Will Team Glazer Listen To The Fans … Again?

November 28th, 2022

“Look at all that damn talent going to waste, Mr. Glazer.”

Joe is confident that when this season ends, a large majority of Bucs fans will want Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles fired.

Hopefully, sentiments will change because that would mean the Bucs have transformed from bad to good.

If nothing changes, say the Bucs win the NFC South with a record of 8-9 and then lose at home in Round 1 of the playoffs, then how will Bucs owners respond to legions of fans thinking the head coach is the same guy who failed with the Jets?

Back in January 2009, when Chucky was fired after going 9-7, a headline appeared in the St. Petersburg Times, “Glazers Took Pulse Of The Fans Before Firings.”

The article laid out how Team Glazer fired Chucky, in part, because fans were sick of him.

“We talked to a lot of people, but we not only talked to the players, but (also) out in the community getting a feel for the team,” Glazer said. “We get opinions and we mix them all together. We just took our time making that decision.”

Asked further about the community feedback, Glazer said, “Our fans are our stockholders. They’re what we play for — the people in our stadium and the ones that watch on TV. That’s what it’s all about: winning and how they feel about the team. If they don’t feel good about the team, then there’s something wrong. . . I think you all know the sense that’s out there. It was time for a change.”

Of course, times have changed a lot since 2009. First, nobody reads the newspaper (the Times is now a twice-weekly publication that also lives behind an online paywall.).

Second, getting the pulse of fans is now incredibly easy. Social media can be monitored and searched, and season ticket holders can be surveyed more easily than ever.

So will Team Glazer care if the fanbase collectively is sure Bowles can’t lead a team to the Super Bowl?

Joe’s not sure. Ownership cannot live by fans’ opinions, but those opinions shouldn’t be ignored, either. Joe can say Team Glazer would have to realize that losing with Tom Brady and a cupboard of Pro Bowlers is a sign of coaching futility.

Just win, Bucs. Make all this gloom go away.

55 Responses to “Will Team Glazer Listen To The Fans … Again?”

  1. Jonny Says:

    If Deshaun Watson played yesterday, this would have been a blowout loss for the Bucs. Fact of the matter is, since the coaching changes have been made, Bucs have regressed tremendously and could just as easily be 3-8 currently. Brady is still playing as well as a Kirk Cousins in my opinion. But we are losing and struggling because of our offensive coaching staff.

  2. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    We certainly should consider new coaches, no doubt. But we should also consider acquiring a game breaking offensive threat, RB or WR or both, because that is what our offense is lacking the most. There is simply not enough speed on offense.

  3. BrianBucs Says:

    The Glazers have a whole lot of things going on right now with Man U so I hope that they are still paying attention to what is going on here in Tampa.
    They will not find even one Bucs fan here that is happy about what is going on with the team

  4. Tye Says:

    WHERE is the news that the SORRY excuse for a HC has been terminated? UGH!

  5. Christopher Schiefen Says:

    Every single comment on their Twitter feed is devastating. The social media team is getting destroyed on Insta. I know online tends to be negative but there is palpable anger. Bowles didn’t really earn this job (just like Dennis Allen didn’t earn New Orleans), but the difference is NO is not hell-bent for the Super Bowl one final year. That’s what makes Licht & the Glazers sitting on their hands all the more egregious: this coaching staff is actively hurting the prospects of the team, & we may be way worse next year. Now is the time, enough niceties. Or as Todd says, accountability. The two time outs we saved yesterday we can give to him & Byron.

  6. CChead Says:

    Bucs will be lucky to finish 7-10 with this coaching staff.

  7. BrianBucs Says:

    And where is Jason Licht in all of this?
    When the Bucs are winning and doing well you see and hear him everywhere bragging and gleaming.
    When Bucs are losing and not doing well he is like a kid whose picture is on the side of a milk carton.
    Will he stay in hiding until Bucs start winning again?

  8. BucsfanFred Says:

    It’s obvious…

  9. garro Says:

    I am not one who for a nanosecond believed that the Glazers fired Chucky because of any “fan sentiment”. I think you should ask Rich McKay about that call. Come on man!!!

  10. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Dear Glazers,

    Byron Leftwich benefited the last two years from one of the most talented offensive rosters ever put together. This year we are missing two All Pro linemen, a hall of fame TE, and a consistent third receiver. Yet Byron is trying to run the exact same offense with terrible results. To make matters worse, other teams know EXACTLY what the play will be based on the game situation and formation. This is why we mostly get stuffed at the line on first downs and cannot convert short yardage. All the analytics say we should be passing more on first down, running out of more passing formations, and using more play action. Yet Byron refuses to listen to logic, analytics, or to make adjustments at any time during the game OR during the practice week. This is the definition of insanity and ineptitude. If you want to waste the last year of Brady, by all means let this man finish the year. We will undoubtedly lose in the first game of the playoffs, IF a bad Falcons team doesn’t pass us by to win the division. But please, for the love of God, if you want ANY chance of making this last Brady year count, please fire Leftwich and plug in someone who understands analytics, schemes, using the best personnel, play sequencing, and common sense. Most members of the media and fans have pointed out all of these issues with Byron not just this year but for years, and would do a better job. So it cannot be overly hard to find a football professional who can do the same. PLEASE. Thank you, and God Bless

    All Bucs Fans

  11. Tony1775 Says:

    Has to be most disappointing season with what we have on roster.

  12. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    We are in for a total rebuild…..and that would include coaches……we need to get younger…..and far more aggressive….even if we lose.

    We have significant cap problems that will dictate changes…..

    If Bowles can’t win with this team, he can’t win with any team.

  13. Architek Says:

    No they won’t fire him and if they do it will make matters worse! All the egos is what’s got us here now. Arians, Brady, Leftwich, and more! We wouldn’t be in this situation right now if it weren’t for the egos!

  14. Jerry Says:

    Guys, Glazers aren’t going to do anything at the moment. The team is in 1st place! Do you fire a coach when the team is in first place?

    They will wait till the end of the season.

  15. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Bowles and LW suck. BA was everything in 2020 and last year. He directed the offense. Bowles is nothing more than a DC.

  16. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Maybe time to get BA more involved and even if its way behind the scenes it has to be done NOW, this offense is dreadful and needs new eyes. No one on the staff is helping Byron with the offense right now or giving any positive input because this is just like the Dungy offense back in the day, and obvioulsy there are weapons galore

  17. Coburn Says:

    I agree with cc that we will be lucky to win two more games this year

  18. HC Grover Says:

    7-10 is about the best with Clowns Bozo and Lefty….The Show Must Go ON. They will double down now take that to the bank.

  19. SB~LV Says:

    Sean Payton!

  20. jehzsa Says:

    Hate to be a debbie-downer but 7-10 seems very optimistic.

  21. DBS Says:

    CChead. I said that yesterday. We can’t even put more than 17 points on the Browns??? So who left on our schedule are we going to beat? Unless the Panthers are really going to give that game away? We will be lucky to finish 7-10.

  22. Jerseybuc Says:

    Yea sure there was some personal changes. Still have your core together with Brady this team fell so dam far in a year it’s almost impossible. Bowels is soooo bad so bad. I really have no words coaching staff is in way over there heads it’s proven week after week almost. Coaching matters so much! Great D cord. Trash head coach if he can’t win with the talent we have could you imagine if we didn’t have some of these guys 2 wins right now maybe

  23. OrlandoBucFan Says:

    Unless, the Bucs suddenly become really good, we’ll lose any chance of retaining Brady for next year. I consider Brady gone at this point anyway. With that said, do we want Bowles leading a rebuild? I have no faith in his ability to coach the team, let alone oversee our inevitable rebuild. If we don’t make the playoffs or if we back our way into the playoffs with a losing record, Bowles and Leftwich should be fired. If Bowles and Leftwich are with the team next year, attendance will plummet hard. It’ll be like old times. That should send a message to the Glazers if nothing else.

  24. Davenport Says:

    The Glazer’s don’t care about the fans, they never have. Winning hasn’t been that important either. It’s about the cash box for them and nothing will change unless their profitability is threatened.

    Licht’s job isn’t at risk, either is BA’s – what does he do anyway? – so I do not expect any changes after the season ends.

    We’ll be in salary cap jail — why pay a quality coach to come in? Just tell the fans that “we had a good run and now its time to pay for it”.

    They assume that we’re suckers.

  25. Davenport Says:

    SB~LV Says:
    November 28th, 2022 at 12:09 pm
    Sean Payton!

    Payton isn’t available to us. He is still property of the Saints and will have to be traded. No way they trade him to us.

  26. Texas Bucs Fan Says:

    What makes you think, that the owners care. Like most corporate owners, owners only care about the bottom line. As long as fans are purchasing tickets & trinkets, the owners don’t really care what the fans say..

  27. Will Says:

    The timeouts yesterday were a total failure by the head coach no doubt. BUT this defense has played well enough to win every game except the Chiefs game. The offense, coverage and return teams are the problem. Get rid of BL and Keith Armstrong have him take slip and slide Darden with him. Maybe that alone will turn thi around.

  28. BobbyBuc Says:

    I’m not sure Bowles should make it through the regular season. This is crazy bad. I don’t think he is a bad guy, but this team is very unprepared to compete at a high level despite the talent. Offensive line is an issue. I get it. I also get the fact that we knew that going into the season and at the trade deadline. The cap is a real thing too. I get it. I also get that we are paying Carlton Davis too much and we have a defensive coach that should be able to install a system where the system is greater than the sum of its parts.

  29. 2022 return of the goat Says:

    I’m so disgusted about the whole thing I can’t even talk about it I’m even tired of saying Leftwich and bowl should be fired

  30. firethecannons Says:

    get ready for next weeks loss to the saints and falcons win at steelers–we will end up behind and losing every game from here on this year, we will pick in the top 10 of the draft but the worst part of this, is we will have Bowles and Leftwich for all of next year with a new quarterback. Glazers like being a team with a really diverse coaching staff. None of these coaches will be fired as their skin color guarantees them a position. You all know I am right–perhaps you do not want to admit it but these coaches will be with us for next year too.

  31. Melmcclell Says:

    Yes, noooo fricken WAY, “Bowles & Co.” can lead ANY rebuild… Absolutely, NOT Happenin,’ PERIOD.

  32. Bucsfanman Says:

    I still cannot believe that we’re this bad with THIS roster.
    We need contributions from players, big ones, to turn this thing around. Some decent coaching would certainly help.

    Regardless and for starters, we need to be looking for an OC with some huevos and a heck of a lot more creativity, IMO.

  33. ClwJB Says:

    The staff is over their head without BA

    It’s like turning over a 2nd grade classroom to the teachers assistant and expecting all the kids to learn

    Bowles was over promoted- we see it in business everyday

    Ham sandwich was gifted a job he doesn’t deserve and without BA correcting him, he has led the worst performing offenses in the entire league – twice

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out

    The Glazers will clean house at end of the season

  34. Buc4evr Says:

    Sean Payton is the answer. As much I hate the guy he is a great coach that knows how to game plan. Time to rebuild, Brady needs to retire after the season is over.

  35. Joe Morello Says:

    The Glazer family blew it with having the goat as the greatest opportunity for the 2022 season to build a team around him. That includes a coaching staff. Instead they hand the ball to The Worst head coach and offense coach in the NFL. Idiots! The Gazer family is dumber than dirt! Boles s**ks… Leftwich s**ks….The Glazers S**k…Gronk s**ks….Joe s**is for not calling these people out and being tougher with writing about these stooges.
    I’m done as a Buc fan…..sadly.

  36. Joe Morello Says:

    Fire Leftwich……Fire Boles. What the hell were the Glazers thinking giving the reins to a super bowl team when he never had a track record of being a winning coach. The Bucs super bowl win doesn’t count for them. They both lost last year with horrific decisions that the players corrected. This team is going nowhere this year. Wake up Glazers..

  37. WillieG Says:

    If I was the owner, I’d quietly contact Joe and ask for specific polls each week.
    That would probably be the best way to gauge public sentiment. Yeah, I’d survey season ticket holders too, but I don’t think that would be as accurate.

  38. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Nothing less than firing the entire coaching staff (including BA) and possibly the GM will suffice. Brady will not be here next year and Bucs need to finish up with the dead cap space. Cut your mistakes early and move on. Bring in a veteran QB and have Trask compete. Trade Evans for picks.

  39. Matt Says:

    Why wait until season end? It should be done now. Plenty of teams in pro sports make in season moves and there are plenty of cases where it has resulted in titles or long playoff runs (see Phillies this year).

    Call 1: Arians. See if he wants to fix the mess. Bowles probably won’t take a demotion but Arians can save his friend Leftwich

    Call 2: Dungy. See if he wants to get the band together for the rest of the season as interim coach. Tom Moore or Clyde can be OC. Greater chance than you’d think….

    Call 3: Payton. Long shot, Saints will want too much. And he won’t want to be here during the rebuild

    Few other potential external calls. But worst case give it to Moore and make Clyde OC.

  40. JimmyfromNY Says:

    Where is the accountability? You don’t see the head coach or the of coordinator. Take any accountability every week for the ineptness of this team I can guarantee you they’re sitting with BA with the glazers and putting this on Brady for missing throws. Guaranteed . If he doesn’t sign here in 2020 all three of them are on the unemployment line by now

  41. BucsFan81 Says:

    From watching for the last 25 years the owners are slow to fire anyone. We will probably have this coaching staff all of next year and maybe even the year after that. I expect roster changes but it will take awhile for these coaches to get fired. I agree with everyone the coaching this season has been a joke.

  42. NEfan Says:

    Bucs fans, take your SB & NFC South title maybe a second, BA’s affirmative action coaching staff and thank the management for ruining the legacy of the man that made Tampa relative again. Kiss ALL the additional revenue stream he’s brought to the city not to mention the hope and excitement and kiss it ALL GOODBYE all because YOUR Ring of Honor Coach BA’s need for attention and want to be immortalized. HE and HIM alone caused this debacle and Licht and the Glaizers fell for it hook line and sinker

  43. Darin Says:

    Ain’t gona get much better if it does. You can’t change the mindset of coaches who have been doing this for many years and think they’re right. He was scared to lose. We know how that always ends. I guess bowles does now too. But then again he already knew but didn’t change

  44. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Perhaps the glazers can hire a Tudor to help Bowles with acceptable nfl clock management skills in the meantime? Give us something to believe in!

  45. Bring back the lawn chairs Says:

    Come on team glazer. You can do it.

  46. NEfan Says:

    36 seconds two timeouts, what NFL coach doesn’t try to win and call a timeout? If Winsten was my qb notorious for throwing ints I still go for FG position. Not buying his int story, he just had no clue what to do. Did anyone on this site bother to examine if Evan’s feet were in on the sideline pass? Oh and how was that not PI when Evan’s has to reach around the defender in his chest to catch the ball?

  47. Your Mom Says:

    “Stockholder”? gimme a break, last I checked they make 100% of the money.

  48. Sandman12 Says:

    So if the coaches get fired after the season who are we getting to replace them? Same old tires coaches being passed from one team to another. So hold or fold?

  49. tampabayallday Says:

    Where was all this when it came to the uniform change a few years back ? Liars.

  50. Old time fan Says:

    What happened to the days when things got bad the QB took over play calling. They are out there, they see everything and they know what not to do. Since we have the GOAT, use his play calling. Seems to work at the end of the games when we are behind. We need more trick plays and now that Fournette is out and it seems our opponents are stopping the run, don’t keep going back to it.

  51. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Leftwich Brady offense is stale and sorely lacks creativity and precision. Brady and his receivers are constantly on different pages. He doesn’t throw where they’re running to and they don’t run to his passes. It’s an ongoing problem every game this season especially. This doesn’t make sense and it shouldn’t be happening. Are they plays too difficult to understand for QB and receivers???

  52. Eric Says:

    Sean Payton here is a blank check

  53. Reggie Says:

    He needs a chance this is his 1st year wat all the other coach on there 1st year Bruce went 8-8 his first year why not fire him

  54. Eric b Says:


  55. Sucatkane Says:

    Why are we talking about how bad the coaches are we should address the main problem we need time in the pocket to throw to our WR without this we are doomed we have a qb that needs time he is allot slower then he used to be I agree maybe Leftwich is garbage but lich needed to make a move to get us some ol before trade deadline he didn’t and the last year with Tom will be over so if anyone is to blame its our GM he has set us up with glass players that get hurt too much and not any good depth if the glazers listen to the fans and fire people because of it we need new owners as well because if it was fans choice we would be the worse team in league