Julio Jones Will Not Play; Defensive Names Return

December 18th, 2022

Mixed news on the Buccaneers’ injury front today.

Wide receiver Julio Jones has played the last six Bucs games in a row, but he’s out today with a banged up knee that’s not considered too serious. Hopefully, Russell Gage’s hamstring is up for more work.

But the good news is the reinforcements coming to the defense against a stud Bengals’ passing attack. Pro Bowl safety Antoine Winfield Jr. will join Mike Edwards, Sean Murphy-Bunting and Joe Tryon-Shoyinka on the field. All but Tyron-Shoyinka missed last week’s beatdown at San Francisco.

The rest of the Bucs’ “inactives” for today are cornerback Jamel Dean, defensive tackle Vita Vea, All-Pro right tackle Tristan Wirfs, edge rushers Carl Nassib and Genard Avery, plus iconic third-string quarterback Kyle Trask.

57 Responses to “Julio Jones Will Not Play; Defensive Names Return”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    What? Jones is still on this team????? 不不不不不不

  2. Deeez NATZ Says:

    Jones should be fired right along with toilet bowls after today.

  3. AmauryGuzman Says:

    What a shocker. This team has been a joke with the injuries going back to last year.

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Correct me if I’m wrong…..but wasn’t all these players returning a game time decision because they were limited this week due to their injuries????

    I question if they’re even 100% ready to go???

    …….probably not.

  5. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Waiting for the steelers to blow this game against the panthers.

  6. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Jones really should just retire. He was an amazing player before his injuries…..but his body just can’t continue taking the brutal punishment of the NFL.

  7. Mort Says:

    It should help in the secondary having our starting safeties all back. I’m worried about that mediocre AF D line though. Not having Vea or Shaq really hurts.

  8. sasquatch Says:

    42-9 Bengals.

  9. AmauryGuzman Says:

    This d-line better find a way today and get some pressure. Have to stop the run somehow.

  10. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Also, Carl Nassib was the only player on the D-line creating plays last week and he’s not playing today…….so who on the D-line is going to make any plays????

  11. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Sasquatch if that was the final score licht would give bowles and leftwich a pat on the back lol.

  12. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Yup the panthers are winning this game. Steelers are a joke.

  13. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Slimy saints as well wont do us any favors.

  14. Pryda sec 147 Says:

    Im going to the game if its 42-9 its going to be a sad sad day

  15. HC Grover Says:

    Lovies Dovies are ahead of the Chiefs in the 4th

  16. HC Grover Says:

    Jags close to the Cowgirls in 4th

  17. HC Grover Says:

    Stainks beating the Chickadees and Stealrs beatin Panters in 4th

  18. AmauryGuzman Says:

    HC Grover cowboys are overrated thats why they trying to sign all these players. Shook. Unfortunately the bucs if they somehow make the playoffs would probably lose to them.

  19. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Look at these Jaguars and Texans playing good football

    ………and then there’s the chitty Bucs

  20. William Walls Says:

    … “iconic” …


  21. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Slimy Saints are not gonna help us. 丑. They will lose that game watch.

  22. AmauryGuzman Says:

    I hate when you have to depend on other teams to do your dirty work. It means your team has sucked all year.

  23. Bobby Says:

    After first half massacre, bet we see Trask playing some today. Bucs want to see what they got in Trask before off-season.

  24. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    It don’t matter, Julio rarely touches the ball anyway.

    He’ll be in the hot-tub, till the Bucs get their act together.

  25. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    The coaches are too scared to bench Brady……no way he comes outta the game.

  26. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Saints clearly throwing in the game against the falcons.

  27. Bucs14 Says:

    @AmauryGuzman Get a clue brother. My Steelers are going to win this one against the hapless NFC South. Even though I loathe the Bungles, they will beat the Yuccaneers today. The GCAT, Greatest Cheater of All Time, Shady “I can’t keep a wife” Brady is going to have a terrible day today. I predict an INT or two today. And your boy Donovan “The Holder” Smith will get called for at least 2 holding penalties. Look for Mike “Crybaby’ Evans to get ejected again for being a sore loser.

  28. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Lol at the brady haters here. 丑

  29. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Bucs14 get lost you troll. Your not a bucs fans.

  30. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Atlanta and Carolina hanging in could both have 6 wins in just a few minutes

  31. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Don’t mention the name Brady here, unless it’s with glaring admiration.
    Otherwise, your box will fill up with hate-mail, lol

  32. Bucs14 Says:

    @AmauryGuzman Why you calling names? Can’t take an opposing opinion? Perhaps I am a Bucs fan who simply hates Shady Brady and will never root for this team ever with that Dick at QB?

  33. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Bobby Says:
    “Bucs want to see what they got in Trask before off-season.”

    If we see any backup QB, it’ll be Gabbert. Trask isn’t even dressing.

  34. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as long as that certain group of people agree with it.

  35. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Both games are competitive for the Jags and Texans too

  36. Bucs14 Says:

    @The Beer Whisperer Amen brother.

  37. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Dont worry trolls youll get Trask the next few years when you guys are irrelevant. Anyone calling to benching Brady is either a Brady hater from another team of clueless Bucs fan who doesnt know anything about football. What an embarrassing take

  38. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Trevor Lawrence just screwed the pooch!!!!!!不不不不

  39. Bucs14 Says:

    Wow! The people here who call people trolls are making some really prejudiced assumptions about others.

    Joes, are you going to let them continue to get away with this discrimination and prejudice?

  40. Rod Munch Says:

    Well, at least when the Bucs lose today they’ll still be in 1st place.

    Thank God for the NFC South.

  41. The Beer Whisperer Says:

    Can always spot that certain group of people. They respond with name calling, usually, troll is their first response.

  42. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Bucs14 your not a bucs fan. Your a troll. Its one thing to criticize the team but you take it way over the top. I have my doubts your a bucs fan.

  43. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Rod Munch who cares . If they destroyed once again and dont show an ounce of effort the coaches will still be here.

  44. Bucs14 Says:

    @AmauryGuzman I am not a troll. I am a man, a human in fact. I do not live under a bridge, nor do turn to stone in the sun light. Why all the hate toward me? Are you feeling insecure about yourself?

  45. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    The Beer Whisperer Says:
    “Can always spot that certain group of people. They respond with name calling, usually, troll is their first response.”

    And they always plea for some moderator to save them from their feelings by canceling people they disagree with. He probably used to be a blue checkmark on Twitter.

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    @AmauryGuzman if you don’t care, then why are you here? With Brady you always have a twinge of hope, afterall maybe Bowles and Leftwich are hit by an asteroid for example.

  47. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    Jags just tied it up!

    What a game

  48. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Bucs14 Says:
    “Are you feeling insecure about yourself?”

    Insecure is the person who pleas for his poppadaddy to protect him from words:

    Joes, are you going to let them continue to get away with this discrimination and prejudice?

  49. Cobraboy Says:

    Bucs are really weak on the edges against what may be one of the best QB in the NFL.

  50. HC Grover Says:

    LOL Clown division is right on track, Bucs can lose and stay in 1st place.

  51. Bucs14 Says:

    Hunter, maybe you should put down the crack pipe you claim to be. If that is your definition of insecure, I cannot find it in any lexicon of the English language. I know what you are referring to with your name Hunter’s Crack Pipe. If I am correct, it demonstrates a gullibility for conspiracy theories and a taste for a mushroom shaped phallic.

  52. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Joe, make it stop! He said mean things.

  53. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    I would put Julio on ice until the playoffs.

  54. Whoolio? Says:

    Lol these comments are too much. 不

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  57. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    ave Says:
    “Despite the fact that she hasnt had a job for eight months, she received $12716 last month for a few hours of computer labour.”

    Your aunt is an internet slut.