Byron Leftwich Won’t Play Matchups

December 31st, 2022

Wishful thinking.

To use the eloquent vernacular failing Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich uses, Leftwich will do what he do to win a game.

Joe has seen enough through 14 games. To paraphrase former Bucs coach Dirk Koetter, the Bucs offense is the Bucs offense. Anyone expecting a change on Jan. 1 is conning himself.

Joe was watching VSiN and NFL bettor Adam Chernoff was laying cash on the Bucs (-3.5 per BetMGM). Why? Well, Chernoff made the point that the Stinking Panthers have a beat up defense and may be down a starting corner so Leftwich and the Bucs’ offense will take advantage.


Leftwich seemingly doesn’t believe in matchups. Remember how he actually ran at J.J. Watt last week, the only guy on the front line for the Cardinals who is worth a s(p)it?

And Joe will flash you back to the Bucs’ loss to the Steelers in October. Injuries had Pittsburgh basically playing with practice squad dudes across their the secondary. This just screamed “mismatch” and anyone with any common sense could have seen Mike Evans and Chris Godwin lighting these guys arses on fire.

So what did Leftwich do?

He ran right into the teeth of the Steelers defense, their run defense. Mike Tomlin is probably still in shock. Leftwich basically gave away a very, very, very winnable game. It was absolutely appalling.

So to expect Leftwich to take advantage of mismatches is a borderline fairly tale. He hasn’t through 15 games.

42 Responses to “Byron Leftwich Won’t Play Matchups”

  1. LONG JOHN Says:


  2. Onetrickpony Says:

    B.A. didn’t do us any favors with these 2 coaches

  3. richbucsfan Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if a loud chorus of Boos accompanies the cheers. He did the Bucs no favors with Bowles and Left’my brain at home’wich.

  4. Lakeland Steve Says:

    The Glazers really should not have to see any more to realize that without B.A., Bowles and Leftwhich are in over their heads and clean house at the end of the season, not matter what happens from here on out.

  5. ClwJB Says:

    We all have to hope and pray we win in spite of him

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    To use the eloquent vernacular failing Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich uses, Leftwich will do what he do to win a game.

    He do what he do……in his own stubborn, stupid words.

    I can only hope that Brady takes advantage of the matchups…..

  7. NEfan Says:

    Run Forest Run, that what we do when da secondary beat up. This way when Lenny get into da sec level he run over back-up db’s. That be da plan.

  8. NEfan Says:

    It would be asinine to change the O system now? Ya since it’s been so effective. Bad feeling Sunday ain’t gonna be pretty. Fantasy gurus suggesting Darnold could be a sleeper this week. YUCK!

  9. Darin Says:

    He real good at checkers tho Joe. He be the best he be

  10. Hodad Says:

    Leftwich, we do what we do to win games, even if that means losing the game!

  11. Tyler904 Says:

    Is it possible that he is pissed about not being the head coach and actually is trying to make everyone including himself look bad this year to get back at the glazers/arians/Bowles?

  12. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    He’s too dumb and stubborn to be a good OC.

  13. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    Remember the article Beckles wasn’t upset with something?

    Yeah, I don’t either. It’s his shtick.

  14. HC Grover Says:

    Chuckie will be rooting for Carolina.

  15. San Pal Says:

    We should easily beat the Panthers. Panthers are terrible away team. They are 1-5 as away team this season. Bucs are 4-4 at home. If we win against Panthers, we will be at a better position (division leader, swept saints and home playoff game) than 2020 season when we won the SuperBowl. Yes, bucs are not playing up to their potential, but this team has the ability to turn on the switches in the playoffs. Remember the home game against the Saints in 2020 when we lost 38-3 and went on to beat them in the playoffs. Same with Chiefs. We got trashed in the regular season and went on to play an one-sided game in the SuperBowl.

  16. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    LOL, at my local Sports Bar last week, Todd Bowles was said to be “Lovie Smith w/o the beard”.
    A Fish stinks from the head down, so in my mind there is little question that Bowles has tampered with our once good offense.
    I sure HOPE they have come up with a better game plan for the Panthers game tomorrow.
    Last time we played them, we barely put up 3 points!

  17. D-Rok Says:

    He knows what matchups be. He just don’t know what favorable matchups be. Big difference.

  18. Jeff Says:

    This is ALL on Clueless Todd. Refuses to adapt. Tony Dungy Stubborn. Greg Schiano Stupid.

  19. HC Grover Says:

    For once for and all…Bowzo sets the game plan…Lefty executes the Bowzo Game Plans.
    This mess is all on Bowzo, including any ‘adjustments. Bowzo Bowzo Bowzo.

  20. Fitz Says:

    Aghhh I can’t watch the incompetence anymore! We all hope that the offensive game plan will be solid but none of of truly believe it. The man must be truly dumb.

  21. John Sinclear Says:

    Tyler got it right! Thinking the same thing myself, for most of the season.

  22. A Says:

    we won’t be able to do anything for 55min – let’s hope we are close enough to see if Brady has anymore magic.

  23. Ran-D Says:

    No Bruce is the most glaring issue I see, took them to the Super Bowl, the next year one game from going to another Super Bowl not BA’s fault, it was from Mr. bad decision’s himself, which has continued through this year, I really believe Bruce thought Bowles could handle taking over the team but he misjudged him big time, what hurt’s the most is every game we as fan’s are thinking every week ok they are going to step it up this week and they play the same, no change and get the exact same excuses week in and week out, I hope we don’t have to put up with this crap for two more years and then they cut Bowles loose, I don’t give a damn if they lose every game next year just be competitive, this team has way to much talent to be this bad, i’m sure good head coaches are shaking their heads

  24. Allen Lofton Says:

    it’s derelict not to have fired Leftwich months ago. Loyalty to Leftwich is not a correct response to incompetency

  25. Ace Says:

    Geez, why do we have to go over this again. Tampa is 3.5 points spread favorite. its not who the bookies thinks will win. the goal is to get 1/2 of the people to bet on carolina and 1/2 to bet on tampa. The casino gets their money from the losers who pay 10% commission. Before joe or jane or jim or jack or whatever takes in the 3rd person or 1st person, find out a little about how sports betting works.

    Gezz, man ole man

  26. BA’s Red Pen Says:

    Leftwich just reads plays of his card. He’s shown zero ability to make adjustments.

  27. Bucs fanatic Says:

    Anyone remember the week leading up to the slimy saints home game. The media and is fans were harping about our OC calling his favorite run play to the left the first play of every offensive series
    So what does he do? Our OC gives us the middle finger and runs it anyway
    We booed in the stands

    I knew when the Owners made new season pass members buy two years we were in for bad times
    Apparently so did they
    It will take a 110% effort to beat the kittie cats
    Go Bucs

  28. Infomeplease Says:

    Joe, don’t you get it BL is way smartert than all the defensive coordinators!! He’s going to outsmart them by attacking their team strengths!!!!! He just hasn’t figured out how to win games that way yet!!! But he so much smarter that it’s just a matter of time before he does!!!

  29. unbelievable Says:

    Yes this isn’t even news.

    I’ve been telling y’all this every dang day all season long.

    No matchups.
    No misdirection.
    No creativity.
    No scheming.

    Just do what we do, which is suck in the red zone.

  30. bucs4life Says:

    What should we expect from Bruce Arians’ cohort of geniuses? Football is a game of mismatches and deception. If they’re not into it, they could just find another job. It’s as simple as that. Can you imagine a car salesman who refuses to play to his product’s strengths?

  31. david Says:

    Then he is an idiot and should be fired immediately

  32. Buczilla Says:

    I can’t blame Byron anymore for our putrid offense. It’s not his fault that he wasn’t fired immediately after the first carolina game like he should have been. Considering our teams mostly sordid history Bowles has thus far done the seemingly impossible in becoming the worst coach (so far) in our history. He’s the boss, so he, along with Licht and ultimately ownership are to blame for keeping Leftwich’s incompetent butt as offensive coordinator. Do you blame the child for burning the house down or the parents who knowingly allowed the child to play with matches?

  33. gotbbucs Says:

    I think there are probably boxes of rocks that are taking offense to having their intelligence compared to Leftwich.

  34. Joe Says:

    Is it possible that he is pissed about not being the head coach and actually is trying to make everyone including himself look bad this year to get back at the glazers/arians/Bowles?

    If that’s true (LOL) the Glazers could *so easily* blacklist the guy. All the Glazers would have to do is let the rest of the owners what Leftwich did and the guy would be lucky to have a quality control job in the league.

  35. Eric b Says:

    Coaches need to get thier heads out thier asses and let brady run the offense. Doesnt matter how you win, find a way to win.

  36. Eric b Says:


  37. StretchOMatic Says:

    I agree with Tyler! I have thought this myself throughout the year. Lefty is helping to tank Bowles. You’d think that would be bad for Lefty moving forward, but let’s face it…. to use one of my sayings…. isn’t the sharpest BULB in the KNIFE drawer LOL

  38. steele Says:

    As Unbelievable says:
    “I’ve been telling y’all this every dang day all season long.

    No matchups.
    No misdirection.
    No creativity.
    No scheming.”

    Coaching and game planning are all about matchups, something that Left and Todd don’t do. “We just do what we do” is the definition of stupid, even insane when things are obviously not working.

  39. Crickett Baker Says:

    Lefty seems to key on the opposing team’s great players and tries to control them every time when we can’t. He needs to adjust plays so the scheme takes them out–not our individual players who are not as good as the other team’s players are.

  40. Dwight Schrute Says:

    I really think the guy has Down Syndrome

  41. Ed McSherry Says:

    Is it wasting ones time to be waiting for Chris Collinsworth, Al Michaels or the Manning Bros., Etc., to say: “Geesh, why don’t they just try “giving the ball” to Brady, and let ‘im call his own plays; have they ever tried that yet?”

  42. Wild Bill Says:

    It’s been a dismal year. Don’t expect the final 2 games to be any better. And Brady looks haggard. Too much mental stress in his personal life and the huge loss of talent on the team this year pluss clueless coaching all add up to a team that is a sheel of the past two seasons.