
    The chewing gum has lost its flavor

  3. BucU Says:

    As far as I’m concerned these remaining games are meaningless. This organization is a mess.
    Blow it up immediately. Dump the coaching staff and all the high salaried veteran contracts.
    The only players who are untouchable are Chris Godwin and Tristan Wirfs. Everybody else should refrain from looking to buy new homes in the Tampa area.

  4. ViSyl Says:

    Yeah, Brady played bad yesterday, but nobody was saying he should retire when he made a comeback two weeks ago. Stop this BS, he is not at his best, but is still a great QB, good enough to win a SB.

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ ViSyl

    he’s made combacks against BAD football teams

    …..that’s not exactly a recipe for success in the playoffs now.

    and I don’t this team even makes the playoffs which is a tragedy for this awful team.

  6. Marine Buc Says:

    How do I say goodbye to what we had?
    The good times that made us laugh
    Outweigh the bad

    I thought we’d get to see forever
    But forever’s gone away
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

    I don’t know where this road
    Is going to lead
    All I know is where we’ve been
    And what we’ve been through

    And if we get to see tomorrow
    I hope it’s worth all the wait
    It’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday

    And I’ll take with me the memories
    To be my sunshine after the rain
    It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…

    Thanks Tommy Boy. It’s been fun.

  7. KingLDavid54 Says:

    Buccaneers fans < All other fans

  8. Mike Johnson Says:

    A hellava lot of Buc fans have been in denial all season long. Brady is the GOAT..Period. But his time is eroding right in front of our eye’s guys. He gave us 2 Outstanding seasons. Thats all he had left in the tank. Not only is there no more, He is not winning us another Championship. Yesterday he had 4 game determining turnovers. Not all his fault..still they were costly. Buc fans want to blame coaching. Thats ok. But this TEAM simply does not have much juice left. We don’t even know or believe they can win the 3 remaining games. Its going to be a struggle. Lets start think Mobility at the QB position for the future.

  9. Sean Says:

    Welp, Herm would know everything about being retired in mind while still showing up at the office. His pal Ray Anderson hired him out of the blue and his tenure was defined by being asleep at the wheel during the most disastrous era of ASU football.

  10. SB~LV Says:

    Management is like a 5 year old watching the ballon that slipped through his head drifting towards the clouds

  11. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Tbucs-Through all your trolling, nothing changes, the fact that Kyle Trask is not an NFL quarterback, and probably won’t start more than a handful games in his entire career. It also doesn’t change the fact that Brady won a Super Bowl in his first year with one of the worst franchises in professional sports and should’ve been back there last year. He still near tops off the league in several categories and you can’t change that. Enjoy a few days of trolling. He’s winning the last three games and beating Dallas. Book it. U trolls we’re nowhere to be found in the first half. As soon as a few things go wrong, you guys go running for the keyboard!! Nothing more predictable than a Brady troll. Sick to the stomach for most of his career. As soon as a few things go wrong they come out in bunches. I love it.

  12. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Brady is done in Tampa, this team is not one he can win with this year. Next year he will be somewhere else. It’s time for the team to understand this and look to the future. It’s time for Tom’s second divorce of the season. We should have let him walk like the panthers did with mayfield when Garapolo went down but we cling to our tenuous position as NFC south leaders with a top 10 draft pick position. It’s time to rip off the bandaid and start the process of the rebuild.

  13. BucfaninMi Says:

    Coaching. That’s the difference from last 2 years.

  14. Couch Fan Says:

    Brady had a very bad game. Absolutely. But the coaching staff has been terrible all season. The TEAM has been bad all season. I think it’d be smarter to get rid of the staff first then lets see if The GOAT has lost it. No sense in letting go of the best QB we’ve ever had prematurely.

  15. Buc4evr Says:

    Brady needs to retire or move on after this season. He doesn’t have a team that can compensate for his decline and a lot of players will need to be cut after the season ends. Rebuilding time is here.

  16. Bucamania Says:

    Bucs have a head coach who thinks Ryan Succop can kick a 55 yarder. That’s how clueless this guy is.

  17. Old School Bucs Says:

    Man this Tampa town is just full of stupid, football ignorant self destructive idiots!!!!!!!!!! See you in the Super Bowl!!! What a clown show this site is!!!!!

  18. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Does Brady have anything more than a thin patchwork line in front of him?
    Does Brady have anything more than the worst rushing attack in the NFL?
    Does Brady have the severe disadvantage of horrid play calling by BL?
    Does Brady have a defense that is 30th out of 32 in Takeaways in the NFL?

    Joe you should be ashamed of yourself and answer all of the above questions before you let your keyboard run away with your bad mouthing of Brady.

    Then ask yourself if ANY QB in the league would have a winning record playing here? The obvious answer is NO.

  19. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Old School Bucs

    You’re another BUCS fan that is complete denial just because of the stigma associated with TOM BRADY.

    This team needs to start building for the future next year.

  20. alton d green Says:

    OK let’s try this again. Burrow had 200 yds (69%), 4 TDs and 1 int. Not Bad. Now for all you experts; Tom had over 300 yds (69%), 3 TDs and 2 int’s and of course the fumble. For That i blame the O-line for letting all 11 defensive players jump on Tom’s back. Somebody said Tom rurned over the ball on 4 consecutive possessions. Surely to God you’re not blaming him for that NFL bloopers with the fake punt. Also what the hell is Tom supposed to do. He put the ball in Lenny’s gut. Doesn’t he have some blame there. He’s a professional

  21. Simeon97 Says:

    Up to this point I mostly thought Bowles is just too conservative. Yesterday proved he is an idiot.

  22. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Absolutely 100% dead on. No other quarterback in football with this set up is winning football games. Most quarterbacks would be at 3 wins at the most most likely 2 . His ham sttung with ann incompetent organization right now with no receive a separation, no, running game, a terrible offensive line. I guarantee you no other team in football wants to see him in the playoffs. You guys calling for Kyle Trask are an absolute laughingstock again you’re either his family members, Chiefs/Saint fans , know absolutely nothing about football. Pick one of the 3

  23. SB~LV Says:

    We need proactive management
    Not reactive management

  24. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Old School Bucs


    TROLL ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. alton d green Says:

    I Still say that if we get behind, please abandon the run. we were a little bit better. we are still playing with 3 downs. There was son many F’ups it’s hard to find something that. It’s as though Bowles threw the second half calls in the toilet.
    There was a song by Hall and Oats called “Baby Come Back’ Lets change it to “Bruce Come Back”

  26. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    “alton d green Says:
    December 19th, 2022 at 10:53 am
    I Still say that if we get behind, please abandon the run”


    The problem with that…….is, if you do this, then it is very hard to sell the Playaction passes……..the defense will just stack the box and blitz consistently instead of keeping them guessing.

  27. SB~LV Says:

    Jimmy from NY
    No one is calling for Trask other than to evaluate him.
    This season has been sloppy and inconsistent , Brady is finished with this franchise and the players understand this.
    It is a giant cluster Phuck including the management.
    2023 had already started and management is intimated and paralyzed with fear.
    There is nothing good, evaluation of Trask is a must.
    I am disappointed in Jason Licht failure to lead.
    Brady is not coming back, the season is what it is.
    Salvage what can be salvaged, no room for sentiment and emotions

  28. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I barely watched any of the game…maybe one possession into the second half. And I missed most of the first half. Heck, I was even out of the room when the Bucs scored a second touchdown.

    I had other responsibilities so I had to stop watching.

    That said, without having seen what happened…I have to ask…was the offensive line at all responsible for Brady’s turnovers? I need some context.

  29. Frank Pillow Says:

    This whole thing was Faustian from the start…and it worked! We got our Super Bowl!! It was always going to be fleeting and end badly with a +40 yr old QB. Always. But it was absolutely worth it!

  30. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I personally think the loss of Jensen was the biggest blow this season.

  31. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    No…………all 4 turnovers by Brady was 100% his fault

  32. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The offensive line yesterday actually held up pretty well

  33. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Rebuild . What a fu$&ing joke. Where were you the last 10 years before Brady ? What makes you think this organization is capable of anything . Where’s the evidence ? A lot of you so called fans will deserve what’s coming after Brady is gone. Biggest bunch of crybabies I’ve ever run across. I did notice that several of you disappeared the last 2 seasons. You know who you are.

  34. Nayrb Says:

    Here is my unjustified and uninformed opinion of what will happen with Tom Brady and the Bucs.

    He will not play for the Bucs next year and he could find a way out from this season by sustaining an “injury” that will take just long enough to end his season.

    The Bucs will then play Blaine Gabbert for a game and quickly figure out that he is not a starter. The next game will be played by Kyle Trask.

    If the Bucs bring in another QB this season, they had better be built like former Bucs and Georgia Tech QB Joe Hamilton, so they can at least have a fighting chance to run for their life!

    Next season and perhaps the next two or three seasons, will be a losing season because the Bucs will have a fire sale to try and correct the finances after spending so much money and kicking the can down the road with signing bonuses.

    I type this as I proudly wear my bright red Bucs jacket.

  35. Erik The Viking Says:

    Just wait until Bowels no longer has a hall of fame QB to cover his mental lapses. 6 wins will feel like a Swedish massage. All this guy does is lose football games. Next year will be brutal. Thanks BA.

  36. LOL Says:

    Brady’s playing like Jimmy Garoppolo this year….

  37. SB~LV Says:

    At least the Hooters Wing girl makes me smile

  38. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    The BUCS will be in rebuilding mode next year considering they will be 40 million over the cap………..that’s Rebuilding mode people.

  39. ChattBucsFan Says:

    Biggest problem is this coaching staff that’s in way over their heads. There’s little scheming to give the immobile Brady time to work and, with the worst running attack in the league, no need to respect the play action. Add in the costly penalties at the absolute worst times and this team’s inability to overcome any self inflicted wounds and you have one horrible organization that will be very fortunate to back into the playoffs.

  40. Lamarcus Says:

    Brady needs an All World Oline, All pro Rb, Hall of Fame TE and Wrs. There’s no other way around it at this point of his career.

  41. Oneilbuc Says:

    After we beat the cardinals the Brady fan boys will be saying Brady hasn’t declined at all watch and see!! It’s over Brady time has come to a end he still a hall of famer and one of the best to ever play quarterback in the NFL.

  42. DBS Says:

    Hey stupid he is the best to ever play .Are you really that dumb???

  43. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Oneilbuc

    That’s pretty optimistic thinking there.

    These BUCS currently aren’t even good enough to beat the Panthers!!!!!

  44. LoveMeSomeBucs Says:

    Brady is the GOAT and he used to play like a billy but now he’s playing like a nanny…say goodbye Tom….

  45. BucU Says:

    Bowles legacy is signed sealed and delivered.
    A terrible head coach of epic proportions.
    Turned this team into a laughingstock.
    Congratulations Mr Bowles.

  46. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Crybabies right on cue.

  47. BOB Says:

    Give him time to run through his progressions and he will still win

  48. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Here come to Brady trolls just like I predicted. Either Chiefs fans, related to Kyle Trask or IQ’s right around 70!! Salty tears are the best!!

  49. cmurda Says:

    A lot of articles but what I don’t see is this P.O.S worthless coaching regime fired. Until then, Buccaneer football is irrelevant. Thanks Todd.

  50. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ BOB

    Have you not seen all the open passes to receivers Brady has underthrown, overthrown or just flat out inaccurate???

    Just don’t think about yesterday’s bad game…..Brady has been making bad passes all season long consistently.

  51. Cobraboy Says:

    @Bonzai: losing Arians was the biggest blow this season.

  52. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    To keep touting Brady leading the NFC in passing yardage & 4 quarter touchdowns is very misleading……..he is racking up yardage while losing and getting many 4th quarter garbage time TDs.

    Let’s look at deep throw incompletions, red zone failures and lack of third down conversions…..he has definitely dropped off.

    Here’s the good news….because of that, other teams won’t want him as much.

  53. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Brady has declined, obviously, but he’s also been playing with a banged up shoulder and hand. Elway and Manning both won Super Bowls after their skills had declined because of great defense and strong running games, and coaching staffs who recognized the decline and made the right adjustments. Brady is still better than Manning and Elway in their final seasons. So, what’s missing?

  54. SB~LV Says:

    That ground level interception was from film study. Brady throws those type of balls “only where the WR” can catch them.

  55. 941bucsfan Says:

    Alton “put the ball in lennys gut” have you not seen the replay lol…. Clearly you did not

  56. Grayson Says:

    Brady is subpar. He should have been benched 2 months ago like I said. He is old, slow and can’t throw past 10 yards. On other games, he just yells at the other players when it’s him. You never yell at people to get them motivated. that doesn’t work. maybe someone should have been yelling at brady on CBS. Carolina is the favorite to win the division. The problem is that no one wants to bench one of the GOATs (manning being the other). So, wait 3 weeks and see how bad it gets.

  57. Rod Munch Says:

    Oh God, please stop with the fake news nonsense.

    Brady is allowed to have a bad game, it happens, even in 2020 he’d have a bad game.

    Yesterday he was playing without his ENTIRE offensive line from last year AND without AB and Gronk and most importantly without Arians. Again, literally the entire offensive line was different for 95% of the game yesterday, and only Shaq is a proven NFL veteran. For a guy, like Brady, who doesn’t like to get hit, regardless of if he is getting hit, he’s going to rush things. Also, for those pukes who think Brady should like getting hit — the only reason he’s playing now is because he doesn’t like it.

    The idea that people are going to scapegoat Brady instead of continuing to focus on the awful coaching this team has endured is pure nonsense.

  58. Faspro Says:

    BucsFanSince76, very true. This team can have Patrick Mahomes and still be bad.

  59. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Please stop with the over the cap doomsday BS-Bucs can create a situation where they are 30 million under the cap without too much difficulty.

  60. AbucAway Says:

    The first half was classic Brady. He looked as sharp as ever. It’s the second half that just took him down. It seems like the Bengals made an adjustment on defense and the Bucs didn’t make their adjustments and Tom couldn’t get his groove back.

  61. NEfan Says:

    Edward’s, another sour HC that Brady belittled causing him his job. Joe the Bucs have the most fair weather fans in the NFL, my guess it’s from all the losing they’ve endured throughout the years. Go back to yesterday’s thread
    Mike slips his first route and all I read was he’s done, I hate to say it Mike isn’t Mike. A few minutes later he makes a few catches he’s walking into the HOF. Same with the Brady comments yesterday 1st half, who said he’s done, NO fossil remarks and ALL the haters went silent. 2nd half the same praising Brady trashed him. At least the haters are consistent. Fact is believe what you will, he ain’t done yet. With this shat show team yes, football no! So how many points did the D let up in the last 2 games? 79!!! Oh I forgot, Joe hasn’t written about that yet???

  62. LOL Says:

    If the 49ers made it to the SB with Garoppolo, then the Bucs can w/ Brady. Just need the entire rest of the team to step up around him…..

  63. HC Grover Says:

    Bowzos trick punt started the Snowball down the hill. A Magnificent Blunder. Perfect timing. Do not be baffled about this. These blunders take planning. Hey Bowzo, pirates Plunder not Blunder.

  64. Rod Munch Says:

    BucsFanSince76 – yeah, you’re very wrong about that. While they can create cap space, they can not do so easily, it means cutting and not resigning starters like Shaq, Smith, David, Dean, SMB, Fournette, etc, etc, etc – then resigning guys to backloaded deals with void years.

    Unlike the BS Gruden years where he used the fake news ‘cap hell’ as an excuse for his awful personel decisions, next years cap hell is real, and even to get under the cap is going to mean making some very tough decisions on good players.

    That was the price for keeping this team together after 2020, and there wasn’t any real Bucs fan that had any issues with mortgaging some future years to keep this team together for as long as possible.

    Now, when the team gets to 2024, when the cap goes up dramatically, that will help take care of most of the teams issues.

    If Brady is gone next year, then it’s really easy, you just blow-up the team and start over – and keep these two loser coaches in place since your goal would be to tank anyways.

    If Brady wants to come back, then you do whatever you can to keep him, since the moment he leaves, it’s back to the Bucs being a complete afterthought in the NFL. Like Gronk said when Brady told him he signed with Tampa … ‘oh yeah, I forgot they had a team’.

  65. THETRUTH Says:

    He hasn’t dropped off he just needs a Oline to block and all would be better

  66. The Anomaly Says:


  67. Cchead Says:

    Tom Brady is playing like a 45 year old QB with an average o line and a below average coaching staff. The result is 6-8.

  68. Old School Bucs Says:

    Bucs Anthem, the season isn’t over. We will see who is right when the season is over!

  69. Kentucky Buc Says:

    NEfan. Your right and wrong. These guys like losing . Then they can come on here and tell everyone what the team needs to do using their Peewee league, Madden and fantasy football experience. We b know what we b know. A couple of them could translate for BL but then u would need a translator for the translator.

  70. 97 bucBaby Says:

    Nah he needs to help his declining self

  71. captivajim Says:

    the rest of this team is simply NOT capable of stepping up around Brady. He came to Tampa because he saw a team with good O & D lines , 3 good receivers & a coach who was a “no risk it –no biscuit guy Plus he brought Gronk with him ..

    Other than the 3 receivers ;; the rest no longer exists in Tampa .

    Brady should retire–but if not, he will not be in Tampa nxt yr

  72. Darin Says:

    Of course he’s declining bbucs. He’s been declining for years. He still won a sb declining and can win more. Gota put the players in position to succeed. This staff has done the complete opposite game after game. I’ll take a declining version of Brady any day of the week with a competent staff!

  73. Arn platz Says:

    Bengals DB Apple said in a post game interview that they increased pressure on Brady, made him move around in the pocket. As we see it worked. So what will all future opponents now do? The future of the NFL quarterback position is the Jalen Hurts, mahomes, Lamar Jackson style quarterbacks. A dual threat, running and throwing. The game has evolved. Bucs need a dual threat at QB. Love TB12 but he can’t scramble. He can’t take off for a 10+ yard run like a hurts, Fields or Murray. Bucs need to find their quarterback of/for the future

  74. C2asante Says:

    QB makes 4 dumb plays in a row where he shows poor ball security and the focus is on the Coaches.l. Brady gave away that game with two interceptions and two fumbles in one quarter. Even he accepted responsibility for it, so why are some of you denying it was on him?

  75. DBS Says:

    If you can’t read we can’t help you.

  76. Stanglassman Says:

    Was this quote from Herm last week after the Rams game? It seems to have nothing to do with the Cincinnati game. Bad take.

  77. unbelievable Says:


    Brady was hit on 1 of the 2 INTs which floated and just barely landed in the arms of defender who laid out on the ground to get under it. The other INT was a bad throw and def on Brady.

    As for the 2 fumbles, hard to say on the one between him and Lenny handoff. The other one was def on Brady.

    And the turnover party began when Bowles decided he was finally going to be aggressive… by calling a fake punt deep in our own zone even though we were up by 14 and been dominating the entire game. WTF.

  78. Kidfloflo Says:

    I re- watched the fake punt, and the guy who practiced it all week was staring at the cheerleaders when it hit his face! Blocking was set up and a first down was there to keep our momentum going! All on Giovanni! Couple that with a hideous call on David on the 25 yd sack, and the team shut down, just like when Evans dropped wide open bomb in Panthers game! Team is mentally weak! Tom still has magic like the two come back wins and the whole first half of Bengals game! So he proves he can still do it…they just can’t over come bad luck, which comes down to the lifeless coach at the helm

  79. Ed Says:

    I think it is time for Jason Licht to start drafting players that love football and are mentally tough. His choices over the past 3 years havn’t shown that the guys are football players.

    What I mean by football players is smart guys in the right position, playing with attitude and playing to the whistle. These are the players that the Bucs need to build around and everyone else should be put on notice:

    Jamel Dean and A Winfield are football players on defense. The rest of the D is average or below. Vita Vea is not a guy that loves football, if he was he’d get in shape and build up muscle. White is lost in a complex defense. JTS is a complete screw-up.

    Otton and Godwin are football players, they should be Bucs for a long time. They play hard every play. Jensen and Wirfs are strong. Evans, Gage, Jones, Miller, Perriman are just not game breakers. Evans could be but this offense is not his strength.

    There are about 6 or 7 guys on the roster that have the desire to win. Most of the others fold up their tents when the opponents punch them in the mouth.

  80. Redeemer Says:

    Brady has a terrible half of football and suddenly he’s fallen off a cliff? Nonsense. Yes, the loss was largely on him, but you can’t say that for any other game this season. When you can’t run the football, it doesn’t matter who the QB is. Every throw is a tight window. You can’t expect a 45 year old to carry a team. He’s obviously not the player he was ten years ago, but he’s still more than good enough, if he has the help.

    The advanced metrics I’ve cited all season, seem to fall on deaf ears. So, I’ll try it once more. No QB has thrown into coverage more than Brady. His recievers can’t get off man coverage. At least not very often. The bucs pass block win rate is near the bottom of the league. Throw in a bad head coach, and a bad play caller, and this is what you get. The offense is designed for recievers to win individual matchups. There is no scheming guys open. No easy throws. What about all the penalties and dropped passes. I’m sure that’s his fault too. This offense is nowhere near as talented as last year. Licht replaced Gronk with two rookies and the ghost of Kyle Rudolph. Godwin isn’t the same player due to injury. Jones is washed up, and Evans runs the wrong route, or quits on the play half the time. Gage has been hurt the vast majority of the year, and was vastly overrated.

    These aren’t excuses for Brady, they are facts. I half hope he goes to a functional offense next year, just to prove you dopes wrong.

  81. Brand Says:

    You do realize we are currently down 4 pro bowl offensive lineman from last season, right? You see Tom only has just over 2 seconds to throw behind these practice squad players and also his receivers are leading the L in dropped passes, right?

    You have a loser’s mentality and you don’t represent me as a Bucs fan. Tom Brady is still playing awesome, save for a few blunders against the Bengals. Clap and shut your mouth, chumps.

  82. Christina Says:

    God I hate Bucs fans lol