ESPN Data: Bucs Have 92 Percent Chance Of Making The Playoffs

December 6th, 2022

 Todd Bowles

It might be a good time to start making plans to head to The Licht House for a playoff game on the weekend of January 15th.

Our beloved Bucs are 6-6, but the next best team in the miserable NFC South is the bumbling Falcons with a 5-8 record. And the Bucs own a tiebreaker on Atlanta with only five games to play.

Joe would tell you to do the math, but ESPN already did and shared it on their Monday Night Football postgame coverage.

The Bucs now have a 92 percent chance of going to the playoffs, and that’s all about winning the division outright.

The No. 3 seed also remains in play. San Francisco leads the NFC West at 8-4 and currently is sitting with the No. 3 seed, and they’re on a five-game winning streak. However, the 49ers lost their second starting quarterback of the season over the weekend and will now turn to a rookie seventh-round pick. The Bucs play at the 49ers on Sunday.

If the Bucs beat the 49ers, then the Bucs would then hold a potential tiebreaker edge on San Francisco and Seattle (7-5).

11 Responses to “ESPN Data: Bucs Have 92 Percent Chance Of Making The Playoffs”

  1. Ed Says:

    Better just worry about winning the division first. Offense is just so inconsistent. A great drive to start the game, but then go conservative and run Fournette up the middle (no gain as usual) followed by 2 checkdowns and a field goal. Then nothing until the furious rally at the end.

  2. Rod Munch Says:

    With as bad as this year as been, it’s worth noting, the Bucs are 6-2 in the NFC. It’s the 0-4 vs AFC teams that are killing them.

  3. Rod Munch Says:

    Ed Says:
    Offense is just so inconsistent. A great drive to start the game


    Clearly, without a doubt, Arians is writing out those opening series – or Brady is sitting with Leftwich and ‘guiding’ him into coming up with that. Because the second those pre-planned plays end, and Leftwich is in full control, the offense comes to a sketching halt.

  4. steele Says:

    Thanks to the pi ss poor quality of the division and stumbling on the part of other NFC teams, an undeserving, poorly coached Bowles/Left team may in fact make the p-p-p-playoffs, but only if they work on the “just winning a game” part.

  5. adam from ny Says:

    nice win…nice f’in win…

    maybe this is what our identity is becoming…

    12 weeks in…

    a team that fights defensively, and eeks out wins on the arm of tommy b down the stretch…

    maybe we can heat up and win 4 of the final 5…

    realistically, split the next 2 and finish out winning those final 3…

    but dam – if we can beat sf and then come home to knock off burrow and his gang, and get the offense rolling in that game particularly, we just might be getting on track and more playoff ready…


  6. Darin Says:

    To the licht house to watch a mess like that? I wish Brady would stop bailing these clowns so the outfit looks much different next season.

  7. BucU Says:

    We’re still stuck with a lousy coaching staff.
    They never learn anything. Great win and I’m thrilled but I’m a realist and this team is burdened with terrible coaches that just suck.

  8. SufferingSince76 Says:

    It is clear now that, when Tom leaves, the Bucs return to irrelevance. We, the fans who have put up with down right bad and mediocre teams, deserve better.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Our chances are good because we own several tie breakers vs the Falcons…..even if they win the final game at Atlanta.
    We have more division wins & more conference wins.

    To be sure…..we need to go 3 & 2…….to be sure.

  10. D-Rok Says:

    We’re still in it, and I’m still choosing to be optimistic.

    GO BUCS!!!

  11. Eric b Says:

    Well make the playoffs but LET BRADY CALL THE PLAYS..THINK COACHES YOU LOSE YOUR DONE!! YOU WIN IT DOESNT MATTER HOW, FIND A WAY TO WIN. Our stengths are in the pass game, utilize it ..san fran is weaker in that area.lfgo…obviously san fran is going to be running the crap out the ball while using McCaffrey, put a spy on his ass