How To Stop A Rookie Backup Making His First Start

December 8th, 2022

Mr. Irrelevent.

Can the Bucs defense be relevant enough to stop Mr. Irrelevent?

That’s who the Bucs are facing Sunday. With 49ers quarterback Jimmy GQ out for who knows how long with a foot injury — he’s not out for the year as previously feared — the guy trying to carry San Francisco to the playoffs was the final pick of the 2022 draft.

That would be Mr. Irrelevent, Brock Purdy.

Purdy sort of reminds Joe of Chris Rix, but not nearly as hare-brained. Rix, a former Florida State quarterback, looked as a freshman like he was going to be a star. Instead (many blame former FSU offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden), Rix got worse each year in college. He went from ACC Freshman of the Year to undrafted.

Purdy was sort of that way at Iowa State. As a freshman, Purdy looked like the next big thing. But each year he gradually regressed.

Yesterday, Bucs coach Todd Bowles explained how the Bucs defense cannot get caught in a mental trap of thinking because Purdy was the last player drafted and he’s a rookie, that he won’t be able to run San Francisco’s offense.

Instead, Bowles said, his defense has to prepare for the 49ers offense, not the quarterback.

“You try to go up against the scheme,” Bowles said. “They’ve got a lot of talented players over there – they’re not going to change their scheme just because somebody else is at quarterback.

“I think [49ers coach] Kyle [Shanahan] does a great job of doing things that the quarterback is comfortable doing – they have a great knowledge of the system and they have a wide variety of things they can do to make him feel comfortable. He’s talented to begin with or he wouldn’t be in this league.

“He’s going up against a great defense everyday in practice. He’s not going to be nervous, he’s going to play his game – we just have to play ours. It’s not about the quarterback, it’s about all 11 guys on the offense.”

The Bucs have a gnawing history of making backups look like Joe Montana. Does P.J. Walker and/or Mitch Trubisky mean anything to you?

The thing about this game is both teams have good defenses; San Francisco’s is excellent.

The way the Bucs don’t score unless they run an offense Bowles hates, and with the 49ers using a rookie making his first start, it wouldn’t shock Joe if the total score of the game is under 30 points.

20 Responses to “How To Stop A Rookie Backup Making His First Start”

  1. adam from ny Says:

    give this kid crock turdy happy feet fast and often…

    the kid has no deep ball game…

    safetys can cheat a little while DW blitzes and never lets him settle into the game…

    hopefully winfield is back too…he can keep the kid on his toes too

  2. Oddball Says:

    Rookie QB? Uh oh.

  3. Hodad Says:

    Forget about Purdy, worry about Bosa.

  4. Marc Coppola Says:

    A rookie QB.

    His first start.

    Mr. Irrelevant.

    What could go wrong?

  5. ‘79 Defense Says:

    Under 30 points? Maybe we’ll get one of those 6-3 games like we used to have at the turn of the century.

  6. ATLBucsFan Says:

    “Kyle [Shanahan] does a great job of doing things that the quarterback is comfortable doing.” Are you listening to yourself Todd?

  7. dmatt Says:

    The way I look at it we should play the game using every scheme imagined to win this game. Blitz, fake punts/field goal, hard count, put RWhite n Fournette in the offense at the same time, explore mismatches, n yes, I don’t care if a lineman’s down, still go up tempo. They are the players n players play, n u are the coach, n coaches coach, so “just do ur job” and coach them up to play up tempo. You are all professionals. Throw the kitchen sink at the 49ers. If u gon play the best, then you’ve gotta play at ur best, n not scared.

  8. Mr. Editor Says:

    Yes, Joe(s), the list is long. The Bucs D has a deep history of making back up QBs look like All World, All Pro Hall of Famers: Case Keenum, Derek Anderson, Mitch Trubisky, Paxton Lynch, etc. At least, Paxton Lynch left Tampa with a sun burn. Still, I’m more worried about stopping some of SF’s other weapons.

  9. NEfan Says:

    Haha, how many times has Bowels faces Shanahan? He will dumb it down just enough so his key players can make the plays. My guess is Bowels won’t blitz him and he throws all over the field like Dalton did and McCaffrey will run wild on Bucs D. At least they’ll have fresh legs because out of the clear blue Bucs will be able to manage the TOP with a solid ground and pound game extending drives. Brady goes 12 for 16 127yds no TD’s, Boza has 4 sacks because his legs are fresh. Bucs lose 28-6. Succop MVP.

  10. Cchead Says:

    Todd Blowes contradicts himself. 9ers will run the same offense without the QB, but “HIS: offense can not run a hurry up because they are down a tackle. This guy is needs to go . Idiot.

  11. Beej Says:

    I believe Todd would rather lose at 2.5 yards per carry than win with Tom throwing it 55 times

  12. Goatfarmer Says:

    Bowels’ Toad will have the team flat and uninspired as usual.

    Brady needs to seize control. It’s beyond past time.

  13. brooks Says:

    You’re not stopping him you’re stopping Shanahan which is about impossible

  14. John Sinclear Says:

    Don’t sell this kid short. Twenty something years ago there wsa an unknown rookie, sixth rounder, nobody ever heard of him. He plays for Tampa now, wears #12. You may have heard of him. Brady.

  15. Tye Says:

    No team can consistantly win with Bowles style or philosophy of coaching…. That’s why his resume marks him a loser as HC!

  16. deiter Says:

    “I think [49ers coach] Kyle [Shanahan] does a great job of doing things that the quarterback is comfortable doing”

    Shocking part of his quote:
    “QB is comfortable doing”

    OH MY GOD!!!! Coach Bowlz, are you kidding me with this line? Your QB is comfortable running the no huddle or no risk it no biscuit offense. He actually THRIVES IN IT!!!!!! You yourself saw proof of this the past 2 years, heck dude it even won us a super bowl for crying out loud!

    Thats it! It is 9:28 am here on the panhandle and I am going for a big storm beer! This coach is killing me softly.

  17. EEK Says:

    getting blown up by 3rd string qb’s and rookie qb’s has been our thing

    like a signature move

  18. IrishTony Says:

    I saw that Bosa’s questionable for this as is Armstead, McCaffery, and Samuel.

  19. Mike Johnson Says:

    This game might be a huge trap one for the Bucs. A backup QB we know little of nothing about? You fans know our Rep. We alone are responsible for securing great contracts for opposing backup QB’s . They usually have field days on us. Just saying.

  20. steele Says:

    Brock the C ock made some good throws. Watch the film. Shanahan knows how to run an offense with lesser QBs.