Healthy Chris Godwin Makes Bucs A Complete Offense

November 25th, 2022

Value of Chris Godwin.

Yesterday was the first time Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich spoke to the local pen and mic club since the Bucs offense finally broke out and had a strong game in a win over the Seahawks in Munich.

So Leftwich, speaking at One Buc Palace, fielded a lot of questions about why the offense finally looked competent.

Leftwich seemed to give a lot of credit to Bucs stud receiver Chris Godwin’s knee getting close to 100 percent. Leftwich said as Godwin has gotten healthier, his workload has increased and the result has been what Bucs fans saw from Germany.

“He’s like our heartbeat,” Leftwich said. “He is the heartbeat of our football team.

“He’s a special guy that we ask to do a lot. We didn’t ask him to do a lot early. But we are getting to the point now that he’s beginning to move around like the old Chris.”

As a result, the Bucs are putting more on Godwin’s plate.

Joe thinks a healthy Godwin may be one of the more underrated players in the league. When the Bucs played (and won) in big games over the past few years, look at the plays that involved Godwin.

Tom Brady loves to throw to Godwin. That right there should be a tip off as to how valuable Godwin is when he’s 100 percent.

14 Responses to “Healthy Chris Godwin Makes Bucs A Complete Offense”

  1. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Team health is obviously a major factor in a playoff run. Ours seems to be improving. Whar was Gage’s injury again and when do we expect him to begin contributing again?

  2. BucU Says:

    Thankful to have CG14 on our team. Incredibly driven professional. Love that man. A pros pro.
    On the other side of the coin I’m absolutely disgusted with Russell Gage. What a bitter dissapointment this bum turned into. A hamstring injury since OIA’s in May? He’s useless and stole 10 Mil from this team.
    What a pathetic embarrassment.

  3. SufferingSince76 Says:

    BucU, if that’s really his problem. Remember, they apparently still can’t determine the extent of Jensen’s injury. The Bucs think they’re being clever. What right do the paying customers have to know? Apparently none.

  4. Wild Bill Says:

    Hard to give Leftwish much credit based on his boring predictable play calling. Dull, dull, dull.

  5. Casual Observer Says:

    If most everyone is healthy, I expect a big win on Sunday.

  6. PSL Bob Says:

    It’s why I have myself a Chris Godwin jersey. The man is not only a special player, he’s a hell of a human being!

  7. orlbucfan Says:

    CG14, ME13 (and LVD54) deserve those SB rings they have now. I’m glad Ungodly Godwin is just about 100% healed. Now, hopefully, he has also learned how to protect his body and legs from cheap shot hits. That also goes for his blocking techniques.

  8. orlbucfan Says:

    Also, hope all my fellow Bucs fans had a ABFAB Turkey Day, including the Hey Joes. LOL.

  9. Longtime Brady Fan Says:

    Tom uses the middle of the field to move the chains. That is why Chris is indispensable to the offense. When Tom’s offense is successful he is making completions in the middle. Outside chunk plays are the icing on the cake. Completions in the middle, the short quick releasing passing game, and play action are the cake. Not much different than Kyle Shanahan does with the 49ers except he uses a spread running game to setup the passing game. Hopefully Cade can fill the Gronk void in the middle soon, now that the old Chris is back.

    Like the song The Middle says
    I’m losing my mind just a little
    So why don’t you just meet me in the middle?

  10. Sharon Worden Says:

    Love Chris, let’s go Buc’s

  11. Goatfarmer Says:

    Love Chris, but man I wish ByeMron would not talk. Maybe he could use sign language.

  12. Watzz Says:

    My man (in a Denzel voice)

  13. August 1976 Buc Says:

    Whenever Chris is semi-healthy, semi healthy because all the players have some kind of injurury they play through. then for how long will Chris play semi healthy and not miss more games?

    It is 4 years straight of Chris being Beat up. So how long until again?

    Hope he can just stay on the field.

    But the Chris pre injury 2019 is only a memory.

    Yeah you hope for the best.

    Well we may be seeing the best Chris will until he finishes his career with the Bucs.

    I sure hope its better, but I stopped thinking about an actual healthy Godwin 2 years ago.

    GO BUCS!!!!!

  14. garro Says:

    Now, hopefully, he has also learned how to protect his body and legs from cheap shot hits.

    Just dont play the Cheap shot artist slimy Saints. The NFL needs to do something about the shots to the knees these guys go for.