Bucs Roster Full Of Franchise-Best Receivers

November 28th, 2022

Making history.

Attention please: Joe will interrupt this morning’s foot-stomping and facepalming over that ghastly coaching debacle yesterday to try to bring some uplifting information that may keep folks from climbing atop the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

Bucs receivers are making history. Yes, even yesterday in a galling loss.

Mike Evans broke the 10,000-yard receiving plateau yesterday becoming one of the very few receivers to hit that mark, along with at least 75 touchdowns, before the end of their ninth season in the NFL.

Other receivers who hit 10,000 receiving yards and 75 touchdowns before the end of their ninth season are Jerry Rice, Calvin Johnson, Marvin Harrison, Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald.

Aside from Evans and Fitzgerald, what do all of those receivers have in common? They are all in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It’s just a matter of time until Fitzgerald is in the Hall. So it should be too for Evans.

Then there is Chris Godwin. His touchdown catch yesterday gave him 31 for his Bucs career. So three of the top-five players in Bucs history with touchdown catches are currently on the Bucs roster. That’s Mike Evans, Cam Brate and Godwin. The other two are Jimmie Giles and Kevin House.

And still, the Bucs’ offense plays as if it is lassoed. Way to waste talent Mr. Leftwich.

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled rock-throwing.

27 Responses to “Bucs Roster Full Of Franchise-Best Receivers”

  1. robert Says:

    I can not imagine the contempt this team has for the coaching staff. f the coaches would be putting it mildly

  2. Bucsfan13 Says:

    The skill level at receiver means nothing if you don’t have a competent OL. The OL is the engine of a team. The most disrespected position in the league. It’s no surprise that the Eagles have one of the best OLs and team in the league.

  3. SufferingSince76 Says:

    Fire Todd Bowles and Byron Leftwich now. If they don’t, they are cowards. Check out the latest in the Sporting News. They get torched.

  4. Mike Says:

    Hmmm, what if head coach is asking for a conservative game plan where no committing turnovers is the #1 goal? What if Tom Brady is just deciding to throw it short right before snap. Would be interesting to look at the all22

  5. Panhandle Buc Says:

    Yet we avg 17 pts a game and go turtle mode with any lead…loser mentality that is a diretc relection of our HC and OC!

  6. Panhandle Buc Says:

    *Direct reflection (I am so irritated, I can’t even type).

  7. ZZbucs Says:

    Since BA left the coaching job, everyone knew, I repeat EVRYONE, that the system would be totally different, less throw, more run and more short passes, and strong defense, because TB12 wanted it, he didn´t want to throw a million times a game….wich made sense…

    you can say whatever you wanna say, but this is no surprise to anyone….But I will keep on saying this, we changed the entire system because of TB 12, so don´t tell me he is not responsable along the coaching staff, because he is!!! But people are afriad to say so becasue he is who he is….. I love TB12, but he is part of the problem, he is not innocent on this one……

  8. tbbucs3 Says:

    Brady missed all his downfield attempts yesterday…..yet ppl wonder why we don’t throw deep…because we CANT!

  9. Beej Says:

    I’m starting to wonder if a lot of this is Brady finally slipping a bit, REALLY hard to tell. Is he not seeing fit who are open in favor of dump-offs? No way to know. I DO know, when he’s in a situation where he’s forced to throw over and over, he usually excels

  10. John Sinclear Says:

    Simply put – Bowles does not do offense. Leftwich does, and calls the offensive plays. It is up to the 11 guys on the field to execute those plays. They are not doing it. Brady under/overthrew his receivers numerous times yesterday. Maybe, with the season basically in the toilet, that high round draft pick from Fl, Trask, should be on the field. Let’s see what he’s got, before the draft next spring.

  11. stpetebucfan Says:

    Brady is one of the least sacked QB’s in the league. There are plenty of times when I see him back and scanning…and scanning…and scanning. In fairness he’s also one of the least intercepted so he does take care of the ball.

    Bottom line…even when the OL gives Brady enough time too often nobody is open!!! Blaming the OL is a cheap out. Why on a team loaded with a future Pro Bowler and another Pro Bowl level receiver does Brady struggle to find open targets? Is it scheme? Is it play calling? Is there some kind of curse?

  12. Hub Says:

    O-line is the dumbest in the nfl. Brady confidence when he dropping is playing with his brain. Fix the O-line so the Defense is on the field so much. That left tackle is ultra slow thinking. Gets flagged way too much on crucial plays. Miles Garrett made him look like a high schooler yesterday. Our head coach is a dud. Maybe a good defensive coach but stinks as a head coach. Our team looks like our coach. Emotionally dead.

  13. Uncle Urk Says:

    Bucsfan13 knows his football. Nothing else matters offensively. The OL determines the play of the offense, period! I’ve said it all year, that LT is bad. Ask Cam Jordan of the saints. It’s too late now and the season is gone. The draft and offseason should be… LT, LG, C, RG, as our first four picks and only sub if we get a quality player in Free Agency. KC did it, Seattle did it, cincy did it. A complete rebuild of the OL. The current LT is a perfect swing tackle come off the bench tackle. It’s time we get a young franchise LT… someone equivalent to Wirfs. The current LT had his time and made his money… Thanks for the help it’s time to move on

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Something is clearly not right with Brady……continual throws behind the sticks……missing crucial passes…..he seems uncomfortable and rushed….part of it is playcalling….
    I believe the solution is to let him call most of the plays….

  15. AmauryGuzman Says:

    Evans is struggling this year. Something is going on with this guy. He looks like he lost a step or something.

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    LMAO here. Roster full of great receivers? True. But we got a QB\b who can’t run 3 yrds. I was watching the Eagles QB last night. What a threat he is. Kid can run like the wind and pass. Don’t think our God brady can do that now can he?
    Don’t get mad. I’m Just sayin.

  17. Beej Says:

    Running QB’s are invariably done by the age of 30. They never develop the skills needed of drop-back qb’s

  18. Mike Johnson Says:


  19. Scott Says:

    Mike does not even try to lay out for the ball like so many other good receivers do on other teams

  20. tbbucs3 Says:

    Brady past his prime + inability to run= recipe for disaster.

    Yes Leftwhich is bad, but there are still plays to be made out there that the players are not making.

  21. captivajim Says:

    Something has changed with Evans ? he caught just 2 of 9 passes thrown his way for 31 yrds being covered one-on-one by a rookie …. + his attitude in the locker room interview post game–there’s no fire in his voice,no determination to do better –just the words ..

  22. Erick Says:

    Remember when one of the Joe’s thought this could be the best wide receiving group ever? Lol this team has scored over 22!!! once

  23. NEfan Says:

    Mike, Jackson didn’t win yesterday against Lawrence and he’s not a running QB. The Jags finally have a real coach in Peterson who developed Hurts. FYI check out Hurts passing yards, not so good.

  24. NEfan Says:

    Hurts had 150yds rushing last night, that’s not a QB, that’s a second RB.

  25. Sumosam Says:

    They only play hard when they need to
    They’ll do enough to win the division. That has to be the new philosophy. Why else would they play like this? I don’t get it.

  26. Ontario Mike Says:

    Remember Scotty in the last few minutes of the Rams game using his speed to keep the defender backing off and allowing a couple of 10 yd gains and setting up the winning TD. Where was he when we needed a couple of quick down & outs to set up what would have been the winning FG vs the Browns…on the bench ! What did Otton do to be relegated to TE3….he too was sitting while Brate was used? Can’t figure it can you??

  27. Ontario Mike Says:

    TB12 throws multiple bombs to Evans down the sideline. Is he our fastest man? Why not Scottie or Julio. Just can’t figure it!