More Than A Division Title At Stake

November 3rd, 2022

Hookup chance dwindling.

If the Bucs hope to land Odell Beckham, they better start getting their heads out of their backsides.

It seems it isn’t just the title of a lousy division at stake this month. So is a chance to add a dangerous weapon to an offense that needs an infusion of fresh blood.

Free agent receiver Odell Beckham is still out there looking for a team. And NFL insider Albert Breer, appearing this week on the Rich Eisen Show, specifically mentioned the Bucs among the teams trying to lure Beckham for a playoff run.

Others in the Beckham sweepstakes, per Breer, Buffalo, Green Bay, Kansas City and Los Angeles, Beckham’s team last season.

Breer speculated that by Kansas City trading for Kadarius Toney, they are out of the race for Beckham.

Breer said it’s a tricky situation for the teams who want Beckham because of Beckham’s surgically-repaired knee. Will it hold up in a football game? He had ACL surgery in February.

Beckham, Breer added, is taking the long approach in choosing a team.

“It seems at least Beckham’s approach is, whatever is best for him is collecting the most information,” Breer said. “And waiting is the best way to collect information.”

In short, Breer is saying Beckham is in no hurry to sign because soon the contenders and the pretenders will separate themselves. So why, in theory, would Beckham want to sign with a team like the Bucs or the Packers now when they are headed in the wrong direction?

So if the Bucs can turn things around, not only do they increase their chances of winning a truly rotten division, they increase their odds of landing Beckham.

And since the Bucs chose to stand pat at Tuesday’s trade deadline, the last hope (Gronk?) for a shot in the arm to maximize likely final year of Tom Brady would be to sign Beckham.

Joe thinks if the Bucs want Beckham, they will have to prove it with wins. If the Bucs return from Munich at 3-7, why would Beckham want to come here? Beating the Rams and returning 5-5 is a different animal.

You can hear Breer detail the Beckham sweepstakes in the Roku video below.


30 Responses to “More Than A Division Title At Stake”

  1. LastDance Says:

    Im gonna keep posting this on all the threads… until the Brain Fart twins leave town. Or the Brain Shart twins I should say.

    Fill in the blank: Tom Brady’s biggest problem this season is _______.

    Jenna Laine, Buccaneers reporter: Interior protection. The Bucs’ interior pass-blockers have produced a pass block win rate of 87.9% through eight games, second worst in the NFL. The interior line is also responsible for 34 Brady incompletions, the most in the NFL for any quarterback.

    Pure unadulterated SHIZZA

  2. Mike Johnson Says:

    Ti hell with all of this. Lets see this stand against LA. This will show what we really got..what we are all about. IF we can win this game? We might be on to something. If not? We are what our record says we are…..LOSERS.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I read somewhere that the Rams Coach Sean McVay may retire after this year, so I do not see Odell going back to the Rams.
    We already have Evans, Jones, and Godwin and can’t do anything with them, so what is Beckham gonna do for us ?
    Plus his knee is questionable.
    Odell may decide to go to Buffalo, and that would make Buffalo the best team in football, as if they are not already the best team in Football.

  4. Your Mom Says:

    You got 4 talented receivers, they just haven’t been healthy… and now they are getting there. Of all the positions, WR is what they need the least.

    Only if OBJ is hired as head coach would I be interested.

    Of more value would be them eating crow and re-signing Suh.

  5. Howard Cosell Says:

    If the Bucs hope to land Odell Beckham, they better start getting their heads out of their backsides.

    Howard laughed.
    Joe is a true fan. No pretense here

  6. LastDance Says:

    I don’t even want Odell… I just want to slam the Shart Brothers for ruining our team

  7. Howard Cosell Says:

    Your Mom is right though:
    1) Eat your veggies
    2) The problem is NOT WR…as Joe has stated ad nauseum, the problem is mainly Lefty and to a lesser degree Bowles

  8. Howard Cosell Says:

    “Your Mom”
    Best screen name ever

  9. PassingThru Says:

    Not going to happen.

    Were other obvious problems addressed at the trade deadline?

    There’s your answer.

  10. Adrnagy Says:

    If hicks plays this week there’s no center going after d. White.

  11. Derek Says:

    They have to enter the bye at 5-5…

  12. Says:

    OBJ isn’t going to save the Bucs season just like that lunatic AB wasn’t going to save last year’s playoffs. Not to mention OBJ isn’t even as good as AB. ALSO NOT TO MENTION HES’S DAMAGED GOODS.

    You’d think Bucs fans would learn when they’ve been absolutely robbed by Julio Jones and Akiem Hicks THIS VERY SEASON.

  13. sasquatch Says:

    It’s crazy to even consider at this point. How many millions should we dump on a team that’s this hopeless? It’s absurd. Most of veterans we’ve taken a chance on this season have failed miserably, and this team is going nowhere. I’m not investing any more money on this dumpster fire if I’m the GM.

  14. captivajim Says:

    OBJ will only sign with a SB contender… that leaves the Bucs out ………

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    Building the wrong way.
    We arent losing because of our skilled players.
    If Brady has time- he has all the weapons he needs.
    Its experienced linemen that will be our downfall this season.
    Now, with no Shaq, our defense will struggle to get pressure.
    Our young O-line will continue to struggle, learning how to work together as a unit.
    Logan Hall and JTS are invisible.
    Our staff was so cocky about their ability to draft linemen- that we have wasted our last season- with the Greatest QB of all time

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    ‘Breer said it’s a tricky situation for the teams who want Beckham because of Beckham’s surgically-repaired knee. Will it hold up in a football game? That is unknown until he signs.’

    A ‘tricky situation’ indeed. WHY do you do this to JBFers Joe? We’ve already paid huge bucks for 3 injured WRs … Godwin, Gage & Julio. So the solution to all our problems is to add a 4th WR with an injury history? You don’t believe that any more than I do.

    Our WRs may not be able to get separation, but they’re the least of our problems on offense. An Oline that can’t effectively run-block or pass-block is far-and-away our greatest problem (yes, even bigger than an OC who’s clueless how to ‘fix’ this right now). Give Tom Brady some good pass-blocking protection & he’ll pick you apart. We know that. Give Lenny some good run-blocking and he’ll give you plenty of rushing yards.

    Licht did nothing to fix our OLine problems. Nothing, and so we’re stuck with what we’ve got. Whoopee. Our OLine will probably get somewhat better as the season rolls along, but so will the other playoff contenders. Licht also did nothing to fix our TE problems. We’ve got 2 decent prospects for the future, but the production isn’t there today. He also did nothing to fix our DLine problems, but we won’t go there. So yeah, articles about the Bucs signing Beckham may fill space, but all of us know (1) it won’t solve our problems; and (2) it ain’t gonna happen.

  17. steele Says:

    Agree, DefenseRules. Why is there even talk of another “star” WR (and another injured one to add to the collection), when the needs are far more basic. The trenches, the OL and DL, the pass rush. Coaching. Playcalling. A TE who is complete. A true feature back who can carry and offense for long stretches at a toime. Nothing was done to make the foundation of this team great.

  18. Hodad Says:

    Can he stop the run? The thought of this guy saving the Bucs season is laughable. This team has more problems then OBJ can solve. We saw real contenders adding to their teams before the deadline. It should be clear to Joe by now we’re not a contender, and nothing we do to the roster is going to make a difference this year.

  19. Listnfrmafar Says:

    Obj isn’t coming to Bucs, if he does it’s a one year deal then cut Jones if you can. Do you think he wants to finish his c arreer with Gabbert or Trask? Doubtful.

  20. Alanbucsfan Says:

    If the Bucs sign OBJ, his first play will be an end around for a 3 yard loss.

  21. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Why would OBJ come to a team that is not going to even sniff the Super Bowl?

    Sorry this OJB story just a talking point with no relevance to the Bucs.

    How can the GOAT attract OBJ to the dumpster fire on Dale Mabry? Not Happening

  22. Beej TFT ft Says:

    OBJ has made it clear for some time he’s desperate to play with Brady, I expect I’d we’re in reasonable reach of winning the division in a few weeks (our only route to the playoffs) he would probably go for it

  23. August 1976 Buc Says:

    lol, this team is a burning dumpster fire currently, sorry OBJ will go where the stench of the Den of Depression is not in the air on game day and the practice field.

  24. Bosch Says:

    Bucs will return from Munich 3-7 and that will settle it.

  25. Rand Says:

    Just another diva that will spend his time standing on the sideline in civvies and a floppy hat

  26. Will Says:

    I don’t see OBJ coming here BUT if he did it would add someone to this team that would show some fire and desire (not Rick James style) but wanting to compete and calling out the BS that we all see from our offensive coordinator. This team needs a player that wears their emotions on their sleeve because right now there’s no passion from anyone coaches included.

  27. TomR Says:

    oboy – another old injury prone “head case” – just what we need

  28. Browsing from DC via PA Says:

    Even if the Bucs were 7-1 right now I don’t see Beckham coming here. With one knee surgery already, he’s going to want a multi-year deal for his own peace of mind in case another serious injury happens (lots of teams would pass if he has another serious injury in the near future).

    So a multi-year deal to play for the Bucs with what QB after Brady rides off into the sunset? I don’t see him wanting to catch balls from an unproven Trask or Gabbert for the next 5 seasons.

    He’ll go to Buffalo if they want him. Young, top 5 (or higher) QB in place for years to come, a shiny new stadium in the near future and the Bill’s want to build a dynasty and own the AFC East the way the Patriots did.

    Pretty easy choice for Beckham from my p.o.v.

  29. Browsing from DC via PA Says:

    Aside from o-line help, the only player that could significantly help the Bucs O is Gronk. When Licht and the Bucs brain trust made no FA moves, especially to replace Shaq when several great options were out there, it looks like they’re done shopping and hoping this crew can get it together. They do have the talent, which is the saddest part about seeing 3-5 by their name

  30. Goatfarmer Says:

    This would imply the Bucs are somehow in contention for a title of some kind.

    Maybe if there’s a trophy for most under achieving team of all time, yes.

    Otherwise, who do you like with the 3rd pick in the 2023 NFL Draft?