Report: Tom Brady’s Desire To Keep Playing Is Stronger Now Than A Year Ago

December 19th, 2022

Anyone catch the Jeff Darlington video feature on ESPN TV?

Joe did.

Darlington, who is known for being a reporter with a direct channel to Tom Brady’s inner circle, has been a fixture at Bucs games lately.

Darlington’s true Brady insider status seemed to fade early this year, however, and in May he claimed to be staying out of the Brady game after reporting Brady’s retirement only to see him return to the Bucs 40 days later.

Well, Darlington got back in the Brady game over the weekend. He led a 3 1/2 minute feature on Brady accommodating opposing players giving Brady what feels like an emotional goodbye to football. But Darlington noted that players who know Brady don’t think he’s retiring and that sentiment extends to those tight with The Goat.

“Others close to Brady see a player whose talent remains elite and whose desire to play beyond this season is stronger now than it was a year ago,” Darlington said.

Of course, the second half of that sentence caught Joe’s ear: Brady is leaning less toward retirement now than he was last Christmas.

That’s good news for the Bucs’ chances to retain an above average quarterback, though a rough Brady finish to the regular season could kill the Bucs’ desires to bring him back at 46 years old. And Joe would get that. Old and significantly declining is a losing combination.

103 Responses to “Report: Tom Brady’s Desire To Keep Playing Is Stronger Now Than A Year Ago”

  1. LVMYBUCS Says:

    If and thats a big if he stays in Tampa Im sure he will have some demands.

  2. Easy The Great Says:

    Hell of course he wants to keep playing….just not for this Bowles-Leftwich led team

  3. Eric Says:

    Let us look toward the future. Thanks for the memories Tom

  4. LVMYBUCS Says:

    I dont care what anyone says this team doesn’t go from condenders to pretender in one season unless it starts at the top.

  5. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Thanks Tom but its a mobile QB era your time has come and gone.

  6. Rick Says:

    No thanks, we need to get younger at that position. He isn’t making us better at all. Need a mobile QB the o line can’t hold forever and he is a statue in the pocket

  7. SB~LV Says:

    Glazer’s don’t have enough money for him to play for this organization again.
    Shooting our selves in the foot to continue starting our Lame Dick QB
    The Glazer’s rented a Super Bowl
    Time to find out what Trask can or cannot do.
    We don’t owe Brady anything!

  8. Jeff Says:

    Dear Tom! RUN away from this clueless coaching staff and LAZY team! You deserve so much better. True Bucs fans will always be grateful for the 2020 SB! You honored us with your presence. Now go to SF or back to NE and win that final SB. You deserve it.

  9. JimmyfromNY Says:

    It’s a mobile QB era ? How many quarterbacks who are mobile haclve won Super Bowls? Allan/Patrick Mahomes turn the ball over double the amount of Tom Brady does. Mahomes I’m the Super Bowl 2 td 4 int 64 rating . It’s amazing how clueless some of you guys are. Go ahead and get a mobile quarterback and see how your season goes. This guy made you guys relevant and you guys kick him on the arse on the way out. An absolute embarrassment. He be playing in an MVP level next season. As bad as this season is goin he is still near the tops in the league and several categories with receivers that can’t get open, no offense of line, historically bad running game and complete donkeys on the sideline. What do you think it’s gonna be like next year with the same scenario and Kyle Trask?. Lol one win , irrelevancy for the next 20 years.

  10. LOL Says:

    The urge to play is getting worse the more his play falls off. That’s a rough cycle…

  11. SB~LV Says:

    Observation LOL… like a heavy weight boxing champion

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Jeff says is spot on!

  13. Tbbucs3 Says:

    NFL teams interest in Brady are much weaker than they were a year ago

  14. diego Says:

    Tom Brady will be excited to keep playing for hall of fame head coach todd bowles who calls a fake punt failed play on his own territory 17-3 up, a team who makes stupid penalties all the time, lavonte avoided a 23 sack, big plays aborted because of holding penalties

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Say what you want. If you put a good line in front of him he will dominate again. It won’t be in Tampa.

  16. MarkV Says:

    We aren’t losing because of Tom Brady!

  17. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    For every game like yesterday that Brady has a stinker , there are still 10 good or great games. Without Brady this squad probably registers one or two wins. I saw a bunch of good things in the first half and the fake punt completely changed the MO of the game and Bucs never recovered. Offensive line lack of quality and depth and questionable coaching is what is holding this team back. People that do not want Brady to return are either too stupid to understand football or just Brady haters-and I have no time for either one. Bucs will make the playoffs and the last time I checked , every team in the playoffs has the same record.

  18. Statguy Says:

    There isn’t any point of waiting any longer, let Bowles go, doesn’t matter if we are still in first . Post season if we even get there will be a waste with him at the helm. Fire his ass right now and bring in Deion before he ever coaches a game for Colorado. Now that’s no risk it no biskit

  19. HC Grover Says:

    Cant wait to see what the Bowzo Bunch has to say next year w/o Brady to blame and the new ‘mobile’ QB led by Bowzo and Lefty. ROFL. It is gonna be epic.

  20. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Brady ain’t coming back to Tampa…..that’s for damn sure….

    Tampa will be 40 million over the cap next year…..time to CLEAN HOUSE and rebuild for the next 4 years.

  21. DABUCS Says:

    The fumble in exchange from Brady to Lenny was caused by that Michael Jackson looking glove on Brady’s left hand. He can keep the play list on his arm, but the glove should go.

  22. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Always amazing how each generation thinks they invented the wheel. This is at least the 3rd infusion of the mobile QB i.You are already seeing the results of it. It’s not sustainable.

  23. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Where is Andre Ware?

  24. HC Grover Says:

    I consulted my Magic 8 Ball on whether or not Brady will return to the clown show the bucs have become….’Outlook not so good’.

  25. Steven007 Says:

    Brady’s dilemma is this. If he leaves he obviously will only go to a team that’s in the SB Hunt. Meaning a good team. Most of those teams already have their quarterback. San Fran is really the only option and even they have two starting quarterbacks depending on how you want to look at it. And a third stringer that just beat a Brady lead team. Why bring in an old quarterback for probably 1 year only? Doesn’t make sense. All the other teams that would make sense already have their leaders, including the team most often linked to him. If he stays he likely stays here with some significant changes coaching wise.

  26. Allbuccedup Says:

    Bradys not staying in Tampa plus his lack of mobility is starting to hurt our offense. When he tries to run he falls down thats showing your age. Too many players stay past their prime.

  27. Jvato24 Says:

    No way on earth he stays in Tampa

  28. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Allbuccedup

    No…..when Brady commits 4! I say 4! damn turnovers on back to back drives all by himself…………..that’s the sign!!!!!!!!!

  29. Cobraboy Says:

    If Brady stays, Bowles and Leftwich will be gone.

    If Bowles and/or Leftwich remain, Brady is gone.

    Simple as that.
    I want a total tear-down, cap reset, and rebuild. I’d rather endure pain with young guys than this agony of crap play with oldsters.

    Right now, Josh Freeman as a Youngry Buc > Tom Brady with these oldsters.

  30. Tbbucs3 Says:

    “We aren’t losing because of Tom Brady!”

    We literally lost yesterday because of Tom Brady

  31. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ Tbbucs3

    Amen brother.

    75% blame for the loss yesterday was those 4 turnovers from Tom Brady.

  32. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Joe, Brady has a sickness. It’s not funny anymore. Cris Carter said his dad couldn’t even stop him from retiring. I don’t think he’ll have many suitors. How embarrassing would that be if Brady became a free agent but didn’t get any offers. The only way he’ll leave is in an ambulance. Can his kids get him retire? That might be the only hope. The Glazers haven’t liked the product on the field and Brady is included in that product. I do think BA will tell the Glazers that Brady isn’t worth keeping next year

  33. #99 the Big fella Says:

    Brady will retire or play for the bucs you will see..the glaziers will be making the necessary changes..Bowles and leftwich are way over their heads..Tom will make his suggestion to the glaziers. Tom will get what he wants..I promise you that !

  34. uhhmmm Says:

    Why do people think that SF would want Brady. Did you all not watch Purdy play. Did you not watch Tom Brady give up the booty 2 weeks in a row now….

  35. Doc Says:

    What team in the super bowl hunt want a slow off target 46 years old quarterback. Brady was very closed to throwing four interception yesterday. Face the fact Mr. Brady needs to leave Tampa and he will find out he is not wanted as much as he think. Name one quality free agent Tom has brought to tampa, more like how many he has ran off.

  36. Your Mom Says:

    Age eventually will catch up with Brady. When it does, what will that look like?

    Maybe something like we’re seeing.

  37. NEfan Says:

    Turnovers don’t have to equal TD’s. Of course they were horrible and caused points. None of you that watched that game can say the O game plan didn’t change the second half. This is how bad this coaching staff is, they change the O to protect the lead rather than stay aggressive like the first half. Then out of the get go, moron Bowles decides he wants to be aggressive and fake punt from his own 27 yd line. WHO DOES THAT??? Why not save the trouble and spot Cincy another luckly 3 points. Then he went all conservative and relied on the D to close out the game. NEWS FLASH, this team cannot run the ball which throws conservative play calling out the window.

  38. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @ DocAre you asking what quality free agents to Tampa. He brought in a HOF receiver and TE. Both scored a TD in the SB. Criticize Tom all you want, but don’t start making stuff. Oh, I forget he also brought in Playoff Lenny

  39. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Purdy is Bailey Zappe with a good team as soon as they play someone good he will be exposed. He isn’t an NFL QB long term . SF will be all over Brady. He will play at an MVP level next year trolls!! TB will win 3 games

  40. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Brady’s camp are on a full court press to push his free agency push. First the leak to the NFL Network last week and now Darlington is pushing out segments. The season hasn’t even ended yet, and Brady’s looking at his next destination already. Brady has always been so buttoned up, but this year was his worse year in regards to PR.

  41. uhhmmm Says:


    That play at the end of the Pats Raiders game yesterday was hilarious. The Pats suck out loud huh? That’s a sign of HORRIBLE coaching… Who does that at the end of a game when tied????

  42. Smashsquatch Says:

    He’s done. I just hope he can muster enough magic to make one last run at the SB. Win the South, host a playoff game, pull an upset, and anything can happen after that. Either way, he’s got a maximum of seven games left in his tank.

  43. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The chances Brady stays with Tampa get better with every loss….other teams are less interested……if you are SF and Purdy keeps winning… you opt to bring in a 46 year od QB……if you have a high draft pick and need a QB do you bring in a 46 year old QB instead?

    With Tampa’s cap problems, it will take a cooperative Brady to make it work….otherwise…’s blow the team up…..get younger and that includes drafting a mobile QB.

  44. Mrsandman Says:

    He will play but in other team

  45. SB~LV Says:

    He is not coming back to Tampa
    Start with that !
    We do NOT owe him the balance of the season!
    The coaching staff should not be back next year either.
    So that leaves the franchise with the responsibility to find out what Trask looks like and what needs to be done in the offseason.

  46. CChead Says:

    With the current o-line the Bucs need a mobile QB. Brady is not that. 4 consecutive turnovers by any QB is something I have never seen. That was Brady looking old and pathetic. Play calling in the second half was again brutal and did not help. But my God, what a sh8T show.

  47. NEfan Says:

    Uh hmmm@ I doubt that was a designed play, the coaches were playing for OT. Stevenson one of the toughest RB’s in the league got close enough to think they could score and pitched it to Myers, (huge mistske on his part). The rest is history. I do agree their coaching staff ain’t much better. Watching Mac Jones try to tackle Jones looked like a kid in yard kicking his feet trying to get away from a bully.

  48. Beej Says:

    Absent getting pressured one drop-back out of three (which seems to be the norm this year) and having even an AVERAGE running game, he’s still among the best. Can’t emphasize enough what a nightmare Jensen’s injury was

  49. beano Says:

    LMAO any desire to play is to play for another team.

  50. Bucsfan13 Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Brady deep down inside wanted Gisele to end it so he could feel liberated. She’s been threatening divorce since 2016 over his obsession of football. Maybe his kids will finally ask him to quit. I think he’ll do it if they wanted him to quit for good.

  51. beano Says:

    MarkV Says: “We aren’t losing because of Tom Brady!”

    LMAO. Is that you, Joe?

  52. CChead Says:

    @ Beej, last night he was among the worst.

  53. Erik Hesson - Fine Artist - Founder of Says:

    I blame that stupid fake punt yesterday for ruining our momentum (and mojo).

    I even blame the fake punt for most of those turnovers and all the chaos on our side afterwards… Thanks, Bowles, for bringing out the bad vibes thru your stupid fake punt call. Which shifted all the momentum and good energy away from us and to the Bengals. Bowles gets Cincinatti’s game ball yesterday.

  54. 941bucsfan Says:

    Who cares, he is washed up!

  55. Couch Fan Says:

    Like I said The GOAT didnt allow his marriage to end for just 1 more season. The GOAT wants to keep playing. Unless the Glazers find their balls and fire this staff of imbeciles it wont be in Tampa. You dont need mobile QBs to win in todays NFL, they are a nice luxury though. The fools saying that are just as imbecilic as this coaching staff.

  56. AbucAway Says:

    Desire is good.Ability is what’s important. Where on the bell curve is he? Can he do an honest assessment of himself? Will he be capable of being a top QB next year or will he call it done or even take the selfish route and hold on even to the detriment of his teammates

  57. Tye Says:

    If its not in Tampa when whoopee! {sarcasm}

    Thanks for the winning years and another Super Bowl!

  58. Beej Says:

    Name a successful mobile QB over the age of 30. I USED to think Russell Wilson was.

  59. Mike Johnson Says:

    I hope Brady goes ahead and retires. I don’t want to see him carted off the field. Yesterday, I counted 7 times where the running lanes were wide open for big gains for him. He can’t run 5 yrds to save his life. He still plays ok. But he is a shell of his former self. Please leave Tom. Hold your head high and walk away with dignity before they cart you off.

  60. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Washed up? Lol No matter how bad you bad u wish it he is going to make u eat your words!! Even in a down year with no offense of line , receivers, they can’t get open ,,historically bad running game. He leads NFC yard , fourth quarter touchdowns and close to tops in league in tight window throws , down field rows. Yeah he’s washed!! Did u watch patty Mahomes last week , is he washed? turn the ball over four times, Josh, Allen’s been a turnover machine the entire season. They have competent people around them, especially coaching, offensive lines, play design, you’re asking a 45 year old to perform miracles.

  61. Duane Says:

    This team needs to move on from the coaching staff and the signal caller. There is talent on this team and Bowles, Brady, and Byron are squandering it. That fake punt is the final nail in the coffin as proof that Bowles doesnt need to be anywhere around the decision making of this team. Not sure how Lefty continues to script opening drives to fizzle out in the red zone, and TB12 mustve game planned with Jameis this week.

  62. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I think the majority of NFL Pundits and Players will never say Brady is washed up………that’s ridiculous…….but he’s not the Brady of 5 years ago……hell, he ain’t even the Brady of 2 years ago…..

    Brady just cannot perform at the same level everyone has been used to…..that’s all.

  63. Lamarcus Says:

    He’s done. Brady is just a better Matt Ryan. Next year will be worse. The game is too fast for him right now.

  64. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    It’s really funny. This team has never had a great QB

    We have one and most of the commenters seem to be fine with telling him to go pound sand. Like we will have even a replacement level QB when he leaves. Even if we sign or draft one. Also Lamar isn’t coming so shut up about that.

  65. Couch Fan Says:

    I just get a kick out of the peons that kept celebrating 30 Int seasons not trying to tell us what a bad QB is. LMAO

  66. Couch Fan Says:


  67. Winny Testaverde Says:

    The Tom Brady Experience was glorious in 2020 ( tough to top ) and excellent yet heartbreaking in 2021. In 2022…it’s been stained worse than Irv’s skivvies following a meet & greet outing/banquet tour on behalf of JBF…

    Brady is absolutely obsessed ( as most geniuses/savants are )…and will do anything to get back on top ( divorce and crypto debacle be damned )…including choosing a “ripe” team ( Miami/SF ) to play for in 2023. Will they have him? Time will tell…

  68. Beej Says:

    Brady has reached the point where he simply can’t get manhandled by 300 pound linemen anymore, which is where the strip sacks come from. A decent running game and perfect pass protection (like in the first half) he’s still one of the best

  69. Mike Johnson Says:

    The bigger question for our Bucs is this..Will we, Do we have mngt that is proactive? Are they forward thinking the futire QB position at all? We have not seen Trask much. But I get this feeling he is not our answer at all. Will we even attempt to get a mobile QB at all? I just don’t think they are thinking this thing thru right now. Brady is just about done guys.

  70. beano Says:

    Couch Fan Says: “You dont need mobile QBs to win in todays NFL.”

    No doubt. Below are the Super Bowl winning quarterbacks since 2000. Not many “athletic” quarterbacks there. However, the push for “athletic” quarterbacks – running backs who play quarterback – has nothing to do with winning Super Bowls but with fitting football to the woke narrative.

    Trent Dilfer
    Tom Brady
    Brad Johnson
    Tom Brady
    Tom Brady
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Peyton Manning
    Eli Manning
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Drew Brees
    Aaron Rogers
    Eli Manning
    Joe Flacco
    Russell Wilson
    Tom Brady
    Peyton Manning
    Tom Brady
    Nick Foles
    Tom Brady
    Patrick Mahomes
    Tom Brady
    Matthew Stafford

  71. matthew a veal Says:

    if he wants to stay, im for it, all the way to 50.
    lets fix other things, not just coaching, first.

    i love trask, but he is equipped for coping in this environment, only playing as an injury sub

  72. matthew a veal Says:

    brady makes us able to spend more on other guys. thats huge.

    everybody misses a few. lets help him, not panic.

  73. Show Me the TDs Says:

    I assume that interview was prior to the Cincinnati debacle. He ain’t elite no more!!

  74. gotbbucs Says:

    Well, he blew up his entire personal/family life to play this year. I’m sure he wants to get his money’s worth for that decision.

  75. Tina Says:

    Don’t worry Tampa Bay fans you’ll get your wish. Tom Brady will most likely leave. I will follow Brady. He has given me 10 Super Bowl appearances! I’m not ditching him! I’m thankful for all he’s done. How many teams have year after year of SuperBowl appearances? It doesn’t happen often. Give him a break. Give the guy a little grace. He sure brought success to Tampa. The least the fans can give is appreciation. I am forever grateful!

  76. Bucanero Says:

    Licht, you cannot let him walk.

  77. beano Says:


    You’re a Tommie groupie, not a Bucs fan. Gettouttahere.

  78. 7 Says:

    I didn’t like the look in Tom’s eyes when it hot out of control. He looked out of it mentally. Look at the tape and look at his face on the sidelines. Never seen him like that before.

  79. Architek Says:

    Unless they’re doing planning to reset and reinstall Bruce, none of this matters. These coaches are in over their heads. Players are regressing! I’m

  80. captivajim Says:

    Brady needs to live up to his own words; “i’ want to play as long as I can play at an elite level ” …. He’s no longer at that level. The 2 min TD’s he got earlier were against garbage teams . the one he got yesterday was in garbage time …

    He should offer to step aside & let Trask play …we need to see if Trask is in our future or not .Let him play 3 games ..

  81. catcard202 Says:

    TB12 has entered Stage 1 performance cliff phase of decline. Nudged over the ledge and sliding but not quite in full free fall yet…That’s much more likely to occur in 2023, than these last few week of 2022…It is what it is.

    ***Old QB’s look great, until they don’t!***

    He’s not playing like TB12 of old…He’s playing like an old TB12…The GOAT has squeezed a good 5yrs beyond what anyone thought was possible. He got an extra ring…He’s proved his point & played til he said he wanted to play… It’s time to walk away or allow pride & post-career fear make him end up going out like Johnny Unitas as a Charger. Beaten down and broken.

    I also see the Bucs FO is in a pickle for 2023 w/ serious Cap concerns…Bucs are WAY over, right now…A full rebuild is close at hand, to clean up the Cap situation…So, is TB12’s retirement tour better for the Bucs than rolling with Trask??? From a marketing standpoint, probably…But from a FB perspective, probably not.

    IMO, after 2 yrs of “Healthy Scratch” developing behind the scenes…2023 has to be the yr the Bucs FO finds out if Trask is an asset or a full blown bust…Whether he can be the future at One Bucs Place or bring draft capitol to secure the future in 2024. (Play bad enough to garner Bucs a top 5 pick to help secure Drake Maye.)

    Regardless what any of us think…If Licht has plans for another 5yrs in Tampa…He’s got some hard decisions to make this off-season. Both regarding the coaching staff & roster management, moving forward. Another yr like 2022 would likely have the Glazers flipping the whole organization upside down & who could blame them.

  82. beano Says:

    captivajim Says: “He should offer to step aside & let Trask play … we need to see if Trask is in our future or not. Let him play 3 games.”

    100% true. If Brady had any class he would be true to himself and, knowing that he will not be coming back next year, Trask playing 3 games right now would be in the best interest of the franchise.

  83. Allbuccedup Says:

    49ers don’t need Brady, Miami don’t need Brady probably no one will want Brady except for the Bucs. So he will have a major decision to make. If the Bucs resign they not be able to sign anyone else because of their cap situation.

  84. IrishTony Says:

    Brady’s only option is TB. He fits their scheme (at least used to). All other teams that need or may want a new QB;
    Patriots: would a reunification work? Not realistic but he’d fit scheme
    Jets; possibility
    Steelers; don’t see this as an option because of the location
    Colts; again location isn’t appealing and that has to be a consideration. Also no permanent head coach
    Raiders; trade qbs I’d be ok with that.
    Aints; really?
    Rams; possibly if Stafford retires.

  85. Darin Says:

    Man I can’t believe people think Brady is part of the problem. Let him pick the HC and oc and let’s win this thing next year! Fire the insane clown posse!

  86. Bucanero Says:

    F* Trask, you pay insurance hoping you never need it. Truth is that Jameis’ ceiling is below Tom’s floor and that was our talented 1st rounder. No, if we can keep Brady we must. Draft O-line. Build a team who can contend and make the playoffs and eventually will find Tom’s replacement. Later rather than sooner is the way to go here. There’s still juice in that arm.

  87. Bucanero Says:

    Who cares about Trask? you pay insurance hoping you never need it. Truth is that Jameis’ ceiling is below Tom’s floor and that was our talented 1st rounder. No, if we can keep Brady we must. Draft O-line. Build a team who can contend and make the playoffs and eventually will find Tom’s replacement. Later rather than sooner is the way to go here. There’s still juice in that arm. Trask will get his chance one day be it in the Bucs or elsewhere. He has had a great tutor to learn from so hopefully he gets it and becomes great when his time comes.

  88. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Bucs will have more cap room next year and if Jensen’s knee is good, the OLine will be much better. DLine needs some upgrades and they need to sign Dean.
    A Taysom Hill type mobile QB to share snaps with Brady would make a more dynamic offense.

  89. DBS Says:

    Give it up Bam beano. Trask could NOT beat out Blaine Gabbert for the backup job. He was given the chance. There is something they do not see in him . But at least he is still around.

  90. catcard202 Says:

    Bucs are currently ~$50M over the projected 2023 Cap #. I do not see how you think the FO will have more $$ to spend than 2022. Even after moving every penny they can (restructuring)…They may still need to cut/trade 6-7 core pcs to even think about having $$ to resign TB12.

    I just don’t see a good outcome for the 2023 season, regardless if they could.
    46yr old athletes don’t get better…They continue to decline at a faster rate, unless they are injecting HGH & Testosterone on the regular!!! (neither of which are authorized under the NFL’s drug policy!

  91. beano Says:

    DBS Says: “Give it up beano. Trask could NOT beat out Blaine Gabbert for the backup job.”

    Your comment is based on a false assumption: that Trask and Gabbert competed on the playing field for the backup position. That never happened. It was never part of the plan. Trask was never going to be allowed – and has not been allowed – to compete with Gabbert because Brady wanted a veteran as a backup. As Bucs QB coach Clyde Christensen said on May 10, 2022, long before training even started:

    “I don’t see Trask competing with Gabbert for the backup job this year. You can’t rep everybody. It’s hard to get Gabbert enough reps. So we’ll prepare Gabbert as the No. 2.”

    Next time get your facts straight before making an arse of yourself.

  92. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Successful Mobile qb’s in the nfl today?
    Ask cam newton about that one. Kyler Murray too.
    They are simply shooting stars.
    We lost our offensive line this year. What does anyone expect the results to be?
    We lost our all pro tight end too.
    But after all that we are still leading the nfc south. race.
    How many division titles have we had since 2003?

  93. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    They don’t call him Tommy 7 rings for nutin honey.

  94. Joe Says:

    “I don’t see Trask competing with Gabbert for the backup job this year. You can’t rep everybody. It’s hard to get Gabbert enough reps. So we’ll prepare Gabbert as the No. 2.”

    Next time get your facts straight before making an arse of yourself.

    If you watched training camp practices this summer — and Joe did not miss one — you would have understood what Christiansen meant by his statement.

  95. Leslie Says:

    Of course Tom Brady still wants to play. Do you think he divorced Giselle just to play for 4 months? he still loves Giselle. He didn’t’ make that choice to play for 4 extra months.

    I don’t think he’ll play for the Bucs because the Bucs need a lot of help. Julio is washed. There’s something off about Mike Evans. OL need a revamp. Lots of missing pieces.

    But tom Brady will keep playing. Personally, I think the Titans have a shot at him. he’s good buddies with Vrabel.

    Raiders wont’ to Carr wrong. he’s been a good QB and not the problem…but maybe if McDaniel can win the argument.

    Pats can’t close the door on Mac Jones.

    Niners have too much invested in trey Lance.

    Maybe Jets, maybe Giants, I’m guessing Titans will be in the mix.

  96. Bucobill999 Says:

    See yeah have fun losing in vegas

  97. Ed Says:

    Brady still has an amazing arm and can make tight throws but the issue I’m seeing with him is that he isn’t stepping into his throws when there is pressure.

    The clock in his head is slightly slower and whatever he is seeing downfield he isn’t comfortable enough to zing the ball. With Cappa, Marpet and Jensen, he had more confidence in stepping up into the pocket.

    Now the pocket is too close to him and he is hearing footsteps and throwing the ball without his normal motion.

    Its tough to watch but the WR’s the Bucs have don’t get open quick enough for him to get the ball off. A healthy Gage is the only quick receiver we have. Evan’s is a strider and Godwin is a scrappy receiver but neither of those receivers scare a defense to get beat deep.

  98. Randytampa Says:

    I think tom stays at Tampa, if they fire Todd B and hire Sean Payton
    Then Sean builds a team around Tom, I solves all of the issues. So that is the easiest way to make it work.

  99. beano Says:

    Joe Says: “If you watched training camp practices this summer — and Joe did not miss one — you would have understood.”


    After your article (available in the archives) crying about the Bucs not drafting Johnny Manziel in the 2014 draft, your judgment on quarterbacks is valuable only inversely.

  100. Redeemer Says:

    He definitely keeps playing IMO. He’ll have a full off-season removed from the drama surrounding the divorce. Can’t imagine him going out like this.

  101. beano Says:

    Joe Says: “If you watched training camp practices this summer — and Joe did not miss one — you would have understood.”

    QB Coach Christensen made his comment that Trask would not be competing for the backup role because Gabbert would be the backup on May 10, 2022 – MONTHS BEFORE “training camp practices this summer.”


  102. Bucsfan2520 Says:

    LVMYBUCS Says:
    December 19th, 2022 at 8:33 am
    Thanks Tom but it’s a mobile QB era your time has come and gone.
    Moron. What type of QB won the last two super bowls?

  103. Bucsfan2520 Says:

    Better yet… the last two MVPs?