Chris Godwin Isn’t Wrong

December 18th, 2022

Receiver Chris Godwin.

Bucs receiver Chris Godwin had yet another solid game. And who knew how much better of a game he would have had if Tom Brady wasn’t playing Santa Claus tonight?

Godwin hit the nail on the head after the game when he summed up why the Bucs lost.

“100 percent,” Godwin began, “You can’t expect to win if you turn the ball over that much.”

So true. But what Joe found more interesting is what Godwin said about how the Bucs played in the first half.

“We were communicating a little bit better,” Godwin said. “We were on the same page. We were being aggressive at the line of scrimmage. We have to play like that for four quarters.”

Well, this annoys the hell out of Joe. This was the 14th game of the season. Why the hell was the team just now “communicating,” if for only a half? Why didn’t this happen, say, by Week 3?

Why were the Bucs not aggressive at the line of scrimmage previously, or in the second half today?

This is a major sign of lacking discipline. If Joe didn’t know better, either the players have tuned out the coaches or tuned out Tom Brady. Maybe both.

Aside from rookies Ko Kieft, Cade Otton and Rachaad White, what player has improved this year? First-year starters Nick Leverett and Robert Hainsey have gotten better, Joe will give you that.

And yeah, Godwin has improved as he has grown healthier. Other than green players or a star coming off knee surgery, who has improved?

Joe would suggest you’d have to look long and hard to find improved players unless they were inexperienced to start the year or coming off a major injury.

That, boys and girls, is a sign of a very badly coached team or a team mentally disconnected from its coaches.

27 Responses to “Chris Godwin Isn’t Wrong”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    This team is a shell of themselves….buy hey, they staying consistent by only scoring 17 points a game!!!!

  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    …….and losing too

  3. August 1976 Buc Says:

    It has been obvious for a long time now, that the team as a whole have not responding to Bowles or Brady.

    All today did was reveal the same smelly pile of ***** this coaching staff is producing, week after week.

    Between Bowles brain farts , BL’s “super innovative” offense lol, and Brady morphing into Jameis

    Sooner or later the Glazers need to pull the plug and start a new cycle.

  4. McBucky Says:


  5. NEfan Says:

    Didn’t Bowles say the players were taking over earlier this week? Maybe this is a product of that.

  6. Buczilla Says:

    Nassib has improved. It sure looks to me like a lot of players have tuned out. Ah well, time to focus on some positive things. It’s going to be cold all week and for Christmas. Time to get the firepit in order!

  7. Chris l Says:

    Godwin said turnovers cause losses? Lol yes of course, any logical football fan will tell you that. Hence why it’s so irresponsible to say jameis is a good QB. But hey 5000 yards but infinite losses and turnovers no problem!

  8. Craig Says:

    The key is where he says that the team needs to play well for 4 quarters.

    The team looked great for the first half, then they imploded after halftime.

    Is it the old QB or the coaching?

    I’d say the coaching. The scheme looked like the old scam show when the Bucs came out of the tunnel after halftime.

    I think Leftie blew out his four brain cells in the first half and didn’t have anything to give in the second.

    Maybe he expected the vaunted Bowles cleaner’s defense to keep it u, but his adjustments did things like put SMB to replace Carlton in covering Jamar Chase

  9. fireeveryone Says:

    why is everybody so down? look at it this way. instead of the team waiting 55 minutes to show some life, they looked on fire for two whole quarters! all they need to do is show life for three quarters and maybe games would be a lot easier to win!

  10. EA Says:

    These guys are indirectly saying the coaches suck.
    Why are they communicating one half and not the other ???????

    Are they lazy ? Are they tired ? Are they old ? Are they not motivated ?
    These coaches don’t know how to put these guys in the best position to win period.

    Brady has never seen this garbage with Patriots for crying out loud, he was balling out with 5 foot tall Wes Welker and Julian Edelman as main receivers, now he can’t do squat with a room full of hall of fame receivers, why ?

    Because the coaching sucks. They’re not holding anyone accountable.

  11. Lakeland Says:

    How much production have the bucs got from their big name free agents?

    Keanu Neal
    Kyle Rudolph
    Logan Ryan
    Julio Jones
    Akeem Hicks
    Russell Gage

  12. Alex Gama Says:

    C. Brate is one player down. it should be TE N1 post gronk, it should call responsibility… depending on kieft and some good moves from Otton is not enough. best teams have TE producing

  13. DBS Says:

    “We were being aggressive at the line of scrimmage”. Sure they were. Right up until the adjustments were made. That is on coaching because the line did not know what to do about it. And that’s when the rest of the wheels started falling off.

  14. SOEbuc Says:

    Mik3 got 888! That will be a bad taste in the memory of Brady coming back one year too late. He snapped the 1,000 yard record because he didn’t have the ability to connect with All-Star WR.

  15. Old Sombrero Says:

    Has anyone thought that maybe this Bucs offense sucks so bad is that it’s designed for an outdated 7 step drop QB style. Is there any other QB run offense like this? It’s as if it’s an easy offense to defend when 31 others are run by a more dynamic QB. The style and timing is so much different (slower) than any other system IMO.

  16. WillieG Says:

    Bowles has to go. It’s as simple as that.

  17. SOEbuc Says:


    The Logan Ryan/Weinfield scheme is the most important and talented part of secondary if not entire defense.

  18. FrontFour Says:

    Joe keeps blaming coaches for big money players not playing like big money players.

    This debacle had nothing to do with bad coaching. In fact, the game plan that they executed in the first half was great. This loss is on the players. Start with Gino, but it mostly comes down to Brady. This isn’t Brady hating that gets so much play, its just calling the guy out for hi play. Is what it is.

  19. Frank Pillow Says:

    The mojo left with Bruce. Smarts too.

  20. HC Grover Says:

    BBBBBut they are still in first place of the NFL Clown Division.

  21. T Says:

    Simple even with an aggressive aaproach in the first half Byron ball and toilet bowel defense came back. Yes brady was garbage also. But why the predictable offense and always blitzing defense again. It hasn’t worked all year but they keep doing it.

  22. ChiBuc Says:

    “either the players have tuned out the coaches or tuned out Tom Brady. Maybe both.”

    🖖🏼 we’ve been waiting for you Joe. Tuned out and after 4 turnovers, changing channel in 4 weeks. No leadership.

  23. shak Says:

    we scored 17 in the first half and people are acting like we were amazing. it was only great because that’s what we score all season, per game. it was good, but come on now.

  24. Bobby M. Says:

    This team convinced themselves they wouldn’t miss a beat after losing AB, Gronk, Marpet, Jenkins, JPP and Suh…’s obvious the team lacks the needed leadership and drive from the vets. They want to anoint White, he’s a talker but I don’t think anyone pays attention to him. You can’t replace Marpet, Jensen and Gronk with 2 rookies and a undrafted FA and think you’ll be fine. I think the team knows Brady is done in Tampa and maybe they’re tuning him out. The coaches have completely lost the team, players will only keep committing to poor results for so long.

  25. NotaBucsfan Says:

    Dear Mr. Godwin. Please demand a trade to a real team that deserves you. Not one that gifts a franchise to there buddy that noone wants. You my friend are an awesome person and an exceptional athlete. You don’t deserve to what’s coming to this franchise.

  26. BucU Says:

    Chris Godwin is a rare breed. He’s special.

  27. Joe D. Says:

    Well, you just named half of the offense as ‘getting better’…🤷‍♂️