Five Things

December 6th, 2022

Tristan Wirfs gives Tom Brady a big ol’ bear hug after Brady engineered a dramatic come-from-behind win last night over the slimy Saints. (Photo courtesy

Wow, if you are like Joe you are still up. Hopefully, unlike Joe, you are still enjoying many Beer Storm Brewing products celebrating last night’s Bucs win. It’s Victory Tuesday!

Why He’s The Best

Most dudes at 45 haven’t played on a football field for years, in part because their skills have eroded. Tom Brady laughs at this.

Did we need more evidence than last night, that if you turn Brady loose, the man produces as well if not better than, say, 30 NFL starting quarterbacks? Outside of Pat Mahomes, Josh Allen and Joe Burrow, who would you lay money on to rally from the dead with 14 points in the final 5:21 of a game to win?

And let Joe repeat: Brady is 45 doing this.

Last night was Brady’s biggest fourth-quarter comeback of his unprecedented career, in the regular season. Think about that. He’s doing this at an age when some dudes rely on blue prescription pills for excitement.

And to top it off, Brady is often throwing to rookies. So the margin for error is limited.

Joe won’t see anything like Brady again in this lifetime. How many guys do you expect to play quarterback at 45 and to be at the top of their game?

Last Night’s Win Makes Last Week’s Loss Completely Idiotic

Yeah, Joe is still steamed over the loss the Browns. And how Brady brought the Bucs back last night underscores what a turrible decision it was last week for Todd Bowles to take the ball out of Brady’s hands and go to overtime.

Joe sincerely hopes Bowles learned his lesson last night. When in doubt, put the ball in Brady’s hands and let him win the game. Get out of his way.

Will we see a different offense from Bowles and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich after last night? Smart coaches would learn from the past two weeks. Stubborn coaches won’t change. Next week in Santa Clara should reveal which type of coach Bowles is.

Let Tom Brady Loose

You could see the angst in Brady periodically through about 55 minutes of football last night. Then out of necessity, the Bucs’ offense had the handcuffs removed. Then — boom!

Last week during the “Mistake by the Lake” in Cleveland, FOX, which broadcast the game, had a graphic that demonstrated the Bucs, when they went to no-huddle, had one of the best offenses in the NFL.

Last night watching Brady hum in the no-huddle should have told Leftwich and Bowles this is an offense the Bucs need to run more.

Then when you have a lead, sit on it. Don’t wait to use no-huddle as a desperate, last-gasp effort. That’s a backwards mentality.

Joe understands you cannot run a no-huddle all the time. But for crying out loud, when your play-it-safe offense is bogged down, break out the no-huddle to spark the offense and score.

Always remember and never forget: Points win games.

This is why Joe gets so damn frustrated. Joe has seen the offense score and play at a high level. That’s when the Bucs play to their talent. This team was built to be no-risk-it; no-biscuit.

Joe gets Bowles doesn’t want to copy Bucco Bruce Arians’ model, but dang, it worked! What is so terrible about using what works? Joe has no earthly idea what the Bucs are trying to prove when they score less than 20 points game after game after game.

Please, Bucs coaches, remove the security belts on your offense once in a while and you won’t need your 45-year-old quarterback to work miracles.

How About Josh Wells?

Joe feared Tristan Wirfs out with a high ankle sprain would mean All-Pro left defensive end Cameron Jordan would go wild for the Slimy Saints. That didn’t happen. Wells held his own and that was a key to victory.

What did Jordan do? Outside of punching the ball loose from Rachaad White for a forced fumble, nothing. Well, nothing but that one tackle and a pass defended.

So Joe gives massive props to Wells. If Wells got eaten up by Jordan, which many feared, Joe is certain the Bucs don’t win last night.

Defense Was Strong

OK, Joe gets it. The Bucs’ defense was facing Andy Dalton. Point taken. But the Bucs were also facing Chris Olave and Alvin Kamara and Jarvis Landry and Mark Ingram.

The Bucs were without Shaq Barrett and three key defensive backs: Antoine Winfield, Mike Edwards and Sean Murphy-Bunting. And the Bucs still held the slimy Saints to 16 points.

Solid, solid night.

Key backups made critical plays that saved the game. Keanu Neal with his bone-crunching hits. Carl Nassib with his sneaky good pass rushing.

Maybe Joe is just still buzzing from the win, but Joe really believes the Bucs will be a handful for the 49ers in Santa Clara on Sunday.

Damn, what a win that will be if the Bucs come through!

49 Responses to “Five Things”

  1. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Let Tom Cook!

  2. adam from ny Says:

    joe you f’in nailed it with this article !

    can someone at one buc place print it and put it on coach bowles desk for when he arrives in the morning

  3. Bucsfan13 Says:

    Joe doesn’t miss! I had to check the site before an early shift at work. Besides Jordan, I’ve never seen a player with just an absolute will to win. Scott Pioli tells the story about how Falcons executives were celebrating after they went up 28-3, and Pioli says don’t get excited because the Patriots have “Freddy Krueger.” Remember the great clip of Taylor Gabriel telling Sanu not to get too excited because Brady was on the other sideline.

    I don’t think fans realize that even after Brady’s poor play for most of the game the defense still had a belief in him and didn’t just fold. They’ve could’ve easily called it quits, but when you know you have Brady on your team you know you still have a chance. Brady’s own strong belief in himself after shaking off a bad performance is unmatched. He was singularly focused. Dennis Allen was arrogant and showed absolute disrespect to Brady. He thought the game was in the bag, and didn’t bother being aggressive. He shut the offense down all night, and just knew it was over.

    Antrel Rolle said on podcast earlier this year that with some QBs you can see when you take their soul and they just give it up. He said Aaron Rodgers was one of the dudes. With Brady, he said that guy will not go down without a fight.

  4. adam from ny Says:

    what if:

    brady is getting his mojo back after the divorce…

    and it can become contagious in the locker room…

    and then they start bringin’ it to the field…

    just a thought…

    we will know after these next 2 games…

    the last 3 as not as telling imho…it’s these next 2

  5. adam from ny Says:

    *** the last 3 are not as telling imho…it’s these next 2 ***

  6. Bucsfan13 Says:

    @Adamfromny. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks he likes getting behind, so he can engineer another 4th quarter comeback in order to break Manning’s record which he did tonight. Just kidding, but I truly believe he’s playing injured.

  7. FortMyersDave Says:

    Joe: “Will we see a different offense from Bowles and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich after last night? Well, smart coaches will learn from the past two weeks. Stubborn coaches won’t change.”

    Unfortunately both Bowels and Leftwich have really shown the world that they are extremely stubborn. The play calling will not change unless someone above the Head Coach at One Buc Place forces him and the OC to make changes; kind of like in 2018 when former HC Koetter refused to do anything with former DC Smittey until he got a call from the Glazers after the D got boatraced game after game. I am guessing the Glazers would have made that call to Bowels by now if they were inclined to do so…….

    However, perhaps miracles happen, we will see when the Bucs play the Niners. I just hope the Bucs D does not let a 7th round rookie QB look like a Hall of Fame QB and the offense can score more than 17 points for a change.

  8. JayBuc Says:

    Yet who would have guessed, Bucs first play from Scrimmage “a run up the gut”?

  9. AbucAway Says:

    For some reason, that’s a great picture.

  10. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Let the tears flow Brady trolls. You guys are absolutely laughable clowns. This team would have two wins without him , the last two home games he’s put you on his back late and games and show you why he’s the goat. You don’t deserve them, Half of are not Bucs fan anyways just trolls other teams that he’s tortured. I love it !! let the delicious tears flow!!

  11. Defense Rules Says:

    Will we ‘see a different offense from Bowles and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich after last night’? Personally I doubt that we will against either the 49ers or the Bengals.

    Our 1st scoring drive was fairly ‘even’ (7 runs, 8 passes), consumed 8:35 on the clock, and resulted in a FG (could’ve just as easily been a TD with better play-calling). Bucs had FOUR 3rd down situations on that drive, and converted all 4, mostly because we kept them manageable (2,4,1, 4 yards).

    Our 2nd scoring drive was almost totally passing (1 run, 9 passes), consumed only 2:21 on the clock, and resulted in a TD (key play though was the 44-yard DPI on Acebo that gave us the ball on the Saints’ 1-yard line). Bucs had NO 3rd-down situations on that drive.

    Our 3rd scoring drive was again almost totally passing (1 run, 10 passes), consumed only 2:26 on the clock, and resulted in a TD. There was no really big play, but all plays were positive, we overcame Donnie Smith’s 10-yard holding penalty, and kept the two 3rd downs somewhat manageable (both 3rd-and-6).

    Bucs punted 5 times in the game. The 3rd down situations stunk for the most part (4, 8, 13, 4, 10, 17) … we only made 1 of those (the 3rd-and-4).

    On the night the Bucs were 8-of-15 on 3rd down efficiency (53%). HALF of those conversions came on the 1st drive, so after that we were only 4-of-11 (36%). Difference on that 1st drive? We kept the 3rd down situations manageable. IF we do THAT more often, we’ll win a LOT more games.

  12. Bird Says:

    Unfortunately these coaches will be the downfall of this team. For those still jumping up and down saying its brady …its brady …have no clue. Wait until brady he is gone. This team wont win 4 games

    Brady has made licht / leftwich/ bowles / arians look really good. For those watching on tv and not at actual games , trust me . Defenses know what we are running. Screens have two defenders waiting for the running back to catch it.

    People sitting next to me know the same run up the middle coming. Linebackers waiting for brady to throw over the middle. Our coaching is high school level. Which will torpedo any progress we make down the road. Its a dang shame that nothing will be done with leftwich. Cause joe is right. The team is at its best in hurry up when leftwich cant put his stank on the offense.

  13. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    Anyone that believes Bucs current offense is the result of anything other than a calculated effort to NOT get Brady injured is a FREAKING IDIOT!! Bowles and Leftwich know that without TB12 this team is DEAD , so they designed a playbook that gets almost all passes out in less than 2.5 seconds to keep the GOAT healthy , because without TB12 this team is DEAD. All fans should be doing cartwheels and somersaults this morning and saying thanks GOAT for bailing us out , but do not sleep on the fact that Keanu Neal saved the game with his hit on Taysom Hill that dislodged the seed that Dalton threw on 3rd and 18 , because if Hill holds on -GAME OVER.

  14. dmatt Says:

    Anyone have comments on rye following?
    • Donovan Smith 2 holding calls
    • Zyon Mccollom playing like a lost n confused kid
    • Joe Tryon-Shoyinka still don’t no what’s going on out there. He gets pushed n
    shoved around as ease. He doesn’t play with football intelligence.
    • William Gholston- what does he do?
    • MEvans developed a habit of always depending on a flag n giving up of some
    difficult but catchable passes.

  15. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    What was the Mod trigger on my post?

  16. George Says:

    Brady played great down the stretch . The o line held up and that makes a huge difference .

  17. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Amazing that Wells played well in his natural position. Who would have thunk it?

  18. adam from ny Says:


    yes evans has become masterful over the years at entangling himself with a db for the long pass interference call…

    i think sometimes in the huddle they actually call that play…

    brady in huddle says: “db snack 13”

    and then me13 turns the defender into a snack

  19. BucsFanSince76 Says:

    It seems everyone enjoys bashing Tryon-Istinka , but has anyone noticed Logan Hall has failed to even hit the stat sheet at all in 3 out of the last 4 including a blank last night?? Hall looks like a bust.

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You can usually count on me to give you some punting stats…..and I have been quick to point our the success of our rookie punter….but last night wasn’t one of his better nights.
    Although he averaged 50 yards a punt on 5 punts…..only one was inside the 20 and he had two returns for a total of 59 yards…
    Camarda seems to have two types of punts…..shorter with outstanding hang time and longer returnable punts that go great distances…
    He sometimes outkicks the coverage.
    What I haven’t seen is him trying to kick punts out of bounds.
    He did have another tackle on a returner last night……good for him, bad for our coverage which has been terrible on kickoffs also……

  21. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Difference on that 1st drive? We kept the 3rd down situations manageable. IF we do THAT more often, we’ll win a LOT more games”

    I think the first drive is like a visual difference in philosophy between Bowles vs Arians. Dink and drunk / conservative / no big plays / need to convert tons of 3rd downs to have any chance at a scoring drive, and even then you still may be settling for a FG.

    When our offense was cooking in the past years, we didn’t care about finding managable 3rd down situations. Not when we can pick up 25-30 yards on 2nd down and avoid 3rd down on a lot of drives in general.

    Brady should have hit either Julio or Mike on a huge play later; but other than that this offense didn’t really move until we went no huddle. A lot of that was the Saints D finally getting tired. In general their defense has destroyed us with Brady so it’s a hard game to analyze.

    Unbelievable though man. Brought me back to losing to Peyton Manning on Monday night man years ago in a similar situation where we had a 2 score lead late

  22. ModHairKen Says:

    All last night proves is Leftwich does not know how to call plays. Period. End of story. The two minute drills involved Leftwich looking like Dungy in the stands: a fan.

    Donovan Smith had his worst game as a pro. The pained look on his face when he held on Godwin’s TD called back said it all.

    White came back from a big mistake. That was nice to watch.

    I’m still asking: what the hell did we just witness?

  23. DoooshLaRue Says:

    adam from ny Says:
    December 6th, 2022 at 4:51 am
    what if:

    brady is getting his mojo back after the divorce…

    and it can become contagious in the locker room…

    and then they start bringin’ it to the field…

    just a thought…

    we will know after these next 2 games…

    the last 3 as not as telling imho…it’s these next 2

    It might happen………. but then DDD will get called for a penalty and eff it all up.

  24. D-Rome Says:

    Anyone have comments on rye following?
    • Donovan Smith 2 holding calls

    That was Donovan Smith’s worst game I’ve seen in quite some time.

  25. Gofortheface30 Says:

    Good point about Evans above. A little bit picky but perhaps it’s magnified more now because he hasn’t been great. I would say he isn’t getting open, but he seemed to be open a ton last night and Brady simply isn’t going his way. Evans ALWAYS has had longer developing routes (because he just doesn’t have a short game like an Adams or Hopkins) and Brady at 45, with that offensive line simply doesn’t want to stand in the pocket for an extra second or so to get it to his best playmaker. To the actual point above, I’m happy he got the flag but it’s like example 1 of like 100 that he immediately flails and gives up on route or catch. You can’t count on ref to make the right call. Go for the catch just in case. The ball dropped 3 feet in front of evans, ball would’ve hit his hand had he not stopped his route banking on a flag. A w is a w but it’s just something that’s annoying. I feel like Tyreek hill or someone is going for that spectacular catch and not immediately stopping his route

  26. geno711 Says:

    dmatt Says:
    December 6th, 2022 at 6:52 am
    Anyone have comments on rye following?
    • Zyon Mccollom playing like a lost n confused kid

    Yes, he was not good but her certainly did not look like a lost confused kid all game. He is the Bucs 5th round choice and last defensive back that made the team. There is a reason he was on the bottom of the roster for this team.

    He played 69% of the snaps this week and certainly did not look bad on half of them. So, he has a clue. 50 – 50 chance that he becomes a solid NFL player in the next year or two. My opinion.

  27. FortMyersDave Says:

    Defense Rules: The first scoring drive was also scripted, not put together by Leftwich on the fly. The O scored nada after the scripted plays until Brady went no huddle and Wrongwich’s predictable play calls went away. Simple enough to realize how bad Leftwich is at play calling like Bird sai above: it is as predictable as a bad high school program. King High in the Terrace has more imaginative play calling that Leftwich.

  28. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Bowles IS an old school, defense first coach! And seams to be a stubborn one as well. No excuse to only be scoring 20 points a game with the players they have!
    If we don’t make the playoffs (win division), it will be all on the coaches!

  29. Kentucky Buc Says:

    You can see the problem with the offense . Brady has zero room to step up or step into throws. The interior line is holding up but they’re giving up push on almost every play. It’s right there for anyone to see on film . Brady is a slide up in the pocket QB. Always has been. Now, passing on obvious passing downs allows the D to pin their ears back and go so it’s not all on the O line. Your asking a 45 year old to throw flat footed or off his back foot. Predictability is killing this O. I’ve watched this guy for decades. That’s not his game. That’s why you don’t see the zip on the ball. A guy who works tirelessly on technique and throwing with his body is reduced to arm throwing. There’s a lot of other issues but this one is glaring. Watch the film then go back and watch some previous years film. Middle Push

  30. Jack Sparrow Says:

    You can see from Brady’s celebration last night that he really wanted that win. You would think he won the Superbowl last night the way he hugged coaches and players. Lessons learned: Release Brady’s chastity belt. Let him do what he wants. He wants FREEDOM from incompetency and ineptness, you choke him, I guarantee he will be with the 49er’s next season looking for his 8th and 9th SB ring.

  31. Jack Sparrow Says:

    @Kentucky Buc, I agree

  32. ClwJB Says:

    Neal played a whale of a game, his best as a Buc – having Ryan at FS was HUGE, you could see him Communicate on every play

    The D kept us in it again, there is little to complain about on that side of the ball, NFL teams are going to make plays

    This 70’s style O philosophy is going to be the death of us if we do not get our head out of the sand

  33. SKBucsFan Says:

    Defense needs to get healthy. We were playing pretty soft in our zone coverage last night. Luckily at least two passes were dropped by the Aints one wouod have been a TD the other a 1st down in the Red zone. We had limited pressure on Dalton but the run stopping was great.

    Offensively…just disconnect the speaker in Bradys helmet and let him call the plays.

  34. gotbbucs Says:

    The sad truth about this season is if this offense was even operating at an average level of competency, this team would probably have two loses at most.

    The defense has held up their part of the bargain all year, but this offense just refuses to allow them to play with a lead, ever. It is so hard to play lights out defense when the opposing offense has the whole playbook at their disposal.

  35. Ontario Mike Says:

    With the time Dalton had to set up and go thru his progressions, TB12 would have lit it up for 30+ pts with our receiving core. No time , no 30+ !

  36. AB Says:

    You guys are talking yourselves into
    something that is just not there – hope.

    Let’s look at recent results…need a last minute drive just to beat a crap Rams team…lose to a crap Browns team…need two end of game drives to beat a crap Saints team.

    The next two weeks will be a reality check (again) on what a shambles this team is – it’s going to be damn ugly

  37. Nwbucfan Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think the coaches are learning anything and last night they got lucky Brady bailed them out. I suspected that Bowles was too stubborn to learn anything when he scoffed at consulting Arians about our toothless offense. A legendary offensive coach who is on the payroll! Unreal

  38. Greg Says:

    Adding to dmatt’s list:
    I disagree with the Gholston and Evans take, the others are accurate. When Gholston is out of the game (rare) the runs are noticeably eaiser. Evans is the best WR we have ever had, hands down.

    Big money, Carlton Davis. This guy is WAY TOO soft. Every time he lines up he leaves a 10 yard “cushion”, NEVER presses. He gets beat all the time and when he tip toes around an tries to tackle, it looks like he’s playing patty cakes. Every time I hear his name and “he’s a top tier corner” I throw up in my mouth a little. He sucks, the end.

  39. Thisisouryear!! Says:

    Joe- I have to say it. Dalton is a better than average QB. He’s better than Kirk cousins. He has great touch. I think the reason they’re struggling is the same as us. They can’t get the ball in the end zone. Our interior linebackers and secondary are shut down if they can get healthy. I think that’s why our defense is so tough.

  40. WillieG Says:

    If I’m head coach of the Bucs, I tell my OC and QB to run the no huddle offense after every 3rd down conversion. If it’s a 3rd and short, the defense will have their run stoppers on the field longer than they want them there, making passing easier. If it’s 3rd and long, the defense will have extra DBs making running the ball easier.

    Eventually, teams will catch on and try to be prepared for the no huddle by not substituting as many specialists. Still a win for the Bucs.

  41. Oviedo Jim Says:

    Just when I was going to start blaming TB for the bucs ineptitude because everybodyve have been worked over pretty good already, he puts on his cape takes victory from the jaws of defeat. Come on Tom I’m getting ADD

  42. Daniel Says:

    Josh Wells was not good last night.

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    What a picture. Tom Brady is a big guy, just look at him compared to other players on the team like little Scotty Miller, Tom Brady looks like a giant. Meanwhile Wirfs, in this photo, makes Brady look like a little kid.

  44. Cchead Says:

    Blowes and Leftwich won’t change. Last night’s game is exactly the way he wants ro win. 17-16. This is his, see I told you so, we can win this way.

  45. D-Rok Says:

    WillieG, good thoughts.

  46. unbelievable Says:

    This is the 2nd article today mentioning older men reaching for little blue pills… you trying to tell us something Joe?


  47. D-Rok Says:

    #LFG-Hurry up!!

  48. garro Says:

    Kinda funny
    Brady goes about 225 at 6’4″
    And a jump hug!!! to Wirfs on a bad wheel!!! You are indeed a Man Tristan Wirfs LOL

  49. garro Says:

    adam from ny Says:
    December 6th, 2022 at 7:40 am


    yes evans has become masterful over the years at entangling himself with a db for the long pass interference call…

    i think sometimes in the huddle they actually call that play…

    I actually thought the same thing right after the flag 🙂