Browns 23, Buccaneers 17 (Overtime)

November 27th, 2022

If you love ugly, underachieving football, then this Bucs team is for you.

Our beloved Buccaneers dropped their record to 5-6 in a sad, sad struggle against a weaksauce Browns team this afternoon. Yeah, the Bucs lost in overtime — to the bumbling Browns.

Tampa Bay had multiple chances on offense to close the game out in regulation but failed to score on its final five drives — five punts plus the second half ending on a Hail Mary pass.

One fourth-quarter punt was Todd Bowles being too scared to play to win. Thanks, Coach. Joe is sure Team Glazer loved you taking the ball out of Tom Brady’s hands at the Cleveland 37 yard line on 4th-and-2 on a drive that could have put the game away.

The Bucs’ repeated fourth-quarter failures opened the door for Browns running back Nick Chubb to get one last shot to run the ball down the Bucs’ throat — and he did. Cleveland tied the game with a six-play, 43-yard drive and Tom Brady couldn’t pull off a game-winning drive in regulation.

Overtime brought more ugly football — two more punts — and one of the most embarrassing losses of the season. …It’s been a season full of embarrassment.

The Bucs, of course, set out to stop the run today and allowed Cleveland 189 yards on 34 carries.

Joe is furious on so many levels, mostly because the Bucs are a bad team.

In this crazy season, the Bucs still lead the NFC South after Atlanta (5-7) lost in Washington.

127 Responses to “Browns 23, Buccaneers 17 (Overtime)”

  1. regulator16 Says:

    Piss poor coaching and clock management. I’m over Bowles

  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    If these bucs cannot beat the lowly Browns…..forget the playoffs

  3. FairMinded Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Fire Leftwich

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Bad coaching again too

  6. King C Says:

    No way the Bucs deserved to be a 3.5 point favorite on the road. On to the next game

  7. Buc king Says:

    Fire all coaches

  8. Leighroy Says:

    Defeat from the jaws of victory

  9. HC Grover Says:

    The Bozo and Lefty Clown Show lost not the players. Hey Joe how many seeds are there?

  10. EagleEye2020 Says:


  11. Cchead Says:

    Don’tet this coaching staff on the plane ride home.

  12. DoooshLaRue Says:

    Extend ME13 and Durable Donnie TODAY!
    We are lucky to have them.

    Heck, throw some more cash to CD24 while your at it.

  13. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Tom Brady might as well retire now

  14. ModHairKen Says:

    They can either admit Bowles was a mistake and Leftwich is incompetent or they can watch the ticket sales decrease.

  15. James West Says:

    We going nowhere this season. Coaching sux

  16. FairMinded Says:

    Bowles deserved to be canned too. But Leftwich is TOO predictable and just plain BAD at his job. Why Arians and the team lied to everyone about him calling plays the past couple years is completely beyond me. FIRE LEFTWICH. Start somewhere.

  17. Jugheadfla Says:

    Wirfs done for the season…..season is over….moving on

  18. BigMacAttack Says:

    Leftwich and Brady both need to go.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The team can’t overcome Bowles and Leftwich

  20. Fire Todd Bowles Says:

    If the coaching staff wasn’t beyond garbage, the Bucs could’ve scored more than 17 points in this game.

    In other words, NO OT, Bucs Win, Tristian Wirfs is not out for the year. Season Saved.

    Remember when Bowles elected to delay of game + punt instead of kick a 55-yard field goal OR go for it on 4th and 2 in Browns territory?

    This coaching staff is dangerous to the players. They need to be fired ASAP before more guys lose their careers.


  21. I’m not tired anymore we just won the Super Bowl!! Says:

    Unless the Bucs make a drastic move I’m not going to another game. Horrible coaching. Not acceptable coming off a bye week

  22. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    This shouldn’t be surprising. Boron Leftwich has been awful all season, and Todd Bowles has not been able to get the best out of his players, not to mention terrible time management. Todd Bowles is a great DC and not more… Boron Leftwich shouldn’t be part of an NFL coaching staff. Bucs fans are used to ineptitude.. what makes this sad is wasting Brady in what is likely his last year for the Bucs. RIP

  23. Nater Says:

    Leftwitch is trash. Game should have out of reach for the browns midway through the 4th quarter. Too bad Brady and his ego had to run Arians out.

  24. Tye Says:

    SUCKY OC play calling!…. Way to many 3 and outs…. RIDICULOUS!

  25. Jeff Yoemans Says:

    Fire Leftwich

  26. Cchead Says:

    How many of you guys on this site gave Todd Balless a confident vote on the last poll. Dude sucks

  27. mark2001 Says:

    No Brady next year. This team is going nowhere in the playoffs. Bucs and Packers, do yourself a favor. Play the young guy the rest of the year at QB, see what you have for the future, and prepare to rebuild.

  28. BigMacAttack Says:

    How embarrassing. This team is a joke. I hope Wirfs is ok. No more playoffs for this team unless some changes are made fast.

  29. QBKilla Says:

    Another 17 point “outburst” by Byron’s offense. How much longer are we going to have to watch this crap?

  30. Redeemer Says:

    Some of the worst situational football I’ve ever seen. Why they didn’t call that time out is inexplicable. Throw in a pile of three and outs, and you lose to a 3-7 team. They aren’t going anywhere

  31. AmauryGuzman Says:

    This team has some of the worse losses. Anyway no doubt most disappointing team of 2022. Screw this coaching staff

  32. Bucco-arnie Says:

    You need to get rid of this whole regime… That was one of the worst coach games I’ve ever seen… Cost Tristan Wirfs probably the season… This coaching staff has got to go… And if that means Ariens with them then so be it

  33. Colonel Angus Says:

    We’ll probably still win the division, but it will end that first playoff game.

  34. jay adams Says:

    Lefty the playcaller getting exposed by 1 of the worst Defenses in the league. 90% of the plays r so predictable

  35. PSL Bob Says:

    What was up with White? He was running like a man with a rocket up his butt in the first half. In the second half he was tentative and looked like he was dragging around a 200 lb weight.

  36. Jason Says:

    Yup punting on that 4th and 2 not going for it was terrible. Losing football

  37. IE Buc Says:

    Fire Bowles. Fire Leftwich. Fire Licht. They all need to go. They are an ol’ boys club where there is no accountability.

    GM Jason is incable of firing his buddies. If Bowles was competent, he would have fired BL by now.

  38. AmauryGuzman Says:

    How bad did the Wirfs injury look?

  39. LVMYBUCS Says:

    Doing to the Bucs what he did to the Jets

  40. Will Says:

    FIRE BL!
    Mike Evans got shut down today becomes frustrated and stops trying for the ball.
    No need to end the game with timeouts left unless you’re winning.
    Brady missed some key throws today but not enough to be the reason we lost.
    I blame all that the piss poor play calling and lack of clock management. Again FIRE BL

  41. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Oh and probably lost Wirfs

  42. mark2001 Says:

    Bucs worst professional football team in Florida right now. Look at Jacksonville today, fighting their rears off against the Ravens. Rebuild time.

  43. Dubski Says:

    Fire the whole coaching staff. Promoting Bowels without looking for other options first was bad business anyways now we are paying for it with this bs.

  44. Tony1775 Says:

    Darden fair catch with defenders 30 yards away set up Browns with great field position and they went in to tie. Darden is terrible

  45. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t be mad. its called football. Most of us ole heads knew after the Steelers game we were not going anywhere this year. Besides we won our one SB for the decade 2 yrs ago. Give the Browns credit, They hung in there and played hard.
    The better TEAM won today. We had more than our chances to win.

  46. BucDan Says:

    Bad scheme on offense against two of the premier DEs in the league and I counted only a handful of chips on the edge. Just can’t happen.

    Cade Otton has breakout games and then we don’t get him the ball at all. I love brate, but time to let the young gun play as starter.

    Brady can’t hit mike deep and it hurts my feelings.

    And another game of too many head penalties and miscues.

  47. Curse of Gruden Says:

    If it’s not obvious to you at this point, you should be watching girls basketball on Sunday afternoons – Leftwich has to go.

  48. Lini Says:

    Poor Tom, came back from an unwanted retirement for this B.S.!

    If Tom plays next year it won’t be for the Bucs. Terrible coaching and undisciplined team that continues to make stupid and costly penalties.

    Tom, thanks for the memories!

  49. rfdes Says:

    This team is pathetic and I’m embarrassed, I have no confidence. I had a bad feeling that we were once again ‘full-of ourselves’ and thought we would simply win without a championship effort. It pains me to say this but so much wasted talent. Just makes no sense.

  50. AmauryGuzman Says:

    I feel bad though for the defense. How many times did the offense get the ball to try and win the game or ice the game? How many times?!!!!!!!!

  51. Matt Says:

    Bowles punted from the Cle 37

    Bowles didn’t call a TO on a running clock on a final drive with Tom Brady with three timeouts and a running clock (~25 secs)

    He was actively trying to lose the game. Only explanation

  52. Gofortheface30 Says:

    This is the worst loss in the history of the franchise. This will either force Brady to retire or go to another team. Coaching was a disgrace, play calling lead to overtime and our best football player to get injured and likely out for the yr. This play calling has had the kind of trickle down effect that no other loss has ever had. This is a complete disaster. Someone needs to get f’ing fired. This is completely unacceptable

  53. PSL Bob Says:

    The whole team was off. Brady missed passes he normally makes. And to add insult to injury, we lose Wirfs, our best o-lineman. In OT no less.

  54. Tye Says:

    Jim Harbaugh and Jimmy G could do WAY more with this team next year!

  55. Bucco2 Says:

    Fire them now!

  56. Richard Says:

    This team is sorry…from the top down. It’s clear that Bowles is in over his head….no guts on that 4th and 2 you mentioned …let’s 12 valuable seconds run off the clock to keep 2 TO unused? Lunacy and incompetence!!!!

  57. AmauryGuzman Says:

    I am starting to wonder if evans has lost a step.

  58. unbelievable Says:

    Oh and LOFL at Brady coming back here for another season.



  59. mark2001 Says:

    And Angus… as a playoff team, your draft pick drops way down in the round below any team not in the playoffs… right?

  60. SOGGY Says:

    lovie ball so sad

  61. PSL Bob Says:

    The biggest problem was offensive play calling. Jeez Louise! And Darden has returned to full form. This game really sucked.

  62. BucU Says:

    This organization is no longer “our beloved Bucs”.
    I refuse to support incompetence. You guys ready for the Bowles press conference?
    He’s a total unequivocal DISASTER.
    I won’t waste my breath describing Leftwich’s talent as an OC. This team isn’t getting another millisecond of support from me until they’re gone.

  63. 97 bucBaby Says:

    Once again I’ll say it THE Buccaneers SEASON IS OFFICIALLY OVER. even if Brady returns to us next yr which I highly doubt especially if Bowles is coaching start Trask or Bortles from here on out. no need to get Brady killed. You think our Oline was bad wheew. Bout time to draft a premier Left Tackle I guess an argument for another day. And if your a real bucs fan then you knew deep down we was gonna let the browns score to tie the game lmao only the BUCS as well lose 13 people to injury ain’t no telling who else hurt

  64. Bowles is a bitch Says:


  65. Youngbucs Says:

    Why the f*ck did Darden fair catch the punt before the browns tying touchdown. He had all day and massive green in front of him.

  66. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Factory of sadness.

  67. Crack3rK Says:

    Lefty is done! Bowles? Call Bruce.

  68. BradentuckeyBuc Says:


  69. mark2001 Says:

    Worst professional football team in Florida right now. Let that sink in.

  70. Redeemer Says:

    PSL.Bob, the browns adjusted the bucs didn’t. Simple as that.

  71. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Todd Bowles left 2 time outs on the board at the end of the second half, and cost the offense at least 2 plays. Should have never ended that half on a hail Mary. Horrible.

    Todd Bowles punted from the Cleveland 37 yard line on 4th and two. That’s not playing to win.

    Leverett looks like he’s playing with an injured shoulder.

    Garrett wore Smith out.

  72. Pelsbuc61 Says:

    Seattle game was just a mirage as I thought. This team is poorly coached on so many levels. Wirfs is probably done and this team will not sniff the playoffs. This is what happens when you keep this band of clown coaches and GM.

  73. Rod Munch Says:

    If Arians walked into the building tomorrow, said, just kidding, I’m not retired, I’m the head coach again, this team would be a SB contender.

    The coaching situation is literally that bad right now. Gutless, cowarderly coaching has destroyed this team. Just put someone in charge who isn’t a complete idiot and everything would turn around tomorrow. Literally tomorrow.

    There is nothing wrong with this team that can’t be fixed with a few minor changes. Just mix up the offensive play calling and stop being completely predictable. Then get a head coach who isn’t a complete coward, who isn’t punting from the other teams 40, who uses his timeouts and doesn’t play for OT.

    The coaching situation is critical here. These are loser coaches, Bowles and Leftwich, they’re literally morons. I don’t mind Bowles as DC but he’s clearly overmatched as the HC. Leftwich should have never got the job and I’ve called for him being fired since 2019, because he’s ultra predictable and never lets the offense get into a flow.

    Those two losers have nearly cost the team this season, with the only saving grace being this awful NFC South.

    There is still time to fix things, and by that, I mean fire Bowles and Leftwich, which will not happen, so, season over.

  74. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Why can’t they fire someone from this incompetent coaching staff? They have 3 awful Ls!!!!!!!!!

  75. FairMinded Says:

    I don’t know how anyone blames Brady or ANY player for this loss. It’s TERRIBLE and WEAK pansy coaching and playcalling. First down, run, second down- screen or run, third down – short throw. Punt. Almost without fail. Leftwich is completely out of his depth. A Madden PlayStation novice would call a game with more variation. And with more BALLS. Just weak

  76. EricTheViking Says:

    Affirmation action at it’s finest.

  77. Tampabuscsbro Says:

    So any reason we should just keep watching?

    Are our coaches into sadomasochism or stupid? I don’t know.

  78. HC Grover Says:

    Hey Fire Todd Bowls….those were only a few of his Blunders today. Bozo and the Blunderneers. He needs a big red nose.

  79. Rod Munch Says:

    If Arians was still the head coach, this team would be 10-1 right now.

    Go through, game by game, and tell me where I’m wrong.

  80. Davenport Says:

    JOE … do you think there is any chance the Glazers cut Bowles & Leftwich loose tomorrow?

  81. Patron Saint of Anger Says:

    If I was Brady and wanted to play next season, there’s no way I would play in Tampa under Toilet let me end the game with time outs in my pocket Bowles. This loss is squarely on his utter incompetence and mismanagement of the clock on what should have been the game’s final drive. Everything that happened in overtime including Wirf’s injury is solely on him because they should never have been in overtime to begin with.

  82. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Hey Rod Munch what’s the best case scenario with Wirfs?

  83. Gofortheface30 Says:

    In my 30 yrs or so of watching football religiously, I’ve never been so mad after a loss. Fans, media, idc who it is. They should demand answers. Actions need to be taken. Someone, somebody needs to answer for this. This kid glove treatment to Bowles and Leftwich (because reasons) needs to be over

  84. FairMinded Says:

    Agree Rod!

  85. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Leighroy Says:
    “Defeat from the jaws of victory.”

    Channeling Chris Berman.

  86. ElioT Says:

    Just imagine this team next year without Brady (and many others) and zero cap space.

    Anyone trust Bowels & Byron to do more with less?

    We’re looking at years and years in the basement. Again!!!!!

  87. BomTrady Says:

    Redeemer, that is coaching, period. Actually, that is what coaches are paid to do, adjust.

  88. mark2001 Says:

    Jags go for 2 and lead the Ravens with 14 seconds left. And rising. Bucs, worst professional football team in Florida. Period.

  89. BomTrady Says:

    Just think, Brady sacrificed his marriage for this. That speaks volumes about something, maybe several things.

  90. Wild Bill Says:

    Sorry to say there is no doubt the Bucs suck. Coaching? Sure. Players not good enough? Absolutely. Party over? Totally.

  91. #1bucsfan Says:

    I am a complete die hard Bucs fan but after today I will not- can not- watch them anymore. The coaching is an insult to the fan base and tragically — the players. We should seriously release Brady on the off chance he can maybe get signed by a playoff team. The disparity in the level of coaching between the Bucs and our opponents is incredible. The losses to the under 500 teams were each and everyone on coaching. I’m out …and sadly I may not come back..

  92. Dreday Says:

    Brady is having an ok season but it’s clear that both sides need to move on. His body language is so poor and it’s reflecting on the rest of the offense. The days of the immobile quarterbacks are over. We don’t have speed at WR and they can’t get separation. When they do Brady misses the throw. ST coaches suck and leftwich is not a nfl coordinator.

  93. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Nothing is gonna change because the coaching staff is gonna stay the same.

  94. orlbucfan Says:

    Well, nothing like watching a dinosaur QB lose the game. How many more episodes of Tom Brady costarring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are we Bucs fans going through? Brady sure looked like fossiled sh1t. He better be history after this season. Plus, he cost us Wirfs.

  95. mark2001 Says:

    Jags beat the Ravens. A team on the rise. Bucs… Rebuilding.

  96. bucfan999 Says:

    God, I miss Bruce Arians!

    What Bowles & Leftwich give weekly is Embarrassing & Boring With Piss Poor Playcalling.

    The really sad part of all this is that in all likelihood we are probably stuck with Bowles next year & possibly Leftwich as well as I can’t see any owner handing the keys to a multi-billion dollar football team to Byron Leftwich so we are probably stuck with as well. I feel sorry for Kyle Trask, his career is probably doomed with Leftwich calling the shots on offense for him

  97. Yucs2Bucs Says:

    GUZMAN your finally realizing Evans isn’t the same and besides 2 games has been not very good !!! He effen gave up on that play and they’ve been out of sync all year. They never should have been in overtime, but Bowles, Leftwich, and the female coaches wanted to sit on a 7 point lead. I will be so happy to see Brady leave and if they don’t take Leftnut and Balless with them it’s going to be bad bad .. They just destroyed WHIRFS for the year !!! AS FANS ITS TIME TO BOYCOTT UNTIL CHANGES ARE MADE and it’s starts with Licht to the female coaching staff

  98. tampabayallday Says:

    The entire coaching staff needs to go. Failure on all sides. Leftwich leading the way.

  99. NEfan Says:

    I have watched a LOT of football and played in some bad games but the Bucs are by far the worst team I ever forced myself to watch. 1st down runs, sideline screens causing 2nd & longs is just brutal. Sorry but Evan’s and Davis should not get off the hook, some those over throws to Evan’s weren’t over throws Evan’s couldn’t get to them. He is SLOW, 2rd string DB??? WHY other than Godwin can’t these WR get separation? And who’s idea was it to sit Otton? Brate is done. If they don’t fire someone this team goes no where!!! Got to go I feel another vomit coming up.

  100. mark2001 Says:

    BF999. I don’t think Bowles will likely last another year. The Jets example wasn’t an aberration. Even the Glazers can see that now.

  101. Buc4evr Says:

    Brady looked pretty bad in the 3rd and 4th quarter. He was not making the throws. Old and slow. BL sucked but so did TB12.

  102. Alvin Scissors Harper Says:

    The Bowels/Leftover Sandwich tandem is an epic failure. We’re headed back to the Richard Williamson era.

  103. mark2001 Says:

    I find it so interesting that the Bucs and Packers are basically in the same place. Both will need to rebuild at the QB position. But the Packers are maybe a year ahead, because they got value for Adams and didn’t trade away picks to fill holes like we did. News for you guys if you don’t know already… the Bucs are the worst Professional football team in the state right now.

  104. orlbucfan Says:

    Well, the fossil at QB lost this game in OT. I guess he blew his TV debut of Tom Brady Costarring the Tampa Bay Bucs. Is he suffering from arthritis of the body/brain? And you Brady groupies, explain his mental arthritis.

  105. mark2001 Says:

    BTW… since the Packers have basically no chance to make the playoffs this year, they will probably have much higher draft picks than we will. Oh well. Recreation of the Den of Depression.

  106. I want out Says:

    This team has ruined any joy a fan can experience on Sundays or any other day they play. At this point get Jameis back under contract, i don’t need anymore false hope we might actually string together some wins and be relevant. Team is a joke.

  107. mark2001 Says:

    Jameis? LOL. Time to rebuild… not return to the crazy train.

  108. jd Says:

    iblame this loss on the failure of the coaching to hold smith accountable.

  109. Erik Hesson | Fine Artist | Founder of Says:

    I bet BA would’ve called a TO!!!!!

    We lost too many legends and HOF’ers in the offseason and we apparently can’t overcome the deficit in skill and wisdom.

  110. steele Says:

    As many of us warned over the past week, beating the (rebuilding, bottom half) Seahawks was not a moment of sudden awakening or greatness that washed away all of the problems. Today proves it in miserable fashion.

    This is a coaching problem from top to bottom. Bowles, Byron, period. Everything from horrendous playcalling to general team attitude to myopic roster management.

    I don’t care who you put in as QB. Nobody wins with this regime. A young Brady doesn’t win with this mess.

    Brady is 45, and needs an offense specifically geared to his strengths and weaknesses at this point in his career. He got virtually NOTHING from the Bucs except a cookie cutter playbook, “take it or leave it”, and a bunch of underperforming kids who don’t respond to his attempts at firing them up. And he took it, gave up his marriage for it. Would you be anything but frustrated?

  111. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    Buc4evr Says:
    “Brady looked pretty bad in the 3rd and 4th quarter. He was not making the throws. Old and slow. BL sucked but so did TB12.”

    Rewatch the plays. ME13 quits on his routs when he thinks the ball isn’t going to be thrown to him.

  112. orlbucfan Says:

    It would be nice to see comments from genuine Bucs fans on Here. All the click$$ bait is boring.

  113. bucfan999 Says:


    I hope your right but in the current national environment I can’t see them firing not 1 but 3 African-American coaches. HC / Bowles, OC / Leftwich & ST / Armstrong.

  114. Boltsfan17 Says:

    Just another bad Buc team taking a winnable game and flushing it. This team is awful.

  115. cleanhousepls Says:

    Please mention the clock management at the end of the 4th quarter. It was so bad I am now convinced Bowles cannot be trusted to be head coach of this franchise.

  116. ron nelson Says:

    fire Bowles and Leftwich now///

  117. D Says:

    Burn the Wich!

  118. Dr.V Says:

    This is not the same TB12 we have known he seems apathetic with no motivation or competitive drive. He can override BL call if he chooses but does not, he seems like he is just going through the motions until this season ends. Can’t blame him though the rest of the team seem to be doing the same. Pathetic game against the Browns this is not a playoff team .

  119. Carey Says:

    They did it again! They let an inferior team hang around and hang around instead of putting them away with any one of their many, many chances. They have no sense of urgency. Until it’s too late. The play calling is head scratching. Left which was a bad quarterback. He’s just as bad as an OC. I could call a better game. Here’s how I would’ve called it VS Leftwhich:
    3rd and a foot at our 29 – ME: Quarterback Sneak. LW: Pass. Incomplete. Punt.
    Again, 3rd and half a yard – ME: Quarterback Sneak LW: Run. Penetration. Stuffed. Punt.
    4th and 2 in their territory – ME: Pass. Slant to Evans or Godwin. LW: Punt.
    2nd and 5 in OT in our territory – ME: Short Pass or Run. Move the chains. LW: Deep to Evans. Incomplete.
    2nd and 9 in OT in our territory – ME: Safe Pass 10-15 yards to open receiver. Move the chains. LW: Deep pass to Evans. Incomplete. Then 3rd and 9, Sack. Punt. Lose the game.
    These are a few of the countless examples of just plain bad play calling.

  120. JimmyfromNY Says:

    I know many of you are worried about Mike Evans record, take a look at his effort game in a game out absolutely embarrassing quitting on throws, not fighting thru Contacts looking for flags. Dreadful.

  121. OLDE pfart Says:

    What the he’ll happened to the team that played in Munich? This was just another bunch of guys trying to use poor coaching….they knew it was poor…..and lost their incentive to play…..bring back BA……and kick some ass….btw…..use Otten more….he is too good to not be used….

  122. Hunter's Crack Pipe Says:

    cleanhousepls Says:
    “Please mention the clock management at the end of the 4th quarter. It was so bad I am now convinced Bowles cannot be trusted to be head coach of this franchise.”

    Bowles just claimed in his presser that the reason he didn’t call time out was because there wasn’t enough time on the clock for a drive. So inferred that he was already playing for over time. Even though we just had a 43 second drive 2 games ago. If that’s true, why didn’t they just take kneel downs? He is not head coach material.

  123. Oneilbuc Says:

    Do y’all still want Brady next year??? The man is 45 I understand why he’s playing like this. He don’t have the same all star team around him anymore that’s why I don’t let the media push a narrative to me. Brady is washed up now time to move on.

  124. LakelandSteve Says:

    Seasons over. Even if we back in to the playoffs we are one and done.

  125. brooks Says:

    Told yaal!!

  126. orlbucfan Says:

    Oneilbuc Says:
    November 27th, 2022 at 6:11 pm
    Do y’all still want Brady next year??? The man is 45 I understand why he’s playing like this. He don’t have the same all star team around him anymore that’s why I don’t let the media push a narrative to me. Brady is washed up now time to move on.
    Well, we just have to get through the final 6 games with this fossil QB. If the Bucs win this division, it will be a miracle. But, at least it ain’t the 1980s era.

  127. bucfannomore Says:

    The Bucs will be lucky to win another 2 games this season. Brady really needs to retire. Evans to slow. White overrated. Bowels/LW need to go, however they are not going to fire two AA coaches so this is just a dream. Season is over Atlanta will win out their games and be Div champs.

    There is no drive in this team, no energy, no will to win, without that you do nothing but go through the motions.