“Fully Engaged”

November 21st, 2022

A Tom Brady sitdown in Germany left one noted NFL voice in awe.

Great job by NFL Network voice Rich Eisen sharing his private time with Tom Brady before the Bucs-Seahawks game.

Eisen told his Roku audience last week about his gathering with Brady and fellow game broadcasters in Germany to talk all things Bucs. It’s known as a production meeting, where the broadcast team gets to pick the brains of top players and coaches so they can share insight during the game and sound especially intelligent.

Interestingly, Eisen noted Brady would not back off his Nov. 7 comments calling out the Bucs’ team effort for being poor on game days.

“He was chill but he was straight up honest,” Eisen added. “‘This is not the way we can play and this is not the way, you know, we want this to go.'”

Eisen also emphasized that Brady not only looks the part of a powerful franchise quarterback, he’s hungry like a three-year veteran with a strong supporting cast might be. “I saw a fully engaged guy,” Eisen said. “He looked like he was 22.”

Again, Joe will conclude that as of today, Brady wants to play next season. And more important, he’s 100 percent dialed in on marching the Bucs back to the Super Bowl this season.

24 Responses to ““Fully Engaged””

  1. gbobucsfan Says:

    Really looking forward to the home stretch of games! LFG

  2. Upstate NY Buc Says:

    Let’s start by not being complacent Sunday, and come out smoking!!! No letting up. Go Bucs!!

  3. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Next season?

    Joe…..people are just hoping he’ll make it fully through this season first.

    Futhermore, Byron Suckwich masterful on 1st downs “running up the gut” gameplan should bode well for Brady and his game play the rest of this season too (sarcasm).

  4. NEfan Says:

    Great, are the coaches dialed in? Brady can only do so much.

  5. Buc1987 Says:

    Anthem…you don’t speak for me…I still see why Brady’s in the top 5 in passing at 45 yrs old.

    I think he’ll be back next season too.

  6. BucsBro Says:

    It’s been a tough transition period with Arians gone and a new cast of characters for Brady. New O-Line, no Gronk, no AB, Godwin getting healthy, Lenny struggling.

    Now things are finally starting to get acceptable to Brady again. After the struggles.

    Why would he want to walk away now?

    Even if this season doesn’t end up as he wants (and it can still end up good), things should only get better moving forward. Godwin healthier, line better, White getting more carries, etc.

    Brady should settle in.

  7. Goatfarmer Says:

    HaG-less Brady is starting to make everyone around him feel it. Just hoping the head coach and O-coordinator don’t stuff it up and drain the energy like a reverse trickle charger.

  8. NEfan Says:

    Another SB win or loose he retires.

  9. Pewter Power Says:

    After an early game and a bye we will see. They have zero excuses, If the offense isn’t explosive after all this time off then it just won’t happen

  10. Redeemer Says:

    I’ve always contended Brady is driven by the fear of failure. That may sound stupid for a guy with 7 rings and 10 conference titles. I think he’s also afraid of life after football. As long as he’s playing at a high level, I think he continues to play. Marino, Montana, Manning, Elway and Brees just physically couldn’t do it anymore. I know Elway had a storybook ending, but the cliff was near. Brady has been able to stave that off with conditioning and self preservation tactics. I want him to play as long as he physically can. I’m a selfish fan. I think we all are to one degree or another. He always said he’ll stop when he sucks. If that’s true, he could legit play another 3 years at least.

  11. Where’s Realisto? Says:


  12. Duane Says:

    We burn this coaching staff at the stake and then expect all is well and Brady comes back next season? Cmon Man. Its now or never. This entire team will be a year older, and heavier in the bank account next season. There has to be a change since this one is 5-5 at the break. Its equally unimpressive that we have this record with the best passer in the NFC.

  13. Goatfarmer Says:

    Good points Duane.

    Hasn’t been much to be cheerful about this season so, we dream.

  14. gbobucsfan Says:

    Hopefully we are working on red zone offense during the Bye week

  15. Winfieldishim Says:

    I can’t wait to go to the game this weekend. Driving from Toronto Canada, and going to be so amped to watch our boys with fresh legs pound the browns while brissett is worrying about playing perfect since it’s his last week. Time for the defense to take advantage. Let’s go Bucs !

  16. J Thomas Says:

    I dont think it is selfish at all to want the guy to play as long as he wants to play. Brady has been the most gifted to play at this age at this level. A lot if them wish they could. To be able to do so and help the team achieve its goals is a blessing.

    I look at it like if you could turn pro at 20 would you? If you could do what you love until 50 would you?

  17. Goatfarmer Says:

    The Philly special. (Sarcasm)

  18. Youngbucs Says:

    Hey anthem is that your boy begging for playing time?

  19. NEfan Says:

    Duane, great point, I haven’t seen much change from the coaching staff. Every W has been a nail biter.

  20. Goatfarmer Says:

    I enjoy Rich Eisen who might actually be a good guy away from the cameras.

  21. DungyDance Says:

    Eisen also said during the broadcast that Brady told him Gronk is definitely not coming back. So according to that intel, close the book on all of that chatter. Otton starting to look good anyway.

  22. Davenport Says:

    Post Thanksgiving football is Brady time. Hopefully Bowles & Leftwich have enough sense to get out of his way and let him take the team over for the drive to the playoffs.

  23. garro Says:

    Goatfarmer Says:
    November 21st, 2022 at 4:51 pm

    The Philly special. (Sarcasm)

    I say we try it!

    ………..With Trask. (Also With just a bit of Sarcasm)

  24. BucU Says:

    What Davenport said. Do that.