Todd Bowles’ Supporters Cannot Believe His “Unprecedented” Butchery At Cleveland

November 29th, 2022

Bucs coach Todd Bowles.

Todd Bowles has a lot of supporters throughout the NFL.

The Bucs coach has them, in part, because he’s a good dude and also he’s a helluva defensive coach. But now we are beginning to see why Bowles didn’t get the job done in New York in his first go-around as a head coach.

Even Bowles supporters were sickened how Bowles (and his partner in crime failing Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich) threw away a win at Cleveland on Sunday.

Former Eagles and Browns suit Joe Banner wagged a finger at Bowles for how he played the fourth quarter, and not just because Bowles didn’t help his offense by calling timeouts to allow Tom Brady to win the game.

Typing for The33rdTeam, Banner claimed the way Bowles called the defense in the final quarter enabled the Browns to win.

“I have been a Todd Bowles advocate, but he will receive significant and justifiable criticism for the way he coached the final few minutes of regulation,” Banner typed. “His extremely conservative play-calling near the end of the game, against a QB who struggled terribly with pressure, led to the loss.

“He chose to only rush four for most of the fourth quarter and exhausted his DL. In addition, the clock mismanagement was truly unprecedented.

“Before the Browns’ final TD to tie the game in the fourth quarter, he could have called a TO with 1:10 to go with Tom Brady as his QB. Instead he let the Browns run the clock down to :30, and regulation ended with TB holding the ball around midfield on a drive where a FG would’ve won the game.”

Joe fears the results of that game, and Bowles’ explanation yesterday of why he didn’t call timeouts in the final drive, was the beginning of the end of the Bucs’ 2022 season.

Honestly, do you see the Bucs winning four of the next six games?

And who knows what happens comes January? If you cannot win with Tom Brady and a solid defense, then when can you win?

59 Responses to “Todd Bowles’ Supporters Cannot Believe His “Unprecedented” Butchery At Cleveland”

  1. Arn platz Says:

    Completely agree. And that last sentence sums it up perfectly

  2. Arn platz Says:

    Tuesday morning and I still can’t believe what I witnessed in the final minutes of registration. It was like Schiano all over again

  3. Arn platz Says:

    I meant final minutes of regulation. Autocorrect

  4. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Yeah I’m done. Saw a comment about possibly pissing off Arians if any of his guys get canned, but honestly, if he is so blind to the crap that his guys are coaching on Sunday, I say let him be mad. I loved BA as a coach. Was stunned to see him retire, miss him dearly, but this is unacceptable. This is worse than Koetter, since we know the talent we have for sure can do so much better than this.

  5. DungyDance Says:

    Thank you Leopold. Very good explanation of the reasons for this mess. And agree with Joe – I walked away Sunday with the conclusion that the season is now over. I wonder whether Arians loyalty for BL is because Arians wants to be in the Shula / Parcells/ Belichick club, where he wants to be known as having disciples. It is truly killing this team.

  6. Killian Says:

    Considering 3 of our remaining opponents are division foes, I’d say there is a strong chance the Bucs win 3/4 of their remaining games. Just got to get into the playoffs, then anything can happen.

  7. adam from ny Says:

    lord have mercy on our souls…i mean bowles

  8. OBVIOUS Says:

    At this point I believe Tom was told to “shut it down” and that’s why he looked so weird and was throwing crap as much as Evens was running junk. Maybe they were both told to shut it down. They played accordingly. They looked and played like crap and the chicken shart Bowles game plan broke EVERY DAMN BODIES SPIRIT. That IS what it looks like “right now”

    GO BUCS!

  9. ViSyl Says:

    This season has been a disaster and will be worse the more these clowns continue to “coach” this team.

  10. OBVIOUS Says:

    And props to Leopold. Well stated. What IS CLEAR is that “the only Silver Lining” is that the Falcons are just as bad (talent wise certainly worse). But as Joe said, it seems so desperately far away for a BUC fan right now. Wins have been so hard to come by for too long! How many can we win. Pretty much the entire Buc Nation is and WAS quite tired of counting how many games with a desperate gut feeling KNAWING at us every freaking year. Then to taste SWEET SWEET VICTORY. And to rip it from us?? We want to win just like any drug addict wants to GET HIGH…. And if we were a bunch of farmers and had actual pitchforks and pointed them at One Buc Place and said to the crowd that Todd Bowles, Leftcreep, and Licht were over there game planning how to make your hard to get Sundays even more miserable….. Well let’s just say you could get a pretty good HBO special out of that one!

    GO BUCS!

  11. Fansince76 Says:

    Coaching staff needs to be fired!
    This year is over already.

  12. Hodad Says:

    We lost to Carolina, and could’ve easily lost to Atl, and N.O.. After watching last Sundays game I give us a 50, 50 chance of beating our division foes again. What will it take to get this coaching staff fired? I think the only way the Glazers pull the plug on this staff is if we don’t win the division missing the playoffs.

  13. douglas dallier Says:

    Note to Todd—-You sir are 99% responsible for this last game.Go to the closet–put on your big boy pants.Take down that pair of balls from the hanger and put them on.NOW ACT LIKE A MAN AT THE NEXT GAME—SHOW SOME EMOTION—AND PLEASE TAKE SOME CHANCES–NO BUC FAN WILL FAULT YOU IF WE LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. firethecannons Says:

    The head coached lied to the media and the world yesterday, that or he admitted he is a fearful conservative man that has no business being in the nfl coaching one of the great 32. Telling us all that he contemplated outcomes like an interception from TB12 (GOAT) was an outright lie–truth be told–there was only brief seconds to think and the time got away from him. He failed at clock management and he lied about it to all of us and all of his players, and we all know better. He preaches accountability yet he cannot admit what all of us saw and know––time happens fast and he should admit it. TODD BOWLES IS A FRAUD after yesterday. The players know, we know, the Glazers even know.

  15. Cliff Says:

    Bowles & Leftwich should be unemployed…. Move Bruce A back to H.C & let Brady do his own play calling – 23 years in the league – experience is everything ! To me a team all in would not make a H C change …. stupid move ! ! ! !

  16. SufferingSince76 Says:

    The Glazers are White Star Lines, the Bucs are the Titanic and Bowles is Captain White. The fans are the lookout screaming about the humongous iceberg ahead, but the Bucs are unsinkable no matter how much water they are taking on. We all know how that turned out.

  17. covertwo22 Says:

    It’s shocking how poor Bowles is as a head coach. Great DC, but his decision making on in game decisions is horrible for someone who’s been in the league as long as he has.
    This season is proof how important a HC is. I’ve been a fan of the Bucs since I was a kid and suffered through some bad coaches. But this shows a stark contrast with a very talented team how the HC can affect overall wins and losses. I never though this before, but a HC is just as important as a solid QB when it comes wo team success.
    Very sad how this season and talented team is being wasted by Bowles. I really hope he’s one and done.

  18. 941bucsfan Says:

    Never seen so much crying lol. And not enough blame for a QB that actually didnt want to play with us. Tell tommy boy to stop playing daddy daycare and start working on deep balls to mike evans.

  19. Faspro Says:

    Tampa’s toast…

  20. Aceofaerospace Says:

    Why is Arians even on the payroll? Obviously, he has no influence. He should be told to take over coaching or he, toilet Bowles and the BlairWitch are all fired. Where’s Jeff Saturday when you need him?

  21. Ed Says:

    The mark of a good coach is winning the games you should and playing down to the wire when you are overmatched.

    The Bucs have been giving games away all season. They aren’t really being beat up except by Kansas City as much as they have given away wins.

    At least 3 of the losses have been the Bucs handing their opponents wins rather than them being totally outplayed or beat up. Steelers, Panthers, Browns losses were games that were lost due to poor preparation and understanding of how to kill off a wounded team. No killer instinct, no gut losses.

    Bowles is leading this team into the desert where they are wandering around going nowhere.

  22. DEEEMO Says:

    THIS SEASON HAS BEEN A DISASTER starting with losing Jensen on the 1st day of minicamp, not resigning Suh, and losing both our guards from last season. Then all the off the field Brady distractions and and constant injuries to key players during each game played. The coaching staff starting with the Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator look lost and they have lost the team. All in all a totally lost season so far….shame really cause it could have been another Super Bowl run with the talent here.

  23. ChiBuc Says:

    Maybe this is the leagues’ plan (in cahoots with sport books) to play off of this narrative of the beat down divorced warrior. He’s down trodden struggling against domestic pressures, playing with half an oline while bumbling inept coaches continue to undermine his legacy in a division that allows the team to linger as they bleed out. Then the great warrior will rise from the ashes, against all odds, to vanquish his opponents and capture the crown (Lombardi). What better way to send off Tommy into the sunset… the man who crapped lightning and farted thunder will surpass Paul Bunyan…

    Ok, dream sequence over, back to reality

  24. SB~LV Says:

    Bowles is bad for business!
    He can’t go fast enough
    Bruce Arians shares some of the blame too !
    Coaching is both science and art
    Bowles knows the science part but is a ham handed artist.
    Shame what he is doing to the GOAT!

  25. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    For all the BA haters……I guess he wasn’t so bad after all….except for his support of BL & Bowles…..
    Sorry BA….they just ain’t good.

  26. Thomas Edrington Says:

    What, Todd Bowels, actually has supporters? Maybe his immediate family — time for another Todd Bowels confidence poll, Joe(s)…..

  27. August 1976 Buc Says:

    The one thing about this season. It now has been proven that Todd Bowles is just not a good fit as a head coach.
    He is a good guy, but not a good head coach. And the sooner this is changes really the better.
    The Bucs have clinched Irrelevance again this season, it has been a nice run but its over.
    Even if they somehow make the playoffs, they are not going anywhere.


    sorry Joe I know that’s the last thing you want to hear from a fan, and for sure its the last thing the Glazers want to hear.

    The Keys to the Ferrari were given to the wrong guy.😲

    GO BUCS!!!!!


  28. Cobraboy Says:

    As long as these incompetent coaches are running the Bucs, I expect the worst…and am rarely disappointed.

    This is the most disappointing season I have ever endured as a Bucs fan since the beginning.

    I wish for the Schiano, Radio Morris, and Koetter days.

    These current guys have squandered a high level of talented players.

    My gut tells me if they lay an egg Monday night…and I truly believe they will…the wheels fall off, and the locker room is forever lost.

  29. NEfan Says:

    You would of thought Bowels would have known Brady’s capabilities since he kicked is arser over and over again when he was interim HC at Miami and Jets HC. Two teams that told him to take a hike.

    News flash 941@ your boy Evan’s can’t get separation anymore. They have tried to go deep to Evan’s multiple times in every game but the majority failed. I suggest, Scotty, Jones or Perriman, Evan’s is toast.

    Tampabaynucs fan@ BA is 100% to blame, he knows these catches competencies better than anyone, he knew they sucked yet still promoted them.

  30. Cobraboy Says:

    Brady should tell the Glazers there is NO WAY he will be back with this current coaching staff.

    I sure as hell would never allow my greatest-ever career to end with the Bowles/Leftwich train wreck of squandered football talent despair.

  31. A Says:

    It’s really unwatchable at this point.

    We’ll run middle 90% of time (mostly gaining -2 to +2 yards)
    We’ll continue to take the ball out of TB’s hands (Godwin/ Evans) and run 30x for 68yrds – because you know…we need balance.
    We’ll struggle in the red zone
    We’ll stop playing offense in the 4th quarter if we have a lead.

    We’ll play off-zone for most of the 1st half allowing bad offenses to manage the clock and score 10 to 14points…
    We’ll dominate the 3rd quarter on D – because we go aggressive
    We’ll sit back in off-zone in the 4th quarter if we have the lead, or
    We’ll completely fall apart on D due to being on the field all day playing off-zone and our Offense not being able to get a 1st down.

    Now the Saints come into town – Hmmm can we even score 17points?

  32. D-Rome Says:

    It’s shocking how poor Bowles is as a head coach. Great DC, but his decision making on in game decisions is horrible for someone who’s been in the league as long as he has.

    Bowles has not been a head coach of good teams so he’s not been in many situations where he’s the head decision maker in a crunch time situations. Meanwhile, across the NFL there is a crop of younger coaches (under 50) who grew up playing Madden and were faced with clock management decisions thousands of times.

    Long time Bucs fans have seen this song and dance before. We all know how the song ends right down to the last note so we may as well put on a different song when this 2022 dance is over with. Todd Bowles is not the Head Coach that will lead any team to a Super Bowl He’s making the same decisions here as he did with the Jets. We all know that NFL Head Coaches (and most assistants) are stubborn and arrogant in their thinking.

    We all know leaders of men have to be strong with their convictions that their decisions are the correct ones but Bucs fans know how this is going to play out. No reasonable person thinks that Bowles is going to grow as a Head Coach. His hubris will not allow him to. Bucs should clean house at the end of the season especially since Brady will not be coming back.

  33. JD Says:

    @SB~LV Says:

    “Coaching is both science and art
    Bowles knows the science part but is a ham handed artist.”

    I don’t know if this is your quote but it is very well said and on the money!

  34. BucsfanFred Says:

    I agree with every one of you.
    I would fire bowels and leftbitch yesterday.

  35. Goatfarmer Says:

    Brian Flores or Eric Bienemy.

  36. NEfan Says:

    A Say@ that was the perfect description of EVERY game except the Rams this season. Well done!!!

    Bowles was a great DC for 3 games in 2020. Saints, GB & SB, not sure where else he shined. Yes he could stop the run but Bucs were the worst for getting off the field on 3rd down.

    This should show you all how important Gronk & AB were to this O, they problem getting separation. Thanks Again BA!!

  37. NEfan Says:

    Goatfarmer, no white choices? How about Reich?

  38. The Big Sombrero Says:

    Sean Peyton 2023!!!

  39. John Ocala Says:

    Yesterday I commented that BA needs to hit the sidelines. Correctly a response to my post reminded that BA has had health issues and some quiet recently. Would it be less stress if BA what’s the play caller? Most of us agree that the entire coaching staff has got to go. Bucs need to try a plug here a patch there a little glue and possibly make some noise….. Just sickening, truly

  40. John Ocala Says:

    *** I’ve been screaming for Sean Payton…. Maybe the glazers are in secret meeting somewhere and bring this man in. He is a winner, period! You won’t see no loafing or people not giving their full 100% every play with him as head coach or they will be held accountable.
    I have probably posted more in the past two days since I’ve started following Joe Bucs fan which has been a long time. I’m probably a sick fanatic one of the first things I look at in the morning is Joe Bucs fan as well as throughout the day and prior to bed. LoL. This is where I get 98% of my buccaneer news….
    I apologize for getting sidetracked there but the point I was trying to lead into is the fact that tens of thousands of us bucs fans have eyes and we can see that this complete experiment is a failure. The glazers or intelligent business people and you can tell just from the true emotion they show upon winning that they want a super bowl as bad as the rest of us.
    Come on glazers, face the truth that this is yet another coaching mistake that has to be written off and go for the gold. Sean Payton is the best available at this moment

  41. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Hello Glazers! I know you read this site. FIRE BOWLES PLEASE

  42. Todd Says:

    Glazers, do you have Sean Peyton’s cell?

    If so, I suggest you and your entire family go into the outbound telemarketing business.


    I’m tiring of that stupid, dumb look staring down at his offensive play-calling sheet under that flat brim hat of his.

  43. D-Rok Says:

    Confidence poll for Bowles? C-C-C-C-Confidence? Why waste empty pixels and thoughts on a confidence poll?

    Us fans, and more importantly, the GM and owners need to see this poll:

    Should Todd Bowles be fired today?
    A: Yes
    B: No – should have happened yesterday.

  44. Matt Says:

    Tell Arians the only way to save his buddies is if he coaches

    If they all 3 leave today then so be it. We’d be better off

    Bowles is the worst coach I’ve ever seen. He screws up obvious decisions that it’s legitimate to question whether he is on the take. And then he has zero accountability. Absolutely zero. Zach Wilson shows more accountability than he does.

    A coach that consistently makes awful decisions, has no accountability, and doesn’t learn from his mistakes (he legit thinks he was right) is about as bad as it gets.

    Think about how poorly he will coach with some like Trask. Run, run and then throw when it’s 3rd and 12

  45. Erik Hesson | Fine Artist | Founder of Says:




  46. Erik Hesson | Fine Artist | Founder of Says:

    We need Bowles’ influence on the game to be contained to only the defensive side of the ball.

    Get your weak conservative influence out of the offense, bro! #NoBallzBowles

  47. Erik Hesson | Fine Artist | Founder of Says:

    Bowles lost is that game in the NFC Championship part year with his boneheaded defensive playcall, and what’s our solution??? Promote him, so he can influence the team even more and we can therefore lose even more games….

    Awesome plan of attack, Bucs!!!!


    EVEN FOR BRADY, til he wises up and leaves here for greener pastures (and more competency as an organization)

  48. Erik Hesson | Fine Artist | Founder of Says:

    Typos…. Bowles lost us that game in the NFC Championship last year with his boneheaded defensive playcall, and what’s our solution??? Promote him, so he can influence the team even more and we can therefore lose even more games!!!!!

    Awesome plan of attack, Bucs!!!!


    EVEN FOR BRADY, unfortunately, til he wises up and leaves here for greener pastures (and more competency as an organization)

  49. HC Grover Says:

    Unprecedented. Prepare your ‘Unknown’ Buc Fan Head Bags for Sunday. You may wish you had them in the 4th qtr. His football stupid may not be fixable. When the pressure is on he goes in to the twilite zone on the sidelaine

  50. Rod Munch Says:

    I had felt bad for Bowles, being forced to take on Leftwich as his OC when this job was thrust upon him, but he completely wore out any leeway I had given him on Sunday by being a gutless coward. That wasn’t him butchering anything, that was Bowles being Bowles.

    Additionally, lets not forgot how stupid that 4th down play where they gave up the TD was. Devin White, I’m a huge fan of his, he’s ultra productive – WHEN HE’S RUSHING THE PASSER! Instead this idiot has White dropping into coverage where he stinks. So on 4th down, you drop him into coverage. It was beyond stupid. Yes, the Browns TE made a great catch, but White should have never been in that situation, he should have been rushing up the middle and putting pressure on the QB. Instead you got a bunch of scrub defensive lineman in the game, on the most important down of the game, no pressure, and a LB in coverage who isn’t any good in that role. Todd isn’t calling every play on defense, I don’t believe, but the fact he isn’t firing people on defense, the part of the team he controls, after that, well that is 100% on the gutless coward Todd Bowles.

  51. Betta check yo sheet Says:

    Bury the hatchet and bring Raheem Morris back!

  52. Bucamania Says:

    Do not fire this coaching staff. Bucs will need them to coach horribly again next year to get in position to draft Caleb Williams. I think this coaching staff can do it.

  53. Rob Singer Says:

    Against the Rams, 32 seconds, 60 yds., and no time outs. Brady leads a TD drive to win the game.

    Against the Browns, 30 seconds, 75 yds., and THREE time outs. Only this time a FG wins the game. Bowles chooses to be a coward and play OT, where his supposed “elite” Defensive mind shows what a fraud he’s always been. You can bet the Jets are laughing their asses off at us now.

    Affirmative Action Hiring DOES NOT WORK!!!

  54. Oneilbuc Says:

    NE I see you still have a problem with Black people!!

  55. Mike Johnson Says:

    Bring back Lovie Dubbie Smith. That will fix you chronic whiners.

  56. captivajim Says:

    ” Rob” laid it out well.. The players know what Brady did at end of Rams Game—AND -they know what Bowles did at end of Browns game ..
    Bowles will NEVER be respected as a HC by this team – or any other NFL team..

  57. T REX Says:

    Payton is under contract for 2 more years

    It would cost way too much to get him

    And the Saints would never let him go in division.

    It’s not up to Payton till 2025

  58. BucFanforLife Says:

    Let’s all rejoice that we’re still in the division lead! Well? Yeah I know I know. Still though, it could be worse.. look at the Packers they suck worse. But if anyone can turn this season around it’s Bowles and Leftwich. I have faith in those guys to help us close out the season. Lol k fine I’m joking with my last sentences but still what choice do we have 😏

  59. GStone941 Says:

    Yes ineptitude abounds on the sidelines , clear as day. Maybe trickles up to Joel and Brian as well, shoulda considered that when hiring a coach with a 39% win rate.

    Enough of the ineptitude, let’s talk about something else,
    Like the liability that is Carlton Davis.. our best corner? He’s an overmatched over rated liability. But then again all the ineptitude surrounding this team not surprising.

    This year has been one continuous struggle, all the way back to the defensive bungle in the NFC Divisional versus the Rams, courtesy of Todd ( so let’s make him HC), to scoring 3 points versus the Carolina Panthers?!? To let’s play to not lose the game vs the Brownies. 30 points once. We’re going nowhere and have squandered a season.

    Can only imagine the players grumblings under their breaths.