Coaching Malpractice

November 27th, 2022

Worst game as Bucs head coach.

Before Joe gets rolling, let Joe first point out that Bucs coach Todd Bowles, who is in charge of the defense, had a solid gameplan.

The defense is not why the Bucs lost. Any time you hold an NFL team on the road to 17 points (in regulation) with Tom Brady, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Julio Jones on your team, you are and should be in good shape.

The rest of this game was squarely on Bowles and his inept offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

Why Bowles chose to not go for a first down on fourth-and-two from the 37 is gutless, losing football. And guess what happened?

Leftwich? Oh, please, this is yet another log on the fire of why this guy should have been launched back in October. Bucco Bruce Arians claims Leftwich is head coaching material — where, Lakewood Ranch High School?

Those two timeouts the Bucs saved on their final possession of regulation, whose stocking will those be stuffed in for Christmas, Jason Licht’s? Bryan Glazer’s?

Joe’s good friend Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders, when typing about lousy Lovie Smith, once wrote that never, ever underestimate how bad coaching drags down a good team.

Folks, we witnessed it today. Again.

And because of this sorry offensive coaching and play-it-to-the-vest style, the Bucs found themselves in overtime and lost the best tackle in football with a “gruesome” injury (so Jonathan Vilma said on the FOX broadcast). And maybe their Pro Bowl safety, too.

Joe hopes the coaching staff is proud of itself. Throwing away a win to the Browns — the Browns!

Frankly, the way this team is not coached up, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.

133 Responses to “Coaching Malpractice”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    bowles and leftwich both should be fired. he should no longer be hc next season, demote his ass.

  2. Richard Dickson Says:

    Trevor Lawrence and the Jags just put 28 up on the Ravens.

    We can’t break 20 against the Browns.

  3. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Bowles is good Def Cord material…….he’s just not fit to be a HC…..
    See the NY Jets as the perfect example……

  4. cmurda Says:

    If the next article isn’t about Todd Bowles being fired, then the Glazers have done a terrible injustice to first and foremost Bucs fans but secondly, any fans.

  5. Fishhawkbuc Says:

    More importantly, why no timeout utilization at the end of the 4th qtr? Ignorant.

  6. DungyDance Says:

    That confidence poll for Bowles is about to nosedive.

  7. Nicholas Carlson Says:

    Bowles has a career record of 31-47. He’s a loser. This is not a surprise. The surprise was Arians, a great coach, screwing over the franchise by forcing this loser on us. Glazers should have said no, you can’t hand pick your successor. That’s not how it’s done.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If we keep this coaching staff, I hope Brady retires.

  9. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    Joe how many times have you written the words coaching malpractice this year compared to even the Dirk and lovie years?

    It’s too hard to watch.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Team can’t overcome coaching

  11. FLyBoy8801 Says:

    Why in the world are we not playing to our strengths? We have the Greatest QB and the best WRs in the NFL. We are not a run first team. Go for broke and pass pass pass. Our RBs can compliment the passing game. TB is amazing in the hurry up and yet we dont use it as much as we should. Sad coaching decisions.

  12. rfdes Says:

    I agree totally. I have no desire to back into the playoffs just to get rolled by a wild card team.

  13. Erick Says:

    No Jensen, No Wirfs, old Brady, old Evans. This team isn’t going anywhere.

  14. Rod Munch Says:

    Bucs record if Arians was HC… look at the loses…

    Do they lose vs the Packers? No.
    Do they lose vs the Chiefs? Yes.
    Do they lose vs the Steelers? Hell no.
    Do they lose vs the Panthers? Hell no.
    Do they lose vs the Ravens? Probably not as they’d have put them away early, but you can at least argue it.
    Do they lose vs the Browns? LOL! NO.

    That’s 10-1.

  15. Marco Says:

    This coach is beyond stupid. Holding time outs? For the love of God why?
    I mean seriously why?

  16. Matt Says:

    Worst coached game I’ve ever seen

    Honestly he should be investigated for throwing the game. It was sabotage.

  17. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’m perfectly calm after this game. You guys are nutso. Anybody who truly watches football could see after that Steeler game we are not contenders this year. Bucs are pretty much well done. We will finish 8-9. We won ours for the decade 2 yrs ago. I figured this was going to happen. I even picked the Browns in my office football pool. Go Bucs!

  18. TB_MikeB Says:

    Time to blow it up

  19. Iamabuc Says:

    Just straight out pathetic….🤦‍♂️

  20. Leopold Stotch Says:

    I don’t even want to give him a chance with “his staff/people”. We had a winning staff and he absolutely craps the bed. Completely done with these guys. My lord.

  21. AmauryGuzman Says:

    What’s the best case scenario with Wirfs? A sprained? How bad did it look?

  22. LastDance Says:

    I think Joe needs to ask some real questions of Bowels and stop tiptoeing. Why do you coach to not lose. That is a losers mentality and infects the team like a plague

  23. Redeemer Says:

    Nothing like wasting the last year of Brady in pewter. This is on Licht for a terrible hire. Everyone knows what Bowles is, a bad HC.

  24. Will Says:

    As much as I wanna blame BL and Bowels for the lack of time management but dang we’ve got TB12 at QB I don’t understand why he just didn’t call it. Our situational football sucks. This team just isn’t good offensively right now. BL is totally too blame for that. No OT and we wouldn’t have lost Tristan.

  25. Mike Johnson Says:

    I’m sitting here LMAO at all of you Coulda/Woulda/Shoulda prognosticators. Go head..Knock yourselves out. Blame the coaches. Won’t make one bit of difference. You are what your record says you are.

  26. Don’t listen to what he Says:

    And no

    This clown didn’t call what was an obvious timeout to the rest of the world to win us the game at the end of regulation.

    Sorry. Done with this experiment.

    Bowles and Byron the Dunce need to go.

  27. Uncle Urk Says:

    My goodness! Welp! Brady will not make it through the season. That LT and now a backup RT. It’s going to be a turnstile.

  28. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Munich was an anomaly.

  29. Erik Hesson | Fine Artist | Founder of Says:

    ‘The Non-Timeout Heard Around the World’…

    And what it said is that we, as an organization, are stupid.

  30. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Glazers need to man up and fire Leftwich NOW. Bowles is bad too but he had the defense playing good enough to win. We need big changes on offense or we wasted Brady.

  31. Jonny Says:

    Bucs should have called a timeout when 1:15 was still left on the clock and Browns failed to gain yardage despite a completion on 3rd and goal. If Bowles called timeout, Bucs would have gotten the ball back with minimum 1 minute on the clock and 2 timeouts. Horrible game management should get Bowles fired and horrible offense should get Leftwich fired. But neither will happen because we are still the same ole Bucs.

  32. Richard Dickson Says:

    I really with the rest of the South was better so we’d be out of it and there’d be less reason not to blow this up.

  33. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    You know, it’s not just 11 games of proof that Bowles is not a competent HC. It’s 75 games! Bowles is 29-46! He declared before the season that he was not going to listen to anyone; rather, he was going to do things “his way.” It appears that meant play conservative and try to win close games with defense despite a prolific offense led by the GOAT. We should’ve won this game 27-10. The worst part is the owners are clueless, which is precisely the situation we were in before getting lucky by landing Arians and TB. If Brady stays another year, it will be for one reason: Sean Payton. Otherwise, stand by by for another lost decade.

  34. SC Bucs Fan Says:

    They can’t be fired and we all know why

  35. mord Says:

    What are they gonna do? Clean house and hire Sean Payton + OC midseason? Is that amount of change even feasible (logistically) in the midst of a “win now” season?

    What options are there? What could they do?

  36. ClwJB Says:

    Joe is spot on, out coached AGAIN!

    The offense and special teams are so poorly coached and have horrific play calling

    There is NO denying BA ran this team to a SB – Bowles and ham sandwich are not worthy of their positions

  37. Cchead Says:

    Bowles and “his” coaching staff cost Whirfs a blown out knee. He may never be the same. F*CK BOWLES. Never should have gone to overtime.

  38. Ko Kiefer Says:

    Barring some miracle finish to the season, Bowles and Leftwich will be fired. It has simply been horrendous coaching.

  39. Buc Wild Says:

    Todd Bowles as a HC is a disgrace to the NFL. This team has no chance with him calling the shots.

  40. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Mike Johnson wrong! Coaching matters. Holding players accountable. Play calling etc. This coaching staff is a cancer. They don’t know how to make adjustments.

  41. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    glazers please sell

  42. Don’t listen to what he Says:

    Bowles is a bumpkin. Sorry. His whole schtick is lacking both energy and brains.

    We are a disaster on full display.

  43. Rod Munch Says:

    Will – the QB calls timeouts when you’re rushing a play. There was no rush, Bowles is a coward, and by design, didn’t call a timeout. Brady saying, screw you head coach, I’m running the show, I’d have loved to see it, but that’s not who Brady is. He expects the coaches to do their job, just like he expects everyone else on the field to do their job. But Brady was spoiled under Bill and Arians, he’s never had to deal with coaching this bad.

  44. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Bowels and Leftover Sandwich are the 32nd best head coach and “offensive” coordinator in the NFL.

  45. Bowles a sad ass loser. Says:

    Fire the coaching staff now

  46. Kgh4life Says:

    This game illustrates the problem with the majority of defensive head coaches. It seems the Bucs want to establish the run but it’s to the detriment of the team. 3rd and longs are not a position to be in and the Bucs were in those situations too often.

  47. Jbeachbuc Says:

    Glazers looking to sell MAN U for 6 billion reports say… probably talk them into throwing the Bucs in as a package deal for another cool 1.5 billion…

  48. Tye Says:

    BAD BAD coaching is killing this talented roster!

  49. Bucs Fan Since ‘76 Says:

    Ooops. 25-46.

  50. T REX Says:

    The only that changed between Todd Bowles at Jets and now is his age

    Todd bowels is hot garbage


    Fire him now. He will never ever be a head coach again

  51. Cchead Says:

    Replay the Whirfs injury. Asshole who try to jump over his blocker came straight down on the back of Whirfs knee.
    Fire these poor excuse for coaches NOW.

  52. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    This really did come down to bad coaching today….the bucs had a bunch of chances today to close the door on the browns….but they didn’t





    This is just bad coaching…..especially against another not so good football…..because offensively and defensively, this team had the talent to easily beat the Browns…..but once again, this team beats itself with bad coaching.

  53. PaBucsFan Says:

    Wirfs injury is a direct result of poor coaching decisions by Bowles during regulation and poor a offensive game plan by Leftwich again. More than likely Wirfs is out for the season and probably part of next season. Two weeks off and this is the scheme they game up with to control Garrett and score under 20 points.

  54. cmurda Says:

    Wirfs was carted off. It looked like it would be an absolute shock if he’s not out the rest of the year. Little matters with that. This team isn’t coched. It’s going nowhere. This game solidified the obvious. We lost to the Panthers, Steelers, and now the hapless backup QB Browns. The rebuild can officially begin. Shoot, maybe the glazers might want to let Todd get us a good pick by staying coach and then axing him end of year. They never can coaches midway through though. The funniest part is that we are still in first place in our miserable division. That’s even worse.

  55. Erik Hesson | Fine Artist | Founder of Says:

    This team is coached DOWN, not UP…

    And where’s Brady’s head on that NON-TIMEOUT???

    Was that another 5th Down moment for Brady????

    WTF!! Welcome to Florida!!!!!!

  56. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Bowles and Leftwich showed their incompetence early and often. BA screwed over this franchise by handing them the keys and the Glazers signed off on it. Bowles is NOT head coach material. He’s proven it twice now and Leftwich (without BA) is clueless. Keeping these clowns is only delaying the inevitable search for a real HC. Let’s be real, this team is what it record says it is. They are not going on a win streak. They don’t deserve a playoff spot bc the division is trash. Even so, I don’t see them winning their division.

  57. BucDan Says:

    Does the team have any other toss plays than the one they’ve been running since 2018? Do they even run ANY other play out of that formation? Too predictable on offense and lack of killer instinct from HC, IMO.

  58. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Tank the season and please sell the team.
    This idiocy all starts w the owner clowns

  59. Cchead Says:

    Gi back and watch the Evans catch right before half. Todd Balless should have challenged that out of bounds call. Looked like Mike got both feet in.

  60. HC Grover Says:

    The Ecuador v Bolivia Kickball Game would be better than tat disaster.

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Leftwichs GALATIC INEPTNESS as a coach ended our season. As a DIRECT result of HIS incompetency at his job, he prolonged the game by allowing the Browns life. That in turn OFFICIALLY ended our season with the Wirf injury. Should have been in the locker room handing out game balls to Evans for 10k and any number of defensive players getting one, instead: he continued to prove to the UNIVERSE that not only is he not Head Coach material, obviously, he shouldn’t be commanding ANY part of any offense or team. He should be demoted to an “intern” position where he can overzealously celebrate each touchdown with a flying sideline chest bump like the other sideline coaches in their skinny jeans.

  62. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    0% chance Brady returns

  63. Toilet Bowles Says:

    “Diversity is our strength”

  64. unbelievable Says:

    Agreed 100%

    The Trio of Ineptitude (Bowles, Leftwich, Armstrong) has got to go.

    They are sloppy, clueless, soft and uninspiring. And the play of the team reflects this.

  65. Thomas Edrington Says:

    Terrible Todd + Bumbling Byron = 5-6

    Easy math

  66. firethecannons Says:

    agee completely with Joe

  67. Texas Bucs Fan Says:

    Everything always starts at the top, starting at the top & it flows downhill. The Glazers are responsible for the GM, coaches & players. Inept management..

  68. Deck14 Says:

    Dear Glazer family,

    Please for the love of god and every season ticket holder – fire Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich tonight. Meet them on the tarmac in Tampa and relieve them off both of all coaching duties effective immediately. I’m literally sick to my stomach after watching Todd and Bryon fumble f*ck their way through that fourth quarter.

    If you don’t fire both of them, you are giving every Bucs fan and especially your season ticket holders the middle finger. We were outcoached in every aspect of the game today. Truly disappointing and completely avoidable.


    Loyal crew member and season ticket holder

  69. Jeff Says:

    Clueless Todd and Leftwhich the Clown strike again!!!!

  70. Kentucky Buc Says:

    Been saying it all year. This is Bowles ball. Trying to grind out games under 20 points. This was some of the worst situational football I’ve ever seen. Undisciplined players are a direct result of coaching. Trying to sit on a 7 point lead. Ridiculous. Tampa Bay Jets.

  71. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    You couldn’t pay me to go to a game.
    Time to get a new hobby.
    This team is a model of negativity, stupidity and greed

  72. HC Grover Says:

    Maybe we could talk Musk in to buying the team and firing the Clowns.

  73. Bucs Fan in Madtown Says:

    So much for playing your best football after Thanksgiving. Disappointing game from Evans. He looked off. He and Brady are not on the same page. Defense played well, but didn’t have killer instinct to get off the field on third down later in game. Clock management at end of regulation awful. Offense sratrted running four minute offense with 14 minutes to go. What are the chances the Glazers are reaching out to Sean Peyton through back channels? Maybe the only way to convince Brady to stay in Tampa for another year.

  74. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Any words on Wirfs? How bad did it look?

  75. Rod Munch Says:

    It’s remarkable who nothing has ever taken Brady down until now. That’s how terrible these two idiots running this team are.

    Every good head coach in football should demand a raise, and just point to Bowles and Leftwich as the reason and ask if anyone else would want these two losers running their team.

    For next year, once Brady is gone, go ahead and keep these idiots in place since you’ll be playing for the #1 overall pick anyways, so why pay someone else to lose? Plus, if you’re trying to get the #1 pick, these two dipspits are your best chance. That’s why you keep them around.

  76. Cchead Says:

    MJ…you are what your record says you are. Todd Balless is 28-46. He sucks. Period. And cost Wirfs, best RT his knee.

  77. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Assuming we fire Bowels and his staff, what coach worth a crap is going to want to come to this dumpster fire next year?

  78. DaPostman Says:

    Game was lost on that non attempt on 4th and 2 from Cleveland’s 37 yard line.

    Showed no heart. This team has no heart and it showed big today.

  79. Vlad The Impaler Says:

    Been a fan since Wyche.
    Much , much , much better things to do with my time.
    Call me when the glazers sell


  80. Cchead Says:

    Great game coach. After a f*cking bye.

  81. I want out Says:

    Same old Bucs
    Can’t score points
    Can’t get first downs
    With the games theirs to put away and with the opposing team shooting themselves in the foot with huge penalties late we still find a way to F($k it up.
    Great Job guys thanks for wasting my Sunday.

  82. IrishTony Says:

    Brady was part of the problem but the play calling was f**ed up when we had 2nd and six at the 40 why not a sweep or run vs a downfield shot. Somebody’s not understanding simple game management/playcalling and ways to sustain drives. We’re still in first placeLOL

  83. adam from ny Says:

    that clock mgmt was clown sh!t…

    tommy b should smack the sh!te out of him in the locker room

  84. Craig Says:

    You can not even call it a good defensive scheme. If you put Devin White in coverage, you know he will screw it up; and he did.

    You do not let receivers get behind you in the end zone.

  85. The Big Sombrero Says:

    Glazers, please end this nitemare and let BL and TB go!!!!
    We don’t deserve this as fans.

  86. mark2001 Says:

    Bowles is what we saw in New York.

  87. Stormy Says:

    Hope the Glazers clean house at the end of the year and bring in an actual NFL calibre head coach. Bowles is a loser.

  88. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Mike Evans couldn’t catch a cold in the rain, in November, in Cleveland.

  89. mark2001 Says:

    Actually, unless something beyond our wildest imagination happens, I think we will have a new HC and many new in the staff. The Glazers can’t afford to allow this thing to go too far down. Give Bowles and Lefty another year, and there might be little left to start the rebuild. And we need a serious evaluation of QB position, with Brady leaving. And who in their right mind would trust Bowles with that?

  90. Dave in Winter Park, Fla Says:

    Joe, I told you 2 months ago that Todd Bowles Coaches like DOG SH#T ❗️And Special Ed TARD Bryon Leftwich is 🤡❗️When you lose to the Cleavland Clowns 🤡 you reach Rick bottom. Ask Ira Kaufman who’s the worst coach in Bucs history Lehman Bennett (1985-86) or Toilet Bowls ❗️Kaufman was the Bucs Beat Writer for AP in 1985, So if any body knows the Bucs history, it’s Ira. By the way folks, I’ve known Ira since 1988, Thanks. Dave Corcoran. 2018 Westgate Super Contest, Winter Park, Florida. Follow me @benmaller.

  91. Roc Says:

    So Ya say there is a problem with the Coaching????





  92. Michael Poluzzi Says:

    Give Jimmie johnson a call he ain’t far besides it would be cool to see if the cannon blast could even mess up the great j.j.’s hair

  93. D-Rok Says:

    I watched the Niners during their dynasty…they were always competitive despite the talent on the Cowboys. Then I watched the Pats during their dynasty, they were always competitive. Now Brady goes to the Bucs with a loaded roster, and they…aren’t competitive this year.

    I just don’t understand THIS team, this year. It shouldn’t be this bad. I can handle a loss if my team is COMPETITIVE, they fight, scratch and claw, yet lose because the opponent is more inspired than my team.

    This team, this year, they just don’t want it. They play average and that’s very difficult to get behind, to root for. Us fans want our team to elevate and bring us out of our own shortcomings, to give us something to root for – and it hasn’t happened yet this year.

    Could the Bucs, like 2020, reverse course and become “good?” Sure it’s possible. But with each passing game of mediocre play, it’s becoming increasingly likely.

    I was rooting for a team to reach above and to overcome. It hasn’t happened yet, and that’s sad.

    Sadly…eh…go the bucs and stuff.

  94. Kentucky Buc Says:

    This team went from no risk it no biscuit to please don’t beat us in 1 year.

  95. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    We all agree to fire Bowels and Leftover Sandwich. I repeat my prior question. Who ya gonna get? Who wants to come here? You don’t think Payton is really coming, do you?

  96. orlbucfan Says:

    How about either unfreezing the mental capacities of the vaunted QB? He lost this game today.

  97. orlbucfan Says:

    Delete either. Typo.

  98. D-Rok Says:

    I’m not saying I won’t follow the Bucs till the end, but right now, I’m feeling a sense of disappointment, a sense of that this season is a lost cause, even if we make the playoffs.

    This game broke my hope for my team.

    Sorry bros – real talk.

  99. bucfan999 Says:

    The Glazers & Jason Light should take notice of this.

    Bowles & Leftwich have lost the fans. The last time I witnessed this in Tampa was when Greg Schiano was Head Coach.

    Bowles & Leftwich need to go, if either of them is back next season you will be lucky to have 30,000 fans in the stands.

  100. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    Bucs 2023 marketing slogan will be: “Plenty of Good Seats Available!”

  101. Darin Says:

    Firehim Leftwich. I’m done watching that show. Two weeks to prepare and he comes up with that. Malpractice is right

  102. Bucschamp Says:

    Bad Loss after a bye week

  103. Roc Says:

    This team in Mirroring the Raheem Team

    No discipline

    Playing Half – A

    No Care.

    All the adds up to “A Players Coach”. Death sentence to any team

  104. Onetrickpony Says:

    Ya’ll throw that word Coach, around pretty loose dont you.
    Besides I didn’t know we had any
    I say fire them both and throw Darden out with them.

  105. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Nicholas Carlson Says:
    “The surprise was Arians, a great coach, screwing over the franchise by forcing this loser on us.”

    Bruce Arrogance has ruined the enthusiasm that we had to see him put into the ring of honor. You are exactly right.

  106. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Alvin Scissors Harper Says:
    Bucs 2023 marketing slogan will be: “Plenty of Good Seats Available!”

    Alternate slogan:
    “Joke’s on you! We forced you to buy 2 years!”

  107. SufferingSince76 Says:

    The Glazers and management should be ashamed of letting Brady’s last year as a Buc (why would h come back?) turn out this way. Just a sad situation.

  108. Rob Singer Says:

    You want Affirmative Action hiring for the Bucs coaches? You GOT it!

  109. Patrickbucs Says:

    We’re not getting Sean Payton, even if he wanted to come here. He’s under contract through 2024.

  110. faspro Says:

    They don’t deserve to be on top of their division, and it’s all because of bad leadership.

  111. Rod Munch Says:

    Hunter’s Crack Pipe Says:
    November 27th, 2022 at 5:37 pm
    Alvin Scissors Harper Says:
    Bucs 2023 marketing slogan will be: “Plenty of Good Seats Available!”

    Alternate slogan:
    “Joke’s on you! We forced you to buy 2 years!”


    HAHAHA! I forgot all about that!

    What a great scam! The Glazers aren’t billionaires for nothing. Not even hating, I got nothing but respect for having the balls to do that and pull it off.

  112. Rod Munch Says:

    Patrickbucs Says:
    November 27th, 2022 at 5:51 pm
    We’re not getting Sean Payton, even if he wanted to come here. He’s under contract through 2024.


    And there is no way the Saints would trade him in the NFC South.

    Plus, why the world would he want to come here and coach Kyle Trask next year? LOL! No, he’s not coming here.

    Also he’s still mad the Bucs broke his leg.

  113. NEfan Says:

    The Bucs tickets prices are dropping lower than Biden & Harris’s approval rating.

  114. Frank Pillow Says:

    This is what two weeks of preparation under Todd and Byron looks like—all I want for X-Max is for this staff to be one and done. Zero creativity. No innovation.

  115. Karen Mills Says:


  116. DaPostman Says:

    Karen, your caps key is on.

  117. Keith Henig Says:

    This year’s team is awful to watch. May accidentally win the Division, but the play calling is trash. If BA wants to come downstairs and coach these guys, I would be very good with that.

  118. orlbucfan Says:

    Where all you weirdos coming from? I’ve been on Bucs blogs for years. You are just a bunch of idiot trolls and clicks cos you sure aren’t Bucs fans.

  119. Oneilbuc Says:

    I thought the quarterback wins and losses games . So no accountability for Brady ??

  120. Barbara Roopenian Says:

    Tom Brady is out. I have watched his whole career and the end of that fourth quarter was the worst time management I have ever seen. Fire the coaches.

  121. Will Says:

    Rod: I get your point about Brady not just saying F it and calling the TO his self but dang how it would’ve possibly saved the game and Whirfs. Brady had a few costly misses today as well. I wonder if BL knows any other patterns to send Evans on. 🤔
    How does Cade Otton come up big when Brate is gone and then you decide to not call his number when Brate comes back. Smh piss poor offensive play calling. I’m not sure who who’s call the offense if they fired BL but I’d LOVE to find out. Lol

  122. Crickett Baker Says:

    LOL. I bet Chris Collingsworth would make a good HC. He seems to know how to call great plays, anyway. I used to LOVE watching him play.

  123. Carl L Says:

    Our deep threat is a slow tired guy that hand fights with the DB all the way down the field, begs the ref for a call every play, refuses to reach out for the ball. He sure used to go get them. I think he’s thinking about retirement. He gets single coverage from a third rate corner. Way too many passes wasted on our guy this game.

  124. Carl L Says:

    Brady needs to give up on his present deep threat and find another. Evans would rather fight with DBs than catch passes. All his tattoos have made him a tooo tough guy.

  125. Paul M Says:

    In his press conference Stefanski should have taken a quote from Vikings coach Denny Green from years ago “they are who we thought they were”. Which is a 5-5 team. Everybody was talking up the Bucs for the past two weeks but they must have forgotten “they are who we thought they were” … a lower tier below average team with a fading superstar QB and an apathetic and uninterested all pro receiver (Evans) and a dead man walking offensive line. And Brady thought his divorce was ugly…wait until he tries to finish this season. YIKES.

  126. captivajim Says:

    Evans caught 2 of 9 passes thrown to him for 31 yrds .. he was covered 0ne-on-one by a rookie (emerson jr) and could not get separation !!!!!!

    we don’t have a deep threat …

  127. captivajim Says:

    What dis Arians say when he “retired” ; he wanted to give Todd a good chance to prove he was HC material succend now that Brady returned…

    I guess that hasn’t played out for anyone !!!!!!

  128. E.Vi. Says:

    Who’s idea was it for coaching change should get fired. Last year was the last best year for probably another 5-10 years. Most of the top players we have are going to leave Tampa as we will be laughingstock again

  129. steven a mar Says:

    Sadly ownership is choosing woke over winning apparently you can’t have both

  130. Eric b Says:


  131. Joe Morello Says:

    Thanks Joe! I’m proud to be on your blog after that honest , true, and compelling description of THE worst coached team in the NFL. Byron and Boles combined with the Glaser family should all be fired and have no business in the NFL….I can honestly say I am now a former Bucs fan.

  132. Joe Morello Says:

    Oh…and Arians is a big Jerk for praising Leftwich with the ridiculous statement that he should be a head coach in the NFL. Hey Bruce…you’re frickin mind is fried in your old age man. Brady put YOU on the map man. Stay retired dude….

  133. Steven L. Benner Says:

    Next is the Saints then the 49ers & the Bengals!!! Future not looking so good!!! This team this Season is a disaster and Brady is looking worse & worse every week. What was that play all about with Brady running and trying to catch a pass in the Seattle game??!!! Then kept getting sacked in the Browns game!!!! Stupid calls and poor protection – Not stopping the clock ??!!! We lost an entire down!!! Brady should know better with all of his experience! Todd Toilet BOWLES & Byron LEFTNUT just stand there and watch their team crumble!!!! They Need to GO!!!! The game never should have gone into Overtime – Tristian Wirfs got hurt because of Poor Coaching!!! BRING BACK CHUCKY & BRUCE ARIANS-