Folks Are Catching On

December 12th, 2022

Appalled with Bucs offense.

A football cousin of sorts to Bucs coach Todd Bowles, Louis Riddick of BSPN, is not liking what he is seeing with the Tampa Bay offense.

Why does Joe refer to Riddick as a football cousin of Bowles? Well, Bowles is a branch off the Bill Parcells tree. So too is Bill Belicheat. And Riddick played defensive back for Belicheat in Cleveland.

Riddick, a former Eagles pro player personnel guy who is best known for his excellent football analysis on BSPN, is so annoyed with the Bucs offense that he believes someone should be arrested and charged.

Riddick was watching the 49ers beat down the Bucs yesterday and he could not believe how little stud receiver Mike Evans was being targeted. (Yes, Joe knows Evas had an awesome 68-yard touchdown before a certain left tackle got busted for holding — again.)

So Riddick took to Twitter with his outrage.

He is absolutely right! The guy cobbling together the gameplan is robbing Team Glazer blind. Forget his incompetence for a second if you can; how much money you think this Byron Leftwich has cost Team Glazer? A couple of weeks ago the Bucs still had a chance to get the No. 3 seed in the playoffs. Now? Pfffttt!

And because of this trash offense, the Bucs are fighting for their playoff lives trying to win one of the worst divisions in NFL history.

Imagine if the Bucs do not make the playoffs. You think you can put a price on how much loot Leftwich will have cost Team Glazer? Just unreal!

So Riddick is absolutely correct in more ways than one.

56 Responses to “Folks Are Catching On”

  1. ClwJB Says:

    Mike hates Byron with a passion and TB is trying to beg him Back into mental fortitude

    The battle has been going on all year, Evans facial expressions and body language speak to a very disinterested and unmotivated ME

    The run the O through Godwin and not him

    I like Godwin but he can’t take over a game like Mike

    This is a primary reason our O sucks – ME has been the TD machine for 2 years and all the sudden he can’t play?

    The stench of this staff goes so deep it’s scary

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mike has 805 yards with 4 games left…..he needs 49 yards per game to hit 1000.

    Somehow, someway Brady & Evans need to connect……

    Tom….instead of throwing it away…..throw it Evans’ way.

    I really don’t think the lack of targets to Evans is all on Leftwich…..some of it is on Brady & some of it is on Evans.

  3. Cchead Says:

    Todd Blowes and Bygone Leftwich have got to go.

  4. Panhandle Buc Says:

    Our team being so grossly underutilized is a felony! Scoring 7 points is a FELONY! This team is a joke and it starts with our clown coach and play caller!

  5. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Boycott all Bucs games. Hit the Glazers in the only place it hurts. The pocket book for allowing the theft of the fans’ money.

  6. lambchop Says:

    I hope BA comes back to coach the team next season and relegates these misfits to the trash bin. Todd Bowles can run the D if he is ok with the demotion. He has proven time and again, he is not HC material. Leftwich can go fishing for all I care. I was patient for a long stretch of this season with him, but he just plain sucks. We can reproduce his inept play calling with someone else at the very least. So, no drop off there. I just wouldn’t mess with the D too much as we can’t have these guys in another system and expect to be competitive.

    But, can the national media end the Brady to 49ers chatter finally? The 49ers have a good problem on their hands with 3 QBs on the roster vying for the starting gig.

  7. adam from ny Says:

    i’ve said it before…

    is there a chance, a slim chance, that BA instructed his 2 disciples (bowles and lefto) to play .500 ball this season so tom doesn’t go out well during his last year in tampa…?

    because if they tank to just play .500 ball, the only one screwed is brady…they both return next year and save their jobs moving forward with a 10-7 record or better next season…

    are they tanking brady for BA, because BA is pissed at brady?

    weird take, but something to consider…

    like seriously why isn’t evans targeted 12-15 times per game…?

    something is really up at one buc……below the surface

  8. Jeff Says:

    Fire Byron and my Mom will come coach the offense. I think she’s more qualified.

  9. adam from ny Says:

    also you must realize the owners are a bit preoccupied as they are quietly trying to sell manchester u

  10. Tbbucs3 Says:

    If Mike Evans doesn’t get to 1,000 yards, theres no one to blame but Brady…

    Evans got to 1,000 with Josh McCown at QB with Marcus Arroyo at OC… excuses

  11. Coquiro Says:

    Hey some of the blame also has to go to Brady. Throwing the ball way too quickly. Horrible passes and weak decisions on calling audibles. Most QBs and even the Rookies are playing better than him.

  12. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Yes, the only important thing is making sure Mike gets to 1,000 yards. I can’t believe some of you fans?! The only thing that matters is winning! This is damn selfish and straight up loser mentality. Fans don’t want to hear it, but Mike has been average this season and his attitude has sucked. He seems very disinterested. The whole team’s energy is off. Godwin has been a great team guy. After Brady threw the game winning TD against the Saints, Mike was complaining to the refs that he was held. He didn’t even celebrate with the team. It was an awful look for him. Brady tried celebrating with Josh Wells and he didn’t even reciprocate. Some players have quiet quit, and I believe Donovan Smith is one of those dudes.

  13. NEfan Says:

    Who gives a shat if Evan’s gets his 1000yds. He could be much closer if not for all his dropped balls and constant quitting on routes. He fights for the penalty more than the ball. Godwin, Gage & Jones lay themselves out, not Mike. Stop blowing smoke up his arse he’s turning into the fossil. He had 68 more yards yesterday, he should talk to Smith. FYI, offense? It wasn’t Brady or Evan’s that let up 35 points yesterday against a 3rd string QB. Parcels is trying to figure out how to keep Bowels name associated with his.

  14. NEfan Says:

    From being associated with his.

  15. Bucsfan13 Says:

    We’re fighting for our lives and the only thing fans care about is Mike getting his 1,000 yards. This is why other fanbases think we’re a joke. We already have the worst winning percentage in NFL history. Great franchises only care about wins, and here we have people on this board more worried about Mike’s stats.

  16. Smashsquatch Says:

    Praying for a Monday morning news flash firing at One Buc.

  17. Tbbucs3 Says:


    Ever heard of multi tasking? Bucs fans absolutely should care about their best WR in franchise history continuing his historic streak

  18. Defense Rules Says:

    Adam from NY … ‘Are they tanking brady for BA, because BA is pissed at brady? Weird take’.

    Conspiracy theories are one thing Adam, but this? Bowles & Leftwich destroying the rest of their careers because ‘BA is pissed at Brady’? Congrats, you win the prize for the weirdest of the weird takes. Here’s your sign.

  19. JayBuc Says:

    The GOAT made sure his pet receiver hit his financial incentive in the last game the year we win the Super Bowl. You can care about winning and hope our franchise player this past decade hits an historic mark. Let’s be honest, we are not going to the Super Bowl this year. Hell we may not make the playoffs

  20. Jack Sparrow Says:

    This team sucks! an embarassment. a monday morning laughing stock. A lot of people blame Brady, but lets see, he won 7 rings by just standing in pocket. He made comeback wins by just staying put in the pocket. If you are surrounded by inept and incompetent O-line, WR’s who seens to look for more yellow flags than actually tracking the ball, and coaches whi cannot scheme a play using that strength, then expect what you saw last night.

  21. NEfan Says:

    JayBuc@ Mike needs to go earn it. Grab Brady, get in his face and let him know I’m getting open, throw me the ball like ALL other elite wr’s do. Yesterday it looked like Brady was in Mike’s face telling him we need you.

  22. Bird Says:

    Joes. Forget about it. I have been calling the tampa bay police department on byron since week 1 and nothing has happened 😂

  23. NEfan Says:

    DR, I have to ask you, who are you pushing the blame on for yesterday’s debacle? Cause it sure looked to me like a defense couldn’t stop a 3rd string QB and the 9ers rushing game. The O is a mess we all know that and SF having the #1 D told us not to expect many points. Would you agree the game plan had to be keep it close and maybe Bucs squeak it out?

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    Bucsfan13 … For what it’s worth, I agree with you 100%. Mike has only missed 1 game this year, and he’s been targeted 98 times with 59 receptions for 805 yards. On the surface that’s not terrible … 13.6 YPR is low on his career (15.2 YPR average), but just a tad below what he’s been averaging with Brady (14.2 YPR).

    But 4 things are way down this season. First (and most importantly) his TD production. He’s only got 3 this year as compared to 14 last year & 13 in 2020. That’s a HUUUGE drop.

    Second, his YAC per reception. This season it’s only 2.4 YAC/R, as compared to 3.5 last season & 3.8 in 2020. If it’d stayed the same, that’d be another 65-85 yards this season.

    Third, his catch rate is down to only 60.2% this season. Last year it was 64.9% and it was 64.2% in 2020. That’s about 4 catches less (on his number of targets) this season, and explains the loss of another 50-55 yards this year.

    Fourth (and possibly most significantly), there’s a stat that’s kept called Passer Rating on Passes When Targeted. Interestingly, it fell off the edge of the earth this year (we see that in most games I’d bet). Brady’s Passer Rating when targeting Evans is 79.7 this year. Last year it was 122.6 and was 126.0 in 2020. That’s also a HUUUGE difference (kinda says that a lot of the balls thrown to him are really catchable?).

    Despite all that though, the Bucs Job #1 is to win games, not to feed Mike Evans or anyone else. Over the course of the season, the opportunities have & will be there (he’s being targeted by Brady MORE per game on average this year than he had been in 2020 or 2021) … averaging a tad over 1 MORE target per game.

  25. SaltyBucsFan Says:

    I don’t understand the thought process of keeping the coaching staff the rest of the year. At least bring someone new in to try and spark a flame. Or just bring Bruce back.

  26. NEfan Says:

    DR, catchable or dropped? More like both.

  27. PLAYOFFS!?!?!? Says:

    When is the theme of playoffs becomes a nightmare?

    Btw the Bengals are next.

    Oh I get it Joe. Division poll will come next week. Lmao

  28. Coburn Says:

    I’m completely convinced bowles has no clue how to use Evans. Man that catch over the middle late in the game where he stretched out and up to get it.. that’s prime Evans right there. Been wanting to see more of that. Sadly it’s a rare sight this season.

  29. PassingThru Says:

    I watched the game with a former college player who isn’t a Bucs fan, which was great having his unbiased opinion. He thought the team looked lost and demoralized early in the first quarter and even noticed teammates couldn’t be bothered to encourage Succup after his missed field goal. The body language on both offense and defense was defeatist, and that was before SF pulled away.

    We were both underwhelmed with the piss poor coverage and the ineptitude of the O Line. The game was simply unwatchable.

  30. Defense Rules Says:

    NEfan … ‘who are you pushing the blame on for yesterday’s debacle?’

    Why would you even ask that question? The defense gave up 35 points & our offense only scored 7 points. Which one is to BLAME? Seriously? You don’t think that BOTH of them sucked yesterday?

    I had previously thought that we had a decent defensive core to build around next year & beyond. I don’t think that anymore. Over two-thirds of our defensive starters & key rotational players will be FAs after this season (Hicks, Gholston, RNR, LVD, Ryan, Dean, SMB, Edwards, Nelson, Nassib, Neal). We’ve got very little money to re-sign any of them. How many will want to come back to this anyways?

  31. Defense Rules Says:

    SaltyBucsFan … BA isn’t coming back. He might be old, but he’s not stupid. His legacy is secure; why jeopardize it (and his health) for this?

  32. Kentucky Buc Says:

    None of it matters. The damage is done. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    NEfan … The Passer Rating on Passes When Targeted is evaluating the PASSER, not the receiver. Mike’s been charged with 4 dropped balls this season, and that’s already factored into his statistics (the third factor, ie, fewer balls caught?).

  34. NEfan Says:

    DR, you’re right, quitting on routes are not calculated. Nevertheless, I asked the blame question because for whatever reason you shield Bowles from all accountability and constantly push the blame on BL. BL has nothing to do with D, yet other than game 1, this D has let up 20+ points to some bad teams not to mention the 41 & 35 from yesterday to high power O’s. You mention cap issues and that is real so why isn’t Licht or Glazers insisting Bowles make changes? I to blame Licht for not being proactive on the oline once Jensen went down.

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    NEfan … ‘Would you agree the game plan had to be keep it close and maybe Bucs squeak it out?’

    That’s been the game plan EVERY WEEK. That’s what you get when your offense averages 17 PPG.

    BTW, go back & relook at BA’s 4th year in Arizona (2016). Same thing happened there as is happening here (and his experienced QB, Carson Palmer, started 15 of the 16 games and went 6-8-1). The horses pulling the wagon changed & everything slid backwards.

  36. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @PassingThru. You’re absolutely right. The body language of some players scream total indifference.

  37. BucU Says:

    Kentucky Buc is correct. It doesn’t matter now. Nothing with this team matters now. Same thing every week. No changes every week. I’m done with this garbage.

  38. Defense Rules Says:

    NEfan … ‘I asked the blame question because for whatever reason you shield Bowles from all accountability and constantly push the blame on BL.’

    Bowles isn’t blameless by any means, but firing everyone in the middle of a season would just create chaos. This team is bad, period. The defense has held together quite a bit better than the offense UNTIL the injuries started piling up again (like last season). With BOTH Vea & Hicks playing, we can probably play decent run defense & put some pressure on the QB. When one of them goes down (like yesterday), this defense is toast.

  39. LoveMeSomeBucs Says:

    Gee Tryon Beashrinka is so bad rotten fish throw up…the guy runs around like a hungry person at a free pizza party….he constantly overruns everything doesn’t tackle worth a crap…and I umderstand our secondary is banged up but if you are in the game it’s because you are supposed to be good at your position…may I say that our corners and safeties are Walmart loading dock material

  40. BuckyPhillips Says:

    Hey hey ho ho leftwich and Brady got to go!

  41. Mike Johnson Says:

    When it rains, it pours. Prepare yourselves for yet another A** Whippin at the hands of the Cincinatti Bengals next Sunday.

  42. NEfan Says:

    Bucktoothphillip@ Not Bowles? He’s doing a great job. See if Licht can get Wilson, Roger’s, Carr, Marriota, Brisset, Purdy, Jackson, Goff, Mayfield etc. Anyone of these guys can get you to 4 wins.

  43. Infomeplease Says:

    Blame Todd Biwles!!! He should be correcting this offense by working hand in hand with his coordinator!!! He doesn’t appear to work with any one. During the game, I never see him go up to BL, or TB12!! If he doesn’t make an effort during games, I doubt he makes an effort prior to them!!! FIRE HIM TODAY!!!!!!

  44. orlbucfan Says:

    Bench Tom Brady the minute the senile wonder misses another wide open receiver. Put Trask in there, and let him try next week. I’m no BL fan, but I like Bowles. Brady has always had the power to CHANGE CALLS HE HATES or is that a lot of PR BS? Football teams are made up of human beings with emotions. This one is becoming more and more defeated as well as demoralized.

  45. Destinjohnny Says:

    Worst line in football
    Should anyone be suprised ?

  46. DEEEMO Says:

    BOWLES AND LEFTWICH SHOULD BOTH BE LET GO TODAY! If my wife, who knows little about football,can say run or pass play as the offense is lining up don’t you think the other teams DC knows? Bowles stupid defense call at the end of the Rams game last year cost a shot at a back to back Super Bowl shot. The players are not playing for him like they did for BA. GET RID OF THESE 2 CLOWNS!!!!!!

  47. Carl L Says:

    If the Bucs let Sean Payton get away, we will know the owners are truly suicidal .Sean will find another Drew Brees to ride.

  48. Carl L Says:

    [Naw man, that that shiite to some David Duke website. Your vile and twisted think is not welcome on Joe’s site. — Joe.]

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Reported that Brady makes his own game plans so how is it a Leftwitch problem if he isn’t a real coordinator?? Maybe BA need the reigns back from Brady since he look like he did the last two patriots years. I see the connections and so do NFL teams. BA was the mastermind let’s give credit where it’s due and blame Tom for reversing back to his old habits and made us averages again

  50. Ranger Walker Says:

    This team has not played well but this site is absolutely toxic it’s actually gross

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Orl buc fan, that’s the dumbest sheet I’ve heard all year on this thread bench Brady for trash man you are a dummy!!! Keep munching on those gator biscuits you demented hay shaker!! I can assure you Brady’s not the problem. Didn’t you watch him last week come back in 5 mins down 13? How about when he did the same thing against the rams?? I know he’s 45 but he’s still better than 90% of the trash that’s out there. Bench Brady 🤣 moron!!

  52. Tony Says:

    If all the Glazers care about is the $$$$ YOU’D THINK YOU’D WANT THEM TO BR SUCCESSFUL & MAKE THE PLAYOFFS EVERY YEAR! It would bring more $$$$ to the area.

  53. Tony Says:

    Maybe it’s about time they start letting the fans run it all.

  54. Vadertime Says:

    This Tampa Bay team is horrendously bad. Week after week, save for those occasional TB comebacks in the 4th quarter, it is a bad team fielding a bad product on the field. Coincidentally, this horrible product is on the field at the same time as when Todd Bowles took over as HC. He needs to carry the burden for putting such a mediocre product on the field and the Glazers need to wake up and show him the exit door if not now, then by the end of the season. The buck has to stop somewhere and if not with the head coach then where. Go Bucs.

  55. fover Says:

    I don’t know who to blame most for the poor showing by the Bucs… the players, who played poorly, the coaches who had no sense of a game plan, seemed to be confused by the 49’s offense and defense, and called plays that even I could anticipate. Or, the refs who made questionable calls or non-calls all game. In the players defense, half the team were backups due to injuries. There was, however, absolutely no excuse for the bumbling offense, defense and special teams coaches. As for the referees. Well, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it certainly seemed like the calls they made… or didn’t make, favored the 49ers. I do think though, that the Bucs should fire their entire coaching staff tomorrow morning.

  56. alton d green Says:

    If Jesus was the QB and the rest of the team were the disciples, with one extra I guarantee Todd Lefty couldn’t win 12 games