Bengals 34, Buccaneers 23

December 18th, 2022

First, Joe will celebrate the obvious. Our beloved Buccaneers showed up and played a competitive first three quarters against a Super Bowl caliber team.

It had been a while. And it bodes well for the remaining Bucs regular season schedule, all against absolute crap football teams.

Now for the bad news, Tampa Bay choked away a 17-0 lead against the Bengals — at home, in part because of a momentum-killing fake punt call deep in Bucs territory that made no sense and was executed horribly.

Tom Brady had a huge hand in the 34-23 loss, throwing two picks, and fumbling while being sacked when he probably should have covered up/gone down sooner. He also was credited with a fumble on a key botched handoff to Leonard Fournette late in the third quarter.

The Bucs offense broke out in a hurry, looking balanced and freeing Mike Evans. And Brady was sharp in the first half before he crumbled after halftime. The Bucs started the third quarter with a 17-3 lead and the ball.

Is Father Time blitzing Brady? What other explanation is there for him fading after halftime with a lead?

Joe feels for the Bucs’ defense. Although they were abused late in the fourth quarter as the Bengals ran out the clock, the defense could not have been expected to do a ton more against a powerful offense. Three Bucs second-half turnovers were in Tampa Bay territory, and that doesn’t include the botched fake punt.

The Bucs were so bad in the second half that Joe can only think of one word: Leftwich. Yeah, it’s a group effort, and that may be unfair to playcaller Byron Leftwich, but you can’t drop bagels on the scoreboard in the third and fourth quarters at home.

Jiminy Christmas! The Bengals were down their two best edge rushers in the second half. You cannot go scoreless!

At least the Bucs, now 6-8, look good enough to win their final three games against the more miserable Cardinals (4-10), Panthers (5-9) and Falcons (5-9).

The Bucs are a bad team. Joe is not drunk. But in this bizarre year, meaningful games they are likely to win are still on the schedule and the postseason is likely.

There’s still time to fix this disgusting mess, though there’s little reason to believe the Bucs can provide anything other than a tease and a whimper in the postseason.

124 Responses to “Bengals 34, Buccaneers 23”

  1. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Good god…. at least fire Keith Armstrong

  2. Simeon97 Says:

    Sorry joe, 3 quarters?

  3. Tyler904 Says:

    We came out in the second half extremely conservative. That’s why we lost.

  4. mark2001 Says:

    Three Quarters Joe? Two Quarters, you bet. But the entire second have, but for the prevent “who cares” TD at the end, was an abomination.

  5. Kalind Says:

    There is no excuse to have this coaching staff in place next year. UNLESS they’re giving up on Brady. And tanking for a pick.

  6. Trey Cloutier Says:


  7. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    This team sucks! Have the Joes figured that out yet? It ain’t gonna happen this year. Brady is a fossil! If he plays next year, he’s an idiot. He looks 45. It’s certainly not just his fault, but this is a terribly underachieving team. The players ain’t that great overall. However, the coaches are the worst coaches in maybe the history of football. Bowels should be canned today. He won’t be. Leftover Sandwich is a joke! We may win this horrendous division, but we will be steamrolled in the playoffs.

  8. Boltsfan17 Says:

    I’ll give you one thing Joe, you’ll do whatever it takes to find the positive even when there isn’t one to be found.

  9. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Leftwich would have been fired weeks ago if he was on another franchise. Either way disappointed with Brady. The coaches have rubbed off on him.

  10. Curse of Gruden Says:

    Who called the fake punt? Ask them Joe!

  11. firethecannons Says:

    disgusting to watch all the turnovers ready to move on new coach staff, and new QB

  12. Steven Says:

    Its 12.30am where I live – that flat out sucked

  13. BucU Says:

    F this team. I pray they lose the remaining games. I despise everything about the 2022 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bunch of losers.

  14. BigMacAttack Says:

    This team is a joke

  15. mark2001 Says:

    SB champ to lousiest Pro Football team in the state of Florida, at this point in time. Prove me wrong.

  16. Veektor77 Says:

    Nasal cavity response from Bowles and Leftwich. This team is unwatchable. Never again Bucs. I have retaken my Sundays! Brady… go get yourself fitted for a Walker! Sick!

  17. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    How’d you suckers enjoy the “game”?

  18. Simeon97 Says:

    Fake punt call was terrible situational football.

  19. Since76 Says:

    How can you play worse booth all than what these coaches ate doing. Fire somebody. If a cook cant cook he gets fired. These coaches cant coach. Plain and simple.

  20. Lakeland Says:

    Tom Brady with 4 turnovers. But it’s the head coach fault they lost…

  21. Kyler Murray’s XBox Says:

    We did not play well in the third quarter Joe

    Not sure what game you watched

  22. EA Says:

    Make the post-season and than what ?
    There’s no fight in this team, something goes wrong and this team folds like a dollar bill.
    After that stupid fake punt play this team checked out mentally, we’ve seen it all the time this season.
    I don’t care if they make the playoffs this year, all I care about at this point is if we’re in play for a real head coach.
    If we keep the same coaching staff next year it would be the biggest FU the ownership has given this fanbase.

  23. Travis K Says:

    I’m gonna put a lot of this L on special teams. Dumb assed decision 2x on the returns in the second half. Opening on your own 5 yard line doesn’t exactly open up the offense for you. The buffoonery on the fake punt was an epic fail. Brady sucked out loud in the 2nd half

  24. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Most penalized poorly coached pos in history.
    glazers are a joke LOL

  25. James in Memphis Says:


  26. Please Says:

    Why not run? I don’t understand. Only 25 attempts. You can’t grind down the defense throwing 44 times.

    Also the fake punt call and call to go for 2 there after the last TD are real headscratchers.

  27. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    LOL They won’t make the post season. They’ll lose out

  28. Couch Fan Says:

    Im not sure what you are looking at. I dont see a team that can beat Atl or Car. Or Az for that matter. We have no business in the playoffs anyways.

  29. ChrisBuc23 Says:

    This was a crap performance today and it is a solid reflection how awful the coaching is. The players didn’t execute either no discipline again and yes stick a fork in this season folks. Smhhhhhhh #CommonMan

  30. Christos Says:

    You are right Joe
    We can talk about the awful 2nd half, the turnovers and the bounces of the ball, the luck or a really weak holding call that negated a 27 yrd sack.
    But the truth is the play that changed the momentum is the fake punt. And i will not talk about the bad execution but about the decision which is something you control.
    Why you choose to fake punt from your own 20yd line after the best 1st half you played all year. Whyyyyyy. The risk is higher than the reward its not worth it.
    Even if you get the 1st down you are 80yds away. But if you dont you give the ball at your own 20. I mean why

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Of all the times for a fake punt…..that wasn’t it……how many times have we had 4th and 2 at the opponent’s 40 and not faked a punt…..WTF, WTF, WTF…

    And…..we seem to get a penalty on every huge play…..LVD holding on the Burrow sack at the 50 was a killer…..

    At least we found out that Russell Gage can play.

  32. BucsBro Says:

    It’s incredible how this team can look like a legitimate title contender in one half, and then come out after halftime and look like a nervous fraud with baby deer legs.

    The team has no confidence and no resiliency. It’s probably hard to feel those things when your coaches suck. The fake punt was ridiculous.

    Russell Gage and Deven Thompkins looked good. Thompkins can play.

    Time for a 3-game winning streak.

  33. Izod Says:

    Leftwich’s playcalling certainly doesn’t do Brady or the offense any favors, but even if he had called a run every play and we punted, we’d have a better outcome.

    Four TOs by Brady in one half is enough to make even Winston blush. Brady has been BAD for a verrrrry long time this season and it’s time for people to really come out and say it.

  34. BucU Says:

    Wait. I missed the last paragraph of the article. Did he write there’s still time to fix this mess? That’s funny.
    This team needs to be put out of their misery.

  35. mark2001 Says:

    D. White was right about one thing. The timing was just off. In saying this team wouldn’t lose another football game all year, he meant after the first playoff blow out loss.

  36. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    You clowns are being WAY WAY too nice about this.
    What would Eagles fans do/say?

  37. Kyler Murray’s XBox Says:

    And Brady looked like a clown in the second half

    As did our Gio and Lenny – 4 TOS in a row

    Impossible to win and just kills a Defense

  38. Rick Says:

    Joe – I’ve read this site for years and love your work – however…you can’t possibly think this team will win any of our next three games! Who can we truly beat?

  39. PSL Bob Says:

    Leftwich and Bowles did in the first half what everyone has been begging for all year. And it worked! Play action, motion, hurry up. Let’s see if the Bucs put that into the game plan for the next 3 games.

  40. Bucanero Says:

    I actually spent my Sunday doing house repairs and I’m glad I did. All I expected from the Bucs today was that they showed fight. Not encouraging to hear Brady is causing turnovers but the D finally got a turnover? Good, some improvement is always welcomed. They better get it together and get to the playoffs on a winning streak. Boys lost to the Jaguars… Go Bucs!

  41. Bill in Seminole Says:

    Per Tony Romo on Giovani Bernard: Looks like he didn’t know it was a fake punt (or words to that effect). How do you not know it was a fake punt? Wouldn’t that be called from the sidelines before the punt team took the field?

  42. mark2001 Says:

    Bucsbro. Don’t be fooled. This team hasn’t put more than one or two back-to-back good quarters of good football all year long.

  43. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Bucanero Says:
    December 18th, 2022 at 7:41 pm

    I actually spent my Sunday doing house repairs and I’m glad I did.


    You are the man!
    I think we’re the only two smart people

  44. HC Grover Says:

    De Stainks will deliver de knockout punch.

  45. Will Says:

    Joe stop it just stop it. This team is bad there’s no positive to look at. It all started in the 2nd half when the rookie brought the ball out of the end zone. That’s on coaching you get the ball at the 25 instead Thompkins brings it out. Smh this team isn’t smart and neither is the coaching. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them lose out. Hell it might be best in the long run if that’s what happens. At least the new staff would have a decent spot in the draft.

  46. mark2001 Says:

    As someone said… if we see what the Bucs did the second half of what we saw the first half, we can believe we have made a turnaround. We didn’t. We haven’t.

  47. D-Rok Says:

    Romo, at end of game, summed it up nicely: Bucs showed they can play great for 2 quarters – they did PA, motion, it was a huge change from the previous weeks. Then the team melted down in 2nd half – no adjustments, nothing creative, just bland, boring, and DULL.

    He said IF the Bucs can play like they did the first half, they can be dangerous.

    Ravens game, meltdown 2nd half. This game, same, even worse. Brady was horrible, and I love me some Brady.

    Romo gave the Bucs a chance to win the division – he said, Man IF they can play the first half against the Bengals like the way they did, IF they can do it at least 3 quarters and get a huge lead – look out for the Bucs.

    I don’t see it. We keep imploding. The second half of this game is close to worst I’ve seen a team play in many years. The Cardiac Bucs?

    This sucks – and this fan doesn’t have much optimism for the rest of the year – we are just TOO inconsistent!!!

    I did, however, stay true and watch the game until the end.

  48. Stormy Says:

    Toilet Bowles needs to go!!!!

  49. ElioT Says:

    Keep everything the same

  50. Bye Bye Byron Says:

    Byron is the worst coach in the NFL. Time to fire him and bench brady. It’s not too late.

  51. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Burn it too the ground.
    Sell the team.

  52. T REX Says:

    This is real bad folks…real bad.

    Brady is done. The season is over.

    Flush it all.

  53. mark2001 Says:

    Will. I’m starting to think the same way.

  54. #99 the Big fella Says:

    VLAD, shut the **** up! You sound just like a eagles fan.. pack your shi* and go back to Philadelphia

  55. 941bucsfan Says:

    All the excuses… call it how it is… BRADY COST US THIS GAME

  56. dmatt Says:

    Why is JTS allowed to play i the nfl. I’ve said it on multiple threads, he’s clueles. Joe Burrow tossed him an underhand pass for a sure int n possible td n bat the ball down. Whaaaaat!

  57. John Ocala Says:

    WTF just happened?….. Speechless

  58. Anonymous Says:

    Tom Brady is officially part of the problem. You can quote me on that. He isn’t coming back next year so please bench him

  59. DBS Says:

    Bengals made the adjustments just like all other teams we have played. The offensive did not hold up after those were made. Brady got intercepted once on the rush when he got hit. The rest were on him. As soon as they got their 17 points I knew what was coming soon an sure enough we lost. And people really thought we were going to win this game.

  60. Tucker Says:

    Cincinnati had alot of injuries on the defensive side this doesn’t prove they can be competitive this just cements the fact that the bucs are a bad team. Hard to see this team winning anymore games the rest of the season.

  61. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    * Tom Brady was mainly responsible for the loss today….two interceptions a fumble and he let the ball outta his hand as he botched the handoff…….that is straight up Jameis Winston stuff right there.

    * Bad coaching…..the fake punt on your side of the field????….again, why?

    * Bad player discipline and zero accountability….cmon Lavonte David.

    Getting Penalties consistently every single game is a direct result of players not being accountable for their actions….that’s bad leadership….plain and simple.

  62. JBBUCS_06 Says:

    NOT Leftwich fault. Brady should be accessed at least 3 TOs inside our 40yd line. NOT on Leftwich. Period. Best game Leftwich called for 1 half this season.

  63. mark2001 Says:

    John… poor team with a bad coach, playing badly. Plain and simple.

  64. JimmyfromNY Says:

    You may think I’m crazy, but I’m actually encouraged after what I saw in the first half. They have three winnable games in the season and Brady will not go 1 n done in the playoffs. So trolls enjoy the next few days but this game at the end of the day doesn’t mean much., Receivets still can’t get open the line still have game changing penalties . Tom’s gotta protect the ball better but that isn’t usually an issue.

  65. Jackson Lini Says:

    What a schitt show in the end! It all started with calling a fake punt on their own 30 on 4th and 1 when they were dominating Cincinnati! To add insult to injury, the only player on the kicking team who didn’t know a fake punt had been called is the running back who the ball was hiked to! Unbelievable! Needless to say, it was all downhill from there! That is all on coaching, and Bowels allowing his team to be so undisciplined with untimely penalties that contributed to this loss!

  66. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    JimmyfromNY Says:
    December 18th, 2022 at 7:47 pm

    You may think I’m crazy,

    I think you’re dangerously psychopathic or a shill

  67. BucsBro Says:


    good point

  68. Buczilla Says:

    LOL, an infinte amount of perfume would fall far short of making our steaming pile of garbage team smell better. It’s incomprehensible to me that coaching changes were not made after the carolina game when they could have made a difference to our season by lighting a fire under our guys and maybe getting them to be more consistent.

    We are a better team than this, but the front office and ownership have failed us with their inability to make the hard, but sound decision to have at least fired Leftwich (I would have fired Bowles too and put Goodwin in charge) after the carolina loss. It’s rare to see such incompetence from top to bottom, all in one season from an organization, but we have managed to pull off the hat trick. Gosh I’m pi$$ed. 😜

  69. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    JTS is trash….all he does is explode off the edge and has zero field awareness. How many time have we’ve seen offense players fly past him or him missing tackles????

    He’s a bust

  70. Miller5252 Says:

    What a joke of a second half. Team came to play in the first half. Once the second half started, they folded like a cheap lawn chair. I hope they don’t make the playoffs so the coaches get the boot.

  71. Richard Dickson Says:

    Firing the coaching staff now won’t matter. No one’s going to swoop in from the assistant staff and save the season.

  72. Waterboy Says:

    Did the Bucs bring Jameis back today?

  73. Gamblers Anonymous Says:

    They lost 35-7 last week and 31-0 in the second half today. Didn’t know the Joes smoke weed. Wtf are you watching and think this sorry a$$ team is about to peel off three wins. They should be dogs in all three of these upcoming games.

  74. John Mason Says:

    Joe… some fire….I can’t remember being more pissed off at a Buc’s team……5 turnovers in a row (counting the fake punt)
    what team does this…its got to be a Buc record…even Jamis never had 5 turnovers in a row….WTF Owners need to meet tonight and FIRE BOWELS and LEFTWICH….anyone on the staff is better than this….make BA finish the season only 3 more games…his heart can handle that….I just want to PUKE!

  75. Ricardo Says:

    Never underestimate how bad this bucs team can be. They may very well lose to those miserable teams.

  76. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    75% of this loss is on Tom Brady and his 4 Turnovers.

  77. John Ocala Says:

    Just a few games back I posted a comment about special teams – especially returns changing the momentum of the game or simply the Bucs losing because of such foolishness… Crazy, Krazy simply increasable…..

  78. alton d green Says:

    Now correct me if i’m wrong but a QB handoff is a 2 step pricess. The QB puts the ball in the runners gut and the runner covers it. Joey stop throwing Tom under the bus. Are you blind? didn’t you see Lenny totally dejected on the sideline. When we came out after halftime, “we played to not lose” and got our clocks cleaned. Did you see the Mn game????????????? They was behind by 33 pts at halftime and won ion overtime. largest comeback EVER. Why? Indy “played to not lose” Good job Todd and Lefty

  79. Tucker Says:

    Are they trying to tank on purpose? Doing a heck of a job if this is the case.

  80. DungyDance Says:

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this. But Leftwich called a good game during the first half. The motion and play action and pre-snap formations looked solid. The offense clicked. The game plan got derailed in the second half by a combination of bad luck and lack of concentration on defense and special teams. Offense could no longer play its own game. Brady’s turnovers hurt. But defensive holding on 4th down was a killer, as was the muffed fake punt. So I can’t believe I am uttering these words, but I don’t really agree that the 2nd half collapse was on BL.

  81. FrontFour Says:

    So Gino has his head up his arse on a great fake punt call that would have gotten a first down, Brady hands the ball over FOUR TIMES and this is the coaches fault???? Who are you people.

    And Joe, we were competitive for two quarters, not three. You just can’t help yourself. If you’re not covering for Brady you’re blaming the coaching staff. We had the chance to put the game away in the first half and as usual we can’t get the ball in the end zone. Then the disastrous 3rd quarter.

  82. Goatwatcher Says:

    They played a good half against a quality team. That’s a lot better than a good five minutes against a garbage team.. I agree with Joe, and Tony Romo. They lost because of outrageous turnovers, not the usual shriveled, frightened offense.

  83. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I truly don’t expect these Bucs to make the playoffs

    The Panthers are a better than the Bucs currently.

  84. D Says:

    Burn the Which, Bowels and Armstrong

  85. deiter Says:

    Yeah whats the point of getting to the playoffs if you are just gonna get creamed. Why bother with this? I might not watch next year. We are know this entire coaching staff should be fired and it wont. Suckwich shouldve been canned after the 2020 season IMO but he wasnt and he wont be fired either after the season because he is Bowlz friend. Welcome back Bucs fans to the Lost Decade: Part Deux.

  86. D Says:

    …And Brady

  87. Gamblers Anonymous Says:

    I guess they only lost 31-6 in the second half. I didn’t know because I was too pissed off to watch these a$$ clowns the last 10 minutes. They are so weak mentally.

  88. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    I hope the media roasts Brady all week long for his 4 Turnovers

  89. Lamarcus Says:

    Brady cost us the game. Leftwich is not calling Intercepts and Fumbles.

  90. NEfan Says:

    Tell me why force the ball to Brate, and why is he on the field? No excuse for four turnovers but why do other team lb’s make great catches for ints and Bucs DB’s can’t catch one in their hands. I have to rewatch the Lenny handoff again to see what happened their. Did the offense change lines at the half?

  91. Buc4evr Says:

    There is nothing to celebrate. Team sucks, coaching sucks, Brady sucks. Simple really – bad team, bad QB,, bad effort, = bad outcome. Brady is finished. Time to start Trask and see if he has anything for next year.

  92. NateK Says:

    I just can’t believe they totally gave up on what they were doing in the first half. They totally shut down. It’s actually bewildering.

  93. Tye Says:

    watching those 4 turnovers (in a row) was soul crushing..
    If I didn’t know better, I’d think good ole Tom has a gambling problem and had a bet to throw the game… Maybe he has been throwing all these games al season..

  94. deiter Says:

    Buccaneers: The Way Of Losing

    Directed by Toad Bowlz.
    Offensive Production Asst: Byron Suckwich

    Tomato Meter:
    -5 / 10

  95. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Brady lost ball on the handoff…..that was 100% Bradys fault

  96. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Tom Brady is part of the problem. You can quote me on that. Time to look toward the future which already doesn’t include Tom Brady. Thank you for the Super Bowl but this is a what have you done lately league

  97. Mike Johnson Says:

    Of course, Fans will blame the coaching. But I counted 4 key crucial mistakes by our God Brady that lost this game. Don’t get mad. Its true.

  98. T REX Says:

    Put in Trask…tank for a high draft pick.

    We are not winning anything

    If you think we are winning in the playoffs…please explain why

    RIP Brady

  99. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Real and True Bucs fans call it as it is…..Brady turned the ball over 4 times today.

    Brady was 75% responsible for this loss today.

  100. HC Grover Says:

    The Bowzo Camp is out in force with the Blame Brady routine. Blame anyone but Bowzo.

  101. Since76 Says:

    Ive got it nailed down to two possibilities. 1. Our coaching staff is awful. 2. The coaching staff was ordered to tank for a draft pick. That is the only possible reasons for his dumpster fire we are watching.

  102. Ugotrobbed Says:

    Coaching has been a joke all year! The end is near! The previous 2 seasons have been fantastic! But we could heading back into another “lost decade” if the owners don’t have the stomach to make coaching changes. And even then it might not be enough!

  103. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Way beyond pissed, just numbing how bad this team is overall. They are taking a long walk on a short pier. This is like this team has been for too many years. Just painful to watch this team. Numb

  104. JimmyfromNY Says:

    you heard it here first they’re winning their last three games and they will beat Dallas in the playoffs. I saw something in that first half and I think they’re going to bring it to the field the final three weeks , trolls enjoy the next few days but mark my words they are Dallas in the playoff game. I love when people can’t the GOAT out!! He never fumbles that’s an anomaly. The first the throw should’ve made but they can’t get open, the second one he was hit. I’ll see you in a month when they’re beating Dallas.

  105. Onetime007 Says:

    Brady’s fault. Plain and simple. Also, I don’t fault the punt fake call. I fault the one dunce who didn’t execute. However, I still fault Brady as the primary culprit of the loss.

  106. #1bucsfan Says:

    As I’ve written I stopped watching the games after the Browns let me guess what happened today – 1/ Unbelievable misfires as a result of lack of preparation 2/ Inopportune penalties from the lack of focus which makes you prone to them 3/ Lack of leadership which allows you as team to rally and overcome those mistakes 4/ Calls like going for a field goal when you shouldn’t or I heard a fake punt when you shouldn’t 5/ Players not willing to play their all out because they’ve sadly given up (by the way much more common that most realize in the later stages of an NFL season) It is not worth analyzing any aspect of the game from players to play calling. The coaching and leadership is so bad that it stops there. There is no analysis thats relevant after that . There’s no analysis that would be fair to a player after that. You can go round and round and down many rabbit holes..but it begins and ends there. The only observation that might be a bit interesting is that you might be watching relative to the talent and opportunity the worst coach team in NFL history. If you can emotionally distance yourself from that then there’s something worth analyzing…..

  107. D-Rok Says:

    I hope you’re right, Jimmy. Love the optimism. Who knows – anything can happen, right?

    I’m still a fan, although a dejected fan right now. I’ll still watch ’em.

    GO BUCS!!!

  108. ClwJB Says:

    False hope fist half followed by the hard truth in the second

    This team is going no where fast

    Likely to lose the next two as well, take off the rose colored glasses

    We are top 3 worst team in the league with this entire staff

    OC, STC are just bush league

  109. Aceofaerospace Says:

    The miserable Cardinals, Panthers and Falcons get to play the miserable Bucs. I’ll be shocked if we win 2 of those games. Shocked.

  110. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    This team is a weak in mind and spirit as their coach is in emotion. That opening drive debacle of a Jack point in the second half killed this teams mentality. Losing teams look for ways to lose and this is a losing team. It’s like watching the old Bucs of the 80s. It’s now if they will lose, it’s how? What dumb ass thing will they do to snatch defeat from victory.

  111. Anonymous Says:

    Watched replay of the game already. Brady made a bad throw to Brate. On him. The handoff fumble was also on him. It literally just slipped out of his hands like it was greased, but man I have never seen that happen to him in 22 years. The football gods hate the Bucs and Brady this year. Like the weak a$$ defensive holding call on the sack. However, I in no way blame the strip sack or the hit/interception on Brady. Just the fact that the Line went from competent to incompetent in the second half. Part of it is likely that Bowels demanded vanilla which put them in long 2nd and 3rd like the rest of the year which strains an already poor line. Bummer day. No really hope for the rest of the year… but I finally thought I was actually watching the real Bucs for the first time in the 1st half… then I realized it was a mirage.

    At this point, I think the issue is more with Bowels. Like the vanilla start to the 2nd half and the dammmmA$$ fake punt. Like he is schizophrenic or taking direction from a 6 year old on sweettarts with his conservative… nope wildly aggressive play calling there. Leftwurst called a good first half. Thats the team I remember.

  112. Sorryjackchuckiesback Says:

    They’ve already lost to the Panthers dude

  113. LastDance Says:


    Right there with you Jimmy… I think the GOAT and the offense may have sniffed something sweet for the first time this year. The reason I don’t think they will beat Dallas is because I dont think Dott Bowels will even get them to the playoffs… and if he does, his anu$ will be pinched so tight that he will pass out from the fear of losing. Ive rarely seen the coach of a quality team so phukin AFRAID to lose (except for the poora$$ special teams decisions which makes me think he is mentally unstable.

  114. Christina Says:

    Why everyone makes this all about Brady is insane lol the line fell apart the fake punt doomed us and the coaches are clueless. Time to start over

  115. gotbbucs Says:

    Hard to win with a stiff at QB. When the pressure gets remotely close he immediately shows his age. I’m sure he’d still be great at 7 v 7. Unfortunately, this is still the real game where big fast guys still run after the QB.

    I’m not happy they lost, but I’m not upset either. At some point the pocket us going to break down, there is nothing the o-line can do about that. The protection has been plenty good for an offense to function much better than what this mess has been operating. The problem is, the guy delivering the ball has to be a little bit athletic, and Brady straight up can’t move anymore.

  116. DB Says:

    The cameras showed Gabbert, Brady, and Leftwich multiple times in the second half on the bench. They were sitting next to each other. Each staring intently at their tablet, no conversation, just awkward silence…

  117. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    Christina you’re right it’s time to start over, and that doesn’t include Brady

  118. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Brady is a fossil. Can we please get all the Patriots fans off this site? Go back and watch your miserable Pats. Or, take Brady back next year. He’s not winning a Super Bowl unless we allow a “5 Mississippi” count before the defense can rush him.

  119. Cobraboy Says:

    The fake punt was a great call…except Bernard blew it totally.

  120. Craig Says:

    The Bucs are not a bad team, they are decent team with out of place coaches.

    I am not sure if Brady can play a whole game anymore, but the coaches are the problem. Halftime adjustments should be to help the team win, not drive them into a ditch.

    All of the movement, play action, and tricks were missing in the second half, hopefully it is noticed that Leftie can’t call a whole game.

  121. orlbucfan Says:

    How many yahoo commenters on here are actually Bucs fans? Not many! Tom Brady was the MAIN reason why the Bucs lost this game. I had it on the boob tube and Bucs Radio at the same time. It means I have to deal with time delay but so be it! So like when are Bowles and the Glazer Inbreds gonna pull this senile old fart when he starts the losing process?? Never?? Sure, the special teams muffed one, but they sure didn’t do it in the first half when the Bucs went up 17-0 on the Bengals. The Bengals didn’t win this game; Tom Brady gave it to them as an early Christmas gift. Bench the SOB! Let Trask have a chance with the first team players. Gabbert is a bad joke. The word is going out all over what a joke Barfo Brady is and he should have retired after the SB win. And this crap with Gronkowski and that nutcase Antonio Brown??? We didn’t need either one of them to win just like we didn’t need Tom senile dimwit Brady. We just needed a QB who would not turn the ball over 400 times like Winston was doing. This was the best Bucs team ever assembled. I oughta know cos I’ve followed their mostly sorry jazzes for 40+years!

  122. Neckbone Says:

    I’ve been aboardship since 1976. I moved to Falcons turf in 1980 and I NEVER jumped ship! Post-game felt kinda comfortable putting on a Mutiny shirt. I’ll sink with Gaspar’s Sea Witch, but maybe, it’s time to force a new wind in our sails . . .

  123. Ed Says:

    Is it time for Joe to bring back “The Den Of Depression” for the rest of the year.

    The Bucs are hopeless, age has caught up with them. TB has no mobility in the pocket and even the refs have lost respect for him. They used to protect him and give him roughing the passer penalties. Today the Bengals hit him late at least 2 or 3 times and no flags. Likewise Godwin took a helmet-to-helmet hit and no protection.

    Bucs have lost all relevance in the NFL and with the fan base. We are all witnessing the end of this coaching regime and watching the greatest QB of all time suffer the worst offensive game plans and not enough speed to get out of trouble when the pass rush gets close to him.

  124. orlbucfan Says:

    the greatest QB of all time
    Really? Well, he’s got the brains god gave a rock. He should have retired after the SB win. And why did we need Gronkowski and nutcase Brown? We didn’t. Brady threw a temper tantrum and they showed up. Big whoop!